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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 11

Spencer wasn’t sure what woke him up first, the smell of fox Shifters all around him or the incessant talking from one of the men who was there right near his cage. Still, he didn’t move to let them know that he was awake. He did know that he had shifted while he had been knocked out. He hadn’t been still knocked out from the wreck. He had woke from the wreckage while still in the truck and had been knocked out with chloroform. That had been a shock that it had been used, but then the countermeasures were used to wipe information like that.

“Your father is the one that told you to take them. They are fucking Federal Agents!” one of the men yelled.

Spencer counted six heartbeats other than Prentiss’s, who was awake as well. Spencer knew her heartbeat when she was awake and when she was asleep. This was close to asleep, but that was just her resting heart rate. Despite the fact that the two of them were close and it felt like in cages, they were both calm. Spencer wasn’t shocked that she was calm. Prentiss had been in worse situations than this.

“And they are going to die. This is the last ones. After this, we don’t have anyone else on the list to kill. We’ve taken care of the threat to the pack, and then we can move on and become full members of the pack again.”

“You mean that you can again; we never were.”

“And now you are going to be an enforcer, higher than most ever get in a pack. You’ll be a God among heathens.”

Spencer tried to fits the voices together. It was just two of them talking, the other four were standing still according to his ears, but their hearts were moving faster than usual. He heard the scrape of metal on a plate and figured out that they were eating. Spencer was glad that his stomach didn’t growl. Spencer probably wouldn’t be hungry for a little while. He tried to listen to what was outside of where they were, but he heard nothing that was going to help.

The smell of the place they were in was full of dust. That meant they were in an area that wasn’t used a lot. The air smelled fresh but underneath that was blood. A lot of blood and all of it recent. Not recent like fresh but recent like the killings that had happened. This was the pack that the team was hunting. These men were the UnSubs. It was interesting as they didn’t sound that criminally sophisticated at all.

“I’d rather be an enforcer than trying to beg for scraps like we have been. No pack wants us,” a new voice said from over where the other four were.

Spencer wondered if all of them knew that the packs would take them if they were not insane. Though it seemed these guys were all insane, Shifters who lived for the fight, for the death. He did not care about them, only getting him and Prentiss out.

“It’s time to swap,” the main voice said, and he moved around, the scent of him wafting toward Spencer.

Spencer knew that family smell; he was a kid of Shea or at least a very close family relative. Spencer wouldn’t put it past Shea to actually use a family member like that. His body would never be found though that it would link back to him too much. Shea was smarter than Spencer thought he was. He was not nearly as smart as he thought he was, but he was close. The team would find them, Aaron would not rest until he was found, but Spencer didn’t want to be found. He wanted to rescue himself, work with Prentiss to get them out as soon as possible.

“It’s my turn,” a voice said, and he sounded young, like too young to have done anything like this.

“Remember, don’t touch her. I don’t care what you did to the others, but you don’t touch her do you hear me!” the Shea man said.

There was grumbling from the man who had spoken up that it was his turn and then the sound of a chair scraping. Spencer heard all of them moving, one coming closer to the cages they were in and then the rest leaving the area all the way, going outside with a slam of a door. The sound of a chair scraping again and then a body thudding down into the chair said that the watcher was close to them but not too close. A few seconds later and the sound of muffled music filled the area. The man was wearing headphones. Spencer opened his eyes and blinked until they adjusted to the light around them.

Prentiss was beside him doing the same thing. They were both in the same cage. Prentiss sat up first, going slow, her eyes locked on the man who was supposed to be watching them. It was a good thing that the man was facing away from them. Spencer gave Prentiss a smile, and Prentiss nodded back that she was fine. Prentiss then pointed at the cage.

Spencer turned to look at the cage, and he saw what Prentiss was seeing. The bars were big enough for her to slip through in Shifter form. Spencer grinned at her and then he shifted back into human form. Spencer patted down his pants and smiled before reaching into his pocket and holding up a few bits of things, that could work as a lock pick set. He laid them down near the door of the cage.

“What’s the plan?” Prentiss whispered.

“You shift, get out, change back and unlock the door. I’ll shift back into wolf form, and then we get the hell out of here,” Spencer said. It was a simple plan, but sometimes those were the best as they allowed for a lot of changes. Spencer waited for her nod before he shifted back to wolf form. He turned toward the door and kept an eye out for anyone else coming in as well as an ear. He figured they were running the perimeter.

Prentiss shifted smoothly and slipped out between the bars before she shifted back. She made quick work of the lock. Spencer had made sure that the team could at least attempt to pick a lock on nearly everything that they had ever got locked in with. It had made it easy to get victims out sometimes. Spencer watched as she carefully pulled the lock off the door and settled it down. She shifted back into Bobcat form and quickly made her way out of the way. Spencer would be the one to open the door so that if it did make noise, he would already be slipping out of it. The sound of a door opening close to them had Spencer slipping out of the cage. Most of the doorways were blocked, Spencer confirmed that as he looked around again. The cage door hadn’t made a noise, and the person supposed to be watching them was still mostly faced away from them. Spencer moved quickly and found that the rest of the pack was coming back in and they were all in human form.

Spencer looked at Prentiss. The pack was between them and the door that they knew would allow them out. It wasn’t going to be long before the pack noticed that they were not in their cage. He waited to see when they were going to be noticed to not be in their cages.

“So how can we not confirm what kind of Shifter the bitch is?” a voice asked.

“FBI files are protected, and according to Ethan no one has mentioned what she is in the station,” the Shea man said.

“Umm, Dom?” a new voice called out.

Spencer looked at them and saw that someone was pointing at the empty cage. Spencer waited until someone screamed before he howled. There was no way of hiding that they had escaped. Prentiss followed an outcry of her own. The man who should have been watching them jumped up from his seat, and Spencer knew him. Spencer knew all of the men, especially Dominic Shea, the nephew of Jake Shea and the rumored illegitimate son of him that his parents had forced his brother to take him. Jon Shea had been killed not long after Dom had turned eleven and taken in by his uncle. It wasn’t a shock that he would turn out just as bad as his uncle or father, whoever he was. Spencer was also not shocked that the man would use him like he was doing. Shea found no one worth not using. It was strange for a Shifter, but it wasn’t that strange in the scope of humanity.

Letting out another howl that was worth the wolf that he was, Spencer lunged as the man who was supposed to be watching them spun around and tried to kick at them. Spencer dodged the kick and grabbed the let. It was mostly bone, but even if there wasn’t a lot of fat, there was muscles and nerves. He started to move his head like Morgan and Aaron had taught him, shredding and ripping, wounding the man as Prentiss used the chair he had been in to jump to his head and slash her sharp as hell claws over his face.

The other five members of the pack shifted in seconds and were running at them. Foxes were no match for them, and the stupid idiots didn’t care. Spencer didn’t care about that though; it was their lives or theirs. They had no backup and were in an unknown area with who knew how many enemies between them and freedom. Spencer wasn’t going to take the chance of trying to save their lives and not escape than just to incapacitate them in any way shape or form and get the hell out of there.

Prentiss went down with the man she had slashed in the face. She turned him and lunged at the first fox that got close, taking him down in a tumble. They rolled, and Spencer focused on the other four that were gaining ground. He wasn’t sure which one was Shea, but he was going to make sure to take him out first. Spencer ducked the first one that jumped at him and the second behind wasn’t expecting it. Spencer grabbed the fox by the throat and flung him, keeping the skin in his teeth there and the rest of the body going another direction. He didn’t even check to make sure that the fox was dead, he could check that after. Spencer got to his feet and stayed steady on them keeping himself between something at his back and the four foxes left in front of him. He heard a spitting noise and glanced to see that the Shifter that they had both attacked was on his feet and was shifted to fox form. He was trying to attack Prentiss and failing but keeping her on her toes.

Spencer hadn’t fought in his form that much yet so he knew that he was a hindrance to Prentiss, at least in her eyes. Spencer could hold his own at least some in wolf form. He and Aaron had done a little bit of training in that aspect. There was still that slight fear of Shifters for Spencer and being vulnerable like that to the other two on the team wasn’t something that he could do at the moment. Spencer wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so he darted around the foxes to get into a clear area. He didn’t want to give one of them a chance to jump up onto the top of the cage and jump onto his back. Clear areas were better. Spencer kept going until he put the wall to his back. Spencer watched as Prentiss gained her feet and moved a reasonable distance away in the other direction. He knew that spreading them apart made it harder for them to watch each other’s backs. It wasn’t going to be long before Prentiss killed the fox she was fighting.

The smallest fox jumped at Spencer, trying to get his neck but Spencer hunkered down, and then when he felt the weight of it on his back he rose up and tossed it off before he lunged at the closest fox. It yipped and darted back. Spencer still wasn’t sure which one was Shea, but he was going to find out. Shea would get away to where he could smell him instead of the mass of foxes that he was smelling at the moment. Spencer waited until another came at him, low this time to where Spencer couldn’t do the same. Spencer lunged though and grabbed it’s hind leg, jerking it and then running, pulling the fox with him. When he was close to a wall, he spun his whole body. The crack of the body was loud in the room, and it drove the last three foxes that Spencer was facing go nuts. The body didn’t even move as it landed on the floor.

One took off at Spencer in a frenzy, and it was enough to make him really stupid but not stupid enough that Spencer couldn’t catch him. Spencer felt the teeth close on him and he got loose quickly. The fox was too stupid to get a hold of him in a good place that it could hold on. Spencer heard a death rattle and spared a glance to see that the fox Prentiss had been fighting was dead with what looked like its lungs punctured by Prentiss’s claws, given the shredding that was visible on its body.

Prentiss entered the fray, landing on the back of the fox that was trying to get to Spencer. It growled at her when she rolled off of it; claw marks down it’s back. Spencer turned to face the two that were left for him. He looked them over and figured out which way the smell of Shea was coming from. It was the one on his left. So he focused on the one on the right as the one that was going to die first.

Shea seemed okay with that has he hung back while the young and stupid fox tried to get behind Spencer. Spencer lunged forward as the fox tried to dart to the side. He didn’t even go for anything that was fancy. He just closed his teeth around the fox’s neck from the front and closed down before he jerked backward. The fox didn’t have a chance as his throat was ripped out.

Then it was just Shea and Spencer as he heard the yip and then nothing form the one that Prentiss was fighting. She stayed back, not going toward Spencer and Shea at all. Spencer could see the fear in Shea’s eyes. Dom was just as much of a coward as his father or uncle or whoever he was. Spencer watched as Shea tried to figure out where he could go to escape. He darted one way, and Spencer cut him off, growling the whole time. The fox back stepped out of the range of Spencer’s lunges, and he let him. There were new scents on the air, and Spencer knew them, but his brain didn’t like either of them intruding where they didn’t belong. More scents followed as well, and Spencer growled. The fox cowered down to the ground like it was going to submit, but Spencer knew that Shea would never do that.

Dom Shea would do anything to get the favor of the man that he looked up to most, including killing anyone that Jake Shea told him to. It was insane that anyone would be like that Spencer had seen and tracked down enough of them through the years to believe it all. Shea started to look worried as the other wolf entered the room followed by a Grizzly bear. Then came in the human cops. The sounds of weapons being freed and the safeties being flicked off had Shea looking at Spencer. Shea was a Shifter, and he was one of the ones that would rather die at the hands of another Shifter than to be allowed to be taken or killed by a bullet.

Spencer wasn’t shocked when the fox lunged at him. He didn’t even hesitate as the fox went for his throat. Spencer knocked him to the floor and looked at Prentiss. Spencer might let him have the death that he wanted, by one of his kind, but he wasn’t going to let it be the exact way that he wanted. Shea rolled though, between Prentiss’s body and the floor before he went back for Spencer. Shea wasn’t even trying to fight finesse anymore. He was a crazed creature that wasn’t going to stop until it was dead. So Spencer put him down like that, on his back with his throat bared. Spencer lunged forward and ripped at Shea’s throat, but he didn’t tear it out and give him a quick death. He just let him slowly bleed out as he limped over to Aaron. He settled onto his side and curled into a ball and tried to get rid of the pain just with his thoughts.

The pain in the leg that the fox had got a hold of him on was significant enough that he was in a lot of pain; it wasn’t going to go away on its own. He was in enough pain that he didn’t want to shift back to human form to get out of there. He would have to get a little bit of treatment, including a little bit of drugs before he would be able to change to human form. Locals had been developed for that kind of thing so that Shifters could get into better forms to be treated.

“Shit,” a voice said.

Spencer looked up to see that it was the Captain. He was looking around at the six dead foxes as well as the wolf and Bobcat covered in blood.

“Was this?” another asked.

Spencer felt Aaron shifting from wolf form to Human. He felt the hands settle into his fur, despite the blood everywhere on him.

“Spencer, hey, look at me.” Aaron’s hands were gentle as he lifted Spencer’s head up to where he could look him in the eyes. “Where are you in pain at?”

Spencer stretched out his bad leg but tucked it back in as one of the officers moved close.

“Back off,” Morgan said.

“Sorry,” the office said, and he did.

“I need a med kit for a Shifter,” Aaron said.

“You got it,” Prentiss said.

“How are you, Prentiss?”

“I’m fine. They focused on Reid, but I would say that other than his leg all of that is from them. He ripped the throats out of three and killed another by tossing him into the wall. I’ve never seen him fight like that before.”

“It’s what’s called SWAT fighting,” Aaron said. He curled his fingers into the skin under Spencer’s chin to dig his fingers into the skin there. It felt damned good. “I’ve been training him in it. I was in Seattle when they had a huge pack of FBI agents who were all in SWAT. We used to fight bare-knuckle and swapped back and forth during the fighting.”

Prentiss took a few minutes to get back into the room; the time passed pretty quick for Spencer. He knew that Aaron’s hands scratching over his body was more for seeing how injured he was than to actually touch him, but it felt damned good. Spencer wasn’t going to escape a trip to the ER he knew that, but he wanted to go in as a Human and not a Shifter. Aaron’s hands were gentle as they cleaned off his wound on his leg and when he was sure of how spread it was he used a needle to give him a little bit of a local. Aaron was trained in first aid for Shifters, had gone through the training in SWAT and kept it up for the BAU. Spencer was really glad of that because he didn’t want anyone else to touch him.

The change from wolf to Human was easy when the pain started to go away. His clothes were covered in blood, mostly other people’s. Aaron was there looking at his wound now that he was human. His face was impassive, but Spencer knew that he was worried about it. It was jagged and was going to take a little bit to heal up.

“Why did they take you?”

“They weren’t exactly forthcoming,” Spencer said. He hissed as there was an uncomfortable tug as Aaron cleaned the wounds more. It was rough and felt weird. He knew though that he would be fine with a little bit and some good bandages. Aaron slathered a cream that was made for Shifters to help with horribly dirty mouths as well as bleeding using a lot of natural medicines and such in it. Aaron stocked it for the team in the kits they carried with them.

“JJ,” Aaron said. He looked up at JJ and Spencer looked over at her. She was looking at Spencer with wide eyes, but she didn’t look scared, more worried. Spencer held out a hand to him. “Keep him down as I walk this with the Captain.”


Spencer waited for JJ to settle where she could lay his head in her lap. Her fingers started to comb through his hair. She didn’t seem to mind the blood that was all over him.

“You did good,” JJ said with a smile on her face. She looked down at where Aaron was wrapping Spencer’s shredded leg. It looked horrible, but Aaron was making sure that he was in good health before he went to talk with the Captain.”

“We are going to have this on lockdown,” the Captain said as he walked over to them. He looked down at Spencer. “How are you doing Agent Reid?”

“I’m doing good. The local is working well, and I’ll get it taken care of as soon as Hotch decides that I can leave.”

“That’s good. Now, for now, I want to make sure that nothing of this gets out to the packs until we understand what happened here.”

“There was a rumor when I was younger that Jake Shea had a bastard child and it was given to his brother to raise and then his brother was killed, so he raised the kid on his own but never claimed him as his son but stayed as his nephew.”

Aaron looked at Spencer with a sharp look on his face.

“I forgot about until I smelled Shea on the last fox that I killed. He’s a relation of some kind.”

“Shea’s too smart to react to this unless something happens.”

“Let Shea back into the station. Get him in there and let him see me alive and fine and I’m sure that he’ll break.”

“That does have merit. We can make sure it’s recorded from all angles.”

“The Shea pack needs to be broken down, and the members who make it out without a single infraction that sticks them in jail need to be split up between other houses. I’m sure that once the leaders are taken down the rest will crumble or just gladly leave.”

“It’s one of the most corrupt packs that I have ever seen,” Aaron said. He stood up, giving Spencer a smile before he turned to follow the Captain so they could talk.

“Hey, JJ,” Spencer said a smile up at JJ.


“Wake me when it’s time to leave yeah?”

“Sure.” JJ smiled at Spencer and kissed her thumb before pressing it to Spencer’s forehead.

Spencer let his eyes close, and he let himself fall asleep.

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