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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 3

Spencer felt the hand on his back, and he sighed. That meant that Aaron was waking up, even if Aaron was doing it by rote, he was no longer a dead weight at his side. Spencer buried his face into the pillows on the bed. He wiggled a little, and it made Aaron wrap himself around his body. Even after what seemed like a short time, Spencer knew Aaron well. It was near dawn, and that meant that Aaron was going to be waking up. Spencer had never really had a fully set sleep schedule. He went to bed at a regular time unless nightmares woke him up, but he didn’t keep the whole Shifter thing that if the sun was up, it was time to get up. Even a teenager when he felt the Shifter getting stronger and stronger inside of him, he hadn’t done that.

Shifting from one form to another was something that Spencer had only done when he couldn’t fight it. Now the wolf inside of him was strong and healthy, and Spencer’s world hadn’t ended. Still, Spencer was a little hesitant about telling the team. Most Humans had heard rumors of Shifters, especially law enforcement officers. After a rash of killings in the sixties at the hand of a pack that had gone insane, no cop anywhere couldn’t say they hadn’t heard about someone who was just that much different than them and was likely a Shifter. Most Humans thought it was the loners who were Shifters. The lone wolves of the world when it much more likely they were just plain humans.

“Morning,” Aaron said his voice a rumble at Spencer’s back.

“Morning.” Spencer turned his head to the side to kiss at Aaron’s arm as it slipped under his head, between head and pillow. Spencer wasn’t that shocked that Aaron wanted a cuddle. Aaron liked to cuddle and had adapted to the fact that Spencer didn’t always like to cuddle. It hadn’t been as hard as Spencer thought it would be.

“Your wolf is near full size,” Aaron said.

“Yes, I saw that when I looked at myself in the pond on the property. I didn’t think I would grow that fast.”

“You are an adult, and while it’s only been a short time that you have shifted since your teenage years, your Shifter side would grow fast, just like animals do.” Aaron wrapped an arm around Spencer’s stomach and started to tuck him into his body with the intention of starting something that would mean a change in the bed sheets. Aaron was already half hard against his ass cheeks.

The ring of Aaron’s phone had them both groaning. Spencer rolled to his front escaping Aaron’s hold, and he tried to go back to sleep so he could think it was all a dream. Aaron rolled over, never able to ignore the call but then Spencer never wanted him to.

“Hotchner,” Aaron answered even though they both knew who it was.

“Hotch, we have a case that’s probably going to get the green light for our team to take in a few hours. I had thought it was a case for Delacroix’s team, but I was wrong on that, and it was given to us.” JJ’s voice was soft, but Spencer’s hearing could pick it up given how close he and Aaron were in bed. Spencer didn’t react even though he wanted to run and escape. Even though he had already talked to Hotch about this, he was a little afraid that it had come so soon.

“Yes, I’m not shocked. The team is going to be taking a few of Delacroix’s team’s cases from now on out.”

“Oh, we have the clearance for that finally?”

“Yes. Gather the team at eh normal time.”

“I called you early because of the drive you have to get back from where you are. I know we were all kind of promised the downtime, but I don’t think that this case can wait.”

“No, it probably can’t.”

“You don’t even know what it is.”

“I’ll explain it all when we get into the round table room.”

“See you soon.”

“Yes.” Aaron hung up. He rolled to where he was plastered against Spencer’s back. His erection was gone. “We have a case. We need to get packed up and headed out. I’ll take the lady who checks on things for me, and she’ll come and get the perishables.”

“You do seem like you know the case.”

“Pack issue, and as much as can and will go into a place where there are issues, we still had to wit to be invited in on this one as it’s Shifters who are disappearing and being found brutalized and dead later. Delacroix and I have been watching the news about it. We knew what it was as soon as the first body was found. We both showered last night so we can head straight out. I’ll clean up some things if you can make us breakfast, something I can eat while driving.”

“The wraps that you like would be good. I can make us a few each, and we won’t have to stop and get anything anywhere. I think we still have those glasses of tea we picked up. I can fill those with something and then we shouldn’t have to get a drink anywhere either. I’ll wash them out.”

“Sounds good.” Aaron laid his face into the skin between Spencer’s shoulder blades. “I don’t want to go. We will come back and finish what we had planned here. I promise.”

“This case sounds horrific. I figure that Strauss will give us a few days after. Especially if we have to go after and kill the person doing the killing.”

Spencer got out of bed, sliding out from under Aaron. He knew that Aaron would never be the first to break their morning cuddle. He hated breaking it at any point in time much less first thing. He walked into the bathroom to shave and get ready for the day. He heard Aaron start to pack up things while he worked. Spencer was done in just a few minutes, nothing of his morning ritual was that long. Aaron though grew hair like a beast, so he had to carefully shave to make sure that he got as close as possible. Spencer usually liked watching him shave with the straight razor that he used, but today it would just lead to things that they did not have time for.

Breakfast was easy as the bacon was already cooked, so it just had to be warmed up. The bacon had been bought just for wraps like this. The eggs were the work of minutes on the stove. The tortillas warmed up and then everything was thrown in together before Spencer wrapped them up and laid them in a container to carry outside. He made sure that his clothes were all picked up and packed up.

Spencer looked at Aaron as they drove away from the farmhouse. Aaron was worried about the team’s reaction to everything. Hell, Spencer was as well, but this was more. Aaron probably had the plan to do it when they got back from the few days off the team had. Introduce the team to its ad work in the office or maybe on a typical case before they were sent on a case to chase the monsters that some Shifters became.

“So what do you know of the case?” Spencer asked.

“Very little other than then there are a few dead already racked up on it.” Aaron’s hands tightened on the steering wheel for a few seconds before he grabbed the first of the breakfast wraps.

Spencer knew a dodge when he saw it, but he had no clue why Aaron was dodging telling him about the case. Though Aaron was probably put out that his plans hadn’t gone according to plan. Aaron was rather upset when things changed on him in his personal life without enough warning. He was pretty fluid when it came to working but home life, he wasn’t that great.

Aaron’s phone rang halfway through the trip.

“Hotchner,” Aaron said as he accepted the call. The phone was on a clip on the dash and turned just enough to where Spencer couldn’t see who was calling. It was on speaker as Aaron never drove and tried to talk on the phone while using his hands.

“Hotch, I’ll have the jet ready to g after the brief,” JJ said.

“Good. And the rest of the team is coming in?” Aaron asked.

“Yes. The team will get here just about the same time as you.”

“Great. Anything change?”

“No, it’s still really early there. No more bodies have been found s of yet. I’ve been in contact with their precinct media liaison, and he’s keeping me well informed. Right now it’s the go-to point between the teams.”


“I’m shocked that you got Spence out into the woods,” JJ said.

Spencer felt his cheeks start to blush. While the team was aware of the relationship, as Rossi had to take over Spencer’s evaluations and everything, Spencer still felt weird talking about his relationship.

“I like the woods. It’s the beaches I don’t like,” Spencer said.

JJ laughed. “I’m at the office, and I have the files printed as they stand. Garcia will be hanging back and coming in about halfway through the flight. She’s going to try and get some more sleep given the time difference from here to the west coast.”

“Good. Delacroix’s analyst…Sofia is it?”

“Yes,” JJ and Spencer said at the same time.

“Have her on standby as well. We might need her for a few things.”

“Okay,” JJ said, and she sounded perplexed. “Garcia isn’t going to like that.”

“It has nothing to do with her technical skills. There is more that you will understand when I get into the office. If you would like I will call Sofia myself.”

“I can do it,” Spencer offered. He looked at the time on the dashboard of the SUV. “Yeah, she’ll be awake and just getting out of the shower from her morning run.”

“That’s fine,” Aaron said. He glanced at Spencer, just turning his head a little bit. There was a look there, but he didn’t ask. “Call if anything happens. We can always meet on the jet and talk.”

“Will do. Drive safe.” JJ hung up before Aaron could answer anything back.

“You know Sofia’s schedule that well?”

“She runs by my place every morning. I’ve met and talked to her some when I go down and pick up my papers. She was worried for a little while when I wasn’t home a lot. Then the rumors and then confirmation of our relationship made her not worry anymore. She was very shocked when she saw me the first time and smelled what I was. She took it well though and understood. Her pack wasn’t the greatest when she was growing up. One of the ones that don’t like the females to take part in anything.”

“I hate those packs.” Aaron reached over and gripped Spencer’s knee, giving it a little shake. He grabbed the last of the wraps that were pretty well cold at that point and ate it anyway.

Spencer was glad of that. He had worried when Aaron hadn’t eaten his fill at the start of the trip. Whatever was going on in Aaron’s head was calm at this point. Spencer could also understand why he wanted Sofia to help Garcia. Garcia was going to need the help as Shifters did not profile like regular people.

The rest of the drive was silent, Aaron taking Spencer’s hand and joining them to rest on the middle console area.

When they entered the bullpen, Spencer saw that Morgan and Prentiss were nervous. They looked at Spencer with a little bit of apprehension.

“Hotch, Rossi is already in the round table room,” JJ said as she crossed the upper area from Aaron’s office to the room.

Aaron started right for the round table room, and Spencer stopped at his desk long enough to drop his messenger bag there and grab his notepad and his favorite pen. He was the last into the room, and when he sat down, he felt all eyes on him, even Rossi and JJ’s.

“Okay, what’s the elephant in the room?” Sofia asked as she looked around.

“I’ll get to that in a few minutes.” Aaron hadn’t taken a seat yet.

“The FBI has been the forefront of a secret arm of the justice system for this country since it was formed.” Aaron looked at Sofia. “It’s going to be your job to teach Garcia about all of this. I think she would hear it better from you instead of me.”

“You got it, Hotch.”

“There is a branch of humans that have evolved on a much different path than regular humans,” Aaron went on to explain. He turned to Prentiss. “Your form is much better for the space we are in, but if you would rather not, I can shift.”

“No, it’s fine. Morgan an I figured it would be me.” Prentiss dropped from sight for a few seconds before she jumped up onto the table in bobcat form.

There were no screams from JJ or from Rossi. Which was kind of a feat, Spencer thought.

“Prentiss is a bobcat, Morgan is a Grizzly bear while Reid and I are wolves.”

“That explains a lot of issues I had with Max over the years,” Rossi said.

“Yes, most of the cases that he didn’t ask for help on even though he probably needed it was because he was keeping this a secret. Delacroix’s team had been the BAU Shifter unit for a while however since it’s been found out that over half of this team are Shifters, I was allowed to bring you all up to speed on the shadowy parts.”

“But you have all been on this team for years,” Rossi said.

“I was hiding,” Spencer said. he didn’t look up at anyone and instead just kept his eyes down on the paper in front of him. “I had a lot of issues growing up with the Shifters in my pack. I didn’t like a lot of how I was treated. There are ways to hide what you are and those can be got into in much greater detail either on the flight or after the case.”

“Sure,” Rossi said.

Spencer knew the tone meant that he wasn’t going to let it go, but Spencer didn’t really care on that.

“I think that Reid, the issues are going to have to be talked about as far as why you didn’t like your pack in detail before this case is over,” Morgan said.

“Why?” Spencer asked as he looked up.

“How many packs are in the area of Las Vegas?” Aaron asked.

“The last that I knew and cared to know it was three large packs that split up the city as well as the suburbs and then I think four medium packs. The smaller ones are unknown.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Large packs are more than fifty, medium ten to forty-nine while small art under ten. This pack that has formed has four, so we are considered small. That is why DC and most of the areas around it are considered packless. Due to the nature of the people that move around inside of DC and especially the law enforcement agents that call this home, make it hard to have any kind of pack form. There is no official pack, but small packs have formed and control no area at all. Even the small packs will get together to do runs and things like that usually with the family of the pack that is humans.”

“There is a lot of history, and you can pick Reid’s brain on that later.”

“Why did you want to know about Vegas?” Spencer asked.

“Because that is where we are going. Someone is hunting, kidnapping, torturing, and dumping Shifters from all three packs that run the greater part of Vegas.”

Spencer felt his gut clench, and he felt his flight or fight response kick up. He was safe though, Aaron, Morgan, and Prentiss would make sure that he was safe.

“What are the names of the packs?” Spencer asked. He grabbed the files that were in the middle of the table. He flipped through the photos inside to look at the victims. He knew only one of them.

“There is the O’Halloran pack, the Lighthouse pack, and the-“

“Shea pack,” Spencer said. He knew the victim was from it. He looked back at the file and read between the lines. “This is not the correct file.”

“No, I was going to have us work off of it and have Sofia print us the more detailed file for the flight to Vegas. Which pack was yours?”

“Shea but back then it was Reid pack. My uncle lost control of the pack and was killed in the fight to be a leader when I was two. When my father left mother and me, I was shunned from the pack, and the Lighthouses and O’Hallorans did nothing even though they claimed that they were welcoming and not like the Sheas. Given the brutality of the attacks, I would say that it’s not one of the medium packs working as a whole. They would have had something else happen with another member. So this has to be a small pack working as a whole. I could even be s few as three members.”

“I agree,” Sofia said.

“We are wheels up in twenty minutes,” Aaron said after he glanced at his watch. He looked at Morgan and Prentiss before looking at Spencer out of the corner of his eye. “I do not mean this as a slight to either of you, Dave, JJ but I will not allow Spencer to be alone at any point in the case without another Shifter close by. I do not know the reaction that the Sheas will have to him.”

“That’s understandable,” Rossi said.

JJ just nodded her agreement to it and gave Spencer a smile.

Spencer was going home, and this time, he was going to smell like he was a Shifter. This time anyone that he crossed paths with would know. There was also the fact that he would have to meet with someone from each of the packs to talk about land disputes and various things for the geographic profile. Spencer wasn’t sure that he was ready for this, but he would do his damned best.

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  1. Ooohhh, the plot thickens. I’m so glad that Hotch has done so much work with Reid and his wolf so he’s healthy and strong and the wolf is grown and more comfortable with his wolf nature. Nervous, but hopeful is my attitude right now. ;) Thanks so much!

  2. Love that Emily is a bobcat.
    Proud of Spencer. He’s being so brave.
    Thank you

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