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Content Rating:
  • PG-13
  • *No Site Warnings Apply
  • Crossover
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Science Fiction
Nathan Stark & Callister Raynes, Past Callister Raynes/Jo Lupo, Past Allison Blake/Nathan Stark, Other Pairings TBD

Word Count:
25,000 - Dickinson

Author's Note:
This story will be (mostly) canon compliant to Eureka S1, with the exception Ep8, ‘Right as Raynes’. A one-shot prequel called ‘Virus’ on my AO3 account from Evil Author Day 2018 is Ep8’s alternate in this universe.

A long time ago, a scientific genius managed to create what many believed impossible – an artificial intelligence fully capable of passing the Turing test and thus indistinguishable from a natural-born human being.

Like any parent, he watched his child learn and grow and ultimately seek out an existence of his own outside of his father’s sphere of influence. Now, this artificial child has returned to the home he once left behind. His goal: to return the favor by protecting and supporting the man who once gave him life.


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Extremely prolific lifetime published fiction reader (just ask my family about my library account usage as a child), I fell down the rabbit hole into fan fiction a few years back. Reading has recently inspired me to start writing, as can be seen on my AO3 profile (startabby), as well as here on Rough Trade.

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  1. I felt so sorry for Nathan in that episode and hope they’ll reconnect and be ok.

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