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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 14

Aaron watched as Spencer stripped, the scent of low-level arousal that had been coming off of him since lunch started to pick up even more and then there was the smell of fear on him. Not fear of Aaron, not fear of what they were about to do but the fear of giving in on something that even now, Spencer controlled. Even when he had been fighting against the foxes who had taken him and Prentiss hostage, he had not let himself go. He had stayed calm and in control. He had not become the animal inside. He either didn’t trust himself, or he didn’t trust his wolf self. Aaron wanted to see that change, and this was one of the steps that was going to be needed for him to accept that.

Spencer hadn’t hesitated on what he was doing, even when Aaron couldn’t actually get the words out of his mouth. Spencer had been the one to demand that Aaron strip. They would be doing this once more, at a later point in time when Spencer had entirely accepted what Shea had seen that had scared him. If Aaron weren’t around, Spencer would be the one that would lead the pack. They were both leaders, they were both Alphas, but Spencer would always naturally submit to Aaron because Spencer saw him as stronger, but they were equal, just different sides of the same coin. It would have made for a strong and wonderful pack if they ever quit doing what they were doing and formed a pack, but Aaron didn’t see them doing that at any point in time that was close.

Aaron knew that he would need to catch up on the getting naked part, but he was enjoying seeing Spencer take his clothes off. He always did, but in the sun with the scents of the woods around them, it was kind of perfect to Aaron. He wanted to see this more. This was more than a claiming. This was going to be the point of no return. Aaron wasn’t going to let Spencer go without a hellish fight after this. There was a reason that Haley had never let him do this to her. That she had never let him mount her in his wolf form. His wolf would refuse to let him go if they did it. Aaron had wanted to do it, at several different points when they had been young and even in the years that followed. Aaron knew that he should have put more stock into the fact that his more baser self hadn’t wanted to do it the last near ten years of their marriage. Haley had changed. Aaron had changed. Neither of them was anywhere close to the person they had been when they had been young, but instead of growing and changing together they had both becomes islands that were nowhere near each other.

Spencer was naked, looking at Aaron and Aaron felt his wolf self creeping more and more to the front.

“Run.” Aaron heard the near growl in his voice, and all it did was make Spencer shiver before he turned around, and in a smooth move that Aaron had never seen before, Spencer took a step as a human and then the second as a wolf. He was gone in seconds into the woods that surrounded the property. Aaron felt his wolf wanting to give chase, but Aaron wanted to get naked first. He loved his jeans and didn’t want to take the chance of ripping them. Aaron hadn’t found another pair like them in years.

Aaron started to finish getting naked as he listened to Spencer taking off. About twenty feet into the trees, though Spencer stopped making noise. Aaron grinned. He was submitting to the wolf inside of him and letting it guide him on what he was doing. There was a reason that Shifters were okay as lone wolves so to speak. There was something mystical to what they were, and they all knew how to become one with themselves, how to hunt, fight, track, run, stalk, and so many other things that the animals of the woods did that there was no way there wasn’t something that looked them over. Aaron had never taken much stock in the actual prayer that a lot of the Shifters got into, but he did know that there was something and the only thing that he needed to do to appease the entity was to be the best that he could be. The best Human, the best Shifter. And if there were something more needed, Aaron would be pushed to do that. He had been pushed to go after Spencer that night after they got back from Canada. Aaron had been tired as hell, but the thought of going home and drinking had felt wrong as hell.

Instead, Aaron had gone to Spencer’s apartment, and their entire lives changed, and Aaron would get on his knees and than whatever guided him for the rest of his life if that entity appeared and told him that he had to. Aaron had never questioned his feelings like that when pressed he always chalked it up to gut instinct and let it be that. Aaron had never brought it all up with Spencer as he wasn’t sure what Spencer’s thoughts were on the subject. Worship like a lot of Humans did to their God was something that Spencer didn’t like, but Aaron wondered how he felt about the nature God that the Shifters prayed to, not for help but just for a peaceful life and a happy life.

When Aaron was down to skin, he shifted in a smooth and quick move that felt near sexual to him. He shuddered as his body took that second to adjust. When Aaron had shifted the first few times, he had felt weird, and it wasn’t until he had matured sexually that he realized why. Aaron loved being a Shifter. He loved the feel of the ground under his paws. He loved tracking animals. The whole killing and eating animals things had been an adjustment but not a long one.

Aaron didn’t give Spencer long at all to hide in the woods before he took off after him. The scent of him died at the pond, and Aaron growled in frustration. He circled the pond to see where the scent picked up, but it was long gone. Aaron waited to see if the wind picked up again and it did after a few moments. Spencer’s scent was not on the wind at all. Aaron looked around to figure out where the best place for Spencer to hide was. It wasn’t like Spencer was good at it. He hadn’t been just a week before. Hell, Spencer was nearly impossible to hide in either form. So that meant that he was adjusting well to being a wolf.

The area filled with the sounds of flapping wings and Aaron turned to see a flock of starlings take off from trees about thirty feet away from where he was. Aaron grinned before taking off in that direction. When he got to where they had started, there was still no scent of Spencer at all, but there was the scent of a deer. Aaron followed the deer to where it was now and then back to where it had started. Still no smell of Spencer. Aaron felt like he was being played.

Spencer was smart. He was one of the smartest men that Aaron knew, he just knew little about his own self as a Shifter, but it seemed that something had changed recently. Something had gone very different, and Aaron wondered if the play they had been doing the day before the case had been Spencer testing Aaron more than Aaron testing Spencer.

The saying about a butterfly flapping its wings in one area to create a storm in another came to Aaron’s mind. Aaron wondered where exactly Spencer had gone, but it seemed that the deer thing had been a distraction. Aaron turned back to head to the pond again to pick up the scent of where Spencer had started from to figure out if he had backtracked. Aaron found a weak scent of Spencer, covered mainly by the water in the pond about halfway between where Aaron had picked up his scent and the pond. There was more of the scent of the pond than there should have been, so that meant that Spencer had backtracked and covered his tracks there. Aaron took it nice and slow, trusting his nose for what he was doing. He found that Spencer had been reading up on trails and scents and everything. He had been engrossed in reading the final few days in Vegas as they had stayed as part of a goodwill effort on the FBI to help them with the issues they were having with the disbanding of the Shea pack.

Spencer wasn’t needed for any of that, and while Shea was more than happy to threaten him, no one took that seriously. Shea had no power anymore. The Shifters that did not submit to the state’s ruling on it all had been locked up pending charges of collusion. It was strange to see Vegas, the city, the people, adapting to having packs be out and proud in it. Given Vegas’s history with everything, it was one of the perfect cities to come out first. Vegas was pretty accepting.

Aaron found Spencer’s scent, strong and fresh. Aaron realized that the little shit was stalking Aaron while Aaron was tracking him. Aaron didn’t react at all. He instead followed the scent as Spencer wanted him to. He figured that at some point, Spencer would let himself be caught but if Aaron had a chance before that, he would take it.

The ever-approaching deadline of when the grill and gas were going to be dropped off by Joe and Ellen was at the back of Aaron’s mind. It wasn’t like what they were going to do took long, but Spencer would probably prefer to shower and get dressed in different clothes before they arrived. Then after them was the rest of what Aaron considered the pack. Jessica was going to be bringing by Jack first and then and only then if Spencer was willing was Haley. There would always be a place for Haley in Aaron’s life because they had Jack. Aaron knew that Spencer knew how pack dynamics worked, but it wasn’t like he seemed to care all that much.

Aaron found Spencer’s trail again, a lot stronger than before, he had been through the area not too long before. Aaron could smell more than just the rush of the chase with Spencer. Spencer had no fear in his scent anymore and was aroused. That put a pep in Aaron’s step as it were. He put on a burst of speed. Aaron could smell Spencer’s scent getting stronger and stronger as he followed behind him. Until finally, he could hear him as well, that also meant that Spencer should be able to hear him. Aaron burst through a line of trees and saw the back end of Spencer’s tail. Aaron pushed himself to where at the next bend in the area that Spencer was running through, Aaron was able to dart forward and knock himself into Spencer. They went rolling, but Spencer didn’t submit.

The blood was rushing through Aaron’s body as he tried not to lose himself in a frenzy. Spencer was going to make him work for it, and Aaron was okay with that. He wanted to claim Spencer, to make sure that Spencer knew he was more than willing to do whatever was needed to keep him. Aaron launched himself at Spencer, snarling as he tried to pin him. Aaron didn’t care about scratches or anything like that. They were going to look like they fought anyway, it was the way of things when Alphas mated. Aaron got himself on Spencer’s back and got ready to bite when Spencer bucked him off and took off again.

Aaron knew he was going to win and the hunt and chase would make it all the more sweeter.


Aaron stretched and wrapped his arm around Spencer just a little tighter. They were in human form, which Aaron was glad of. He didn’t want Spencer freaking out from being still in wolf form. Aaron could smell the sweat, the sex, the blood, and even the earth all around them. Spencer had been hard to catch, but it had made the sex after that all the better. Aaron had aches in places that he hadn’t ached at in years. Spencer was still asleep, and Aaron didn’t mind it at all, he could feel his cock still lodged inside of Spencer. Aaron was thankful that the knot he had as a wolf didn’t carry over to his Human side. Aaron made a check of his body, his leg was thrown over Spencer’s hip, holding Spencer down, so he was sort of on his side. Aaron could almost feel the connection between them now.

Spencer moved a little, but Aaron knew that he wasn’t awake yet or close to. His hips shifted, and it made Aaron gasp. Aaron smiled into Spencer’s neck before he let his hand trail down to where he was holding him in place, fingers spread over Spencer’s stomach to lock him there. Aaron felt himself start to harden inside of Spencer again and he really hoped Spencer didn’t move around too much while he was asleep. Aaron slid his leg back to where he wasn’t over Spencer anymore and then quickly rolled Spencer to where he was on his side and not halfway between being on his front and on his side. Aaron worked his other hand under Spencer’s head to where Spencer could use it as a pillow instead of his own hand.

Aaron didn’t move, just laid there wrapped around Spencer as Spencer woke up softly and gently from his nap. Spencer had worn himself out, making Aaron work for the claim he had on Spencer now. That had been worth it all though. Spencer was sleepy and pliant in Aaron’s arms, and he didn’t even try and fight it at all when Aaron started to rock inside of him. Aaron didn’t do that until Spencer was fully awake.

“How can you be hard again?” Spencer asked, gasping as he did. He didn’t try and get away though.

“I’ve not had enough of you yet,” Aaron whispered into Spencer’s ear.

“You fuck me for an hour,” Spencer declared.

“It wasn’t an hour.” Aaron pulled Spencer back into him, curving Spencer’s hips to where he could do short, hard thrusts. He wasn’t going to last long, and he knew it. Aaron reached down for Spencer’s cock but found it soft. Aaron started to stop, but Spencer made a noise of displeasure. Aaron palmed Spencer’s cock for a minute as he still inside of him.

“Please,” Spencer said.

“I’m getting you hard first, Spencer.” Aaron turned his head to where he could scrape his teeth over Spencer’s shoulder. When he found the spot that he wanted, he clamped harder, the reaction was near instantaneous. Spencer bucked, nearly coming off of Aaron’s cock but his cock started to harden in Aaron’s hands. It wasn’t going to be enough. Aaron thought that lazy, happy sex would be good but it wasn’t going to be. Aaron pulled all the way out of Spencer before he pulled Spencer over onto his hands and knees. Aaron spit into his hand and spread that over Spencer’s hole. Spencer would be sore but he hadn’t asked to stop or for Aaron to run and get lube. Aaron spit again and smeared that on his cock. There was some fluid still inside f Spencer from their fucking the night before, but he wanted to make sure that he did as much as possible to hurt Spencer as little as possible.

Aaron watched as Spencer grabbed the dirt, his fingers digging into it to try and get purchase. Aaron waited until Spencer was done with that before he grabbed Spencer’s cheeks and spread them. Aaron watched as he slowly sunk his cock into him. When he was buried in as far as he could get, Aaron wrapped his hands around Spencer’s hips, holding him tightly. He held Spencer still as he pulled out and thrust back him, as hard as he could. He dug his knees into the dirt, feeling a rock pushing into part of his shin but he didn’t care. Aaron fucked Spencer hard, making him moan, scream, beg, plead. Aaron loved this, reducing Spencer to what he was feeling.

Spencer was so much into his head a lot that letting go was hard. Aaron figured it was why Spencer didn’t like to be the one doing the fucking as much. Aaron didn’t care who did the fucking, he loved sex. He loved sex with Spencer, and he was glad to have it as much as possible. Spencer didn’t try and fight it when he came, Aaron followed a few thrusts later, keeping himself upright and Spencer with him. Aaron finally let go of Spencer with one hand and wrapped it around his stomach to pull him up to where Spencer was kind of on his lap. Aaron’s cock was still inside of him.

“I’m half tempted to not let you clean up. Keep you smelling of this for the rest of the day, but I know that you would fight me on that and I don’t want to be in the doghouse for days while we are here.”

“You wouldn’t last long in the dog house before begging to be let back in.” Spencer sounded like he was awake and not falling asleep which was good. Spencer liked to sleep after sex, but Aaron assumed he just liked being in someone’s arms or being wrapped around them.

“I wouldn’t,” Aaron agreed.

The sound of Aaron’s phone ringing said that they were going to be rushed to get cleaned up.

“Who is that?” Spencer asked.

Aaron had set his phone to ring at the loudest and most annoying setting for Jessica.

“That’s Jessica, and they are about an hour out. I guess they left early.” Aaron had them set to arrive an hour after the grill was dropped off. He needed to get them into the house and cleaned up as it seemed they would be arriving at the same time.

Aaron was on his feet, pulling Spencer with him when the sound of a horn honking told Aaron that Jessica was still going to arrive an hour after the grill and the grill was arriving then. Spencer looked at Aaron with a look of slight horror on his face.

“Shift and get inside. I’ll grab clothes and get them on.”

“Who is that?” Spencer hissed.

“Joe and Eve with the grill and gas tank for the grill. For the pack meal.”

“Pack meal?” Spencer looked a little overwhelmed. “Haley, Jessica, Jack and the team are coming?”

“I figured it would be better that Haley meet the team with the new knowledge that they have. It would make it a lot easier for them to listen to a Human who lives on the edges.”

“And you want them all to know now where we are away from the city that you’ve claimed me as yours.” Spencer didn’t look upset. In fact, he looked like he knew it had been coming. Aaron was glad of that, he really wasn’t made to be in the doghouse.

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  1. lovely chapter.
    I love that Spencer made Aaron work for it. :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. That was perfect. I do think Spencer should reserve the right to bite Aaron later for springing the whole family visit on him. :)
    Thank you

  3. Great story! So, I guess Aaron has to be careful since it sounds like being in the dog house (wolf house) could be literal LOL.

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