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James Bond/Q

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James cherished the friendship that he had with Q but when he meets Madeline Swann, he realizes that he has all that he needs already, he just has to reach out and take it.

Part 4

James woke up slowly and assessed everything that was around him. There was another body in the bed with him, but he wasn’t worried about that it seemed. He wasn’t worried about much at all. James was on his back, and the body with him was curled into him, head resting on his chest and then a leg was thrown over James’ in a show of possession. The arm was thrown over his chest and curled around his rib cage. James didn’t think that he had ever slept with someone who slept like this. James could smell the scent of sex still on the air. He looked over at the time and saw that it was just after five local time and his body felt like it had been through a ringer.

“James,” Gale said in his sleep. He curled in tighter on James for a few seconds and then relaxed.

James rubbed his hand up and down Gale’s back and pressed a kiss to his forehead, the only part his lips could reach that wasn’t covered in hair. James wondered how long he would get to savour this before Gale woke up and wanted to talk about what had happened. Not just the sex but the waking up crying in the middle of the night that had put them into this position. Gale hadn’t wanted to talk about it, he had just wanted to be held. James had done that, holding him tight while Gale cried himself back to sleep.

There was a chirp from a phone and James looked over to see that Gale had plugged them both in it seemed. James barely remembered Gale getting up for a drink after they had sex but before the crying bit. It was strange as James was usually more aware, but then he did spend all of his free time with Gale whether he was with him in Q-Branch and entertaining himself, or he was at Gale’s flat. James’ flat still looked like a lot Spartan because he didn’t care to do anything with his flat. He slept there, and that was about it. Though there were a few drunken nights where he used alcohol to make his life a little bearable. James clenched his hand into Gale’s skin because as he laid there thinking about his drinking habits, they had vastly changed from before he had met Gale. The drinking just to make life livable between missions was gone, and now James drank socially, except for the few times that Gale had gone out to find someone to have sex with when he needed that connection. Those nights James got drunk and usually blacked out. He had also slowly stopped sleeping with most of the married women that he had listed in his little black book. James hadn’t noticed that at all. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it either.

Hindsight really was twenty it seemed, James thought as he laid there and thought about every stupid thing he had done over the last several years was in direct response to something that Gale had done. James tried to figure out exactly when he had fallen in love with the younger man, and there was no specific point that he could find. He knew that he had cared for Gale in his own way from the moment that he had met him. It was strange to try and look back at points to figure out if it was the one.

James concluded that there was no defining moment in his life that had been the one that he had fallen in love with Gale, but it was small little things that slowly tipped him over. Like how he laughed his ass off when he beat seven Double-Ohs at poker. James had taken the ribbing that he had allowed Gale to win with much aplomb, but he had been quite pleased with Gale, only to find out the little shite was counting cards. That had been a shock. James knew that Gale was smart, but it was then and then later when he was bumped up to Quartermaster that he had been truly shown how smart he really was. James had been astounded hearing him conduct his techs like a symphony as they worked on hacking a facility that had held 005 and 009 hostage. James had seen what Q meant by his whole more damage before his cup of Earl Grey than James could do in a year. James had also found out that while MI6 didn’t go for the whole exploding pen thing anymore, they still worked on a lot of contraptions and the bombs were much better. Like the tie that Alec used, that was a bomb. He just had to drop it into a bucket of vinegar. James still wanted to know how that worked, but the tech he had asked had stuttered through a lot of technobabble. James was good with computers, but the chemistry side of things was something that had never interested James in school, much less after.

Gale moved, and James looked at the time again. It was five thirty-two and Gale would want to be up soon so he could go on his run. James was itching to follow him on that run, but he knew that Gale wouldn’t like it. James wondered if Gale had a tracker of some kind on him so that James could follow him that way. Gale might be more okay with that.

“You are thinking too much,” Gale muttered as he rubbed his cheek on James’s chest. The hand that was wrapped around James’ ribs moved, and it rubbed up and down James’ hairless chest. Gale was hairless, but his was actually through natural means whereas James had treatment to remove it as soon as it had been something that MI6 offered its staffing. It helped with a lot of things as far as not leaving a lot of trace evidence. The female Double-Ohs had treatment for armpits and legs so that they didn’t have to go through shaving during missions and such, especially if they were playing the honeypot. Then there was 009 who was like an animal, and he was kept as he was for the few that would like someone like that.

“Sorry,” James said as he turned his head to where he was brushing his lips over Gale’s hair.

“I think I want to skip my run this morning,” Gale said. He lifted himself up on the arm and slipped over to where he was straddling James’ waist. His cock was hard, and James’ was slowly getting there as Gale started to rock on him. “I want a different kind of exercise.”

“Really?” James asked. He grabbed ahold of Gale’s waist and held him still. The phone chirped again, but James ignored it. So did Gale. Yes, there were only a few people who had that number and would get a hold of them, but it wasn’t that important, or Tanner or Moneypenny would have called.

“I wanna ride you.” Gale reached over and grabbed the lube from where James had settled it after finding it in the bed. There were more condoms, but James didn’t see Gale grab one of those. Gale scooted back to where he could grab James’s cock and smear lube on it.

“Gale,” James said as he watched him start to move to where he could slide down on him.

“Your last mission before this whole thing had you clean and you stated that you used a condom with both Sciarra’s wife and with Swann.”

James sat up and grabbed Gale to kiss him. James dug around for the robe and used it to clean his cock off before he grabbed a condom and pressed it into Gale’s hand. “I don’t want to risk you.”

“Okay but you are getting tested as soon as possible because I don’t want this between us forever.”

James stared into Gale’s eyes. There was such trust, and James wasn’t sure if he was deluding himself into seeing the love there as well or not, but he would take it for now. If Gale needed to feel alive, James could do that. If Gale just needed to feel anything at all, James could do that as well. James kissed him again, feeling Gale pushing a lot of everything into that kiss. Sure fingers rolled the condom down on him before Gale spread more lube. James groaned when those fingers left him.

Gale was beautiful as he slowly sunk down on James, no prep just like the night before but James knew that he wasn’t sore. The sun was starting to come up, and it was bathing Gale in its light. It was quite beautiful, James thought. Because he was focused on how Gale looked, he was shocked when he felt Gale settle the whole way down on him. James grabbed Gale’s hips, and he settled his hands on James’ chest. James felt the pressure as Gale started to move, he was holding himself up on James’ chest alone, one hand pressing more and his injured arm just balancing him there to make sure he didn’t topple either direction. James groaned, as Gale found a hard and heavy rhythm. This was too good, and James knew that he wasn’t going to last long at all. James tried to focus on anything but how good it felt, but he was having trouble with that.

After a few minutes, Gale’s look change from full of pleasure to some pain, so James gripped his hips tighter, stopping him. He sat up again, wrapping one of his arms around Gale’s lower back to hold him close before he scooted back to where he was leaning against the headboard but still mostly upright. He could hold onto Gale while giving him the support he needed not to hurt his arm again. It wasn’t long after that moment that Gale came groaning into James’ mouth and grinding down on his cock, making James follow him right into orgasm.

Gale slumped down into him, and James felt more than just sweat dripping on him. Gale was crying again.

“I’m so scared, James.”

“About what?” James asked.

Gale didn’t answer though, he shook his head back and forth like he was fighting it. James tangled his fingers into Gale’s hair and started to rub his back with the other. Gale slumped down, even more, giving James all of his weight.

“Tell me,” James pleaded.

“I’m scared to love you, and I’m scared that you might be used against me. I’m scared what’s going to happen with her and how it’s all going to play out. I’m scared that we are never going to get to have this again.”

“What sex? I’ll give you sex whenever you want it,” James said, going for the least emotional of everything even though he wanted to latch onto the love bit. Gale didn’t say he was in love with James just that he was scared to love him. The sex kind of made James think it was romantic love, but then he knew that people who were emotional reacted in not typical ways and it was hard to predict what they would or wouldn’t do. “Tanner, R, and Moneypenny are trying to find Vesper to make sure that she’s not used against you.”

“And?” Gale asked. He was starting to tense, so James pressed a kiss to his temple, where his lips were resting.

“And what?” James used his hold on Gale’s hair to pull him back to where he could let go of Gale’s back to cup the sides of his face. Gale’s eyes were red-rimmed. James used his thumbs to brush at the tears that were gathered in his lashes. Gale’s eyes closed on their own, and his face softened. He wasn’t as scared anymore. Hell, he looked like he was content. “I love you, Gale Lynd. I’ve been in love with you for a while it seems. Though it took standing on a bridge with a gun in my hand to figure that out. I was a little clueless before that.”

“You clueless, never,” Gale said in a mocking tone. Gale wrapped his good arm around James and held him tight, pressing their foreheads together. “I didn’t want to fall in love with you.”

“I know.”

“But I did, and I don’t want to take it back.”

“You don’t have to.” James rubbed his head back and forth a little making their noses rube together. Gale laughed, and there was a spark of joy in those eyes.

“I want to shower.” Gale sounded like a kid who was being denied what he wanted.

“Let’s go and look at your arm. We can decide if a shower is in order or not.”

It was an hour later that they slipped out of the bathroom, both of them dressed for the day and their stomachs rumbling. James saw that his phone was still blinking. He walked over and grabbed it. They had showered, but James had kept Gale mostly out of the water so that nothing went over his arm and when it had to, he controlled with the detachable head that was on the wall. Gale had touched him a lot while they showered, nothing arousing, just like James was his touchstone.

“Shite,” James said. He had a picture of a hand on his phone, and it was very evidently removed from the body given how it looked. The next image was a note and then a few lines of text from Tanner.

“What?” Gale asked. He picked up his phone and checked it. James knew there was nothing on it as he had not seen it blinking.

“MI6 received a hand by a courier but the pickup and drop off was scheduled by an online transaction and R is tracing that. DNA will take another few hours, but blood type is a match for yours. There is also a scar on the palm.”

“In the shape of a four-leaf clover,” Gale said when James paused.

“Yes. Vesper?”

“Yes.” Gale dropped onto the bed and sighed before falling back. He reached out his hand for the phone and James handed it over.

“The note says that every day, one more part of her body will come in the mail until you give yourself up for the damage you did to Spectre.”

“She’s already dead,” Gale said.

“What?” James asked.

Gale sat up on the bed, and he fiddled with the phone before he walked over to the computer bag in the corner. He booted up the laptop inside and then plugged in a device of some kind before he settled the phone down. James walked up behind him to see that Gale was grabbing something from the storage on the phone. The image of Vesper’s hand came up on the screen, and it showed the part where the hand was removed from the body. James saw that it didn’t look normal.

“The blood wasn’t flowing when this was removed, and there is evidence on what skin I can see that there is preservation means in effect on the body, ice or col storage. More than what was in the box to keep the hand from starting to smell. So they either killed her after getting her out of prison, or she died while being taken from the prison.”

“How sure are you?” James asked.

Before Gale could answer, James’s phone was ringing. James pressed the speakerphone button.

“You are on speaker, Tanner.”

“Good. Q-Branch has confirmed what R suspected in that the hand was removed from the body post-mortem.”

“I suspected.”

“Gale is that…” Tanner trailed off.

“Yes, that’s the scar that she cut into her palm when she was trying to show up a neighbourhood girl who got a tattoo when we were teens.”

“I’ll update Mallory. I don’t know what to do about any of this.”

“She always wanted to be cremated. When this is over have that happen and then spread her ashes somewhere. I’m sure that she has a Will with the family lawyer. You can contact him when this is over. I don’t know if they think we are that stupid or they want us to know that she’s already dead.”

“There is nothing to be gained by them for that. They want you and you wouldn’t give yourself up for a dead body.”

“I wouldn’t give myself up for her if she was alive. They don’t understand family at all or how it looks when I would gladly set her on fire myself.”

James had thought for a while that Gale would one day forgive Vesper, but that was never going to happen.

“Yes, well look at Oberhauser, he killed his father instead of sharing him with Bond,” Mallory said.

“Sir,” Gale said. He sat up straight in the chair and seemed to want to start working on something more.

“Sorry, Tanner had you on speaker in my office, and I just came in again.”

“It’s damned early there.”

“I’ve not left, and I caught a four-hour nap in medical. At least their beds are nice.”

“Q-Branch has better ones in the tunnels,” Gale said.

“And you are just now telling me this?” Mallory asked.

“Well, Sir, everyone knows that. It’s not mu fault if you haven’t figured out where Tanner disappears to when he’s taking a nap.” Gale looked at the phone with a grin on his face.

“Well, we are keeping you two wherever the hell you are. Check-in like normal, and we will call or text with anything.” The phone disconnected before James or Gale could say a single thing.

“So breakfast and then wandering the city?” James asked.

“That sounds just lovely,” Gale answered. He tipped his head back to look at James. There was a sappy look on his face. He had already processed that his sister was dead. His twin, the other half of his self was gone and would never be able to atone for her sins.

“What’s going to happen with Vesper’s trust fund that your parents left?” James asked.

“I’ll find somewhere to donate it to. A cause that it will do the most good for. It’s not a lot, and I spent more on her during the year than she got from it, but it helped.”

James hummed and reached out to safely shut down the laptop. Gale slapped his hands away and did it himself. James laughed, and when Gale shut the lid, he pulled the younger man up out of the chair and turned him around. “Ready to go act like we are lovesick and can’t get enough of each other?”

“Act? I thought we were lovesick and can’t get enough of each other.” Gale was grinning as he said the words.

James laughed and pulled Gale in to kiss him. He didn’t think that he would ever tire of being allowed to do that and it didn’t seem that Gale would either.

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  3. Great chapter. It looks like Gale has cut emotional ties to Vesper a long time ago so her death isn’t hitting him as hard as it could. I enjoyed that they both admitted they’re in love. :)

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