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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 7

“This is a very unusual dump site,” Morgan said as he stepped over to the swimming pool where the second victim had been found. Spencer was across the pool from him looking out into the streets that surrounded it. He was listening to his team members, but he was also thinking about a lot of other things.

“You have no idea,” Spencer said.

“What?” Aaron asked. He was crouched at the edge of the pool looking down into it.

“This land doesn’t touch any of the three lands of the large pack, but this does butt the area of two of the medium pack’s lands. This pool is neutral grounds for every pack in the city, but it’s monitored by two medium packs. The body was dumped after the lifeguards had arrived to work and they were getting changed or things set up in the office. No one heard the dump or anyone walking past the bathrooms, which there were at least one male and one female in them.” Spencer turned to head back to the pool that had been drained to be cleaned and then filled again. The blood had gotten into the water pumping system, so there was no way to not to clean it all. The lifeguards had been shocked as hell and then only after the body was stuck against a water intake area did one even think about shutting off the flow of water. It had been interesting to read the report, but the sight had been horrific to the lifeguards. None of them had ever seen a dead body before, and Spencer felt sad about the fact that they couldn’t claim that anymore.

“The UnSub knows what they are doing,” Aaron said as he stood out of his crouch. He was looking around. “There are several points of entry if they are limber enough and we know we are dealing with a Shifter. The smell of chlorine would mask the Shifter smell, and the body holds no evidence. We have a few ways of getting anything else from the bodies and just like the others before this one, they play with the whole city.”

“Which is either someone from the large pack trying to lay claim to everything everywhere or it’s a person from a small pack that can slip around unnoticed,” Spencer pointed out.

“Yes. It’s going to be near impossible to track them like this.”

Aaron phone went off, and Spencer turned to look at him, watching as he looked at the screen with an interesting look on his face. “The UnSub has upped their game. We have a new set of bodies.”

“Set of bodies?” Morgan asked.

“Yes, three of them. We are waiting on identification on what packs they are from.”

“What are the names?” Spencer asked.

“Carlos Valdez, Marie Holmes, and Vicky Slater.”

“That’s one from each pack unless I’m mistaken.”

“Reid?” Morgan asked.

“I knew their parents or of them. They were all clients of my father’s on various things. Father was a damned good lawyer, and he served all packs as that is what his firm did. Where were they found? Why did it take so long to tell us?”

“According to Dave the police were just called and arrived on scene. They weren’t’ sure since there were three bodies, but they were left in the water.” Aaron looked at his watch on his wrist before looking up. “A local play area that has a kid area that has water running in it. It’s one of those splash places? Not more than about half an inch of water on the ground but there are buckets that dump it and such. Staff had turned it on while they got the inside going to allow the water could get warmed up and such. As with here, didn’t notice much at all until the blood started to be dumped out of the buckets.”

“Did any?” Morgan didn’t say more than that.

“No. There were no kids present at the time. There could have been Dave says as one of the staff brings her daughter with her until the bus picks him up. Are we done here?” Aaron asked as he looked at Spencer.

“Yes. Let’s head to the new dump site.”

Spencer used Aaron’s phone to find the address before he put it into his phone to look up the name of the place and such. It was something that was newer, meaning there shouldn’t be a lot of significance to the UnSub.

“Hotch,” Spencer said as they were about halfway to the new dump site. “We didn’t know anyone was missing.”

“Prentiss and Clemmons are looking into that.”

“And this place is only four years old, and there are no hits in the newspapers for the area beside the fact that it was open and doing well. There are no deaths, no lawsuits or anything that I can find. Garcia or Sofia can do a deeper search.”

“Four years? So it’s not like the other places that have been here for a long time. This place can’t hold significance like the UnSub lost a child or anything like that,” Morgan said as he leaned up between the seats to look at both Spencer and Aaron.

“Exactly so we can assume that none of the places hold value outside of the water used to get rid of smell and evidence.”

“Yes, which means any place that has treated water with chemicals to stop water stagnation and the like will be a target. We were wrong though that just Shea was up next. This was a hit on all three.” Spencer read the text that had been sent to all of them from Sofia.

“Garcia confirmed?” Aaron asked.

“Her or Sofia. It’s Sofia that has texted. I’m texting her that I need a list of all places that have fountains, murals, anything with treated running water. There might be a pattern I do not see with the other places like ponds and stuff thrown in. I’ll narrow the list when we get back to the station. I’ll stay there with Prentiss going forward. I need to think and moving around isn’t helping.”

“Whatever you want.” Aaron laid his hand down on Spencer’s knee.

The sight of the dump site was sickening to Spencer. The other places were after most of the blood and such had been cleaned up, but the whole area was covered in watery blood as well as the three bodies. It was horrific that so much had been drained from the victims. Seeing it like this told Spencer that the hate against the packs was huge. He could see why Shea would think that it was Spencer. If Spencer actually hated the packs. He didn’t. He didn’t care about them at all really, he had no fucks to give on what they did or how they went about their lives, outside of harming others.

“I’m going to call Prentiss and have her come and get me,” Spencer said.

“Are you sure?” Aaron asked.

The trio of them had been at the crime scene for two hours, CSU had already been to collect the bodies ad the blood was being collected as much as possible. Spencer would go to the ME’s after the bodies had been processed and the prelim report was done.

“I have seen what I need, and now I need to play with my maps.”

One of the officers who was keeping people out laughed at that.

“I can take him,” Clemmons said as he stepped up. “Prentiss sent me with a file that she found for Doctor Reid anyway.”

“Hotch?” Spencer asked.

“Text as soon as you are in the station,” Aaron said.

Spencer nodded and waved at Clemmons to lead the way. Clemmons settled into the driver’s seat of the unmarked car and waited for Spencer to settle down into his seat. He saw that there was a cup of something in each holder.

“I also got you an iced chai latte. That way in case the scene was too much you could drink it later,” Clemmons said.

Spencer looked at him out of the corner of his eye. Clemmons was nice, almost too nice and Spencer just wasn’t used to that outside of the team. He almost wanted to say something about the fact that he had someone, but he stopped when he saw the little sticker on Clemmons dash. It was a peace symbol that was colored in the asexual colors.

“Ace?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. I’m very, very happy alone at the moment. I don’t have enough of a handle on me yet to even attempt to add anyone else into this.”

“I understand that. If it weren’t for the fact that my partner is the reason I even touched my Shifter side again, I wouldn’t be trying to start a relationship while adjusting to the new way that I look at myself. He’s helped me more just by being there than I thought he would.”

“I can’t shift, but I guess I just don’t understand why you would want to not shift.”

“I wasn’t ever going to be the Shifter that my family wanted, meaning my pack, so I didn’t care. Shifting is what caused all of the issues to begin with. It’s the bane of my life before this. I hated that part of myself a little bit because it was another thing that set me apart and I could get rid of it and live a happy life I was too smart, too everything braininess for my father. I wasn’t male enough, Shifter enough for him. So I cut off that part of me, and I embraced my braininess.” Spencer saw the station up in front, and there was a small pack of Sheas standing outside of it smoking.

“Don’t worry, we are going around to the back. It’s the entrance that they can’t use but you can as visiting law enforcement. Prentiss should meet us out there.”

“Good.” Spencer unbuckled and started to get out when the pack of Sheas came around the building. Clemmons shot out of the car as fast as possible.

“This is a restricted area and only law enforcement and visiting law enforcement are allowed back here. You had to pass three different signs warning you of that.” Clemmons drew his gun and aimed it at the lead man coming around toward Spencer’s side of the car. Spencer just opened the door and got out. That gave the Shea pack man a little pause. He stopped and looked at Spencer with a little bit of wariness.

“We just want to have a private discussion with the Feeb here.”

“And I have nothing to say to you,” Spencer said. He drew his gun and aimed it. “This is a restricted area, and according to the sign you passed intruders will be shot on sight.”

“You ain’t going to shoot us.”

“He might, but I think I’ll get my bullet in first,” the Captain said.

All three of the Shea men turned around to see the Captain and four other officers on the side of the line that marked restricted access.

“Get out, and if you step foot on my grounds again, I’ll shoot first and ask questions later, at least until this case is done. You have zero reasons to be back here. If you wanted to talk to him, you need to talk to him inside of the station house when he deems that he can based on the case that he is working.”

“This isn’t over,” the one man said before he and his two other pack mates turned to leave.

“That’s a good idea. Be prepared for a court summons on trespassing.”

The three men didn’t react at all, but Spencer figured that they might even ignore it.

“Vegas has a burgeoning Shifter court,” the Captain said.

“Really?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Shifter judge, jury pools. Shea has had little to do with it, but Lighthouse and O’Halloran had been beacons in that. Federal help has been rendered on getting it up and running. Each state will be getting on soon it seems. New York and LA’s have been up and running for a year. DC is far behind due to its status as a no pack zone.”

“I’ll have to talk to Hotch about it. It sounds interesting.”

“I have a copy of the paperwork we were sent about it all. Since I’m the local head of the police force line of Shifters.”

“It’s headed to full reveal isn’t it?” Spencer asked.

“We think so. It’s estimated about half of the country knows about them but keep it secret. It’s only a matter of time until it’s countrywide knowledge and then the rest of the world will have to follow.”

“Fear is a powerful tool and the fear that your blabbing will hurt someone stops a lot of regular Humans from talking about it.”

“This is very, very true.”

Spencer followed Clemmons inside as the Captain stayed outside to do something. Spencer pulled his phone as soon as he was in the room with Prentiss and texted Aaron the issue that had come up. Aaron was not going to be happy, but it had been resolved without someone shooting off their gun. Spencer had been prepared to fire though if Clemmons did.

“You okay?” Prentiss asked as Spencer dropped down into his chair in front of the board.

“Yes. Shea’s pack tried to corner me but Clemmons was there, and the Captain helped shove them off. I don’t understand why the hell Shea would be that afraid of me. I’m not a threat to anything of his. I want nothing to do with his pack. I hate his pack for the pain it caused me, but I got over that a long time ago. And we’ve got more bodies and nothing makes sense. The dump sites are just countermeasures to make sure that no one can smell whoever dumps the bodies. That last one was a bloodbath.”

Prentiss started to laugh, and it took Spencer a few seconds to figure out what made her laugh. He ticked over the words and found it and allowed himself to chuckle.

“So what do you have on the plan?” Prentiss asked.

“Figuring out the pattern to the dump sites. Do we have the kidnap locations?”

“Not all of them. We have it for one, Slater. The other two no one knows. It seems they were taken in the night and tortured and killed before being dumped early this morning. Garcia is trying to track them digitally while a few officers are trying to figure out who saw them last and when.”

“This case…seems random but I don’t think that any of it is random. None of the dump sites are beholden to any one single pack, big or medium. It’s near impossible to track small packs and their areas. This town smells of Shifters, and that’s because it’s got such a large population density of them. Vegas has the third highest destiny in the country. New York and LA are just above with LA being the highest.”

“So that’s slowing us down. Well, I’m going over the reports that were typed up from the interviews. I’ll chime in with anything I think you need to know and then we can go from there while you play with your maps.”

Spencer turned to pay attention to the maps. Trying to see the points he was missing. Garcia texted him points on the map that was just chemically treated water but also public and he marked them in red leaving the other things like ponds and such as blue. He also marked swimming pools that were private in light blue and sky blue was anything that was private and chemical but not pools. The map was horrible looking. It was covered in a lot of pins, and Spencer knew that he was missing something, but he wasn’t sure what it was. It was either small, and he wasn’t seeing the tree for the forest, or it was large, and he wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees.

“Hey,” a voice said.

Spencer turned to see that it was Aaron standing in the doorway with a brown paper bag of food.

“There is a park across the street, and the team is eating lunch there. Let’s go.”

“Sure.” Spencer stood up, stretching out his body from being stuck in a single position. He looked to see that Prentiss was getting up as well. Spencer linked his arm with hers as they exited the room. There were a lot of cops around, but it was near the time when some were coming back to take care of action reports and the others to grab a bite to eat.

Morgan was already eating one of three burgers that he had on the table in front of him when they got out there. Aaron settled a box of food in front of Spencer and inside were sweet potato fries, two onion rings, and a bacon and cheese cheeseburger. It smelled wonderful. Breakfast felt like such a long time ago with the dump sites, new dump site, and maps taking up Spencer’s brain. He looked at the time and saw that it was two in the afternoon. He was shocked that so much time had gone by.

“So, why did they want to talk to you?” JJ asked, looking at Spencer.

“I have no clue. I really don’t. They can’t be scared of me right?”

“Unless they are scared you are going to press charges on Shea for abandoning you and forcing others to do the same. That could ruin his pack with the new court system here in town,” Aaron said.

“Yes, I had no clue that there was even a Shifter court coming into play.”

“It’s new. It will be mostly staffed by the same people, but it will allow for Shifters to have Shifters being a part of It all from judges to juries. Humans, unless they have been around us a long time don’t do well at understanding our drives. Humans who grow up in packs do better, and they will also be a part of it. Shifters will have to reveal what they are when it all goes live for the whole country, but most have a way of doing that anyway, especially when it comes to medical. The medical side will follow not long after. There are too many of us for the government to just wipe us out and with the blood being more and more diluted and more Humans mating with Shifters, it’s going to be not long before it’s going to be become a more open secret.”

“We go places, and I see it,” Prentiss said. She pointed with a fry at the air above. “I mean here. They have a whole station devoted to making sure that Shifters are kept in line. New York had a few squads spread throughout. Most law enforcement know that need t know. It’s already an open secret, it’s just most Humans are very, very unaware of what’s going on around them.”

“You aren’t kidding on that,” Rossi said.

The discussion turned to slightly nicer topics after that and Spencer was able to just relax and let his mind float around on whatever it wanted. Then it would be back to the grind.

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