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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 1

Spencer Reid looked out the window from the passenger side of the car. He smiled as he saw the road start to turn to hard packed gravel from asphalt. He knew that Aaron had said that he was on a gravel road. Spencer turned to look at his lover, Aaron Hotchner as he drove. All of the windows on the SUV were down so that the fresh air swirled around inside of the SUV. There were trees everywhere which wasn’t that odd, but it was the rear wall of trees that were coming up. Spencer had no clue on the lay of the land for the area they were in, but the line didn’t feel like a windbreak as much as a way to hide something. The trees were not the traditional pine that created most windbreaks was the other reason that Spencer didn’t think it was a windbreak. There was like three layers of trees spaced to where they made the line using their trunks to where one couldn’t see through to the other side unless one weaved through them.

“Doing okay?” Aaron asked as he laid a hand on Spencer’s thigh, much higher than polite society would like in public but then they weren’t in public and they were part of polite society, at least not at the moment. It was just them and the trees.

“Yeah,” Spencer said as he leaned forward to look between the trees as soon as possible.

Aaron drove them through the break in the line of the trees and Spencer saw that the road went right to the house that Aaron had said was on the land.

“So who planted the trees?”

“The man who owned it before. His family had lived here for a long time before moving tot he city. They used it as a way to have fun though, coming back on the weekends to let the kids roam. I run the length of the trees to check for damage and ones that need cut down and replaced. So far I have only had to do two. The tree line marks the end of my property and the start of others. I came out last weekend to do the check on the property. I wanted to make sure that there were no surprises. I was glad when this land came up for sale. The man and his family moved out west to let the daughter attend a school that she wanted before she turned eighteen. He hated giving up the land but the kids were wanting to go to college out there, and the parents didn’t want to be away from them, especially that much so they settled new land out there.”

“It’s a good way to make a barrier that stops humans from seeing in but also allows animals to wander back and forth. Though I figure that big game stays away.”

“Yeah, most of the larger animals do, and I’m not here enough to give the smaller ones fear of the creatures that hunt them. Most of those have started to come back slowly to the area. I figure that we will scare a few away.”

“I’m shocked we came as are not on stand down for the next few days.”

“We are at the biggest distance that is allowed to be away while we are on call. I mean on a really bad day, traffic can take two hours to get from where some of the team lives in DC and Quantico. We are two hours away. I chose well when I bought this place.” Aaron pulled in to a spot that showed the wear of being parked at but had no other marks of a parking spot. Spencer rolled up his window and reached around to the one behind when he saw it going up. Spencer laughed and opened his door instead. Everything they needed was in the back area of the SUV.

Spencer turned around in a circle to take in as much of the land that he could see as possible. There was a fifty feet tree line cleared from the house to allow sight lines but other than that it was all dense forest. It looked like a perfect place for Shifters to live. The popping of the back hatch had Spencer walking that way without taking his eyes off of the trees. He reached out for his two bags and the cooler that he had carried from Aaron’s down into the SUV. Aaron was already walking to the door of the house with a set of keys out in his hand. Spencer had never seen the set before, but then he wouldn’t have expected to. Aaron was the kind of man that would carry the keys to this place on his person all the time. Hell, he carried as few as possible on his key ring. He hated clutter.

This area had never been one that Spencer equated with being safe. He was a city and a desert person. He had grown up in huge cities or at least large enough, adding in Pasadena to that. Yet, here because this was Aaron’s space, Spencer knew that he was safe. He was always safe with Aaron.

That had been something that Spencer had known since he had joined the team but had never put a name to what it was. Spencer had never felt safe like that before, but now after meeting others with the knowledge that they were shifters, Spencer knew what that feeling was. Pack. It was because the animal inside of Spencer considered them pack. Even after everything that Spencer had gone through during his younger years at the hands of what should have been his back, he felt safer with Aaron, Morgan, and Prentiss than he ever had with his birth pack.

“Ready?” Aaron asked as he swung the door open of the house.

“Yes.” Spencer knew that Aaron had plans for them and hunting around the house and learning it was not it. Aaron dropped his bags just inside the door and turned to take the cooler from Spencer. Spencer grabbed Aaron’s bags and looked around for the stairs. Aaron went to the kitchen to put up the fresh food that they had brought. Aaron had brought the longer shelf life things the weekend before including some frozen meat. The cooler held vegetables, milk, and eggs. Spencer carried the bags up to the second floor of the house that held two main areas. There was the three bedrooms, one master and two guest rooms with Aaron being the one living there. The other area was a huge open deck of sorts that had a fireplace and was full of hardwood flooring. There were two large chests that held the blankets and pillows for laying around the fire in skin or in fur.

Spencer dropped the bags down inside the door to the master bedroom before he started to strip naked. He didn’t mind shifting in clothes, but he had no clue what Aaron wanted to do so he was going to play it safe and just get naked. He tossed his clothes over the back of a chair and laid his shoes underneath before he tossed his socks and his underwear into the hamper that was by the closet door. The room was laid out pretty close to Aaron’s place in the city, which didn’t shock Spencer at all. It very much seemed like something that he would do.

The shift was easier than ever for Spencer only needing a few seconds of thought before he was looking at the world from on four legs instead of two and was looking at things from a height of over two and a half feet instead of six feet. He heard Aaron’s footsteps on the stairs and darted out of the master bedroom to greet him.

“I think this is the first time you have ever shifted before I had got a chance to,” Aaron said as he reached down to rub at Spencer’s head before he ran his hand down Spencer’s neck, between his shoulder blades, scratching there just a bit before going all the way down to the tip of his tail. “You are getting bigger. I’m glad you are finally almost to full size for the breed of wolf that you are. That means we are spending just enough time in your fur. Give me a moment to strip down and I’ll join you.”

Spencer trotted after Aaron into the bedroom to watch as he stripped down, throwing his clothes over Spencer’s, adding his shoes to the ones under the chair and tossing the underwear, socks, and his undershirt toward the hamper but not quite making it. Spencer walked over to them and started to play. Aaron laughed and grab up the clothing before tossing them where they belonged. Aaron had his issues with keeping things tidy, but as long as clothes got most of the way somewhere, he was fine leaving them if they were going on a run. Spencer though didn’t like it.

There was just a second of reaction time for Spencer as Aaron shifted and lunged at Spencer, taking him down in a roll. Spencer nipped at legs as they took off running for the stairs to head down into the main part of the house. Spencer was on his heels after a few seconds of getting himself right. He tried to catch up with him, but Aaron was out the door before Spencer even got to the bottom of the stairs.

Stairs were still Spencer’s bane when it came to moving around inside of human dwellings. He was so scared he was going to fall and roll down them that he slowed down a lot. Spencer went out the open front door and looked around for Aaron’s shape before he found that Aaron had disappeared.

“Aaron?” Spencer called out in his mind, but Aaron didn’t respond. The link faded in and out for them, the ability to communicate that way. That was why Aaron had brought Spencer out here. When they were in bed and Spencer was half asleep or even post orgasm, and in his wolf form, Spencer could do it. It was the rest of the time that he couldn’t.

Aaron’s scent was on the wind, and Spencer followed it t of the back of the house where Aaron was sitting on his hind end and looking at the trees, the perfect picture of patience. Spencer knew that he would never truly be able to sneak up on Aaron, but Aaron did allow him to try. Spencer crouched and crawled over to where Aaron was before bumping into him. He knew that he was upwind from Aaron so the smell alone would actually alert Aaron to him, but still, it was nice to notice when Aaron felt him more than smelled him. Spencer turned the bump into a nuzzle as he walked in front of Aaron rubbing under his chin and all along the front of his body.

A flick of Aaron’s head told Spencer that Aaron wanted him to go into the trees. Spencer dug his paws into the ground and then took off, he was quick and got quicker as he allowed himself to settle into his body. When he hit the tree line, he noticed that there was no sound of paws on the ground behind him. He slowed to a stop, taking a wide arc and looked back at Aaron. Aaron was still just sitting down where he had been at the back of the house. Spencer pawed at the ground to try and get him to follow, but Aaron just shook his head toward the trees again.

“Go and explore,” Aaron said into Spencer’s mind. “Get settled into the area without focusing on me.”

Spencer whined a little bit but did as Aaron wanted him to and got into the trees. He tried to not focus on the lack of Aaron’s scent in the trees, and it took nearly three hundred feet for the first smell to come to him. Spencer knew most of the smells of the popular animals in the forests around DC. Aaron had been taking him around there for short stints on the random days where the parks and reserves allowed Shifters to run free. It made sure that Shifters didn’t get shot by hunters or attacked by random humans. The parks would do member-only events, and those were the runs. There was at least one night a month that allowed it for young Shifters, parents would bring their kids. Spencer had felt weird going to it, but after a while, he had settled into it and got to where he played with the other kids.

Jack hadn’t shifted for his first time yet, and with Haley’s blood, they weren’t sure that he was ever going to. Jack knew what they were though, what his lineage was. Spencer had been afraid the first time that Aaron had him shift so Jack could meet his fur form as Jack called it. Jack had no fear of him, even with Spencer towering over him and his size nearly four times that of Jack. The boy had just tangled his hands into Spencer’s fur and wrapped his arms around his neck. Then he had demanded a ride.

The smells of this forest were very different from the ones that Spencer was used to. There was no taint of human smell other than one female that was no familiar at all. Probably someone that checked the area over for Aaron when he was not here as much as he would like to be. Spencer wasn’t shocked that someone looked over the place. Spencer followed the trail through the trees, bobbing and weaving around them and stopping at a large pond in the middle of the area. There was a ramp out into it and a boat tied up there. That was where the smell of the female was strongest. It was a Shifter. Now that the smells of animals were gone, Spencer could smell it, smell her.

Spencer turned around to look above the pond as he heard the sound of a massive flight of birds taking off. There was the sound of wings beating on the air and the leaves rustling as they cleared the trees. It was in the direction of the house, Spencer knew that. It meant that Aaron had joined him. Spencer dove into the pond and made his way around to the other side opposite where Aaron had entered the forest from. He would make it a little harder for Aaron to find him.

Before this, before Aaron, the thought of being around one Shifter much less three on a daily basis had Spencer running for the hills. He had chosen his job well. FBI agents, even Shifter ones, were not held to the same pack laws that were around the country. DC was considered a packless area, and there was a large area around it had held the same just to not get close to the packless area. Shifters were not questioned or forced to join a pack, and while some small packs between units or even just between like people were formed, none of them ruled the area. It was as close to safe as Spencer was ever going to get.

Then Canada had happened, and Spencer had been forced to accept that he was fucked on hiding anymore. Spencer had perfected the art of hiding in plain sight with the whole consuming enough coffee to hide the smell that he was a Shifter. He had Shifter with Aaron that night, and the smell of him had taken over. It would take years for him to smell that way again if he wanted to hide, but so far, Aaron, Morgan, and Prentiss had never given him a reason to want to hide what he was. He was accepted for who he was. He was never going to be a Shifter like Morgan who could break through doors. He wasn’t going to be like Aaron, an expert marksman. He was just him, and he was accepted for that.

Spencer turned toward where he wanted to go as soon as he made it across the pond, shaking out his fur as much as he could get while still making sure he was back into the trees as soon as possible. While Spencer was faster than Aaron most of the time, Aaron knew these trees, and he knew the paths. He was also better at the turns. Spencer sucked at making fast, short, quick turns when he was running at full tilt.

The sound of a large animal coming at him had Spencer stopping and nearly crashing into a tree. The wind picked up, and Spencer caught the scent of Aaron on the wind. Spencer dug in and took off in the opposite direction. He had hoped that Aaron would not track him that well but it seemed that he would have to do better to avoid his lover.

The hunt was on, and Spencer was the prey.

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