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Peter Hale & the Pack, Stiles & Scott, Stiles & Derek, Derek & Peter, Derek & the Pack, Scott/Allison (pre-relationship/developing)

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Author's Note:
Warnings are mostly for canon events and canon-like events, Kate/Derek past, Hale fire, supernatural threats, etc. This will be written in episode format, planned for 3 - 10K episodes with 3 plotlines focusing on 3 characters, one plot for each (Derek, Stiles, Scott) that interweave one another to form the season.

It has been five and a half years since Peter Hale woke up as an Alpha with a pack of pre-teen, newly bitten wolves, a spark, and a banshee. Derek Hale hears rumors of a Hale Alpha in Beacon Hills. Stiles struggles with his powers and their origin. Scott is falling for the daughter of an infamous hunter family.

A/N: Parts of this section may appear to be pre-slashy to some eyes. However, I advise you to take those goggles off. This fic is NOT a Steter or pre-Steter fic. Peter is the Alpha and the pack is very tactile, even those who aren’t wolves. Cuddling and skin contact is important for humans’ mental and physical health, too. This fic may turn pre-Sterek later but not Steter. Ever. Not this story. Here, Peter is like a father figure/uncle/older brother/mentor to Stiles. Not romantic, totally familial and platonic.

Episode Two: Convergences

Section One: Plans & Research

The Pack sat around on various furniture in the lounge of the Pack House. The meeting on how to handle the Argents had lasted nearly an hour and most of the teens were approaching the time they had to return to their homes. Stiles was tired as he watched the bickering from his place in a corner.

Peter sat in a comfortable armchair and silenced the group who were talking over one another. “Enough. Until we have more information on the Argents, their reason for moving to Beacon Hills, their recall of the supernatural here, and the knowledge of the daughter, we cannot move forward with any plans.”

Noah, the Sheriff of Beacon County and the Pack Second, Peter’s Right Hand, nodded from his place on a nearby loveseat. “Peter is correct. There isn’t anything we can do. Yet. And frankly, some of your plans,” he looked at Hayley and Jackson, “are not happening, regardless. I am a cop. We will not be preemptively killing a family. Not even a Hunter family. Not even the Argents. And we don’t know if we would be protected from any consequences of an act like that by the spell on then town. We have no knowledge of any crimes committed by these Argents. Listen to Peter.”

Peter smiled at Noah and inclined his head. “So, we need information. Tomorrow, Lydia and Scott, both of whom have formed tentative friendships with Allison Argent, will invite her to eat lunch in the courtyard. Stiles will be close enough to hear and watch for micro expressions and body language but not participate in the discussion. Erica, Boyd, and Isaac will be close enough to hear the discussion with their werewolf hearing, and will listen to her body’s signals and pay attention to any chemosignals you can pick up. Matt, Danny, Jackson, and Hayley will be manning the cameras and microphones we’ve borrowed from Noah from a distance for later review by the entire pack.

“Once Scott and Lydia have her in place, Lydia will bring the conversation around to supernatural in pop culture, whether it is Harry Potter or Twilight or something else, I don’t care. Muse on the thought of what if that were real. Scott, chime in with thoughts but think them through before you open your mouth. Do not give away your status. And with Lydia present there should be no flirtation or expectation by either of you that this encounter is in any way romantic. Both of you, pay attention to her cues and don’t overdo it. We need this intel and are counting on you. Once the conversation moves on to other topics at her push, don’t bring it back unless the topic was changed right away. We can’t afford to make her suspicious. Whether she knows about the supernatural or not, she is an Argent and she won’t be a fool.”

The pack nodded at their assignments and acknowledged the Alpha’s orders, no matter how nicely phrased. The meeting broke up and most everyone gathered their things and headed for their homes.

Noah stayed in his seat and Stiles moved to sit next to him while Peter scented each pack member as they left. Scott scented Stiles before he headed home and several of the others also ran their hands over his back and arms as they walked by.

Once the rest of the pack was on their way to where they needed or wanted to be, Peter returned to the lounge and laid his hand on Stiles’ shoulder. Noah laid a hand of his son’s other shoulder. Peter leaned over and rubbed his cheek against Stiles’ short hair.

“Thank you for your help, Stiles.”

Stiles leaned back into the hands on him and relaxed. “It’s my job. Or will be. Or kind of is now. And this is my pack, too. Scott was gonna be screwing me over along with the rest of you. It’s just, I love Scott, he’s my brother in all but blood, but he’s just inherently selfish. I mean, all teenagers are kind of self-centered and have a hard time seeing the wider world beyond their own circle. Even me sometimes.

“But with Scott it is more of a struggle because Scott isn’t just the center of his own world. To him, deep down, he’s the only real one there. He’s always related to other people based on how it could benefit him. It’s central to his character. He’s more important, his opinion matters more than anyone else’s, his decisions are right and anyone who disagrees with him is not just wrong but evil in some way, unless he can see a use for them to him somewhere, in which case, they are just misguided. And they need him so he can show them the light. He’s gotten better since he has been in the pack but it’s a constant struggle for him to not put himself ahead of everything and everyone.

“I mean, I get it, in a way. I think I’m relatively self aware and over the years I’ve looked at myself and my actions a good bit. After – after Mom – before I was bitten – I was starting to have some sociopathic tendencies. More than just being a little kid could account for. I couldn’t really care that other people were just as real as me, as the people I cared about, like my Dad or Scott. I grew out of it because of the pack. It wasn’t inherent in me but if things had continued on, with me being so socially isolated with only Scott as a friend – I can see myself becoming a full-on sociopath by the time I was my current age. And Scott, well, with him it is kind of inherent. He’s narcissistic and selfish and incredibly self-centered. So, I understand him and now, he’s having his first serious crush and if he isn’t jerked up sharpish, it’ll lead to disaster. So, I supplied the first jerk and sent him to you to apply more pressure. And it worked. Hopefully, things work out so that it sticks. But we need to keep an eye on him.”

Peter squeezed his shoulder and hugged him from behind while his dad slid his arm around Stiles’ back and hugged him sideways. “You’re a good kid, kiddo.”

“I love you, Dad.”

Stiles reveled in the embraces and soaked in the love the two men so freely offered. After several minutes, Noah gave one last tight squeeze and stood up.

“I need to head into the station and grab the surveillance equipment needed for tomorrow. Stiles, you can stay here if you like and I’ll take you home when I come back to drop it off. Danny will be by in the morning on his way to school to pick it up, right?”

Peter nodded. “Yes. He’s giving Isaac and Cora a ride tomorrow so it isn’t even out of his way.”

Stiles snorted. “The Pack House is central to all our houses. It isn’t out of anyone’s way if they are coming from home.”

Noah smiled and scented Stiles and Peter before he left the room. Once the beta werewolf was in his cruiser and on his way, Peter shifted on the loveseat and leaned back against the arm, tugging Stiles until he was laying in a lounging position, curled up against the Alpha.

“Alright, so tell me what you were so caught up in that you sent Scott here by himself. Normally, you would try to help him in a situation where he nearly fucks up.”

Stiles sighed. “For one thing, I need to stop doing that. Scott needs to take responsibility on his own for his actions more. We’re juniors in high school. He needs to grow up. And I think -“

Peter laid his hand over Stiles’ mouth. “I agree. However, this isn’t going to turn into a thirty minute treatise on Scott McCall’s needs and emotions. Again. No deflecting. What happened?”

Stiles bared his neck and Peter removed his hand. “I had a dream last night.”

Peter tightened his grip. “You don’t mean a dream. That wouldn’t trigger this kind of response. You mean a night terror.”

Stiles nodded and snuggled deeper into his Alpha’s comforting embrace. “Yeah. I was – it was Dad and then Mom. It started as kind of replaying that night. The one on the anniversary of her death? Where Dad was drunk and really upset?”

Peter sighed. “You mean the night two months after I woke up when I walked in on you bleeding from cuts from the bottles he threw at you. And he was passed out on the floor. The one that had me taking you into my own custody for a month until he got sober and proved he could be a parent. And not an abusive or even negligent one. Or even a workaholic one.”

Stiles nodded and squeezed Peter’s torso. “Yeah. And then in changed into a memory of Mom where she was trying to kill me with a knife. It was the event that triggered Dad into agreeing she needed round the clock supervision. And the recurring theme was that I wanted her dead because otherwise my powers would have activated to save her or that I wished her dead and that’s why she died.”

“He accused you of that, didn’t he? When he was drunk?”

“Yeah. That night. And the thing it, it’s kind of true. I mean, I love my mom. I miss her so much. But she stopped being my mom long before the body in the hospital died. She stopped recognizing me three months before her body gave out. She didn’t even see me as a demon who wanted to kill her, which is what she thought for months before she was hospitalized by that point.”

Peter ran his hand in circles on Stiles’ back. “You know, that your feelings are natural, right? You were a child going through  horrific experience. And your mother’s illness wasn’t your fault. Her death wasn’t your fault. Even if you sometimes wished it was all over. Your spark was dormant. I don’t know why the Bite activated it and not something else but it did. You couldn’t have been responsible for her illness, her death, or her living and not dying. Your father was a mean drunk, and not grieving healthily.”

Stiles sighed. “I know that in my head. Mostly. But emotionally, I mean, I know it isn’t logical and whatever. But I still wonder. I did even before Dad brought it up. And it came up in the nightmare. I wanted to know and I wanted it so deeply in that moment that my magic activated and when I woke I had books on my desk that had been away on my shelves, and they were open. I spent hours this morning before school and then after Scott left reading and researching them. I think there are a few books here that might cover more of some of what I need but I’m not sure.”

Peter smiled. “Well, let’s go and see what we can find before your father gets back. I must admit I’ve always wondered. So, let’s satisfy our curiosity for the next step.”

Peter nudged Stiles and the teen stood up and Peter joined him. They went to the library and Stiles explained his theory on what the books had nudged him towards. Peter found two more that would give more in depth information on the topics Stiles felt drawn towards. They spent the next half hour skimming through them until Peter looked up with a sigh.

“I can hear you father’s cruiser. He’ll be here in five minutes. But I think I know your next step. You know what ley lines are. And that where they meet, they make a node. Well, here in Beacon Hills, a large number of them converge on one spot in the Preserve. And on that spot, a Nemeton grew. I can tell you how to get there. I came across it years ago and though Talia removed the location from my mind, the Alpha spark gave it back. I think you need to go there. See what you feel, what you sense. And report back. I think this all might be happening now for a reason. Something triggered your night terror last night. Something may have wanted you to wish that wish. And we need to know if that is true.”

Stiles nodded. “Okay, I’ll find it and see what I sense.”

Peter Hale
Alpha Werewolf

Stiles Stilinski

Derek Hale
Beta Werewolf

Scott McCall
Beta Werewolf

Allison Argent

Noah Stilinski
Sheriff/Beta Werewolf

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