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  • NC-17
  • Abuse-Child
  • Discussion-Murder
  • Violence-Canon-Level
  • Alternate Universe
  • Fusion
  • Mystery
  • Romance
Tony DiNozzo/Don Eppes, Blair Sandburg/Jim Ellison

Word Count:
1304 / 9,844

Author's Note:
And now we hunt.

Tony was always considered a broken guide having spent so many years online but not bonded. The worst case of his career might just be the best thing that ever happened.

The room took on a feral edge the minute they heard the family had been taken. Don growled, letting his instincts reign free. He didn’t like doing it as he put faith in the law – but here he was the Sentinel, the protector first. “We hunt as a team.”

Jim nodded, pleased by the fact that Eppes was taking control of the city before he’d even completed the bond. Although he wasn’t going to say no to getting an invite to this party. “Agreed. Divide the city into quadrants and sweep.”

Tony thought this through and knew the strategy was sound. “We need a pride meet. ASAP.”

Blair knew the logistics of this wouldn’t be easy. “Use the baseball stadium and the telephone network and declare it far and wide. You two will be the regional leaders and you have an intolerable threat to the tribe and you want the son of a bitch hunted down. The pride will understand if there is a delay in the first meeting.”

Tony pulled Don’s phone into his hand, just narrowly missing clasping fingers but time was of the essence. “Hey Charlie, it’s Tony. Have you finished the topology profile?”

Tony chuckled at the indignant response from his brother-in-law. “No, it wasn’t in doubt. You’re the math genius but I was wondering on the time constraint.”

Don smiled, seeing the ease at which his guide could handle his brother. If anything, he might ask Tony for a few hints because as much as he protected his brother – they struggled to communicate. He interrupted the conversation by asking. “Where are the likely sites he’d take his main objectives?”

Tony felt a buzz on his phone and pulled away to check the image. “Well done, this is a great start. Join us for the hunt.”


Back at the FBI, the main team – Granger, Megan, Ian and Charlie,  were in the conference room listening in to the group who were at the Sentinel Centre. Ian and Charlie listened to the command issued by their Alpha and readily started to obey the order and get their shit together.

Granger startled at just how many weapons Ian was hiding on his body. He knew the man was a sniper but this was an impressive level of paranoid. The Sentinel was checking his weapons meticulously before he left the building ready to join the hunt. “You got enough weapons?”

Ian rolled his eyes because in his opinion – there was no such thing as too many weapons. It was better to have a weapon and not need it – than be caught short without one. He couldn’t resist making a lesson out of the smart remark though. “You didn’t say anything to Don’s Guide, did you?”
Colby frowned as he didn’t see what the big deal was. “He was carrying his service piece and the one knife.”

Edgerton snorted because DiNozzo was a master at being underestimated. “That was not all, you missed the three other knives he is carrying.”

“Is he a former service member?” Granger asked trying to understand because that was a level of paranoid not usually found in Federal Agents.

Ian though shook his head as there was no simple answer. “Nope, just trained by a marine.”

“Ah.” Granger grinned. “So he’s going to give Eppes a coronary?”

“Probably,” Ian answered with a grin. He always did like to watch it when someone managed to get under Don’s skin. It was such a rare event but he just knew that Tony DiNozzo had the power and the personality to do both. It was a good thing too, Don would never be satisfied by a meek Guide.

Charlie knew his Sentinel too well – He was about to ask him to stay behind and he was having none of it. “I will not allow myself to become a victim but I won’t stay behind.”

“I know you won’t, guide.” It was subtle but even mundanes would be able to see/feel the bond between the two men.

Granger and Reeves were getting a first-class education on how instinctively guides and sentinels reacted. This was beyond the level normally seen but usually, when things progressed this far the Sentinel Centre took over and the lawyers protected their privacy to untold levels. Tony hadn’t exaggerated when he’d called the lawyer a shark. In fact, there had been some rumours her spirit animal was, in fact, a shark.

Granger asked Reeves the question as they were the only ones left in the room. Do you think we will be making an arrest?”

“Probably not.” Reeves answered. She knew that she hated the child murder cases and this bastard had done a number to his victims. She kind of hoped that the Sentinels caught up to him – and were particularly uncivilised in his capture.


Tony and Don were sitting on opposite sides of the SUV – this not touching issue was going to be resolved as soon as possible. Tony had never given much thought about touching people in general, until he couldn’t do it. He was an online guide so a lot of people tried to touch him for the positive and balanced emotions one could project.

Blair had a wicked grin seeing the aborted motion of the couple. He tried to reassure them in his own way. “You’ll like the tension when you finally get to release it.”

“POPS!” Exclaimed in the only way a horrified child could project.

Don just put his head in his hands, not knowing how to respond. He didn’t get much hope from Jim when all he said was. “You get used to it, or you become a part of the madness… I’m not sure which.”

“Well, I’m adaptable.” Don offered.

Blair laughed out loud because the couple could remember hearing those exact words from their adopted son when they first met. “That was the first thing Tony said to us when he saw the house the first time.”

Tony pouted. “Hey, I was eight.”

This was a moment’s levity before they faced the battle ahead. All of them hoped for a positive outcome but they’d all been around criminal cases for too long to believe that a miracle happened every time.


They’d been drawn to the warehouse district. This would be a criminals dream as it was full of abandoned warehouses – full of scents that would distract the majority of sentinels.

“There is blood over there.” Ellison pointed out.

Blair closed his eyes. “I think we have ground zero.”

Tony joined him and they spread their own note. “Yeah, he is here and he is so corrupt. He is making my skin crawl.”

“They’re alive.” Blair said, relief evident in his voice. It wasn’t all plain sailing though he could feel the terror and pain in the children’s auras.

Don was straining. “The women’s heartbeat sounds sluggish.”

Tony sighed knowing they had no choice but to deal with the situation themselves. “I play bait and then you come in and rip that son of a bitch apart.”

Blair didn’t like this plan. “And what am I to do – knit? “

Tony shook his head. “You know me better than that Pops, you should be there to help the victims you have that training.”

“True – make sure he regrets his life choices before he is sent to the afterlife.” Blair asked of them, knowing they would do it for the insult of what he’d done.

Jim smiled but there was nothing warm in the smile. Right now, he was all predator. “Oh, that’s a promise. We will make sure of it, won’t we Don?”

“Yes, we will.” Don agreed.

A new voice had joined them. “Well, I hope I get invited.”

Tony chuckled. “There is no such thing as overkill in my book. Let’s go and get this evil bastard.”


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