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James Bond/Q

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James cherished the friendship that he had with Q but when he meets Madeline Swann, he realizes that he has all that he needs already, he just has to reach out and take it.

Part 5

James followed along just a half step behind Gale as they made their way around Winterthur to look at everything that was on offer. Gale hadn’t wanted to leave the hotel room for the first three days, and while there was a good bit of sex as well as talking happening between them during that time, it was not all sex.

It all seemed to easy to James, and he felt like something big was going to happen. Moving from friendship to lovers should be harder, James thought. There should be something more that made it seem like they were doing something worthwhile. It was too easy, and James didn’t like things that were easy. He didn’t like things that he didn’t have to work for. He was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing in his life had ever been easy. His first mission as a Double-Oh had nearly seen him out of the agency for the rest of his life because he knew what needed to be done to finish the mission. There was not a lot that James wouldn’t do to finish the mission, yet feeling like there was nothing he could do to actually finish the mission meant that James felt like he was a lame duck.

“James, it’s so pretty here,” Gale said.

James had kept his name, but Gale was going under the name of Quinn. Gale had answered to it okay before now, and James was glad of that. He was used to responding to Q at work where it was better to have it, just like with M. James called him M when he was talking to most people and to his face but to people like Tanner and Gale he was Mallory.

“It is very pretty here.” James reached out and snagged Gale’s hand to pull him back, and they ducked into a stoop that would pull them out of the flow of traffic so that James could kiss him. Gale’s hands tangled in James’ shirt, and he submitted to the kiss that James wanted from him. There were no looks at them, James saw out of the corner of his eye that no one even looked at him twice. There were no call outs, no jeers, and no catcalls. There was nothing at all about two men kissing in a stoop and James kind of loved it.

There were not a lot of issues with that back home either but mainly because everyone in their apartment building knew that James worked for the government and given the muscles they saw on him when he ran in the mornings before heading into work, they knew he wasn’t a pushover. Even Gale had deceptive muscles. He looked scrawny, but when push came to shove, he could protect himself.

“How are you feeling?” James asked.

“Good,” Gale answered. He buried his face into James’s neck and just clung to him. It felt good to James. This was the whole point of everything to James to be able to have someone to hold and to love. To have someone to come home to. He had been coming back to Gale for a long time without knowing it. Yet, it hadn’t been enough. James needed more even after he thought that he wouldn’t. After Vesper, James thought that he didn’t need love, but here he was with Gale, and he knew that he did. He knew that he needed more than just a best friend to come home to. He needed someone that he was with that would allow him to want to really come back.


“As good as I can be given everything. James, I’m the last Lynd now. My father didn’t have any cousins or siblings. Before her and me, there was only ever a single child for each generation. I was happy with that. I was happy that I wasn’t alone and then I was alone, and I didn’t know how to handle that. I pushed myself into the job. Vesper wasn’t going to have a kid to continue the line, but I don’t want kids at all. The thought of a child makes me unhappy. I don’t want to continue the line, so it’s going to die with me. I know that it’s going to have ended with me for years, but now it’s different. There is no chance of her even donating eggs to anyone to help them have a child that would have our DNA. The Lynd line dies with me, and I know that I should care, but I don’t. So yes I am doing as good as I can be given everything and that I’m not part of the team that is finding how has been hired to kill me and how I’m stuck in the ass-end of nowhere really. I’m glad we came, but I hate why we came. You gave in to me because we were here, but I’m glad that you did. I don’t think that we have done it if we were home.”

“It’s the only way I know to comfort someone. You needed it, and I gave it, and I hated it at first, but you stayed. You didn’t leave like all of the other one-night stands you’ve had. You stayed, and you wanted more.” James cupped the back of Gale’s head and gently lifted it up to where they were looking each other in the eyes. “It’s not going to be easy when we get home.”

“No, it’s not, but it’s going to be worth it. I’ve shown that I can sacrifice you for a mission, I try my hardest to make sure that you and all other agents will make it home but what you do is more important than anything else.” Gale seemed like he was struggling to say the worlds.

“I know, and I know that you will always put the mission first, no matter if it’s going to end in my death. You’ll mourn me, probably more than other agents you lose, but you will go on. You will stay a good man despite it. You are the best of me, you’ve kept me human when I could have become something that was very much not human. After Vesper, I could have become a machine that was only there for the next kill, the next mission. I don’t want to become that person, and you’ve kept me from it. I never loved someone like I love you. I hate that it took this for me to realise that you were always there.”

“I wasn’t ready, James.” Gale reached up and cupped the sides of James’ face. There was such emotion in his eyes and James wasn’t sure what that emotion was. It was bouncing around from one to another, and it was bizarre. “I still thought that loving anyone was going to be the death of loyalty. I mean, look at what she did.”

“Vesper, Gale, Vesper. Say her name.”


“Just once, say it, and I’ll never ask again.”

“I will say it. Just not today. I will say it when I say goodbye to her.”

“Okay,” James said. He could agree to that. He could agree that doing it one time, for the first time in a long time should come when she was laid to rest. James knew it would be a closed casket or just a simple cremation. He knew what Gale had told MI6 to do with her, but James figured that it could wait until Gale could do it himself. James was glad that he had told Tanner to hold off on funeral things. Tanner though had texted back that Mallory had already had a hold on that. The hand was being kept in cold storage in MI6, and when it was time, it was going to be taken care of.

The sound of a gun going off had James pushing Gale behind him. There were three men in front of them with guns in their hands. One of those guns was pointed at him. The civilians were all screaming and running, and a few were just stuck in place with two guns pointed near them.

“Mister Bond, Mister Lynd, you will come with us, or we will start to shoot up all of the civilians around.”

“Who are you?” James asked.

“That is not for you to know.”

“I never go on a date with someone that I don’t know.”

“We have Miss Vesper Lynd in our custody, and if you don’t come with us right now, we are going to kill her, kill everyone around us and then Mister Bond.”

“She’s already dead. You guys might think that you are smart, but you are not. Go ahead and kill everyone around because, in the end, you are going to have to kill me to even get my body where you want it. So you have two options, let everyone else go and then I’ll go with you.”

“Mister Bond is coming with us.”

“Again, you will have to kill me. So let’s go.”

“Gale,” James said.

“You’ll find me. You’ll find me, and you’ll kill them all, and I’ll help you. Come and find me but have MI6 help. Have R help you.”

“He’ll have to be knocked out.” One of the kidnappers was standing there with a syringe in hand.

Gale held his hand out, and the kidnapper tossed it over. It was labelled and still sealed. It was just anesthesia that would knock James out for a few hours given the dose in the syringe. James had it before so it might not work as well, he had actually been given it a few times. It would be enough for them to get out with Gale, though. They wanted Gale alive, and that meant that he wouldn’t be harmed for at least a little while. They would want to make sure that he was able to do what they wanted him to do.

“Gale, don’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t. I just got you. I won’t do anything stupid that would cause me to get killed before you can recuse me like a damsel in distress.” Gale turned James around to face him and cupped the side of his face to kiss him. “I have the Smart Blood in me as well. You can track me. You can find me that way. You will be able to get into my files. All of my passwords revolve around you.”

“Do it,” James said. He felt the prick of the syringe into his arm and then slowly, he started to slip down. Gale helped him, and the last thing that James saw was Gale looking down at him. Then there was nothing but darkness.


“Bond!” a voice yelled, and James shot up. He grabbed the first thing he touched and knew it was a tie. He used that to pull the person in close and get his hand around their throat. “HOLD!”

The next thing that James was aware of was that guns were being cocked. They had that catch that told him that they were Gale’s design. The trigger catching just a little as the palm print encoding allowed the gun to be ready to be fired. All of the MI6 security had shared weapons. All security palm prints worked on all firearms. It was a safety feature just in case one fell someone else could grab the gun if they were out of ammo. James let go of the person that he had the hold on, and he looked around. He had been looking at the threats before that and not the whole picture.

Tanner had been the one that he had a hold of.

“Sorry, Tanner.”

“No that’s on me for getting that close. I mean our file states you come up swinging. R had me bring the laptop from work so that you could do something with it.”

James looked around at where they were. They were in the suite that James and Gale been staying in. Tanner was there but that it was beside security.

“Moneypenny stayed with M. They are tracking things on that end. We have recovered Vesper Lynd’s body. They had just cut off her other hand and were getting ready to send it. We have it in storage like you wanted. She’ll get a funeral. It will be small so that those who know her can say their goodbyes. Winterthur is locked down, and it was locked down within ten minutes of Gale sending the distress signal.”

“Distress signal?” James’s brain wasn’t entirely up to par.

“Your cuff link on your dress shirt is one of a new design. R told me. Distress signal he pressed it when he helped your body slid down to the ground. They are not escaping.”

“How did they find us?”

“Sheer dumb luck. We had forces surrounding the city to be able to block it, but none arrived more than an hour before you were knocked out and Gale was taken. The three assets that took Gale have been here for two weeks. When the signal went out, we tracked it and then knew that it was dumb luck. These three are heavy hitters for Spectre. They are trying to build up enough people to go after MI6. We were about to move to take him when the distress beacon went out. So we locked down the city. We have their faces, they are not going anywhere.”

“I need to get to his laptop. Have them get it booted up.” James sat up on the bed and sighed as the world spun a little. It was an effect from the anaesthesia he was given. He didn’t want to give himself time to get better. He grabbed Tanner’s arm when it was offered and let himself be pulled up and then escorted over to where the laptop was. James saw the password screen. There was no hint, but Gale had told him that he had everything he needed.

James typed in Skyfall, but the computer beeped at him, and he saw that he had one more entry to get it right. James looked at the background picture. It was a night sky, and there were trees visible. It was a few seconds for James to see the two constellations in the sky. Or one constellation that had two sections. Gemini. James typed in Vesper in Leet, and the computer unlocked.

There was an application on the desktop that was called Fun in the Sun. James laughed because he had always called the little vacations he gave himself after emotionally draining missions his fun in the sun vacations. James clicked the app, and then he typed in Turkey for that one in Leet again. The tracker that popped up showed that Gale wasn’t that far away.

“What weapons do you have?” James asked.

“Gale had a full array packed, and we took the fastest flight out. You had been taken to the A&E and were on a gurney. We brought you here.”

James started it get a real time feed of the area so he could figure out what kind of place Gale was being held in.

“Bond,” Mallory said from the laptop that was set up on the other side of the table. Tanner turned it around, and there was Mallory. “You have the green light to do whatever you need to get our Quartermaster back. The strike team is ready, and there is a SWAT team from Interpol who is ready to go in with you.”

“Good. Good. I have Q’s location. From the satellite view, Q’s being held in a warehouse. It looks like they holed up in the northwest area and there is a lot of power being drawn.”

“On my end,” R started over the feed from Mallory, but it didn’t seem she was in the room with him. “It looks like they are trying to use him to get Nine Eyes up. They want to run and control it according to the chatter. He’s at least partially cooperating with them but I can’t se what he’s doing because I have no clue what the network is.”

“Tanner, see if you can find the line and help R get into that system.”

“What if we cut the power?” James asked.

“They might think that he did it,” Mallory cautioned.

“No it’s a closed network, I can tell that. He’s connected with one thing and one thing only a server in Tunisia.” R sounded in control, and James trusted that Gale trusted her.

“Oberhauser had a backup,” Mallory said.

“I would say yes, and Q’s report does state that he had to take a second server offline elsewhere, but he had been unable to trace where it was. I would assume that it’s the one. They have direct access and are trying to get him to put it back. Cutting power will not stop them, though. It seems they were setting up something there but given the connection I can read, they weren’t trying to get this set up there.”

Bond go and get our Quartermaster back and remind Spectre why they tried to take out the Double-Oh unit.”

“Yes, Sir. Tanner get me a kit.” James stood on his own two feet, and it seemed that he was fine after sitting up for the time that he had been. Tanner hovered until James started to walk away. It was a good thing because James did not want to face plant.

“It will take you around twenty minutes to get across town. Local police are waiting for the word to be able to open up the city.”

“Go ahead and have them do it. We have a lock on Q, and that means we can track him. I want someone on that computer at all times.” Mallory’s tone left no chance at someone not doing it.

James looked at Tanner to see the man torn.

“M, Sir, it Jacobi here. Q’s been having techs give me the working knowledge on the security system for MI6 so I could become an officer that ran that end of things to free up his techs. I should be able to help track this and maybe do a few other things if Tanner or Bond need.” It was one of the security men, and James saw that he was the only one that hadn’t raised a gun on him.

“Good. You all have orders. Tanner relate to me, everything that I need to know. I’ll keep comms open on my end but won’t respond unless asked.”

“Let’s go.” James grabbed the kit that Tanner was handing over. While he was being driven where he needed to go, he could get ready. He wasn’t going to lose Gale, not after finally getting him the way that he had him. James refused to lose him to Spectre.

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