Sentry – 11-12 – Jilly James

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  • NC-17
  • Dark Themes
  • Discussion-Murder
  • Discussion-Torture
  • Explicit Sex
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Torture
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  • Violence-Graphic
  • Alternate Universe
  • Crossover
  • First Time
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Tony DiNozzo/Thor, Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

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Author's Note:
Two chapters for the price of one! I had some stuff to work out in twelve before I was confident about elevent. I expect chapter 12 might get an extra scene when I go into editing, but I'm not going to belabor anything at this point in the process. Also, rating is now in effect...

Thor arrives.

– – – –

Chapter Eleven

Tony was pondering the state of the pantry when Stark wandered in, looking half awake. He pointed to the coffee pot.

“You’re the best roommate.” He eyed Tony while drinking the coffee ridiculously fast. “Why are you so perky?”

“Three hours of sleep seems to be about all I need.” He made a face. “Unless I blow shit up, I guess.”

“Disgusting super soldiers,” Stark muttered into his second cup.

“How come you’re up so early? I figured you’d be out until nine at least.”

“Coulson had Jarvis ping me. They think Thor is headed here and will arrive sometime this morning.”

“They think?”

“SHIELD has been trying to intercept him, but he’s proving elusive. He went to see his girlfriend in Norway, but she dumped him. No telling what he’s been doing since then. I can’t see a lovelorn Asgardian stopping in at the local pub.” He cocked his head to the side. “Or maybe I can see exactly that.”

Tony chuckled at the image. “Maybe he’s making his way here? I mean, do we have a frame of reference for the time involved in travel by magic hammer?”

Stark snorted his coffee. “You asshole. Are you really making waffles? Because I wouldn’t be mad.”

“I’m thinking about it, but I’m short a few things. Including, apparently, an actual waffle iron.”

“How about we move it to the party deck in case Thor shows up—because I don’t want that reunion down here—and then invite everyone else. We can even let Barnes out for some air.”

“Then I’m definitely short a few things.”

“Give J a list and he can have anything delivered in under an hour.”

“Nice.” Tony started working on what he’d need to feed that many people. “What’s the plan for Barnes?”

“For now, keep him contained until he’s remembered a little more. As soon as things are a little more settled, I’ll look into getting him some professional help. We need to sort out these trigger words before he has too much autonomy.” He frowned. “At some point someone official needs to weigh in on the situation. We’ve just been dealing with…” He made a vague gesture.

“Want me to make some careful inquiries?”

“That’d be a good idea as long as no one jumps the gun. We don’t need anyone trying to remove him. And we can’t afford for him to slip into assassin mode when amongst the general public. Hydra could put those words in on a TV or radio broadcast. I’d rather he was here, but we need to be sure wherever he is will be cautious.

“No matter what, we should start letting him out more around any of the super soldiers. Particularly you or Bruce, who can easily contain him.” Stark shot him a questioning look. “Any luck finding his control words?”

“We found references to them, as you know, but there’s a ton of data not just to go through, but a bunch of it still needs to be decrypted and I haven’t had the time to set up some isolated servers to do the work.”

“Get Jarvis on it.”

Tony frowned and added something else to the list. “I don’t want to treat him like my secretary.”

“Huh. You may literally be the first person to ever think Jarvis wasn’t just a minion.” Stark frowned. “Even Rhodey never quite got Jarvis, though maybe if he interacted with him more he might start to.”

Tony thought that was kind of sad.

“But J expressed interest in this project, right, J?”

“Indeed, Sir. I’d be delighted to assist in any way, Director DiNozzo.”

“I’m not really a director anymore, Jarvis. You could just call me Tony.”

“I shall endeavor to do so, Tony.”

Stark’s mouth fell open. “I haven’t been able to get you to call me Tony.”

“That’s a completely separate matter.”

Stark looked some sort of blend of hurt and irritated.

Not wanting to put Jarvis on the spot, Tony scribbled a note.

Listen to the way he addresses you and catch a clue. “Sir” is probably as close as Jarvis can get to calling you “Dad” or “Father” without violating any of his original programming.

He passed it to Stark who read it quickly then folded it into a small square, staring at his hands, expression blank. “I need a minute.” Stark vanished.

Tony hoped he hadn’t overstepped, but there was nothing he could do about it, so he focused on the breakfast list.

It was a good half hour before Stark reappeared, dressed in his typical jeans and T-shirt. He poured another cup of coffee then nudged Tony as he exited the kitchen. “Thanks,” he said softly.

Tony joined Stark in the living room, passing off a bowl of fruit. “Grocery delivery won’t be for another twenty.”

“It’s like you think you need to feed me,” Stark groused, but he accepted the food and started eating. “Not that I object to your cooking. Feel free to cook. That pasta was sublime.”

Tony laughed.

“By the way, while I was talking to J, he got a call back from your, uh, friend. She already accepted the job offer. He’s arranging a new StarkPhone to be couriered to her later this morning. She’s apparently taking the day off so she can harvest her crops while waiting for her delivery.” He frowned. “Is that a euphemism?”

“No. The reason it’s that game is because she plays it. Religiously. To be fair, it was a better choice than some first-person shooter game because the, uh, crop code is very useful, hard to crack since everyone’s is different, and not something we can do in another type of game.”

“I like it. I’m already working on my own code. It’ll be epic. I’m thinking about using all green crops.”

“Don’t be too inscrutable.”

Stark scoffed. “Please. Considering what you guys do, you have to all be well above average in the intelligence department. You can handle me coding in shades of green.” After a beat, he asked, “We’re not telling Steve about any of this, right?”

Tony shook his head. “Definitely no. He’s not ready for that level of secrecy. He’s not mentally prepared for the kinds of tradeoffs that can be required—his thinking is too black and white, and it may always be no matter how much help he gets adapting to the modern world. And until he understands the consequences of literally anything, he’s not prepared for the responsibility of safeguarding the secrets of not only our nation but the secrets of our allies.”

“Fair enough.”

Tony shot Stark a look. “You okay with keeping this from him?”

Stark shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s not like there weren’t already a heap of things I can’t tell people.”

“Good.” Tony hesitated a second before approaching a potentially awkward issue. “I know we’ve been in react mode, and I’m trying to honor that you’ve asked me to stop thanking you—”

“Yes, so please don’t!”

Tony glared half-heartedly. “Anyway, I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Some of that will obviously depend on how the logistics for HELIOS go. Also, the director of Homeland has made it quite clear that I’m to not be out in public until the threat of Hydra has been at least somewhat contained.”

Stark frowned. “What are you slowly creeping up to?”

“I need to sort out living situation and make arrangements to get some of my stuff and—”

“You can live here, and we’ll arrange to get your stuff.”

Tony hesitated, knowing the kind of minefield he was stepping into. “I can’t just impose on your forever.”

“It’s not imposing. You want a floor of your own instead of staying with me? We’ll get one set up. Can be done in a day or two. I hadn’t done it because we didn’t want to risk anyone seeing you, but if—”

“Stop.” Tony held up a hand. “Just let me get through this, okay?”

Stark narrowed his eyes but nodded with apparent reluctance.

“I appreciate your generosity and hospitality more than I can adequately express, especially since ‘thanks’ is off the table. But…” He paused to consider how to say what he needed to say. “You know I used to be a cop, right?”

Stark stared then chuckled. “Yeah. It was in SHIELD’s dossier. Three PDs before you went to NCIS and then Homeland. What of it?”

“My father did everything in his power to steal the inheritance my mother left me. He even got it locked up in court for a few years, including my educational trust, which is why I only was able to go to college because of a sports scholarship, but I still worked nights and weekends to cover stuff like…food.”

“Okay. Your dad’s a dick. I kind of figured.”

“My dad being a dick isn’t the point. The point is that I had been cut off from my family’s money from the age of twelve—”

“Twelve?” Stark repeated, sounding incredulous.

“Yeah. My father did something stupid and was humiliated by his own idiocy and, as he was wont to do, he blamed me for it and ‘disowned’ me. In the sense that he somehow got control of my trust. He wanted to ship me off to a group home, but the trustee would only be pushed so far and they sent me to military academy instead.” He waved the whole Hawaii fiasco away. “Anyway, so money became at problem at twelve and it stayed an issue through all of my college years. But one of my frat brothers was pre-law and decided it was his mission to sort all that shit out. Part of the problem was my own pride about calling my mother’s family and asking for help. But he got it all sorted out and I was just entering the police academy when the stranglehold on my inheritance was fixed. There was also this side issue with one of my uncles through the Rossi family, Uncle Antonio, who died while I was in Peoria. He named me his sole heir. I think he knew that my mom wasn’t really a Paddington, and I wonder if he worried that some of my grandfather Jaspar’s decisions about me were that I wasn’t his biological grandson.”

“I sense drama.”

“You don’t even know.”

“At some point, I want the unabridged version because it sounds like a soap opera. But do continue.”

“You’re so gracious. And it is soap opera-esque. So I’m new in Peoria and I finally don’t have to worry about the grocery bill for the next week, and I went a little crazy.”

“Makes sense.”

“But everyone around me now had less money than me than more. And the men and women I was becoming friends with couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. Go the restaurants or the stores or…anything really. So I started paying for everything because I had more money than I’d ever need and what I cared about was their—I didn’t care who paid.” He pointed at Stark. “Don’t make the face until you’ve heard what I have to say. Stop predicting.

“What happened is that people started expecting it and thinking they were entitled to it. They’d ask me to pay their kid’s tuition or for babysitters or a birthday party or medical bills. Most of the things were reasonable things that you’d go to a family member with if you were in trouble. But I was a guy they hadn’t even known a year.

“I didn’t need the money or care about it, and if I were close with them, I doubt I’d have ever started to feel like I was just a bank account to them. And then there was no graceful way to extricate myself. So I eventually transferred to Philly, put the designer clothes away, and pretended to be like everyone else.”

He glared at Stark’s frustrated huff. “I know you know where this is going, but sit still for the advice or I’ll sit on you.”

“I thought you said we couldn’t get freaky,” Stark shot back with a grin.

“Asshole,” Tony groused. “The point is that I know you have a different scale of value. I get it, I’ve been there, and you’re in a whole other league. It’s easy for you to handle the material side of things, but it can lead to bad places.”

“Are you really trying to tell me to…what? Not let everyone stay?”

“No, and that’s why you need to stop with the thinking you know where I’m going.”

He made an impatient gesture. “Proceed.”

“Just stop giving it away.”

“Charge them?”

“Maybe, but more importantly, make sure people know it’s yours. You indicated that you were setting up a floor for each person on your old team. You even remarked that they had minimal decorating so everyone could do what they wanted. That’s too much like giving people the best real estate in the city, and most people are eventually going to feel entitled and unappreciative. And if someone is your lover or best friend or whatever…go hog wild. Spoil ‘em rotten if that’s what you want to do. But to basically give a penthouse to people who were spying on you?”

Stark looked away.

“Nothing you could do was ever going to make that situation better. Because you were trying to show your value—”

“Ouch. Tell me how you really feel.”

“—but they already knew your value and were deliberately making you think they didn’t know as a means to control and manipulate you.”

Instead of getting more defensive, Stark cocked his head and went, “Huh.”

“So if you offer to let me stay in your building because you have kick-ass security and you want to work me on HELIOS and sorting out the cluster fuck that is the Avengers Initiative then I’m going to accept, but you’re not giving me a floor or a car or a whatever might be rattling around in there.”

“You think you’d start to expect things from me?” Stark asked with no hint of upset.

“Not me, no. I’m on guard against that kind of thing, and if you get completely crazy I’m just gonna say no, and please don’t take that as a challenge.”

Stark smirked.

“Ass.” Tony took a breath. “I worry that part of you is thinking about footing the bill for HELIOS.” Stark’s wince told Tony he’d scored a hit. “And that won’t do.”

“I find if I pay for everything, I don’t have to answer to anyone.”

“Well, A—not answering to anyone isn’t really good for anybody, but B—that’s gonna work the opposite of how you think it will. If you give a huge gift like that to the US government they’re just going to expect more and think they can tell you what to do.”

Stark made a face.

“Right. That’s no one’s idea of fun. The government needs to fund the project even if we have to funnel the money through a shell corporation or something. And if you set up a floor for them to sleep in, the US government pays rent for their lodging and it’s clear that it’s a floor of guest suites, not a bunch of apartments.”

“You think the US government can afford what the rent would be on a floor in this building.”

“No, I really don’t. But them not being able to afford the going rate doesn’t mean you give it to them for free. If you want things under your roof so you have more control, figure out a way to take a tax write off for the rent you aren’t charging them but make them pay the rest. That’s just one example.”

“Extrapolating, because I’m good at that, you’re saying don’t just give everyone everything.”

“Set up a guest floor and make sure the people who stay there know it’s the guest floor. Where you house your guests. Don’t make it feel like anything other than hospitality.”

“And what about you?”

“Well, I can actually afford to pay rent. Even the market rate.”

Stark stared at his hands. “But I don’t actually want to charge you rent.”

“I’m not going to bully you into it, but you might consider taking my money to be a personal growth moment.”

Stark stared cracking up. When he had control of himself, he gave Tony a serious look. “Do you want to live somewhere else in the building?”

“I don’t care. I like rooming with you—I’m comfortable and I’m not itching to leave.”

“Is that part of the problem?”

“Well, I’m certainly aware of my lack of desire to figure something else out. Because it’s not fair to you. But I can stay with Steve or Bruce or whatever.”

Stark nodded, looking thoughtful. “So…room everyone together?”

“I am not telling you what to do.”

“Bruce needs his own space because of Green Bean.”


Tony blew out a breath, getting that Stark was asking for advice. “How about setting up a floor for ‘visiting dignitaries.’ That way it’s clear that it’s for visitors and you can make it all nice and shit since an Asgardian prince is a likely occupant. And then put Steve there. Tell him you were waiting for the guest floor to be available, but that if he ever wants to move into the tower permanently, to let you know and you’ll set him up with a permanent suite. Not a whole floor.”

Stark chuckled. “I get the point.”

“My point is make people be overt when they’re availing themselves of your generosity. Make Steve say he wants to move into the tower full time so that it’s not so…nebulous.”

“I think you need a whole floor.”

Tony glared.

Stark pointed at him. “It’s your turn to listen. Jarvis can control the access protocols so that you can do super secret spy stuff from your home, as it were, and that wouldn’t be possible if you were in the visiting dignitaries suite.”

“Well, you’ve just convinced me that I need a whole floor in this lovely tower. And you’ve just talked yourself into accept my rent payment.”

“Nicely played.”

“I try.”

Stark hesitated. “For now, though, you could stay here. Until we’re ready to unleash the new HELIOS on the world.”

“I’d like that.” Tony felt honored that Stark was comfortable with him and wanted him around. The feeling was easily mutual. “Thanks.”

Stark threw a sofa cushion at him. “That word is now taboo.”

– – – –

Steve exited the elevator on the 81st floor with James and Bruce following him. James seemed pleased to see more of the building than the labs.

For some reason, Tony called this level the party deck. It had the landing pad and he’d indicated it was intended to be used like a common room for the Avengers, but they hadn’t used it for much since Steve arrived, favoring meeting in the labs or in James’ room. Steve sometimes met with Tony or Anthony on the floor below, which was Tony’s apartment, but the whole group never met there.

Tony was sprawled on a sofa with his feet on the coffee table, reading something on his tablet.

Bruce grabbed a drink and joined him. “What are we doing?”

“Sparky’s making waffles.”

Oh. They’d been summoned to breakfast. A group breakfast was nice. “Where is Anthony?”

“You just missed him. He went back downstairs to grab something—he’ll be right back. Coulson and May will be up later. She got back early this morning.”

Before Steve could say anything else, there was a sharp crack of thunder. Loud enough to make all the serum enhanced wince. It abruptly started to rain.

Tony got to his feet. “I guess Point Break is finally putting in an appearance.” He gave a beleaguered sigh. “I hope whatever he’s here for isn’t going to put me off my breakfast. I love waffles.”

“Me too,” James said as he took a seat on the couch and mirrored Tony’s former position, stealing Tony’s bowl of fruit. The act made Steve smile. Bucky had a habit when they were in the Army of snagging any unattended food. No doubt a hold over from times when they were younger and there wasn’t enough to eat.

A few seconds later, there was a heavy thud on the landing pad, and Steve joined Tony at the door to see Thor striding over the pavement towards them. He didn’t look particularly troubled. “Greetings from the halls of Asgard, my friends,” he said with a smile. He dropped the hammer and promptly pulled Tony and Steve into a hug. At the same time.

“Oof.” Tony flailed a little then managed to wiggle away faster than Steve could. “And hello to you too, Fabio.”

Thor just smiled, apparently already used to Tony’s weird nicknaming habit. “How fare my Midgardian friends?”

“We’re just peachy,” Tony said dryly. “I’m just busy, busy, busy. Most popular boy at the ball, don’tcha know. And Cap has a grandson now. Come on in and take a hammer off.”

Thor blinked. “Captain, I was unaware that you had progeny. Felicitations, my friend, that is joyous news. We should feast in your honor.”

Steve fended off another back-slapping hug. “Uh, thanks. I actually didn’t know I had a daughter until recently.”

“I most eagerly anticipate hearing this tale. Where is the babe?”

Tony started laughing. “Oh yeah, he’s a babe all right.”

Before Steve could correct Thor, the Asgardian was off to greet Bruce, who introduced him to James. Thor set his hammer on the coffee table then his clothes shifted from his armor to jeans and a shirt.

“Nice trick,” James mumbled around the apple he was working on.

“So, is this a social call, Thor?” Tony interjected. “Because I thought your bridge wasn’t going to be repaired for another few months. Your arrival back on Earth ahead of schedule had us a little worried.”

“My journey to Midgard was a matter of necessity. The Allfather senses a great threat in this realm and, considering my more extensive journeys to this world, has sent me to protect your people and kill the interloper if necessary.”

“And he sent you to deal with this great threat by way of Norway?” Tony asked dryly.

Thor smiled, but Steve thought it looked kind of melancholy—not heartbroken but sad nonetheless. “Yes, though my purpose is to find this being and eliminate the threat, my mother cautioned me not to be quick to judgment—to assess the intentions of this being. I chose to pursue my prey more slowly and avail myself of the opportunity to see the fair Jane, but she has chosen to end our association. While inevitable, I had thought the end would come at a later date.”

Steve wondered why their relationship ending was a foregone conclusion but put that question aside since it wasn’t the main issue. “And so now you want our help hunting this threat?” Steve asked, wondering what level of awful this was going to be.

“Nay, I shall find it easily enough as I can sense its power here in your fair city of New York.”

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “What kind of threat did you father say—”

The elevator door opened, and Thor’s eyes immediately widened, a broad grin crossing his features. “Phil, son of Coul! You live!” He was off to give Phil a rub-crushing hug. “How has this miracle come to pass?”

It took a couple minutes to get Thor up to speed on what happened with Phil and then take care of introductions to Agent May. Eventually, Steve got things back on track because he needed to know if they had a threat to find. “Thor, what exactly is it you think is in New York?”

“Oh, yes, my apologies, Captain. The Allfather indicated that a god had awoken on Midgard.”

Tony made a choking sound.

Steve frowned. “Do gods awaken or are they born?”

Thor cocked his head to the side. “In every instance I’m aware of, they are born, and do I see the implicit counsel behind your words. I now understand my mother’s words of caution for I am no slayer of babes.”

Tony made another choked off sound. Clearing his throat, he asked, “And when did you father become aware of this god?”

“In the Midgardian calendar, it would be some twelve days past.”

James muttered, “Oh my god,” and the elevator door opened just as Tony lost control of himself and bent over laughing.

Steve frowned at him.

Anthony stopped out, his arms filled with a large box.

“Yo, Sparky! Are you a god?” Tony called out as he gasped for breath.

Anthony froze for several seconds before nodding. “Of course I am.”

Steve goggled at his grandson. “Don’t— Why would you say that?”

Shooting him a look Steve could only describe as fond, Anthony replied, “Steve, if someone asks if you’re a god, you say—”

“Yes!” Tony, Coulson, May, and Bruce all yelled at once.

Steve had no idea what was going on, but he didn’t want Thor jumping to rash actions. “Anthony, tell him the truth. He’s here hunting a god, and we don’t need misunderstandings.”

Anthony rolled his eyes and chuckled. Then he looked toward Thor, who was standing with his mouth hanging open, just staring. “You okay there, Pikachu?”

Tony started laughing harder. “Pikachu!”

When Thor said nothing, just continued to stare, Anthony shrugged. “Okay then.” He disappeared into the kitchen.

Thor seemed to pull himself together. “Who was that?” he asked, sounding a little breathless.

Steve frowned. “My grandson.”

“Truly?” Thor blinked a few times then seemed to come back to himself. “And how could you be the progenitor of an Asgardian?”

“Wait, what?” Tony asked, looking less amused.

“Anthony is not an Asgardian,” Steve said firmly.

“Truly, I say I am none! For my parents were born of this Earth,” Anthony called from the kitchen.

Tony clapped a hand over his mouth, obviously trying not to laugh. Coulson turned away and coughed. May arched a brow, and James huffed.

“I know the feel of my own people, Captain. He is an Asgardian, and shield brothers or no, I would know how you have hidden him from his people for so long.”

Anthony stepped back into the room, wiping his hands on a towel. “So, what I want to know is does he mean SHIELD-shield, or more like ‘with your shield or on it’?”

Steve was confused. As per usual.

Tony cocked his head to the side. “You know, I don’t know.”

“Why would I be on my shield?” Thor asked in bemusement.

“Because armor is valuable?” Anthony retorted, moving closer, and Steve wanted to keep him away from Thor.

“You speak truth, but I fail to see the relevance.” Thor seemed oddly breathless as Anthony moved closer.

“Anthony DiNozzo,” he said as he extended a hand to Thor. “I’m Steve’s grandson.”

“Well met, Anthony DiNozzo.” When their hands touched, there was a bright flash of light that left everyone blinking. There was a crackling energy in the air that was like the worst static cling Steve had ever experienced.

When Steve’s vision cleared, Thor had his arm around Anthony, holding him tight to his chest and had called his hammer to his hand. “Are you being held against your will? I would not have thought it of my shield brothers, but if they’ve harmed you, I shall seek vengeance on your behalf.”

“Let him go, Thor!” Steve was a heartbeat away from punching the visiting god.

Thor shot him an angry glare. “You claim him to be your grandson and say he is not Asgardian, and yet his touch speaks another truth. Lie to me again at your own peril.”

“Steve, chill.” Anthony met Steve’s gaze and shook his head then he shot Tony a look. Tony stepped close to Steve, and then Anthony focused back on Thor. “As much fun as it is to be pressed all up against you, a guy likes to be asked first.”

Thor looked at Anthony. “It is indeed…fun. Would you like to remain with me? Perhaps in more comfortable environs? I can take you from here, bring you to safety. And if they’ve harmed you, I’ll seek recompense on your behalf.”

“Wow. I’m not sure if that’s flirting or machismo. But, first, I’m capable of defending my own honor, and second, I’m making waffles. There’s a very long story you should hear before you jump to any more bad conclusions and certainly before you threaten people you claim to call friends. But if you still want to get a leg over after you hear the whole thing, I’m totally game.”

Thor seemed to pull Anthony even closer, and Steve took a step forward. Tony curled a hand around his forearm. “Chill, Cap. Just watch the utterly bizarre Asgardian flirting and let Sparky handle it. No need to escalate the situation.”

Thor nuzzled against Anthony’s cheek. “I will do as you ask, lovely, and then we will see about this game you wish to play.”

“Well. I like to think I’m cuter than your average bear, but I do think your reaction to me is a bit extreme, so we might need to look into what in the hell has gotten into you.”

“There is nothing nefarious at work. Amongst Asgardians there are those we are…compatible with. And there are moments when we see something beautiful, something we desire. This would be both. I desire you—most intently. It’s my nature to pursue such delights.”

“Oh. Joy. Well, it’s in my nature to pursue waffles. So unhand me, you handsy Agardian, and come help me slay the waffle iron.”

Steve was utterly baffled as he watched Anthony lead Thor into the kitchen. “What the hell just happened?”

Surprisingly, it was James who answered first. “I can’t speak for what anyone else saw, but it looked like the God of Thunder is in serious lust with your grandson.”

No!” Came from the kitchen. “I don’t mean actually slay it. If your hammer touches that waffle iron, there will be no legs at all…over, under, or spread. Step away from the appliances! And put the hammer down!”

Tony was bent over again, not even trying to control his laughter.

Steve sighed. “He doesn’t like it when you tell him to put the hammer down.” He smiled, feeling gratified at the way Tony laughed even harder.

– – – –

Tony wrested the hammer away from the guy who was trying to slay the waffle iron then plunked it on top of the refrigerator. “You get that back when you stop trying to murder the kitchen.”

Thor had a delighted look on his face and backed Tony up against the counter.

Legends about Thor’s hammer and things he’d read in SHIELD’s files caught up with his brain. He blamed his lack of attention on having that much hotness pressed up against him earlier. “I shouldn’t have been able to do that, should I?”

Thor’s hands settled on Tony’s waist then slid down to his thighs. Abruptly, he was lifted and plopped on the countertop. Tony readily let Thor stand between his legs as strong hands settled on his hips. “In theory, anyone could lift Mjølnir, but, in actuality, few are able. That you can lift her pleases me.” Lips pressed against his jaw and then down the line of his neck.

Tony shuddered. “Okay, this is weird. I’m normally all for casual sex—especially with someone as hot as you—but this seems a little… Is this normal for you? Are you always this…forward?”

Hot breath ghosted over his skin. “When I see something I desire, yes.”

“And you desire me.”

Hands tightened on his hips. “Yes,” Thor breathed against his collarbone.

Tony settled his hands on broad shoulders. “And yet you were sent here to kill me, so this seems a bit abrupt.”

“You were not in the room when that was said.”

“I have really good hearing. Even when I’m downstairs.”

“I see.” Thor pulled back a bit. “I would not harm you, Anthony.”

“You get that I’m not really an Asgardian, right?” At Thor’s stubborn expression, Tony added, “Because if I were, your father would have felt me before twelve days ago, don’t you think?”

Thor cocked his head to the side. “Then how to do you explain that you feel like one of my people? While I cannot always feel one of my own, you harness power much the way I do. I feel the energy that runs in your veins.”

Tony couldn’t deny that. He felt something from Thor, too. When they touched, it was like his whole body started to hum. Not that dangerous humming that heralded an explosion, but more like a resonance.

“I think I have a long story to tell you, but my maternal grandfather is indeed Steve Rogers. That is verified. But my father…is perhaps a descendant of an Asgardian.” He’d been noodling on that since Thor’s arrival, and it was the only thing that made any sense. “Something that happened a couple weeks ago… Well, let’s just say it may have woken some dormant ancestry.”

Brows furrowed, Thor asked, “And will you explain this?”

“You can wait until after breakfast or I’ll fill you in while I cook. But if you choose the latter, you have to sit on the counter and not do anything while I work.”

Thor pulled him to the edge of the counter, causing their hard cocks to press together. “Breakfast?”

“I can’t say I’m not hungry for that, but I’m making waffles. And my grandfather is in the other room,” he added as an afterthought. Really, the people in the other room should be a bigger consideration than waffles, But Tony’s brain was a little addled. “But if after you hear everything, if you still want to go on this ride, I’m game.” He jerked back a bit. “We’re not related, are we?”

Thor laughed. “No. I have no offspring and my only sibling is my brother through adoption.”

“Okay, just need to be sure my unknown ancestor wasn’t you.”

“If we must part to tend to meal preparations… May I kiss you first?”

Tony thought that was probably a terrible idea. There should be full disclosure and making sure Thor wasn’t completely addled in some way, but…he was really into this whole thing. “Well…I guess one couldn’t hurt.”

Based on the teasing touches and kisses, Tony thought he’d be in more for more of that, but the kiss was the equivalent of an invasion. Like the kiss version of Immigrant Song.

Thor manhandled him close until every inch of them was pressed together then fused their lips together. He licked into Tony’s mouth, tongues tangling.

Tony’s higher brain function deserted him as he groaned into the kiss. He tried to yank Thor closer, pulling at his shirt until he heard a ripping sound.

I’m not coming in there,” Stark yelled, “but you should know that we know what you’re up to! And while I don’t care, your grandfather looks like he’s going to have a coronary! We can see your glow from out here!

It was like an ice bath except that an actual dunking in ice water would have done something about his hard on. Tony yanked his mouth away, pushing back on Thor’s shoulders even as he registered the rather intense aura of light he was giving off.

Thor stared at him wide-eyed, looking awed. He reached out and touched Tony’s skin. “How wondrous.”

Tony blew out a breath and focused on getting his raging desire under control. He obviously needed to get laid in the most desperate way if he was nearly ready to have sex on the kitchen counter with his grandfather in the other room!

The glow faded as Tony got control of himself and pushed Thor away. “You’re on counter time if you want a story.”

It wound up being easier to relay the story of what had happened while occupied with making breakfast. It meant he didn’t have to look at Thor and try to assess his expressions—or lack thereof. Tony wasn’t usually too wrapped up in other people’s opinions of him or his actions—because it wasn’t something he had any control over—but it was an odd situation for him to have someone so instantly into him but have it based off something so incredibly false. Because while whatever Hydra did may have activated some latent Asgardian genetics, there was no doubt that Tony was not an Asgardian. It bothered him that Thor’s attraction was based on a misunderstanding. Thor asked a clarifying question or two but mostly just let Tony explain.

Jarvis had ordered him four commercial grade waffle irons, so it was fairly quick to have a ton of waffles in the warming oven while he finished up the rest of the mountain of food. That stint as a short-order cook while in college was serving him well.

“So that’s the tale,” he concluded as he piled bacon on a plate. “We don’t know what they did or what I even am anymore. I have no idea why I cause things to blow up or why I glow or give off sparks…or anything, really. Hydra turned me into a super solider mood ring and I don’t know what any of it means.” He popped a surprisingly good strawberry in his mouth. “What I do know is that I’m not an Asgardian. Born right here in New York.”

Thor hopped off the counter and stalked across the kitchen, backing Tony up against the refrigerator. “Your abilities are new to you so they manifest as if you were very young. Those who are born with gifts often struggle to control them until they’ve had training. There were many times that I summoned lightning when my mood was unstable. Learning to use my abilities with purpose was more difficult than stopping the uncontrolled outbursts. But learn you will.” Thor stroked his cheek. “I’ll help you.”

“Boy, you are a master at only hearing what you want to hear, aren’t you?”

Thor’s smile was blinding. “I heard every word you spoke, beautiful one, and it changed my opinion not at all. Though this Hydra who has harmed you so grievously has courted war with Asgard. And I shall see them pay for their trespass.”

Tony scoffed. “That’s both charming and arrogant.”

“While I will conceded to the charming, in what way was it arrogant?”

“What happened with me has nothing to do with Asgard, so don’t get your godly hammer in a knot.”

Thor’s brow twitched. “If your supposition is correct and one of your ancestors was of my people does that not make you of my people?”

“You’re splitting hairs.”

“I do not know this phrase…why would one split a hair? Would that not be a waste of one’s time?”


“We’ve had an hour of discourse that I understood perfectly, so I attribute my inability to understand you now to be your wish that I not comprehend.”

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “I’m going to have to insist that you desist in all logic until after I’ve eaten and had several hours of very athletic sex.”

“Then, come. Let us dine so that we may commence with… What is the appropriate term for it in this context?”

“Uh, well, coming from you, ‘sexual congress’ wouldn’t be amiss, but the more crass term we—and by that I mean, me—tend to use is ‘fucking.’”

“Then let us eat and fuck. After which I will attempt to sway you with my logic.”

“And suddenly logic sounds so very dirty.”

– – – –

Chapter Twelve

As soon as the door to Thor’s guest suite closed behind them, Tony found himself shoved up against the wall as Thor was all over him. Their mouths locked together, and Thor groaned like he was dying—or maybe starving—as his tongue pressed past Tony’s lips.

The kiss was hot and frantic, and he didn’t bother trying to rein in his enthusiasm…or his strength. Thor’s T-shirt easily shredded under his Tony’s grip, and he was left with what seemed like acres of perfect, firm, hot skin under his hands. Tony broke the kiss and bit at Thor’s neck and shoulders, getting a pleased rumble for his efforts.

He registered his shirt getting yanked away and then bare skin was rubbing together. Thor pulled back long enough to rip the rest of their clothes away then Tony’s back was getting acquainted with the wall again.

Thor’s hands slid down to his thighs and then he lifted. Tony readily wrapped his legs around Thor’s waist. “Okay, that’s really hot.”

Thor bit at his throat and jaw. “Shall I have you against the wall?”

“I wouldn’t say no.” He glanced down at the floor. “The lube was in my pocket, and I’m not sure if it’s that pocket or the one you threw on the other side of the room.”

Thor grinned and kissed Tony again. “You make me forget myself.”

“How terrible of me. I’ll probably need to be punished.

Strong fingers threaded through his hair, managing to get a grip. “I’m willing to rise to that challenge.” His head was yanked back and small bites were left up the column of his throat.

“How decent of you,” Tony managed to get out around a gasp.

Thor began walking and, a few seconds later, Tony found himself dropped on a plush but firm mattress. When Thor came back with the bottle of lube, Tony knocked him onto his back then straddled the heavily muscled thighs.

Thor grinned. “I find the sight of you above me to be glorious.” He reached out and trailed his fingers up Tony’s abdomen, drawing attention to the faint glow and small spark jumping off his skin.

“Dammit.” How was he supposed to have sex and keep his emotions under control? He worked on reining it in.

“No,” Thor said sharply, sitting up and wrapping his arms around Tony’s waist, pressing his face into Tony’s throat. “Don’t try to stop it. You cannot hurt me, and it’s…beautiful. You are beautiful.”

It’d certainly be easier not to fight whatever this was. Still… He pushed Thor back onto the bed, shimmied down, and swallowed Thor’s cock down to the root.

Thor gasped, hips surging up. Tony easily held him in place, really feeling his own strength, and began working Thor aggressively, with every bit of pent-up, frustrated desire in him. It was a damn good thing Tony excelled at giving head because Thor’s size might be pushing his limits otherwise.

When there was a distinct tremor in the thighs and hips, Tony pulled off. “How much recovery time do you need?”

Thor blinked at him stupidly a few times and then scoffed. “None.”

“Oh. How…delightful.” Feeling like he’d just hit the sex jackpot, he swallowed the thick cock again, humming at the thick press into his throat and then backing off and sucking firmly at the head. Thor gave a shout, arching up and coming.

Tony sat up and licked the corner of his mouth. “That was fun.”

Thor stared, looking kind of dazed. Then he laughed as he grabbed Tony around the waist and threw him on his back. “I would have you now,” he whispered against Tony’s mouth as he leaned over him.

“Well, I’m all about the having.” He parted his legs and wrapped them both around Thor, delighting in the heavy weight pressing down on him. He was pleased to feel that Thor hadn’t been lying about no refractory period.

“Do we need to use that…wrapping?”

Tony pushed Thor back enough so he could try to ascertain what was being asked.

“The thing you roll on your cock. I forget the name.”

“Condoms. Huh. Well, I know I’m fine, and I’m pretty sure a god is fine, but the whole people from different planets thing…” He considered for a second. “Well, it’s probably imprudent in general, but I figure if we’re going to give each other some kind of weird alien pox, that ship has already sailed what with the kissing and oral sex. So feel free to leave yourself as bare as you like.”

“I like bare.”

Tony gave Thor a once over. “Yeah, me too.”

Thor managed to come up with the lube and very quickly, slippery fingers were circling his hole. “I don’t like a lot of prep…prefer to be stretched on a cock than on fingers.”

Thor’s eyes dilated and his breathing became ragged.

“You’re a bit bigger than I’m used to, but I’m feeling ambitious.”

The thick, slippery head of Thor’s cock pressed tight against his hole as Thor braced himself above Tony. “You are…exquisite.”

“Stop. You’ll make me blush.” He arched up, trying to get some of that incredible thickness inside of him, but Thor held him in place, staying still until Tony shot him a questioning look.

“I would see you as you take me. I wish to see your eyes as I become everything to you.”

“Wow, that’s some serious eg—” He broke off, gasping as Thor began to press inside.

The slide was slow, so damn agonizingly slow. Tony panted and strained, trying to get more, but Thor was relentless about stopping if Tony didn’t just accept the pace.

“Figures you’d be a controlling asshole.”

“It’s your asshole being controlled,” Thor shot back with a smirk.

Tony managed something like a laugh around all his gasping and moaning, but he found himself relaxing into the long, slow stretch. Then Thor was fully inside and all Tony could think about was that thick intrusion, the burning stretch. And how Thor wasn’t moving. “If you don’t get on with fucking me, I’m going to get your hammer and beat you with it.”

Thor laughed then claimed Tony’s mouth, tongue fucking him but still not actually fucking him. He couldn’t help but groan into the kiss, holding on tightly. “From any other, that would be an idle threat,” Thor whispered when he pulled back. “But from you…? I hear and obey.”

Before Tony could come up with anything to say, Thor pulled back and thrust in sharply. Tony’s whole world whited out. Literally. Light flared sharp and bright between them, and Tony didn’t even care because godly fucking was happening, and Tony felt thoroughly converted.

After several glorious minutes of thorough, deep fucking, Thor’s thumb slid over the head of his cock and Tony came instantly. But Thor showed no sign of stopping. Of course, he’d already had the edge taken off, and he obviously considered it his mission to make Tony come again. This time, completely untouched.

Only then did Thor’s thrusts become erratic, his breathing harsh. He claimed Tony’s mouth one more time as he groaned, hips stuttering as he came.

For long minutes, Thor stayed on and in Tony, face pressed in Tony’s neck. There was a soft kiss just before Thor rolled off.

Tony stared at nothing and tried to catch his breath. “That. Was great.” He realized he was still putting off more than a little glow, and Thor, who was propped up on his elbow, was trailing his fingers through the aura.

“Your energy is sublime.”

Sublime? Don’t you think that’s laying it on a bit thick?”

“It feels…healing,” Thor continued, seemingly ignoring Tony’s incredulity.

Tony frowned up at the ceiling. “I’ve caused things to explode when I get upset.”

Thor pressed a kiss to Tony’s arm, then his shoulder, and finally right next to his mouth. “I will help you solve this mystery. On that, you have my word.”

He nodded, feeling like with Thor added into the sheer brain power that was Stark and Banner, they had a chance of figuring this out. Sitting up, he dropped a quick kiss on Thor’s mouth. “This was fun.” Before he could get completely off the bed, Thor had snagged him around the middle and pulled him back.

“You speak as if you mean to depart.”

“I do mean to depart. There are things to do and people to annoy.”

“You said many hours of vigorous sex. While you make me forget the passage of time, I cannot imagine that hours have passed.”

“I did say that, didn’t I?”

“Mmm.” Thor pressed kisses to the back of Tony’s neck. “I would not be parted from you yet.”

“Is this your way of telling me you feel you have another go in you?”

“I have many in me.”

“Challenge accepted, Pikachu.”

“Who is this Pikachu?”

“One of Earth’s most noble and revered warriors.”

“And this warrior comes to mind when you’re in my arms?” Thor didn’t sound pleased.

Tony pressed his lips together and tried not to laugh. “Comparisons could be made, but I’m not angling to fuck Pikachu. That’s just…wrong.”

Thor pressed him back into the mattress. “I shall have to occupy your thoughts until you can think of no other.”

“Bring it, Asgardian.”

– – – –

Steve paced around Tony’s lab, feeling…unsettled.

Tony watched him pace but left him to his musings for a long time. Then he sighed. “Don’t touch that. I don’t know why you wanted to come here when half the things are things you shouldn’t touch, and you don’t know enough about this stuff to not know that you don’t know that.”

Blinking at the torrent of words, it took Steve a moment to gather his wits. “I find it…comfortable to be here.”

“In a lab with a bunch of obviously unfamiliar shit?” Tony sounded disbelieving.

Feeling a little defensive, Steve crossed his arms over his chest. “No. But this is your space, and it feels more like you than…anywhere else in the building.”

“Oh.” Tony glanced away and cleared his throat. “Well, you’re welcome, you know that, but stop touching things unless you know for certain what it is and that it can bear super soldier handling.”

He found himself smiling. “That doesn’t leave much.”

Tony snorted. “Yeah, well.” He gestured to the couch. “Sparky getting a leg over bothering you that much?”

Steve didn’t know what to say, so he settled for a shrug.

“Is it because it’s two men?” Tony sounded kind of cautious.

“No. I mean, that’s new—or rather, the being so forthright about it—but I don’t…care…?”

Tony frowned. “Do you care that it’s a man or not?”

“No. But also yes.” He huffed. “I know how men are.”

Tony’s mouth fell open and there were several seconds of uncomfortable silence before he started cracking up.

“It’s not funny.”

“Oh, it so is. You’ve got your knickers in a knot because you’re worried the big bad God of Thunder is going to take advantage of your innocent little glowbaby.”

Steve scowled. “Well, when you say it like that…”

Getting his hilarity under control, Tony grabbed Steve by the arm and dragged him over to the couch, sitting sideways to face Steve. “Look, I can’t say that Sparky has had more sex than Thor—because there’s this whole Asgardian revelry thing that’s become actual legend and, besides, Thor is fucking old—but I do know your precious little spark plug is well versed in the art of casual sex.”

Steve reared back. “Did you two…?”

“No! Stop that. I mean, he’s hot like burning, but…no.” Tony cleared his throat looking uncomfortable. “Anyway, he did, however, tell me that he handles stress with copious amounts of athletic fucking, so…”

“I really don’t want to talk about my grandson’s sex life.” He scrubbed his hands over his face. “Breakfast was bad enough.”

“Yeah, the eye fucking got a little out of hand.”

Steve frowned, but couldn’t really think of a better description for the looks over the breakfast table. “But what if he gets attached?”

“So what if he does? He’s a big boy, he can decide who he’s willing to make the target of his affections.”

“But Thor lives on Asgard.”

“Ah.” Tony considered for a few moments before offering, “Look, don’t borrow trouble, okay? Conceivably, once they get their bridge fixed, it won’t be a problem for him to travel to see his hunk of burning love. Or would that be his hunk of electric love?”

“Oh god.”

Tony laughed and nudged Steve with his foot. “You need to chill. Just deal with your worries about his future residency or future heartbreak on your own or rant at me about it. Otherwise he might start thinking you’re homophobic, and you guys don’t need that kind of tension.”

Steve shook his head emphatically. “That was never…a problem. I always thought people should be able to love who they wanted, but it was very…”

“Taboo? Forbidden? Frowned upon?” Tony supplied.

“Any of those. All of them, I guess. I walked in on two men in my unit once, and I’ve never forgotten how scared they were that I would say something. Or worse, hurt them.”

Tony hesitated briefly. “And did you ever…? I mean, yourself.”

It took Steve a second to figure out what he meant. “Oh.” He felt his face heat, dammit! “No.”

“Not your thing, eh?”

It was Steve’s turn to hesitate, wondering how much he should say. But he reminded himself that things were different, and Tony obviously wouldn’t care. “I was never that brave.” Before Tony could say anything, and he was obviously about to, Steve quickly continued, needing to get it out. “I noticed and I…wondered, but I was scared. My life already felt like a carefully constructed house of cards.”

“Was there anyone in particular? Bucky…?”

Steve made a face. “Bucky was like my brother that would have been…strange.”

“Fair enough.”

“I noticed several, um, people, but I never let myself get attached to anyone like…that.”

“You couldn’t sound more awkward if you tried.”

Steve sighed. “I’m not used to talking about this kind of thing.”

“Are you kidding me? As Bruce likes to remind me, you were in the Army. I know what you guys talk about, having been around plenty of military men.”

“I’m not used to talking about two men. It feels…different. And I know it shouldn’t, but it truly is different for me because we didn’t discuss it in my day. I’m glad things have changed, but this is all a new experience for me.”

Tony was smiling faintly and looking weirdly fond. And there was something else Steve couldn’t quite put a name to.

“Are you laughing at me.”

Shaking his head, Tony softly replied, “No, Steve, I’m not laughing at you.”

“Then what?”

“It’s just—” Abruptly, Tony surged forward and then he was kissing Steve.

Steve was frozen, shocked into inaction.

Just when Steve was starting to get it, Tony pulled back. “I’m sorry. That was totally—”

Steve yanked Tony onto his lap, holding his head so they could kiss again with Steve really paying attention this time. It was the first time he’d ever kissed a man, and the quick surge of desire took him by surprise. He groaned, trying to get Tony closer, trying to absorb with the way his skin tingled and his senses hummed and his cock ached.

He’d always noticed Tony, noticed his looks and the way he moved. He’d desired Tony, but he was used to desiring things he couldn’t have. But he could never have conceived of the tidal wave of lust that was robbing him of his sense.

The feel of Tony’s tongue in his mouth, the taste of him, the feel of his firm body and the tight ass pressing against Steve’s cock… it stole his breath and his reason.

Steve pulled back, fighting for rational thought. He pressed his face against Tony’s throat, trying to get his bearings. Tony started to move, but Steve kept his arms tight around Tony’s waist, keeping him in place.

“Is casual what you want?” he found himself asking.

Tony was very still. “Well, I wouldn’t say no.”

Steve rubbed his thumb in a circle against Tony’s hipbone. “But would you say yes to something more?”

Tony was still and silent for a few seconds. “Are you asking me on a date?”

“Yes,” he admitted, feeling like he could say the words as long as he didn’t have to look in Tony’s eyes right then.

“Oh. Well, then, I accept.” Tony sounded a little breathless.

“I don’t know how to do this.”

“This being?”

“I don’t mean sex with a man, though I’ve never done that I figure I can extrapolate and research, but, uh… I don’t know how to be in this time. How to date a man. In my day we had gender roles and just yesterday Jarvis’ daily lecture on modern social mores was about how gender was a societal construct.”

Tony laughed softly, his breath ruffling Steve’s hair.

“I don’t fit.”

“You fit with me,” Tony said softly. He wrapped his arms around Steve’s shoulders in a clear hug. “I’ll wait for you, Steve, so don’t worry so much.”

He held Tony tighter. “Yeah.” He pressed a gentle kiss to the hollow of Tony’s throat. “I like being down here because here I feel like I fit. And it’s not the lab, it’s you. Because this is where you always are.”

Tony’s arms tightened, and Steve let the worries fade away.

– – – –

The dream woke Tony abruptly, and he immediately rolled out of bed, trying to banish the images from his mind. It wasn’t a nightmare, but it was disquieting. And very confusing. Thor’s breaths were deep and even, and Tony’s sudden departure from the bed didn’t seem to have disturbed him.

He felt that humming in a very alarming way and focused on pulling it back, reminding himself to go see Bruce tomorrow morning. He figured he should get dressed and go—he’d never intended to stay the night, but after a hours of sex in the morning, they’d rejoined the others just for Stark to kick them both out of the common room for “aggressive afterglow” and “unnecessary eye fucking.”

Tony smiled at the memory. Stark was such a perfect asshole.

Thor had been all in for another adventurous round of sex, and Tony had been honestly worn out after the fourth time. He didn’t even remember falling asleep. He’d honestly needed the day off, and there really was nothing like the therapeutic effect of sex to get him back on an even keel.

But then…dreams. And now it was fully dark and nearing three in the morning.

He wiggled into his pants but then was distracted by the city lights through the open windows. The images from the dream superimposed themselves over the city, and he tried to make sense of it, tried to figure out what his subconscious was throwing up for him this time. The energy under his skin rose sharply then waned again.

There was a faint rustle behind him then soft footfalls. He was unsurprised when Thor, still obviously naked, wrapped himself around Tony from the back. “Why do you dress at this hour?”

“I was going to head back to my room. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you like that.”

“But I would have you stay, beloved.”

“Wow. Your endearments are a little over the top.”

“Hmm. You think I choose my terms lightly?”

Tony stilled. “Don’t you?”

Thor didn’t respond, but his big, warm hand settled on Tony’s stomach. “What troubles you?”

“In what way?”

“You said the destructive energies come when you are angry.”

“Or upset, I guess, yeah. Why?”

“I feel it…burning within you now. Have I upset you?”

Tony quickly turned, letting Thor keep them pressed close together. “No, you didn’t upset me. I had a weird dream, and it unnerved me a little. I guess enough to cause a surge of…whatever that is.”

“And you have not yet learned how to discharge these energies?”

“No. I just make myself not be angry.”

“How can that be a practical solution?”

“It really isn’t. As evidenced by the scorch marks in James’ quarters.”

“May I assist you? Until such time as you have learned to manage on your own, it would be my honor to help you.”

“How can you help me?”

Thor pulled back, holding Tony away at arm’s length. “Let the energy come—let it rise up in you.”

“But I blew up a room the last time that happened.”

“I think that was due to ignoring it for too long. I struggled with my powers when I was young and tried to keep them at bay. I once called the lightning right onto the dinner table because I’d been suppressing it for too long.”

Tony bit his lip, trying not to laugh. “If any of the legends of your father are true, he wasn’t thrilled with that.”

“In point of fact, he was somewhat amused. Though he was less amused with my instructors who had been allowing me to exist in such a way. They’d thought I would eventually give in and ask for their assistance.”

“Well, aren’t you the stubborn little lightning bug.”

“You have bugs of lightning?”

“Eh… In a manner of speaking. I’ll show you sometime.”

“I will hold you to your word,” Thor said very solemnly. “Now, please allow me to help you.”

“So just…let it go?”


Tony blew out a breath and focused on not being so in control. “You sure this isn’t going to blow up Stark’s guest floor?”

“I am certain. Our energy is quite compatible.”

“Well, then call me Elsa.” He began humming the song softly.

Thor frowned. “Will calling you by a woman’s name aid you?”

Tony laughed, his skin beginning to glow. “No. Just never mind.” Suddenly, even though he was amused, that sharp, hot energy barreled to the fore and was just as suddenly drained away. The air fairly crackled and he could feel every hair on his body stand on end. “Whoa. What did you do?”

“I drained away the excess energy and released it.”

“If you released it, how come nothing went boom?”

Thor’s brows knit as he pondered the question. “If you hand someone a sword, it would not be injurious. But if you swing the sword…”

“Ah. Application of force.”

“Yes. When your abilities slip beyond your control, it’s as if it were a wild swing of a sword. But if you know how to release the build up of energy, it’s as if you lay the sword down.”

“That makes sense. I guess I have some training to do.”

“Do you need me to call you Elsa?”

Laughing, Tony gave Thor a big, smacking kiss.

“Do you really need to depart?” Thor asked, moving in for another kiss.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Perhaps some sleep. And then vigorous sex. Or vigorous sex and then sleep if that is what you prefer.”

“Vigorous sex, sleep, and then more sex?” Tony countered.

“I find myself amenable to your suggestion.”

“Very decent of you.”

Back in the bedroom, rather than joining Tony in the bed, Thor stood next to it, grabbed the lube and slicked up his cock, giving several long strokes.

“Planning to masturbate for my viewing pleasure?” He wasn’t averse to the idea, but having had some god cock—or would that be godly cock? Something to ponder when he wasn’t about to get some—he’d much prefer something more interactive.

“Perhaps later if that is what you wish.”

“Well, aren’t you accommodating.”

Thor shot him a grin that could only be described as devilish. Instead of saying anything, Thor grabbed Tony and hauled him up off the bed. Tony caught a clue quickly and wrapped his legs around Thor’s waist.

“What are you doing?” he asked, utterly befuddled as Thor walked away from the bed.

A second later, his back impacted with the wall. “I had yet to fulfill your wish for sex against a wall. I seek to remedy this oversight.”

“Oh. Really, how very accomodat— Oh!” he gasped as Thor pressed into him in one long, smooth push. He banged his head off the wall as Thor began pounding into him mercilessly. The orgasm shocked him with its speed and ferocity, leaving him dazed and panting.

“Three times,” Thor rumbled in his ear.

“What?” he asked in a haze of pleasure, holding on and enjoying the overstimulating ride.

“You will come three times before I release you from this wall.”

Tony’s eyes rolled back in his head at a particularly well-aimed thrust. “You’re gonna have to…work for that.”

A hard thrust that had him seeing stars was his only answer.

“Oh god…” was all he could manage.

“Yes,” Thor chuckled just before claiming Tony’s mouth again.

– – – –

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