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James Bond/Q

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James cherished the friendship that he had with Q but when he meets Madeline Swann, he realizes that he has all that he needs already, he just has to reach out and take it.

Part 3

James watched as Gale hung up all of the clothes that had brought with him. Gale had taken everything a lot better than James thought. He had been near-emotionless at the mention of his sister being broken out of prison but worried more about what was going to attempt to be done to her to get him to do whatever Spectre wanted him to do. They had ended up in Winterthur, Switzerland. Gale had picked a place he had wanted to go to.

Looking down at the ring on his hand, James wondered again where in the hell Gale had got two wedding bands in such a short time. They were black bands with infinity symbols stretched across them. Tungsten carbide, according to Gale. He had been unwilling to talk about them. Their cover was that of a newly married couple. Having put off the honeymoon for work reasons, they were no enjoying a vacation together that was doubling as their honeymoon. James wasn’t sure that it was a good idea, but he did go with Gale’s reasoning’s that with it being their honeymoon, no one was going to question that they never left the suite. The room that had been booked for them under their assumed names was not the honeymoon suite of the hotel but one of the long term suites that were more set up like a flat. There was even hotel staff that would go shopping for them if they wanted.

James heard a knock at the door and frowned. There should be no one bothering them, it was near bedtime. Gale looked at the entrance to the bedroom and frowned before he started to strip down to his pants. James watched him grab the robe and tie it so that it was evident that he was mostly naked underneath. He then walked to the mirror, hanging on the closet door and mussed his hair. James grinned, and when Gale turned around, he crooked his finger. The knock came again.

“Just a moment!” James yelled.

“What?” Gale whispered.

“If you are mussing your hair, you need to have the full look of having been snogged.” James sat up straight, and Gale nodded his head before leaning in for a kiss.

Usually, James would go for something slow and subtle, but they needed to sell the whole getting ready for sex thing, so he made sure that in the short minute that they had that he got Gale’s lips partially swollen and slick with saliva.

“Better?” Gale asked, his eyes were a little glazed from lust.


Gale walked toward the door, shutting it mostly before he headed toward the outer door. James used that time to strip naked and get into bed, he stretched along with it and thought about anything that would get him hard. He didn’t care who saw him. There was also a gun under the pillow that he could grab if needed. Gale had stocked the room first thing with various weapons, including a taser in the pocket of his robe.

“Sir, sorry for interrupting but the hotelier wanted me to bring this up to congratulate you both on your wedding,” the person on the other side of the door said.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Again sorry for interrupting. Would you like me to set this inside?”

Gale’s posture didn’t change, so James just waited to see what was going to happen when the man was allowed in.

“Take it into the bedroom please.”

James grabbed the blanket and tossed it over just his crotch. His cock was fully hard, and it was very evident. When the bell boy entered the room, James waved him toward a table that was on the far side of the room, it seemed to be perfect for breakfast as it would get the morning sun.

“Thank you,” James said as the bell boy started to leave.

Gale tipped the man with a little cash from James’s wallet, the only one to have some money in it. It was but a moment later that Gale entered the bedroom again. James covered up better and sat up on the bed. Gale grabbed James’ robe and threw it at him before walking over to look at the tray. James was right behind him as he lifted the lid. Two bottles of champagne were in an ice bucket, and there was a bowl of strawberry and fresh cream as well as caviar and blinis. Gale’s stomach growled.

“Looks like this was a wonderful idea on that man’s part,” James said as he settled in at the table. He popped the lid on the first bottle and poured them both a glass that had more than the standard amount for champagne.

“Very much so. The drive here was great, but we did just eat sandwiches from Pret that we bought for the trip.”

“This is not going to be that filling,” James said. He dug into the caviar and watched Gale settled his up nicely. James had taught him the best way to eat a lot of things as he had not exactly splurged on food that wasn’t simple takeaway when he had been in uni and then eve after.

“No, but it will tide me over until we eat breakfast. I’ve already emailed the order to the kitchen and have a delivery time of seven.”

“Why such an ungodly hour?” James asked as he dipped his first strawberry into the cream. The cream was perfectly sweetened to not cover up the taste of the strawberries.

“It’s what time I get up to go on a run. You’ll just have to join me on it to make sure that no one kidnaps me.”

James laughed. He had forgotten that Gale ran in the mornings. Sometimes if the weather were nice, he would run into work. The five-mile run was shorter than what he usually did, but then again he could run home as well.

“I’ll leave around six, so I can shower and then be here to get the food. If you aren’t up with me, I’m going without you. I have more than enough weapons on me that would stop someone from taking me.” Gale gave James a hard look.

While Gale had not fought with James on the whole into protective custody outside of London thing, he had not been happy about it. James knew that Gale understood that it wasn’t something on Gale that they thought he couldn’t protect himself, but it was sometimes easier to remove the player from the game than to try and figure out what was going on. There was also still the issue that the Joint Security Council could be full of Spectre people, and they had no clue who was friendly and who was not. Too many variables made it hard, and Mallory didn’t want to lose Gale with all of the other issues that were going on. This part was a test and James knew that if he pushed to go with him, Gale wouldn’t think less of James just less on what he thought James thought of him.

“I think if you think you can handle it tomorrow at least, you can go on your own. We have a call with Tanner at noon our time so we can see what he has to say before we plan your other mornings.”

“Sounds like a plan. I want to shower.” Gale finished off his half of everything, including filling up his champagne glass another two times.

James sat back and ate his food slower. He didn’t feel the need for a shower at all. His erection wasn’t going away, though that probably had something to do with Gale and him sitting mostly naked in front of him. James groaned and laid his head back on the chair. He really needed to do something about all of that before this mission was over. James grabbed his pills and took them. Medical had sent them little packs of pills in sealed baggies that had all of the information needed on them to satisfy any person who was wanting to get them for drug trafficking but also made it easy for them to carry various pills. Their fake names were on the pouches.

“Shit,” Gale said, and he groaned in pain.

James was up and running into the bathroom. He saw Gale hunched over the sink with his arm out of the sling. It was tucked to his chest, and James saw fresh blood on the bandage. Everything they needed to keep Gale’s wound clean and James’s even though his was mostly just keeping it cleaned up and a little ointment on it until the wound was closed on the outside. Gale had been given a list of things symptoms and what to do if anything on that list occurred.

“You okay?”

“I moved it wrong, and now it’s throbbing.”

“Let me look at it. You might have ripped out what little scab there was, and if that is so, you aren’t taking a shower,” James said.

“I was looking forward to being clean.”

“We can rig up the bathtub, and I can help you keep it dry and wash the parts that you can’t.” James really hoped that Gale said yes just because James liked to do that kind of stuff and he didn’t get to. Caring for a lover was a good show of intimacy. James wondered how far Gale would let him go before demanding that they talk.

“If it will allow me to get clean.” Gale was still in his pants, so he shucked them before heading to the tub. It was a huge thing and would allow James to get around to all parts of Gale.

“Did you take your pills?”

“Before I started to put up my clothes. The pain killer is kicking in right now, and I’m feeling very lethargic. It’s why I was opting for the shower. I might go to sleep in the tub.”

“Then sit back and relax and I’ll do the hard bits. I’ll make sure you don’t drown.”

Gale turned on the water and made it hot as he could stand, which was pretty hot, James had figured out after years of going into the bathroom to piss while Gale was showering if he ran home instead of taking a car or the tube. Usually, they were waiting for the food while Gale showered.

James kept his back turned while Gale was getting into the tub out of privacy concerns more than anything. He kept his arm out of the bathtub and balanced it on the ledge. James grabbed everything that would be needed, including a cloth. The materials were all soft, but James didn’t think they would have anything less, given the price paid for the flat. James found out that Gale had a slush fund that was kept in a bank account and had withdrawn a great deal to cover a lot of their expenses. MI6 would pay back some of them, but given that this could turn into an extended holiday, James could understand them not covering everything. They were both still getting paid as this was leave for Gale that would hopefully save his life. James was being paid his normal as well, he was a guard.

The water was filling the tub nicely, and James set about getting the bandage off of Gale. He had indeed ripped the wound open again after the skin had started to knit back together some. It looked worse than it had just after James had cleaned it up. James couldn’t help himself. He placed a kiss just above the ripped skin. Gale jerked his head to look at James, but James kept his head down so that Gale wouldn’t see the blush that was creeping up James’ face. He didn’t regret what he did, but he really shouldn’t have done it. James let the blood seep down the arm, flowing free as he worked on cleaning up the rest of Gale.

His hair was the easiest, James used the small glass that was in the bathroom for water, wrapped to keep it clean. He made sure nothing splashed up on Gale’s arm. The blood only dripped into the water a little bit, but James could rinse Gale off with the handheld washer that was in the tub afterwards, just to make sure he was clean enough.

James tried not to stare too long at body parts and did allow Gale to wash himself off in his groin and ass area so that there was no issue with impropriety.

“When is she going to stop wrecking my life?” Gale asked. He laid his head back on the edge of the tub.

“I don’t know.” James reached up and moved the hair away from Gale’s eyes before he dried like that would try to flop there all the time. Gale opened his eyes and turned his head to look at James. There was a pain in his eyes and just loneliness. “I wish I could take that pain away.”

Gale’s eyes widened in shock, and after a few seconds of just looking at James, he surged up. James was barely able to grab hold of him, but Gale’s lips landed on target, which was James’ mouth. Gale kept on pushing forward, and James ended up falling over with a wet and naked Gale on top of him. It was a stupidly lousy idea to even entertain this, James thought as his hand wrapped around the back of Gale’s head to keep him where he was. He felt that he should stop because he didn’t want to fuck up the one relationship that he had that was steady and healthy, but his other hand grabbed Gale’s hip to haul him to where their cocks were aligned. James was still just in the robe with nothing on underneath of it.

Sex wasn’t going to help how Gale was feeling as everything was still up in the air about what was going to happen with Vesper. However, that part of James’s brain shut down the moment that Gale pushed up on his arm and then reached down with the other to feel up James’s cock. James wrapped the arm that was holding onto Gale’s hip around his waist and started to get up. Gale’s hold transferred to where he was holding onto James as they stood up, it seemed with his good arm as he didn’t scream out in pain. James didn’t care about Gale being wet or anything else for that matter. He walked into the bedroom and found that Gale had tossed his robe onto the bed. James aimed for that before carefully setting Gale down. The bleeding had stopped on Gale’s arm, so it wasn’t that hard for James to quickly wrap it so that any fresh blood wouldn’t get onto the bed. It wasn’t eh best job, but he could do better later.

“How far do you want to go?” James asked when he broke for air after Gale pulled him down for more kisses.

“Make me forget everything.”

James was careful as he pulled Gale up and then moved them both to where they were in the centre of the large bed. James knelt between Gale’s legs and took off the robe he was wearing, tossing it away. Out of habit, James grabbed the handle on the drawer as he leaned over to kiss Gale again. James didn’t think he had ever kissed someone as enthusiastic as Gale. When his hand connected with a box, James reared back. He saw there was a sealed box of condoms as well as a sealed tube of lube already there.

“When the information said they were full service, I didn’t think they meant that,” Gale said. He grabbed the lube and then the condoms, handing the condoms over James for him to open.

James focused on that task and then watched Gale as he slicked up a few fingers. He rolled to where he was balanced carefully on his upper back and smeared that lube over his hole, he didn’t put his fingers inside at all. He wiped his hand on the robe that was still half under them and then took a condom from the box that was in James’ hand. He opened the condom and then slid down the bed a little bit so that he could put in on James. James grabbed the headboard to stop his knees from buckling as soon as Gale’s hand wrapped around his cock and stroked it a few times before rolling the condom down.

“Are you going to leave me anything to do?” James asked as he used his good hand to grip Gale at the back of the neck and pull him up.

“Oh, yes. See I’m afraid I might hurt my arm, so I’m just going to lay here and let you do the hard work, the fucking bit.”

“Cheeky shite,” James said, but he shifted to where he could raise up Gale’s legs and press them into his sides. James found Gale’s hole with each and teased him with a little bit of rubbing.

“James,” Gale moaned ad he grabbed at his leg.

James let go of that leg and used his hand to line himself up proper before pushing in. The lube on the condom and on Gale’s hole was more than enough and James slid in easily. Gale was already loose, and it made James think that he had been having sex a lot more than James thought. The thought left though as he slid inside of Gale more. Gale was tight and hot, and it felt so damned good.

“Kiss me,” Gale begged when James bottomed out.

James indulged in the kissing as he rocked in and out of Gale. Gale had probably been hoping for a rough and tumble, wham bam thank you, ma’am, but James couldn’t do that. Not to Gale, never like that, now while he was hurt. Gale held James close with an arm around James’ shoulders and gripped him there. Their mouths only parted when they wanted them to, and it was so damned good.

Sex with someone you loved was so much better than sex with anyone else, James thought as he felt himself getting nearer that peak. Gale wasn’t as passive as he said he was going to be. He rocked his hips when he could, and he grabbed at James on occasion with his hand. James wasn’t even sure where he ended, and Gale began as they rocked together. James wanted this every day for the rest of his life, the little noises that Gale made in the back of his throat as James’ cock rubbed across his prostate. He wanted the smell of Gale fresh form the bath and smelling like sex and sweat and James. James buried his face his Gale’s neck as he picked up the pace on his rocking.

“James,” Gale gasped before his entire body tightened up and he shuddered.

James felt the warmth spreading from Gale’s release between their bodies. James shifted a little to where he could get his arm under Gale’s lower back and changed the angle of his thrusts. James propped his upper body up on his other arm and looked down at Gale. Gale’s eyes were blown wide, and every time that James thrust into him, he released a little panting sound. James could find himself getting addicted to sex with Gale, and he didn’t think he wanted to stop.

An orgasm was so close, but it was staying just a bit away from him. Gale wasn’t seeming like he was going to stop James even though he had to be sensitive.

“Come on James,” Gale said, and he grabbed James by the back of the neck and pulled him down but not for a kiss, no he pulled James down to where he could speak right into James’ ear. “Fill me. Come in me. I want it so bad, I’m already hard again.”

James came with a shout burying his face into Gale’s neck. He felt his mouth moving, he knew the words he mouthed, but at least there was no sound, it had been robbed from him. By the time that James could move again, Gale was snoring slightly. James sat up and looked at him. He looked so peaceful in sleep.

With his cock softening, James had already slipped out of Gale, and thankfully, the condom was still on him. James cleaned himself up first and then Gale, getting a better bandage around Gale’s wound. Gale slept through it all, and usually, James would be worried, but Gale was worn out. Between the trip, still catching up on sleep from not getting it while James was hunting Oberhauser, then the medications that he was one. It was a giant combo that left a dead to the world boffin in the bed.

James wasn’t sure what he was going to do in the cold light of the morning after having sex with his best friend at a time when he really shouldn’t have, not before the words he had mouthed but not said were not entirely said between them. He would face that in the cold light of morning.

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