Road To Hell – Chapter 1- Dazeventura6

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  • NC-17
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
Sam Winchester/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:
Starts where the previous story ends.

Old yellow eyes has taken Sam.

Sam was gone.

As they searched the diner for Sam and found nothing but corpses all Spencer could think of was that he had been blushing and stuttering as Dean teased him about kissing Sam not ten feet from where Sam was taken. It was all his fault for not wanting to eat around other people. If they had only gone inside with Sam they may have been able to do something,  help Sam in some way.

“Hey, none of that.” Dean said patting Spencer on the shoulder reassuringly. “Sam would probably have been taken even if we were there. The only difference would have been that we would be dead too and there would be nobody who even knew to look for Sam.” Dean added swallowing hard around the lump of grief and fear in his throat.

Spencer nodded, he could see how much it was costing Dean to take the time to reassure him and he was grateful. Pulling himself together he straightened and followed Dean back to the car to call Bobby and Ash to see if they had any information that could help them find Sam.

They looked and looked but other than the minor haunting that they had cleaned up there had been no activity whatsoever, so much so that Spencer was beginning to think that the haunting itself had been designed to lure them away from Bobby’s place where they were too well protected. Where Sam had been well protected from the yellow eyed demon.


Waking up with a headache on the cold hard ground was sadly nothing new to Sam. Not having Dean bitching at him when he woke up like that however was new. Looking around Sam didn’t recognize anything around him. It certainly wasn’t the diner that he last remembered. Cautiously he sat up hoping the pain in his head would subside as he searched for a weapon of some kind.

Sam pulled out his mobile hoping against hope that he could at least call Dean or Spencer to let them know he was alright, but his phone was dead, not even a flicker of life. Picking up the nearest piece of wood that could be used as a weapon Sam started exploring, hoping the Dean and Spencer were fine and looking for him.

Finding Andy gave him a clue as to why he had been taken and finding Ava solidified that thought. It also settled a cold dread in his stomach. Ava’s fiance hadn’t survived her abduction and Sam was terrified that the same thing had happened to Dean and Spencer. He didn’t know how he would survive if he lost one or both of them.

Dean was his brother and a constant in his life but Spencer was more. Spencer was hope and love and joy, he was indispensable in Sam’s life. More than Jessica had been, more than anyone else in his life had cared, Spencer knew all Sam’s secrets and loved him anyway. Sam shock of how much it hurt to even think about losing Spencer was what finally allowed Sam to acknowledge how much he loved the young genius.

Sam managed to hold it together enough to calm everyone down and get them organized and settled relatively safely before he allowed his fear to take hold. He prayed fervently that Spencer and Dean were alright and Spencer had gotten the message that Andy had sent him. Spencer being half-djinn would be more receptive to the visions than Dean, that was why Sam had asked him to target Spencer and not Dean. Now he could only hope that they were alive to receive it.


Spencer stared blankly at the map in front of him. There was nothing on it. Not a single solitary clue for them to follow. Finding Ash and the other hunters dead and the roadhouse destroyed had only served to underline exactly how screwed they were.

A headache was beginning behind his eyes but he just shook his head to clear it and tried to refocus on finding Sam. The image of Sam in front of a strangely familiar bell was suddenly superimposed on his mind and Spencer started in disbelief.

Dean looked up sharply from where he was arguing with Bobby.

“Spencer, you ok?” He asked placing a gentle hand on Spencer’s shoulder.

“I-I think I had a vision of some kind. I saw Sam. He was standing in front of an old bell. A-a very old metal bell. It had an engraving on it that looks familiar for some reason.” Spencer said rubbing his temples to ease the remnants of his headache.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked exchanging a look with Bobby who merely looked thoughtful.

“The carving, was it of an oak tree?” Bobby asked as though he had just thought of something.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Spencer asked.

“I know where Sam is. The place is reputed to be the most haunted place in the country.” Bobby said moving quickly to open the car door with the boys following him.

“Oh, of course.  That’s why I recognized it. Cold Oak, South Dakota.” Spencer exclaimed as he settled into the back seat letting Bobby have shotgun.

Bobby nodded, “It was in the books you and Sam were looking through the other day.” he said and Spencer nodded.

“Your memory is certainly very useful, doc.” Dean said as he gunned the engine and they set off.

The drive was not too long and Spencer could only pray that they got there in time to save Sam from whatever old yellow eyes had planned for him.


Losing first Lily and then Andy to Ava’s betrayal was a blow to Sam. He had trusted the girl and she had betrayed them all so badly. Sam didn’t know what was worse, Ava’s lies and deceit or the honest fear that he could see in Jake’s eyes as he told Sam that he would kill him to get out alive.

The pain from Jake’s superhuman blows was crippling and Sam was sure that the bones in his shoulder were crushed beyond belief. He just hoped that it could be fixed once Dean found him.

Sam just couldn’t bring himself to kill Jake despite knowing that the other man wouldn’t hesitate if the situation was reversed.

As he was wondering what to do with the unconscious man he hear Dean’s voice calling him. Relief courses through his veins as he saw Dean, Spencer and Bobby hurrying towards him. They were fine, his family was alive and he had been found. He was safe was Sam’s last thought before he heard Dean’s warning shout and felt the breath knocked out of him as he collapsed into Spencer’s arms.

“Spence.” Was all he could gasp before the darkness rose up and enveloped him.

“No,no,no,no,no.” Dean mumbled, cursing under his breath as he tried to find the wound and staunch the bleeding.

Bobby had taken off after Jake leaving Spencer holding Sam’s dying form, tears running down his face while Dean desperately denied anything was wrong and tried fruitlessly to stop the bleeding.


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