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James Bond/Q

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James cherished the friendship that he had with Q but when he meets Madeline Swann, he realizes that he has all that he needs already, he just has to reach out and take it.

Part 6

James wondered how the three who had taken Gale thought that they would be able to run Spectre because they were idiots.

“Bond,” Jacobi said over the comm. “There are still just the four life signs in the building, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have more hidden in rooms that can’t be scanned for life signs.”

James didn’t answer him at all, but Jacobi had been told that he would be going radio silent on his end just to make sure. The door that had been picked for James’ entry was a far distance from where Gale was being held. That distance was nothing to James. It was better as just in case James had to break into the place the sound wouldn’t carry. The door was cracked open already though when James got there, and he only had to push it open a little more so he could slip inside. James wasn’t sure what he expected about the place, but he was used to more sophisticated enemies and traps.

Taking his time, James felt every single second in his heart even if he didn’t let affect his brain at all. He had to keep a calm head to make sure that he actually got Gale out of this. The room that the trio was holding Gale in was huge, it was, in fact, the largest room in the building, which meant that it would be hard for Jame to sneak up on them. James found a place to settle when he made it down the hallway into the room so he could watch them as they spewed hate at Gale while he was doing whatever it was that they wanted him to do.

“How long does this take?”

“You do understand that it’s easier to tear something down than to build it up. I might have taken me what seemed like the work of minutes to take down Nine Eyes, I wasn’t that careful at it. I ripped it to shreds so that it would be hard to create again, so it’s going to take as long as is needed to get it going again.” Gale sounded like he was done with their words. It would not be long at all before he pissed them off and they would hit him, and then James would have to do something about that. Gale turned to grab the bottle of water that was on the table he was working on. James saw a bruise on his chin that spoke of rough treatment from the hands of his kidnappers.

James was going to kill all three of them. He didn’t care how Gale had got injured. Gale had promised that he would not do anything stupid and that meant they had been rough with him for no reason. James hated that. He hated seeing the bruise on him. He didn’t want to see Gale injured like that ever again. The bruises he got while training was one thing, none of them ever looked like, and they were never on his face. This was something horrible and horrific, James shook his head to clear the blood lust from it. It wouldn’t do him or Gale any good.

“We could have hired a whore to do this quicker,” the man furthest back from Gale said.

“Then go out and find one that can hack into what you need hacking into. You do understand that Oberhauser’s protections were damned good right? The only issue is that he used some of my own codings to get into it. That means that I have access because I know it. I’m nearly in. Another ten minutes or so.”

“Yes, well your lover ain’t going to find you so no matter of stalling will help you now.”

“Really? You think my lover isn’t going to find me? Do you really think that MI6 is stupid enough to not have trackers on me? You idiots didn’t even scan me for anything before bringing me here. You didn’t even try and stop me from seeing your faces or where you took me. That means one thing, you aren’t planning on letting me go. So either I’ll be your captive for the rest of my life, or you plan on killing me.”

“Quit talking and more typing.”

“My ability to type is not hampered by my talking. I’m smart enough to do three things at once, unlike you idiots that can’t even watch a perimeter.”

The three idiots turned around to start looking at all of the areas where they had not been looking before. James nearly stepped out and started to shoot them, but he stopped when he watched Gale typing in the last of a code. It was always interesting to see it as he made little flourishes. The computer started to smoke, and Gale stood up and raced around the table to get to safety. The computer exploded, and the three of them turned around. James put one in the middle one’s head before they could figure out where Gale was and then into the second before the third one turned to see who had killed his two friends.

James let the man get a good look at him before shooting him.

“Targets down, asset alive.”

“Status of asset?” Mallory asked.

“Pissed off.”

Gale held out his hand on the other side of the smoking and burning computer. James walked over to where he was, steadfastly ignoring the want to pat him down to make sure that he wasn’t more injured. He didn’t have the ability to return them to life to kill the three idiots again. James plucked the comm he had nicked from Tanner’s pocket and dropped it into Gale’s hand.

“M,” Gale said when the comm was in place.

“Yes?” Mallory asked.

“Somewhere in Tunisia, you will find a location that’s now burning. I overclocked their computers just like I did this one here and I hope that it’s the last of the Spectre secure information areas. By now, it should be a roaring fire.”

“I’ll set our eyes to look for it. Glad you are fine, Quartermaster.”

“Not really, I need medical attention. One of the assholes kicked me for no reason when I was on the bottom of the van they put me into. He got my stomach really good, and it hurts a great deal and then when I curled into myself, he got my chin. I don’t know if he bruised something or I’m internally bleeding.”

“You are telling me you didn’t excite them into getting pissed at you?” Mallory asked. There was a fondness in his tone as everyone at MI6 knew that Gale’s mouth ran away with him more than it didn’t.

“I was good. I told 007 I wouldn’t do anything stupid and I meant it. I was answering his questions, but he didn’t like the truth, so he tried to kick me until he felt better. One of the other stopped him before it got too bad, but enough damage was done.” Gale slumped a little and James grabbed him and turned him to where James could help support him.

“007, get him to the local. I’ll have one of ours arrive there as quick as possible. Quartermaster, the body has been retrieved and is awaiting your next orders.”

“Cremate, and I’ll deal when I get home.”

“007, you are not to leave his side for anything. He gets a scan you are with the tech in the safe room. He takes a piss in the loo, you are with him.”

“You got it, Sir.”

“Check-in hourly,” Mallory said before his end of the comms were cut.

James plucked his out of his ear and then did the same to Gale’s before dropping them into a pocket. Gale slumped over into James nearly all the way, his body sagging with the loss of adrenaline.

“Let’s go, Quartermaster,” James said. He turned to see that the strike team had made it through the whole building along with SWAT and were waiting for him. Along with a gurney from the medic that had been a moment behind them in arrival time. There was no medic by it though.

“Medic is outside. We did not allow them in. Tanner is running a background check on him.”

“Good. Can you sit?” James asked Gale.

“I’d rather lay but sitting gets me there quicker.”

James wasn’t sure that made full sense to him, but he helped Gale over to the gurney and then helped him lay down. His face was full of pain. James knew a few basic checks, and he raised Gale’s shirt. There was a lot of bruising on his abdomen, and none of it looked good.

Gale was asleep on the hospital bed in the secure area of the best hospital close to Winterthur that MI6 had an ally at. There was a small tear in a blood vessel from the attack on him, but they had been able to take care of it with minimal incision. Gale had been asleep since the surgery. James had been inside of the room, scrubbed in like a doctor as the hospital took Mallory’s words to heart that there wasn’t a place that Gale went that James didn’t follow.

A nurse came in for the last check of the night.

“You can lock the door behind me, Agent Bond. We won’t be checking in for a few hours, and you can get some rest. If he wakes up, you were given the checks to do on him, but the full check can wait until morning unless he fails one of those.”

“Thank you.”

“You are very welcome. He got here just in time, it was a good thing.”

James followed the nurse to the door and locked it before shutting off the light as well. There was a small light that was in the wall but aimed up, so it cast a very faint light on the bed to make sure it didn’t hurt patients eyes, but nurses could check on their patients in the night.

The bed that Gale was in was very big for how small he was. There was a second bed, but James wasn’t going to use it. He got up on the bed on his side and laid down along the length of Gale’s body on the side where there were no wires sticking out of him. James laid his hand over Gale’s chest, his palm over his heart. James just about had his eyes closed when he felt a hand rest over the top of his. James opened his eyes wide. Gale’s eyes were still shut, but he was grinning.

“You little shit, how long have you been awake?”

“Just before the nurse came. I didn’t want to be poked and prodded by them so it can wait until morning.

“You are still doing the tests they want me to do. I don’t-can’t run the risk of you not being fully yourself.”

“Fine,” Gale said like he had a million more important things to be doing.

Gale was a sarcastic asshole the entire time that James was asking him questions and even after when James was just trying to figure out exactly how he was.

“You were good, up until you passed out in the ambulance,” James said.

“Sorry, I don’t have the stoic Double-Oh resolve that allows you to not pass out at all.” Gale’s tone was nowhere near as bitey as it sounded.

“I love you,” James said.

“I love you, too. At least it’s not a death bed confession. When can I get out of here?”

“Alec’s on his way with that medical equipped SUV that you outfitted for deployment into areas that are urban and something more unnoticed is needed. That nurse, you are friends with is coming.”

“Robin’s a good egg,” Gale said. He yawned like he hadn’t just woke up from sleep.

“He’s okay, I guess.”

“Robin is just a friend, James. He’s straight and is like the straightest straight man I have ever seen. He’s never even looked at a male Double-Oh when they’ve been naked in the showers. He would probably be freaked out when a male hit on him, though he does the same with females. He’s not a bigot he just has no care to engage in any relationship with a male.”

“I wasn’t jealous,” James said.

“Oh, no, you very much were, and you were when he was in my office with me.”

“How is your arm? They cleaned it and wrapped it but just to be safe in the surgery room.”

“Feels fine.” Gale yawned, it made his jaw crack some.

“Sleep, Gale. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Don’t want to.” Gale tugged on the arm that James had thrown over Gale’s chest He was trying to get James to press on him more. James made sure not to hurt Gale any with more weight around where his abdomen was. Still, he knew a leg over Gale’s and then just rested there.

“I need sleep, and if you don’t sleep, how can I?” James asked.

“I don’t want to miss anytime with you.”

“You won’t. I’ll be sleeping as well.”

“Fine.” Gale closed his eyes, and it seemed like, in seconds, he was asleep.

James waited to make sure that Gale’s breathing evened out into sleep and then he allowed himself to sleep as well.

MI6 was full of jokes about Double-Ohs being the worst patients, just leaving when they wanted without getting the knowledge they needed to care for themselves. It was more that the Double-Ohs had done all of it enough that they knew what to do and if they didn’t another did. James had never checked himself out, but he had talked the doctors into letting him out early so that he could go somewhere that he could control who had access to him. It was the crux of the issue with Double-Ohs, even in medical there was not a lot of security. Not enough for Double-Ohs.

James had decided that day two of being Gale’s guard after they got him home, that the Double-Ohs had nothing on him. He was unruly and a pain in James’s ass.

Leaving Gale in his flat, James went to his own. He sighed and took a drink of scotch straight from his bottle that he kept in his bedroom. It hadn’t been opened in a while, but it still burned as it went down and it was what James needed. He turned on the tablet that had access to the security in Gale’s flat to watch him while he was taking a short break. Gale was being a downright asshole.

Gale was still on the couch where James had threatened to tie him to when he had tried to get up and get the remote because James hadn’t been quick enough to get it for him. Because of the extensive bruising from the kicks he had taken, Gale was supposed to take it easy and not really get up more than he had to. Did the shite listen? No.

James frowned as he watched Gale move. He rolled onto his side, his uninjured arm pressed down into the couch. The blanket on the back of the couch was grabbed and dragged over his body, there was a wince of pain from the movement, whether arm or side, James wasn’t sure. James touched the button that turned up the mic feed for that camera after he tapped it to where it was the only camera on the feed.

Gale sniffled once, and then James heard the first sob. James felt like a right shite at that moment. He knew exactly what was wrong with Gale and why he was acting like he was. Gale had too much happen to him in a short period of time, the whole Spectre thing and James acting like an ass to try and keep Gale’s job unquestioned even though Mallory knew that they were closer than he would like. Then Vesper being broken out of prison and Gale having to go into hiding because someone wanted to kill or kidnap him. Receiving her hand that had been cut off of her body and finding that she was dead. No matter how much Gale hated her for what she had done, James knew that Gale would always have that piece inside of him that loved her. She had been the other half of her. Then the actual abduction, getting kicked and breaking a blood vessel in his body and needing surgery and then being stuck at the flat and his work things taken from him so he would rest.

James took another drink of his scotch before he capped it and shut down the tablet. He needed to get to Gale as quickly as possible. He found what he had come up for and then left his flat, not even caring if he locked the door. He let himself into Gale’s flat as quiet as possible so that Gale wouldn’t stop crying just because of James being in the room.

Gale didn’t hear him, given the scream that he let off when James touched his arm. Gale tried to roll over, but that hurt him, and James stopped him before it got to be too bad.

“Sorry,” James said as he settled on the edge of the couch. Gale’s eyes were red-rimmed, and his nose snotty. He had gone from nothing to a full-on cry it seemed. James grabbed a tissue from the coffee table and wiped at his nose some before he handed over another so Gale could blow it. “You don’t have to hide this from me. Or make me so mad at you that I storm off so you can cry in private. If you wanted to be left alone to do this, you could have asked.”

“Didn’t run you off to cry, at least not consciously. I…” Gale sighed and rubbed his face on the pillow that was in front of him. “I want to go to bed. I want you wrapped around me again.”

“Sure.” James looked at the time. There was more than enough time for Gale to get a nap in and then James could get dinner sorted. They were eating take-out more than anything because James didn’t want Gale to feel like he needed to keep James company while he cooked.

“And sushi for dinner,” Gale said around a yawn.

“Whatever you want.” James let Gale roll himself over to his other side before moving to allow Gale to get up. James was good at the steadying him while he stood up but pulling on Gale hurt something either his stomach or his arm no matter which way James did it. So they had found a good way to get Gale around without hurting more than he had to.

Gale was shaky and pale when James helped him lever himself down into a bed. James looked at the time and saw it was nearly close enough for another dose of the pain medication. James grabbed it to have ready. He would wake Gale up to take it as he had been the past two days. Gale rolled onto his side and waited for James to get in behind him. James tucked himself in behind him, grabbing the sheet and drawing it up over both of them.

“She’s gone, and I’m still here,” Gale said.

“I know.” James kissed the back of Gale’s head as he felt his lover’s body start to shake. It was hitting him hard, it seemed. James wasn’t shocked that it was hitting him at all, Gale had been going from one thing to another since James had been in Mexico.

“Moneypenny asked about the cat joke I said to you.”

“Two cats and a mortgage was it?”

“I want two cats.”

“Okay, as soon as you are able, we can go to the shelter and find you two cats,” James said.

Gale’s talk of wanting a cat or two had risen by a lot over the past few months. James wasn’t that fond of the beasts, but if Gale wanted one, he would get one.

“Clara in accounting has two kittens she’s trying to find a home for. Call her, have her bring them over.”

“Sure.” James wondered if Gale was going to remember this when he woke up. He kind of hoped not as he didn’t want to care for the cats and Gale, but with Gale’s mind, James was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to forget.

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  1. I really like this. I like how true they are to Q and 007, while being so amazing to each other as Gale and James.
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