The Alpha and the Pack – penumbria – Episode Three, Section One

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Peter Hale & the Pack, Stiles & Scott, Stiles & Derek, Derek & Peter, Derek & the Pack, Scott/Allison (pre-relationship/developing)

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Author's Note:
Warnings are mostly for canon events and canon-like events, Kate/Derek past, Hale fire, supernatural threats, etc. This will be written in episode format, planned for 3 - 10K episodes with 3 plotlines focusing on 3 characters, one plot for each (Derek, Stiles, Scott) that interweave one another to form the season.

It has been five and a half years since Peter Hale woke up as an Alpha with a pack of pre-teen, newly bitten wolves, a spark, and a banshee. Derek Hale hears rumors of a Hale Alpha in Beacon Hills. Stiles struggles with his powers and their origin. Scott is falling for the daughter of an infamous hunter family.

A/N: I really was planning on redeeming Scott. I had a whole plot arc about it. But it just wouldn’t work. So, Scott fans, turn back now. You have been warned.

Episode Three: Resolutions

Section One: Scott McCall Can’t Help But Be Scott McCall

After the pack meeting, his mom had to go to the hospital for a partial shift and Scott took advantage of her absence and his lack of supervision. While in the past this would have meant sneaking into Stiles’ room to hang out and goof off, that want what Scott wanted to do. Scott was kind of angry at Stiles for not supporting him and for picking on Allison. So, instead Scott had tracked Allison’s scent to her house and then listened to the heartbeats inside until he found hers and then found a vantage point in a nearby tree to watch her in her room.

Scott had spent the night ignoring the dampness from the much slowed down rain as he watched his beautiful darling sleep and thinking on the meeting, and he just couldn’t understand Peter’s double standard. Peter forgave Derek when he was responsible for the fire and Peter even wanted him in the pack. But he wanted Kate Argent dead or in prison forever. And he wouldn’t give sweet Allison a chance even though no one had any evidence that she had ever hunted a werewolf. Allison was such an angel, so beautiful and kind. So perfect. She was going to be such a wonderful mate. He just had to get around his alpha’s orders first.

Luckily, Peter had t been able to order him to stay away from her entirely as it would raise too many red flags. Because Allison liked him. A lot. Scott could tell from her chemosignals and her heartbeat when he was around. And if Scott suddenly dropped her and ignored her – which he would never do no matter what Peter said – she would be hurt and mention it to her parents and they would have a legitimate reason – see, Peter, he could learn big words, legitimate objection his ass – to hate Peter for his cruelty to their child. And maybe the magic around the county would see it their way and that they were justified in killing Peter for what he did.

And the alpha spark would have to pick someone and frankly, no one would be as good of an alpha as he would, so Scott would be the alpha, obviously, and then things would change. Allison would be in the pack and Scott would banish Jackson because he was an ass and Cora because she was mean and a Hale. And everyone would listen to Scott and his dreams would come true.

And they could stop the stupid training because the magic protected them and the stuff in the woods was just nuisances. Peter just had a big head because he was all ‘I am the Alpha and you do what I say’. The fights could easily be solved by chasing the stuff away. Killing was wrong and no one realized that Scott never did it. He didn’t stop the others and he would fight but he always let his opponent live. It was better that way. If others wanted to go to hell for murdering God’s creatures, well, Scott would let them, at least until he was the alpha.

As the sun rose over the horizon, Scott hoped down for the tree after blowing Allison’s sleeping form a kiss. He had a plan that would help him towards his awesome future with the perfect Allison and still be within Peter’s orders. He couldn’t wait until he could start it. The first true step on the road to his dating and then marrying the woman he loved.

Throughout the morning as he got ready for school and got his ride with Stiles, Scott was on edge. Antsy. And yeah, Peter, he knew that one, it was like ants in your pants. Antsy. He once put ants down Jackson’s pants during recess. Everyone thought that Stiles and done it and that it wasn’t as well planned as it was. The adults all thought Stiles had hidden an ant hill and tricked Jackson into sitting in it. Actually,

Scott had a stoppered tube full of ants in his pocket and when they were in line to go to recess after the afternoon snacks, he had unstoppered it and ‘accidently’ fell into Jackson’s back and slid the open end under the waist of his pants as they were tangled up together. Scott also had his hands smeared with honey and made sure to get it on Jackson as much as he could.

No one suspected Scott, not even Jackson himself. The only one who had an idea was Stiles but he never snitched. Not even when he got two weeks on detentions because the ants bit Jackson so much he ended up with an allergic reaction and a blue face. He was in the hospital for four days.

Jackson totally deserved it. He never should have cut in front of Scott at the ice cream truck line and taken the last two chocolate crunch ice cream sandwiches. Jackson was always so greedy. And had such a big head, it was no wonder, after all, Peter was his biological father.

It was too bad that Scott hadn’t known he was adopted until after they were bitten and Peter was awake. He could have had awesome, kickass taunts about how he wasn’t really wanted by his family. They gave him away. Jackson probably wouldn’t have cared because he didn’t have real feelings but he would have pretended to care so people didn’t realize how evil he was.

As they pulled up to the school, Scott was thankful that for all his powers or whatever, Stiles was still addicted to the sound of his own voice and he couldn’t smell chemosignals or hear heartbeats. The plan wouldn’t work if Stiles was around to interfere.

A few hours later, the bell rang signaling the end of the single class that he shared with Allison which had no other members of the pack in it. He had made sure to sit next to her and as her room began to clear out, he turned to her and spoke. “Allison, you seem to really get this. I don’t think I’ll do very well on the test next week. I know it’s just review but I didn’t really get it last year, either. I was wondering if you could come over after school and we could study. You’re just so smart and since we’re in the same class and all…”

Allison smiled and blushed. “I’d have to check with my mom if it was okay. I’m sure she’ll say yes, though. And I’d probably have to be home by dinner. But, yeah, I can help you study. If you’ll help me with my Spanish.”

Scott grinned. “Deal. Do you think you can give me a lift, then? I normally ride with Stiles but it would be easier than you following us.”

Allison nodded. “Sure. I’ll meet you in the parking lot after school. Do you know my car?”

Scott nodded. Of course, he did. “I think so. The dark blue Toyota, right?”

Allison nodded. “Okay, so if my mom says no for some reason, I’ll text you, okay?”

Scott nodded. He was sure her mother would say yes. She had no reason to deny her perfect daughter anything she wanted. Scott watched as Allison left the room and hurried to follow. He had to get to his next class, too. On his way out of the room he bumped shoulders hard with someone and when he looked up, he saw it was Jackson.

“Watch where you’re going, Jackass.”

Jackson sneered. “You ran into me, McCall. I swear you don’t have a brain in your head.”

“Whatever, just stay out of my way.” Scott hurried down the hall to his next and last class of the day, eagerly anticipating the afternoon’s alone time with Allison. If he read things right, and he was sure he did, it would include things they would never tell their future kids about.

At the end of the school day, things worked out just as Scott had planned. He had texted Stiles that he was catching a ride with Isaac since he had detention. And he knew that Allison parked in the lot on the opposite side of the building from where most of the pack parked their cars.

Scott met Allison at her car and they drove to the pack housing division, not that she knew that was who lived out here. Yet. But she would soon. Scott knew she could be trusted with his pack’s identities. Allison would be a member of the pack soon and they would be together forever.

He directed her to his house and had her park in front of the empty house between his place and Stiles’ house. Scott unlocked the front door and he led her to the kitchen to get her a drink.

As they walked in, Scott came to a dead stop. Sitting at the kitchen bar, sipping a glass of soda, was Peter. Allison walked up beside Scott and he saw her smile. “Oh, Scott, is this your dad?”

Peter put his glass down and slid to his feet. He approached the couple and smiled at Allison. “No, I don’t have that particular burden.” He held out his hand. “Peter Hale. We were going to be meeting later tonight along with a few others and your parents.”

Allison smiled and shook Peter’s hand. Scott wanted to yank her behind him, to get her to stop touching the older wolf.

“Well, pleased to meet you early, Mister Hale.”

Peter withdrew his hand and sidled closer to Allison. “Well, it is an important meeting. Your father told me that you know of your future place. And Scott knows his own and mine and Scott knew about tonight’s meeting. And knew why the meeting was occurring and what would be discussed and what he should do and not do prior to the meeting. So, imagine my surprise, and at the same time, somehow, not surprise, to get several texts from concerned classmates of Scott’s about this little get together this afternoon, between you and he.”

Allison’s head turned slowly to look at Scott and he paled at the glare on her face. “I was going to tell you before anything happened today, when we got here, but Peter was here! In my home, my space!”

Peter smiled darkly. “With your mother’s knowledge and permission.”

Allison turned back to Peter. “You’re a werewolf? Is that polite to ask that way?”

Peter smiled and Scott took a step closer. “Perfectly polite as long as the company you’re in knows of the supernatural, which I certainly strongly implied that we did. And as long as the tone is pleasant or neutral as yours was. Respectfulness is the key to interacting with anyone, supernatural or otherwise.”

Allison tilted her head. “I can see that. Can you tell me why me studying with Scott is a problem for you? Or is it for him? Or for the – pack?”

“Pack is the term, yes. And the problem is not necessarily you and Scott spending time together. It is your family name, reputation, and prior bad acts of members of that family, specifically, that of your aunt, Kate, towards my nephew and my late family, who she burned to death six years ago.”

Allison gasped. “Oh! A small Northern California town. Oh, did my parents know? Did they know what she did here in Beacon Hills?”

Peter shrugged and leaned in closer and Scott growled low in his chest, inaudible to human ears. “I don’t know, it is one of the things we will be discussing at the meeting tonight. But I think you should go home for now. Talk with your parents and get ready for the meeting later.”

Allison nodded. “Of course. It was nice to meet you, Alpha Hale.”

Peter smiled and held out his hand again. Scott slid sideways in front of Allison. “Leave her alone!”

“Scott! What are you doing?” Allison stepped sideways and shook Peter’s hand. When she turned to face Scott, he frowned.

“I’m trying to protect you from him.”

“It’s perfectly safe, Scott. I’ll see you later, at the meeting.” Allison looked at Peter and Scott didn’t like the look they exchanged before he nodded and left the room.

After the front door closed behind her, Scott whirled on Peter. “Why did you do that?”

Peter flashed and held his red eyes. “You were told to not ask her out, Scott. You knew about the meeting tonight. You knew what would be discussed. And yet, you bring her here.”

Scott flashed his gold eyes. “It wasn’t a date. We were going to study.”

Peter looked over him and Scoot forced himself to not show his throat. “Oh, that wasn’t everything you had in mind, Scott. If you had even planned to open a textbook, I would be surprised. Allison, yes, she thought you were being sincere, but I know better. And you were planning to reveal your status to her, as well. Don’t deny it. You told her so when you first saw me here. Who else were you going to out, Scott? Lydia? Stiles? Isaac? Noah? Sometime in the next day or so, you and I, and your mother and your father, whether through the computer or in person, are going to have a long talk about the consequences of your little rebellion. And I can tell you, you won’t like it.”

Scott bared his teeth. “I love her! And I know she loves me! You can’t keep us apart.”

Peter laughed. “She barely knows you. She didn’t even know you were a werewolf until ten minutes ago. You’re delusional, Scott. Now, I suggest you actually crack a book and get your homework done. Leave Allison Argent alone.”

Peter Hale
Alpha Werewolf

Stiles Stilinski

Derek Hale
Beta Werewolf

Scott McCall
Beta Werewolf

Allison Argent

Noah Stilinski
Sheriff/Beta Werewolf

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