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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 2

Aaron knew his land well. He had run it enough alone that he knew every single little place of it. He didn’t know Spencer’s mind though and where he was going to do. Aaron stayed on his hind end, waiting for enough time to pass. Spencer took a while to get into his fur as it were. He had trouble letting go of the human and allowing the wolf inside to take over enough to blend with his human self. Aaron loved that Spencer was getting faster on that though. Their runs through the parks across the DC was helping. This weekend though was going to be a true test as other than eating, Aaron was going to keep them in fur for as much time as possible. Aaron liked to stay that way as much as possible when he was on the farm.

The name of the farm had been what the previous owners had called it, and the name had kind of stuck. It had been a farm at one point, but the family who bought the land at the beginning had created everything that was on the land from the layout of the trees that were meant to hide what the Shifters got up to, to the trees inside that were scattered randomly. Aaron loved the land, and he was glad that he found it. The trees made a break between his land and others but also kind of dissuaded most Humans from venturing close.

Aaron rose up and started to trot toward the trees as he followed the path that he was going to take to find Spencer. He was barely inside the trees when he found a grouping of birds. They took off, and Aaron made a token chase of them, but he didn’t really want to catch a single one of them. Spencer would know where he entered at, but that didn’t mean anything as Spencer wouldn’t know exactly where he went after that. It would be easy for Aaron to change his path, but he wasn’t going to. He wanted to see what Spencer thought he was doing.

The pond was close so Aaron trotted over to take a drink. The water was crisp and clean, at least clean enough for Shifters. He was pretty sure a Human would get sick, but the biology of Shifters was vastly different than that of Humans. Aaron could eat anything and drink anything that a wolf did and not get sick, in either of his forms. Aaron saw the trail that led off, drops of water on grass that were not like the rest of the area. Spencer had been in the pond. Probably to try and throw off Aaron’s tracking of him by scent. Aaron wasn’t even doing that yet. He found the trail easily and followed it slowly. When the scent of Spencer became stronger, Aaron followed. He heard a larger animal notice them and freak out, which had Spencer paying closer attention to it than what was going on around them.

Aaron watched as Spencer took off in the direction that Aaron and the animal were not in. He was quick as lightning when he wanted to be, and this was one of those times it seemed. He shot off like a cannon and Aaron had to give chase. He chased after his lover and really hoped that Spencer was going to just give up and let himself get caught like he had done a few times in the parks. Though the end was more than worth it, Aaron wanted him to get used to what they were doing. He wanted Spencer to follow his natural instincts that were sorely lacking in training. He didn’t know how to understand them, and sometimes he went counter to them, and that could mean life or death if they were dealing with a Shifter on a case. Aaron didn’t want that to happen at all.

Keeping track of Spencer was easy as he was running full tilt and not paying too close of attention to the noise that he was making, which Aaron would worry about at a later time. This kind of stuff was best learned in stages. Aaron felt his blood pumping through his veins, his animal self turning into the full animal that was a hunt but it wasn’t a hunt for life, or for food, it was a hunt to claim. They were on Aaron’s land, a safe place to make the final claim on Spencer that his animal would know but Spencer was not ready for that, so Aaron had to calm that part of him down.

Spencer was like a child in a lot of aspects, and Aaron knew that he had distanced himself from knowing a lot of it because what he didn’t know wouldn’t make him want to be a Shifter. Aaron had already talked to Haley, Morgan, and Prentiss about coming out one day with Jack and having a pack run, including Haley and Jack on two legs. It would make Spencer feel better, though he would probably still be scared as hell of hurting Jack. It was kind of adorable how scared Spencer was of being around Jack in his shifted form. Aaron had spent as much time in that form as he could when Jack was a baby, including nap times with Jack in the circle that his body made. Jack knew that not all animals were Shifters and if an unknown approached him, he needed to get to safety.

It took a few minutes more of chasing Spencer, but Aaron figured out where his lover was going. Aaron still kept up the chase and let Spencer lead him around. Learning the moves that Spencer made, Aaron would be better able to guess his moves in the future. The house was looming in front of Aaron, and he saw that the door was still open. Aaron put that last burst of speed on and ran into the house. He smelled Spencer, that scent that Aaron knew as well as his own by now.

Spencer wasn’t in sight though. He wasn’t hiding behind the couch or anything like that at all. So Aaron moved to the stairs, he debated for a few seconds what he wanted to do. His claws would make noise as he went up the stairs in wolf form, but in human, he could make no noise at all. Aaron took the first few steps as a wolf, letting the clicking of his claws alter Spencer that he was there, but as he moved up, he changed to human form. Spencer was gloriously naked on a pile of bedding in front of the fireplace that was just starting to glow. The fireplace did not have actual wood, Aaron didn’t trust it that much, and the smell always got to him, so it was one of the gas ones that had fake logs that didn’t burn. It had been one of the only major upgrades that he had done to the house after buying it. Other than the kitchen. He had gutted that and put in a whole new one.

Crooking a finger, Spencer spread his legs and Aaron walked over as quick as he could to drop to his knees and settle between them. The scent of Spencer’s arousal was flooding Aaron’s nose, and he tried to ignore it, to just look. But the scent was driving him insane and making him want to fuck. Aaron gave in and dropped down to where was he hovering over Spencer, his weight on his knees and elbows.

“You know that you can’t distract me with this forever right?” Aaron asked.

“You brought me out here and kept on touching me during the drive, this is your damned fault. I’ve had a little bit of arousal rushing through my body since the first time you laid your hand on my thigh.” Spencer pushed up and kissed Aaron, wrapping an arm around his head and pulling him back down with him.

Aaron felt Spencer wrapping his legs around his thighs and gripping him tightly. Kissing someone should not be as arousing as it was when Aaron kissed Spencer. The sex was good, and Aaron loved it, but there was something about just touching and kissing and getting off that way that had Aaron more content to do that after long days at work, there was the added bonus of less clean up as well. That wasn’t going to be what this was about though.

“In me,” Spencer said as he pushed at Aaron’s chest to get him up.

Aaron pushed up even more to find the lube. He had left a bottle in the stand that was beside the fire and in his haste to get the drawer open he jerked it off the track. Thankfully, there was little there except for the lube and a few odds and ends. Aaron shoved those away before he popped the lid on the lube. Aaron got lube on his fingers and drizzled a little on the head of his cock before he tossed the bottle away. Aaron pushed two fingers into Spencer, hearing him gasp and then thrust down onto Aaron’s fingers. The rest of the lube he smeared on his cock before grabbing at Spencer’s body to roll him. They rarely if ever had sex on their hands and knees but right now with his wolf a little too close to the surface, Aaron needed that. He spread Spencer’s cheeks and pushed the head of his cock at Spencer’s hole, hoping he didn’t have to let go of the cheeks to get his cock inside. Spencer’s body opened to him like it did every single time and there was no hesitance for Aaron to get his cock inside of him.

When he was fully inside of Spencer, Aaron let go of his cheeks to grab his hips instead, gripping hard enough for him to probably leave bruises that would be gone in hours. Spencer liked seeing the bruises on his hips, especially in the shower after sex. Aaron could never see the marks that Spencer usually left on him without a mirror as it was scratches down his back. Aaron never held himself back, especially when Spencer was fucking him. There was never too much fight over that. They went with what they were feeling on who was doing the fucking and who was doing the receiving. Spencer loved being fucked just about as much as he loved doing the fucking.

“Harder,” Spencer said after Aaron pulled out and pushed back in.

Aaron curled his hands in just a little bit tighter, feeling his nails dig into the skin a little bit. He pulled Spencer back into him, hard on the next thrust. Aaron let loose then, not controlling how fast or how hard he thrust into Spencer. Aaron wasn’t sure who was making what sound, but he was really glad that there were no neighbors that close.

Close to coming, Aaron let go with one hand, and raked that hand down Spencer’s back, making him arch up into that, thrusting back onto Aaron has hard as he could. Spencer lunged forward, pulling off of Aaron’s cock. Aaron gripped his hip harder but Spencer was still moving. He flopped onto his back, dislodging Aaron’s hand. Aaron chased him forward and grabbed his legs to spread them before thrusting back inside of him. Aaron wasn’t shocked when he was pulled down to where he was near folding Spencer in half so they could kiss. Aaron tried to get the same rhythm but he couldn’t from the angle he was at, so he just tried his hardest to get them both off quickly. Aaron shuddered through his orgasm, hands clenching int he bedding underneath them while Spencer’s half turned claws dug into his back, tipping Aaron over into a second smaller orgasm right after the first.

Spencer pulled on Aaron until he was slumped down on him, his cock slipping out as it softened. The smell of the blood on Aaron’s back made him want to get up and clean up but the scent of Spencer, post-sex was always too big of a draw to Aaron, and when he buried his face into Spencer’s neck all he could smell was his lover. Aaron tried to make a shift to where he wasn’t fully on Spencer, but Spencer didn’t allow him to do that. Aaron chuckled and let himself settle there. Unless it hurt Spencer, Aaron was never going to deny him a single thing.

“We gotta get up at some point Spencer,” Aaron said.

“Yeah in a few hours when my muscles aren’t killing me,” Spencer answered back.

“Did I hurt you?” Aaron asked, and he tried to sit up, but Spencer’s fingers dug into the cuts that were still healing on Aaron’s back. Aaron stayed where he was.

“No, you didn’t hurt me. Running like a madman to get back here to get naked before you got here has my muscles aching a little. I just need to relax a little bit. You can tell me about the plans you have for the party you want to throw out here for our friends.”

“The call came down that I can read the whole team in on Shifters. JJ, Garcia, and Dave. Which do not ask me how that man has worked for so long in the BAU, from open to now and not know about them.”

“Max Ryan worked all cases that looked like it was going to be Shifters. Even though I was hiding what I was, I claimed it on my HR forms. The lady who walked me through it all said that in cases of profound abuse, they can do that. I had the scent of me to prove that I hadn’t shifted in a long time, so she saw no reason that anyone needed to know what I was. That was when Shifters were will very much taboo. I have heard JJ talking about hearing about them but nothing concrete. We have a BAU team that works Shifter cases that are pretty much known to be one from the get-go. What has changed?”

“Since over half of the team are Shifters now, I pushed to get this done. We are still going to focus on the bigger cases and the ones that have the most need, but this allows us to work all cases that had a big need and not have to shuffle a few off. Strauss also made the case that if I were injured like I was a few months ago and needed to stay in wolf form, it would not be good. I agree with that. There is a huge push for Shifters to come out nationwide and the FBI and the Supreme Court have been working on rules and regulations for that. I’ll probably be pulled in to deal with that.”

“Why you?”

“I am one of the higher rank Shifters in the FBI that is considered packless. I have your guys, and that’s it. I don’t have a huge pack that follows me. The guys and gals at the Hoover building have all formed a pack of sorts.” Aaron trailed his hand down Spencer’s side before he moved off to the side. He would have to clean the blankets they were on, but then that was part of the reason why he had a washer and a dryer there. The plumbing had to come a long distance, but the pressure was good, and the septic tank had been cleaned out recently. He would never live anywhere that there wasn’t running water.

“And they want rules that cover everything, and they want them fair.”

“Yes.” Aaron sighed and stood up before he held out his hand to Spencer. Spencer gamely took it and let Aaron pull him up. Spencer went with him toward the master bathroom. They were already naked, so it was just a matter of turning on the water. Aaron did that before he stepped out of the large stand-up shower and pulled Spencer to him for a bit of kissing before they both slipped into the shower.

“I love your hands on me,” Spencer said as Aaron grabbed the clean was that was hanging from the rack in the shower. Aaron got it wet and soaped it up before he used it on Spencer’s back. He could feel the tension in Spencer’s body, and he knew what it was about.

Aaron made quick work of washing off Spencer’s body before he handed the rag to Spencer to use on him. Aaron moved out of the direct spray so that Spencer could and so that Spencer wouldn’t have to fight with the water with the blood on his back. Spencer was careful and so damned gentle as he cleaned the wounds that on anyone else would have been gouges deep enough to probably need stitches. The smell of blood was slowly leaving, and just the scent of fresh water and them was left in its place. Hair was next. Usually, it was first but Aaron liked to get them clean before hands started to wander and with washing hair, hands always liked to wander.

“You don’t have to tell the team,” Aaron said.

“No, I will. If the rest of you guys are coming out from under the bed, then I will as well. It’s not fair, even if all of you would keep your mouths shut about me if I didn’t. I’ll adjust slowly, but I will not be a freak alone.”

“Never a freak,” Aaron said as he wrapped his arms around Spencer from behind. Spencer sighed and relaxed into his arms. Aaron loved this, being able to touch, to be around Spencer like this after holding off for so long because he had been afraid of revealing that part of himself to the younger genius. Aaron knew that it was never good to do that unless the person was willing and open. Spencer’s life was science, and there was no way to explain this in science, or at least the science that Aaron knew.

“Your freak just like you are my freak,” Spencer said, and his tone was fond.

“Always,” Aaron whispered across his skin. There was little for them to do the rest of the day except for laze in bed and maybe fuck again. Aaron was looking forward to it.

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