Project File: The Girl in the Sword – vamprav

Content Rating:
  • R
  • Death-Major Character
  • Murder
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Fantasy
  • Het
  • Paranormal
  • Pre-Relationship
Past Belinda Slytherin/Leonhart Griffindor

Word Count:
Goal: 10,000

Author's Note:
The main character in this is a soul trapped in a sword, there will be a scene of her death and her boyfriend was under the imperious curse when he killed her, you have been warned.

Belinda was fourteen when she fell in love with Leonhart. She was fifteen when they began courting. She was sixteen when he drove his father's sword through her chest, eyes as glassy as a frozen lake.

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  1. Oh big eyes I am very intrigued with the premise! gets the pompoms out Good Luck! <3

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