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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Going home is never easy, especially when you never really wanted to go home again in the first place, the last time had been enough. Spencer Reid doesn't want to go home to Las Vegas to see his pack. Last time he had skirted under the radar. This time it would be impossible since he smelled like a Shifter.

Part 8

Aaron watched as Spencer rolled over in bed. It was their second morning after a night in Vegas and Spencer was sleeping, but he wasn’t sleeping well. He was sleeping well enough that Aaron wasn’t worried yet, not enough to do anything drastic but he had slipped into Spencer’s bed halfway through the night. He reached out and laid his hand over Spencer’s back, spreading his fingers out to touch the most total area of Spencer’s back. Spencer settled down quickly with just that single touch. It was always a good feeling to Aaron that Spencer trusted him that much. After years of fearing Shifters, that Spencer could trust as Shifter that much showed that he mainly just feared the Shifters that were from where he lived before. He was still wary around new Shifters, especially on the base but nearly every single Shifter that was there on base understood what it meant that he is an adult and just now smelling like a Shifter.

Spencer was the smartest man that Aaron knew, but sometimes he got too lost in his head for things that were the only reason that Aaron didn’t like him being without another Shifter from the team with him. Aaron would hate to have to have an entire pack censured about something like cornering Spencer when he was lost in his head while trying to figure out something.

The night had been spent a little off because there was something bothering Spencer about the locations of the dump sites across the city, but it was elusive to him. Aaron wasn’t sure if he was pushing himself too much or there just wasn’t enough data. Aaron hoped that today spent reading over the files that had anything to do with small Shifter packs needing help or needing reined in would help to settle him. The Captain had been compiling them all so that Spencer knew everything that they did. Spencer loved paper trails more than was normal, and the whole team knew it. Aaron found it cute.

“You should be sleeping,” Spencer said as he turned his head to look at Aaron. He was wearing a smile on his face and looked utterly adorable to Aaron with his sleep-mussed hair and the tired look on his face.

“Not really, I got enough sleep. I just haven’t wanted to get of bed.” Aaron leaned over and nuzzled his nose into the side of Spencer’s neck before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “You’ve been tossing and turning again, so I wanted to make sure that you got enough sleep. It’s not a hardship to lay in bed and touch you.”

“Well, if you don’t want to have to do something else then you should probably stop touching me.”

“Oh really?” Aaron asked. He pulled his hand back, slowly. He even let his fingers dig in slightly as he let his hand fall down to the bed, nails raking down Spencer’s side. He flipped his hand over and wiggled it under Spencer’s side before using it to roll Spencer onto his back. Spencer was closer to Aaron’s side of the bed and the middle than anywhere else. Aaron crawled over him and settled on his hands and knees over his body.

The both of them were already naked, they didn’t usually sleep with many clothes on at all, and it was warm in Vegas which meant that clothing made them sweat, even with the air on in the room. Aaron grabbed the sheet and pulled over his body before he laid down in the V made by Spencer’s legs with a little shuffling to get Aaron on the inside. Aaron kissed Spencer’s lips when he was close enough. They weren’t going to do anything too strenuous, but Aaron was very okay with a little rubbing and grinding. He heard Spencer fumbling for the bottle of lube that Aaron had slipped on the shelf of the nightstand by Spencer’s side of the bed.

“If we do this, you have to promise to try and get a little more sleep,” Aaron whispered across Spencer’s lips before he started to brush his lips back and forth across Spencer’s lips.

“I promise,” Spencer said. He wiggled his hand down to slick up both of their cocks.

“I’ll clean you up, and then we can shower to get rid of the smell of sex after you wake up. I’ll stay in bed with you while you try and sleep.”

“The people who clean the rooms will know. At least one of them is a Shifter. I can smell them.” Spencer lunged up and kissed Aaron, not letting him answer.

Aaron kept up the kissing, rutting their bodies together. Spencer wrapped an arm around Aaron’s waist, and his knees tightened. Aaron knew exactly what he was about to do and he wasn’t going to stop him. Spencer flipped them on the bed, the move smooth and controlled. His training with Morgan and on occasion Prentiss to use the muscles he was putting on his body from running to good use. Aaron didn’t even fight it when Spencer pulled them apart. He waited to see what Spencer was going to do. Spencer raised himself up to where he was balanced up on his hands while he was looking down at Aaron while still rocking their hips together. Aaron felt himself getting closer to orgasm with each thrust. Spencer was still just staring down at him, and usually, that would have been something that made him feel self-conscious. Spencer loved this. Even if he was on the bottom, he liked to just look into Aaron’s eyes.

Spencer said it was because when Aaron was aroused and getting pleasure his eyes glowed. That he was getting used to the sight and it not freaking him out. Also that Aaron’s eyes were even more beautifully when they were giving off the Shifter glow that was standard. Aaron had never thought that his eyes, in any way shape or form were beautiful. Aaron knew that Spencer thought he was handsome, kind, and loving. He had known the handsome thing. It was hard to not be a Shifter and not know that some was attracted to you in some way shape or form. The scent of them changed with even just the slight bit of arousal. Spencer though had a done it a few times with other people, always humans though. Or those he thought were human. Aaron had never smelled it when they were around other Shifters, even when that Shifter fit the profile of the people that Spencer was attracted to.

Aaron grabbed Spencer’s ass with one hand, focusing on the moment, on the rush of blood through his veins, the feel of Spencer on him, thrusting their cocks together. The rub of cocks together. The smell of Spencer when he was aroused. Aaron loved that smell. The smell of sex in the air that blended the two of them together. It was heady and wonderful and just perfect.

“Come on, come for me,” Spencer whispered into the dark of the room. There was just enough light coming in from the rising sun for Aaron’s eyes to see Spencer but not a lot more than that. Aaron’s night vision was excellent though. Prentiss’s was better, but Aaron was no slouch.

“Spencer,” Aaron sighed as his body clenched and he came. He felt the muscles in his lower body started to tremble as he tried not to thrust up into Spencer like he wanted. Spencer would probably fall off of him. Spencer ground down into him as he came himself just as Aaron was finishing. Spencer slumped down into him, falling to the side a little and cuddling into Aaron. Aaron wrapped an arm around his back to keep him close until he got up to get the worst of it off of them. Aaron buried his nose into Spencer’s neck, smelling the sweat, the pheromones, and their combined release. It was a smell that, for now, was not too strong, but if they didn’t shower, everyone would know they were intimate. Typically, Aaron wouldn’t care, but with them being here, Aaron was worried about what that would do to Spencer’s reputation.

Aaron felt Spencer fall back asleep quickly after orgasm. It was a weird thing that Aaron had figured out. Spencer usually didn’t last long after sex before he passed out. It was nice as it was a way to get him to sleep when he was having trouble. Aaron ran his hand up and down Spencer’s back until he heard his phone chime. Aaron reached out to grab it, one-handedly disconnecting the charger cord from it. He saw that it was Dave telling him that breakfast was on him whenever everyone got up and got ready. Aaron knew that he was doing it because he wanted to eat somewhere and would rather pay so that everyone would go where he wanted than to fight them. Aaron was pretty sure that everyone on the team had figured that out. None of them really minded.

Two and a half hours later, with Spencer and Morgan going and following the areas where Garcia was sending them to track the abduction points, Aaron and Dave were going to talk to a few other people who knew the newest victims. They still did not have a thing on the actual points so Aaron hoped that they would be able to do it using what Garcia was able to find out about the victims and their last moves and then what is around that area. Clemmons was going with them. Aaron figured that the man was going to get some kind of bump from this and he was glad. He had a good solid head on his shoulders and could go really far as long as he stayed true to those morals that he had.

“So how is the kid really doing?” Dave asked as he leaned back in the chair that he was sitting in. The last person they had been talking to had left, and they were waiting on the arrival of the next. Thankfully the station was a neutral zone, or they would have to go to the home of each person. That wasn’t something that they liked to do as that took way too much time instead of setting up meeting times and sticking to them. JJ had done a coffee run for them before she had gone with Prentiss for a short trip to see a lady who had a few sick kids and didn’t want to leave the house with them to meet with them. Aaron could understand and it was part of why he sent JJ and Prentiss. Sicks kids made for antsy Shifters.

“He’s doing well. His sleeping issues are ones that he’s had on other cases and is no worse then it sometimes is on those. I can’t tell if it’s more than that. I think that when we get home, he’ll be better. More calm. He still fights his instincts and his ways of doing things. He still sometimes get nervous when he’s around Shifters on the streets.”

“I didn’t realize that his pack was that bad to him. I mean we heard him. We heard it all on the jet but to see how the Shea pack has acted toward him. The scare tactic. There is a lot going on, and none of it is simple and easy.”

“Jake Shea is going to keep on going until someone comes in and stops him and I think it’s going to be one of the bigger packs in the state or the courts. There is something rotten inside of that pack, and I think I could probably lay money that it started to infect the pack before the Reid’s were ousted from it.”

“There is something very rotten about that man, and I agree that he probably worked on the people around Reid before going in for the kill.”

“Packs follow strong leaders but not always the one that wins in a fight. I’ve seen packs torn apart. Shea seems to rule by fear instead of actual leadership skills.” Aaron stopped as he heard steps coming towards them. It was another officer who was escorting Janine Drake to them.

Janine was the girlfriend of Vicky Slater. She was a very pretty woman and very sad at the moment.

“Please have a seat, is there anything you would like us to get you?”

“No, thank you.” She sat down in the chair and scooted it forward.

Aaron grabbed the tissues that were on the table and handed them over. The officer set three bottles of water down on the table just inside the door and then shut the door and left. The room was a nice room. It looked like an office meeting room instead of an interrogation room.

“When was the last time that you saw Vicky?” Aaron asked. Vicky was the hardest so far to track as she had left her cell at home that day, so there was no way to track her like that. She had also it seemed used cash.”

“Three days ago. I work out of town two days a week. I just got back into town today.”

“When was the last time that you spoke to her?” Dave asked.

“The night she was taken. We were talking, and she said that someone else was calling her and she’d call me right back but she never did. I tried calling her back after about ten minutes, and I never got through. It went straight to voicemail. I thought it was strange, but I wasn’t too concerned as it was later in the evening and maybe she got distracted after getting home and forgot to call me back before bed.”

“Was that normal?” Dave asked.

“No, she’s never not called me back but there is something going on in the pack that has her worried, and I figured that it was something to do with that.”

“And do you know what’s going on with the pack?”

Dave seemed to be doing well with reaching her so far, so Aaron kept his mouth shut. Janine seemed very grief ridden, and that was about standard for this. Aaron wasn’t worried that she had anything to do with her girlfriend being kidnapped, tortured, and killed. Thought she might know something and not know it.

“Just that there is some unquiet and there are a few who are upset at some things that are being done. Vicky’s father had been strong into it before he died.”

“Died?” Dave asked.

Aaron opened up the file that they had on Vicky and saw that her father had died about a year before in a standard car crash with a drunk driver. There was a small dot after each name which on files for Vegas meant that each was a Shifter. Drunks were rare but not that rare that it was a shocker that one killed someone. Aaron had seen a few in his years alive. It was a standard open and shut case with the driver killing not only themselves but another. The vehicles had crashed in such a way that neither had a chance of surviving.

“Vicky was sure that someone had set his father up to be killed. I tried to calm her down, but she lost her mother when she was five in a pack fight over females. Someone protested her choice in a mate and challenged her father. Her mother tried to put a stop to it, and her throat was ripped open with the other male thinking that it was someone else protesting his want to claim someone else’s mate.

“I didn’t think that packs did that anymore,” Aaron said. It had been stopped slowly over the years and last that Aaron knew, no pack in the United States did it. It had been deemed archaic that women couldn’t choose their own choice of mate.

“It doesn’t happen often, but I know that Vicky’s mother was the first and there has been four since then. It’s stupid and archaic. I hate that a male thinks that they can choose who I love. I’m a lesbian. I don’t want a cock and yes I’ve tried to have sex with a man, I didn’t like it at all. Vicky has even tried s strap on and I don’t like it. She likes it though, so I fuck her with it. Fucked.” Janine started to cry, and Aaron knew that it would take a few minutes for her to settle. He handed over the tissues and let her take a few of them as Aaron stood up to grab the bottles of water. He settled one in front of her and then the other two in front of him and Dave.

“That sounds barbaric to me,” Dave said.

Janine huffed and gave Dave a smile.

“It’s the life we have to lead. Shea has already stated that no matter what he will not tolerate anyone leaving the pack to go to another. He’s threatened to kill the family of anyone who does and then and only then will he kill them.”

Aaron looked at Dave and Dave nodded.

“Janine, if you would like to leave the Shea pack, I’m sure that you can leave safely, he can’t start a war over this, and that’s what would happen.”

“Look what he did to the Reids. It’s rumored that he killed the little genius because the kid tried to undermine him.”

“Spencer Reid?” Dave asked.

“Yes. He was such a sweet boy. Strange but genius does that to people. He was kicked out of the pack for insubordination and then killed when he tried to take over the pack as a child.”

“Spencer Reid isn’t dead,” Dave said.

“What?” Janine looked up at him shocked.

“Do you remember what he looks like?” Aaron asked.


Aaron pulled out his cellphone. He had a single picture of Spencer on it. It was one of Spencer and Jack. They were both smiling at Aaron. He turned his phone around, and Janine gasped.

“He’s part of our team. He has been for a while. He’s here working on the case.”

“Shea will kill him then to keep his position. He’s going to kill me for…” Janine started to cry.

“Give us the names of your family that you want to be protected. We will protect them,” Aaron said.

Janine looked up at him, and whatever she saw she seemed to trust as she rattled off the names of two people, her brother, and sister who had no family of their own.

“I’ll send Morgan and Clemmons,” Dave said.

“Have Reid meet up with Prentiss and JJ,” Aaron said.

“I will.”

“The packs going to be in trouble isn’t it?”

“Not everyone. We don’t destroy packs like that. The cancer will be removed, and those who infected the pack will face trial for what they have done. I’m going to keep you here. The Shea pack has been barred from entering this place outside of the liaison that Shea himself chose. No one is going to get you.”

“Vicky was thinking of leaving, finding someplace that we three could go. I love Vicky because she loved me and my siblings. She was wonderful and helped us in the wake of our parents dying in a house fire.”

“What was the cause?”

“Faulty wiring in a heating unit in basement. I told mom time and again that she needed to get a new one, but she said that it has been fine for years.”

“And other’s heard you mention it?” Aaron asked.

Janine just nodded.

Aaron was going to make it his personal crusade to get to the bottom of the Shea pack and what they were doing. It had been a long time since a pack had acted out like this and acted more like a cult than a family. He wasn’t that shocked given what he knew. He also knew that Spencer wasn’t safe. He now had an understanding of why Shea had risked sending people to take him from the station. His entire hold on the pack demanded that he do it. Spencer wasn’t safe at all.

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