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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 5

Spencer knew that he was letting anger rule him at the moment, but unlike the other Shifters in the room, Spencer didn’t have a chance of shifting while he was pissed off.

“I would rather never have to set a single foot on any of the pack lands in the area, Jake. I would rather never see you or anyone in your pack again, but here I am because I am a good agent. I don’t get to pick who I protect, but I was asked to come here and find the person who is killing pack members. I do my job, and I do it to the best of my ability every single time. I don’t let personal issues cloud the work that I do.”

“Doctor Reid,” someone else said.

Spencer turned around to look at them, and he knew that he knew that face. He was going through his memories of school before he saw the name on the shirt and realized that it was one of the officers he had worked with on the last case he and the team had in Vegas. “Officer Clemmons.”

“Oh, you remember me.”

“It wasn’t that long ago, and with my memory, I remember a lot more than most people.” Spencer looked at Shea for a second to make sure that he wasn’t moving toward him. Then he looked back at Clemmons and saw that the man had a cup in his hand. It looked like it had cream in it.

“Here is coffee. I remember how you liked it. You look better, happier than last time you were here.”

“You were here and didn’t tell the pack?” Shea demanded.

“I actually don’t have to tell anyone where I go. I’m a Federal Agent who works, and no FBI agent actually has to declare where they go for work. You should know this.” Spencer reached out and took the cup of coffee from Clemmons. Spencer gave him a smile, and the man nodded before going back to his desk. Spencer could see the file there and knew that Clemmons was one of the locals working on the case.

Shea looked really ruffled. He looked at the members of the pack before looking back at Spencer. “I demand you prove where you were.”

“Well, he really only needs to prove where he was for one of them,” Morgan said. He looked at Aaron before he looked back at Shea. “But he was on cases for each of the cases. This whole team was. You can take that up with our Section Chief if you would like. I can get her number for you.”

“That won’t be needed,” the Captain said as he stepped between Shea and Spencer, he looked pissed off but not at Spencer. He actually looked a little fond of Spencer. He held out his hand for a handshake. Spencer didn’t like to do that but still, he shook the man’s hands, and he realized that he was a Shifter. “I’m a pack of one, Doctor Reid. I’ve never had one and have clawed my way up the hierarchy of the Vegas PD. This whole station knows about Shifters and we kind of cover the entire city on Shifter related crimes as well as this small area on regular crimes. I refuse to damage the relationship that I have with the FBI on a whim of a pack leader who refuses to admit to doing anything wrong.”

“I will not allow him on any of my lands and will have a kill on sight order up for him.”

“Then no agent of mine will set foot on your land,” Aaron said. He sounded very much like he was glaring at Shea, but Spencer didn’t turn around to look. “We will work the case based on the case as it stands for Lighthouse and O’Halloran packs. It will take us longer. So far there are six dead. That means that if the person or persons doing this stick to the rotation they have, it’s your pack that’s up again.”

Shea looked a little green around the gills at that, and the rest of his pack that was with him looked like they were pissed at what Shea was doing. Spencer wondered how many were going to challenge him when the time was done. Leaders didn’t last long when they started to make decisions that went against what was best for the pack as a whole. Spencer also wondered what kind of stink was going to happen when the pack figured out what had happened to him. He didn’t care too much and hoped that the fallout happened after he was gone from the state. He wanted nothing to do with the pack at all. Even the friends he used to have on it. No one that he knew of questioned anything that had happened that year.

“We accept the BAU’s help,” O’Halloran said as he stepped up. He was older than Spencer remembered, but his eyes were still kind. It made Spencer want to turn around and dismiss the man. Spencer had gone to him personally, but the man had rejected him. Lighthouse hadn’t even given him the time of day. Spencer hated these men. He hated who they were and what they stood for. Forgiveness wasn’t something that he was going to give them. It wasn’t like they were going to ask for either.

“Yes,” Lighthouse said as he nodded at O’Halloran. “The BAU will have access to anyone that they want and everything that they need to figure out who is doing this.”

“The first thing that we need is the listing of all members of your packs that have been removed or left of their own free will over the past forty years.”

“Especially anyone who was pushed out,” Spencer said. He was looking at Shea has he said it.

“What about the whelps mother?” Shea demanded.

The Captain looked at Shea like he wanted to slap him in the face. Spencer kind of agreed with that.

“My mother is locked away where she can do no harm to anyone but herself. If you go looking for her, you will be killed,” Spencer said.

“Did you just threaten me?” Shea asked.

“No, he didn’t,” Aaron said. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, it seemed, as Aaron stepped up to be level with Spencer. “The facility that she is in has a strict policy that all Shifters who are on the grounds have to be escorted, and you would never be allowed into the facility, and they do have a shoot on sight order for all Shifters that do not go through the normal procedures to get in there. I was greeted in the same fashion the last time that I was here. Agent Reid is the only Shifter that is allowed through the doors without an escort. I know this because I joined him there in our last case in the area at one point. I was escorted through while he had none.”

“They got rid of mu escort years ago. It was a waste as I have never done anything. Captain, where is the room where we can set up? I need to get started if we are only working with the raw data from the first and fourth victims.”

“This way Doctor Reid,” the Captain raised his hand and pointed Spencer in a direction that Spencer could see held several rooms. There was one already set up with a whiteboard. There was also a lot of office supplies in there that Spencer would use instead of his own. He would make sure that JJ didn’t get them from the SUV.

Spencer entered the room and stopped in his perusal of the area when he heard the door shut. He turned around to see that the Captain was still in the room. “Yes?”

“I wasn’t aware of the issues surrounding what happened back then. I was a lot lower on the food chain, but I heard of the issues over the pack changing hands. There are laws on the books fro Vegas, the Shifter laws that would allow you, even now to take them to court.”

“It’s not worth it. My mother and I made it out, and I doubt that they did it to anyone else. I was the only Reid in the pack. If I had been older or stronger, I could have seen it. I could see where he feared me and threw me out because of that. No one would ever see me leading a pack.”

“Still they did leave you in the hands of a person who was unable to care for you. Your father could also have a lot happen to him. If you wanted to go that route.”

“I want to think about him even less. He may think that what he did was for the best, but it wasn’t.”

“Well, if you change your mind, my men would do it. There are no Shifters on my unit that have packs. Lone wolves as they said.”

“Actual wolves?”

“One of them. Another is a leopard. We are a very varied unit. I know that the Sheas are all foxes. They are still pure in their eyes.”

“Yeah, that’s the other reason I was pushed out. I’m a wolf. My mother’s Shifter genes were stronger than my father’s, so she won out on that.”

“A wolf among the foxes. I can see that also being an issue.”

The door opened, and Prentiss slipped into the room with a box of case files. Spencer pointed at where he wanted it, and she set it down before grabbing a few and settling in to read them, one eye on the files and another on the Captain.

“Clemmons is one of the first Detectives on the scenes once it was figured out the victim was a Shifter. He’ll be working very closely with your team.”

“Good. I like him. He’s a good officer.”

“That’s why after he took and passed his exam a month ago I snatched him up. I get picks of people, especially when they are not Shifters from a Shifter family. He was shoved off into foster care by his father after he was found out that he was never going to shift. I was glad to have him.”

“From the Shea pack?” Prentiss asked.

“Yes. There is a lot wrong with that pack but as of right now not a single one of them has done enough for the board pack to come in and fix shit.”

“Would me coming forward help?” Spencer asked.

“No. It was too long ago, and I have found no evidence of other instances. With you being a Reid it could be easy to pass it off like that. I will start to look into situations like yours though and see if there is evidence of abuse. If I can show it going back as far as Shea taking over yes it might be a good thing for you to come forward.”

“Then I will. If I can make sure that Shea is ousted, I will do it. I hate being there and being on display but if it will stop it happening again, if it has, then I gladly will.” Spencer looked at the board and then back at the Captain. “I need to get started, and I do better with no one distracting me.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you, Doctor Reid.” The Captain tipped his head in a nod and then left the room.

Spencer looked at Prentiss for a few seconds before he turned back to the board. There was a lot to be done before Spencer could even think about going and visiting any of the pack lands. He had a lot of reading as well.

“Hey, Spence,” JJ said a long time later.

Spencer pulled himself from the file he was reading and looked to see that it had been two hours. JJ had a file in her hands. It was a damned thick file. Spencer wondered what it was. He looked to see that Morgan was in the room instead of Prentiss this time. He had not noticed the changeover. “Yes, JJ?”

“I have a file here on the issues that involve any pack members from all packs that are recognized by the local cops. The Captain said that he compiled this himself for you. Clemmons called it light reading. The Captain looked at him shocked until he saw you reading through the files in here. He was a little shocked. Though that also made Shea look in here and he was pissed. His second still hasn’t arrived as he is dealing with the family of the deceased and trying to get them in here. O’Halloran and Lighthouse families are on their way. Hotch said that you can do whatever you want as far as these things go.”

“I’m going to be here at least another two hours, and then it will be meal break, so after that, I’ll work on something else as I think I need to not be caged up here.” Spencer held out his hand for the file and set it aside for when he was done with what they had as far as a geographic profile.”

“Would Hotch have done that?” JJ asked.

“What?” Spencer asked.

“Dismissed most of the data from the Shea killings?”

“Yes. While he said that he would have not interviewed a single person from that pack. While it seems counterproductive to what we are supposed to be doing, it’s actually the best technique when dealing with more than one pack. O’Halloran and Lighthouse would have had to have stepped up to force him to take part so that their packs don’t rebel. It’s playing them against each other, and while they all knew that Hotch was doing it, there was nothing they could do.” Spencer looked out into the bullpen to see that Prentiss and Aaron were talking to a few officers while Rossi was nowhere to be seen. Spencer frowned at the scene until Rossi came back from somewhere with Clemmons and a tray of coffee was being held by the two of them, each. Clemmons came into the room with Spencer and looked at the cups before handing over one to Spencer. He settled down the tray after picking up one and walking it over to Morgan.

“Agent Jareau, Agent Rossi has yours.”

“Who are the other two for?” JJ asked.

“Agent Hotchner had me get a mocha latte for Doctor Reid as well as a chai latte and an herbal tea for later.”

“Thanks, Detective Clemmons.” Spencer took a sip of his mocha and latte and sighed as it was from one of his favorite places. Spencer knew that Aaron was waiting for him to figure out what they needed to do next. Usually, there were not so many bodies, so it was quicker, but Spencer also had to worry about the pack lines and various things like that. It made for setting the geographic profile an arduous task. Spencer was up for the challenge. He knew that once he had set it and they had something to work with, Aaron was going to put him in the field. It was the only way to show that Aaron saw him as a full-fledged agent. Aaron calling him agent to Shea was a strategic thing. Men like Shea only looked at power as something to be cared about, and a doctor was something that anyone could do but becoming an agent, only the best did that, so that meant that he had something that was to be looked at. Spencer knew that he was going to be in the field more as well as all of the team referring to him more than normal. He was up for the task though.

The door opened again a little bit later, and the rest of the team piled in as well as Clemmons.

“Captain made me the lead on our side. Agent Hotchner invited me in for this.”

“It’s always a good thing to have locals help us on cases, no matter how little. It helps stop the thing that we are taking over. In this case, we are because it’s three packs and your Captain doesn’t want the headache of dealing with them.” Spencer looked at Aaron and saw him giving him a supportive smile. Spencer felt good doing this. Being the lead. It was so rare that he was anywhere that he felt like he wanted to be but in this case, it would go better for everything. It might not make it easy, but it would keep Shea on his toes.

“No one does. I volunteered for this. The other detectives are working on other cases. They are needed for those. I was one of the ones on this, and my partner-” Clemmons looked out into the bullpen at a man before he looked back at Spencer. “My partner is one of the ones that has been thrown from Shea pack for questioning Shea himself when he was meting out what he calls justice.”

“Sounds like we have a really big issue with the Shea back in general,” Rossi said.

“The Captain is looking into more cases like mine, and I will be stepping up to bring charges against the pack if it’s found they did it to other people. I’m not going to be talking to the Captain about that until the end of the case though. I don’t want my focus split.”

“You know I would help with that. On the court side of things. I have the qualifications to work as a lawyer across all the fifty states,” Aaron offered.

“We have a lot of issues with Shea pack,” Clemmons offered.

“That’s an understatement,” Morgan said as he looked at the file that was on the table where Spencer had finished reading it. “I heard that most of the issues with a pack are with Shea trying to be a bully.”

“Shea and his pack are full of bullies. There had been families leave the pack instead of leaving a child behind when it shown that a child was not going to be a Shifter. Most packs use those to keep the genes strong paring them off with strong Shifters. Shea casts them out. I was put up for foster care, my father went by all legal means and a family that had left the pack years before took me in. I was raised like their own. I went on runs in the public areas with the family. Shea tried a few times to shame the other families who took in kids that were taken care of legally, but the foster system stepped in on cases a few times. When the first body showed up, not a single officer in this unit was shocked. Actually no I take that back. We were shocked it hadn’t happened before now. So where do we start.”

“With what we know,” Aaron said, and he waved at Spencer to start to talk.

Spencer knew that Clemmons’ head was going to spinning when he was done, but he was okay with that. Clemmons would learn, and it would be a good lesson for him.

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  2. Plot’s really heating up. Good read.

  3. Nimue of the North

    You created a real piece of shit with Shea, the idiot. I love how Spencer isn’t rising to his provocations and Aaron just lets Shea run himself off the field.

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