The Alpha and the Pack – penumbria – Episode Two, Section Two

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Peter Hale & the Pack, Stiles & Scott, Stiles & Derek, Derek & Peter, Derek & the Pack, Scott/Allison (pre-relationship/developing)

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Author's Note:
Warnings are mostly for canon events and canon-like events, Kate/Derek past, Hale fire, supernatural threats, etc. This will be written in episode format, planned for 3 - 10K episodes with 3 plotlines focusing on 3 characters, one plot for each (Derek, Stiles, Scott) that interweave one another to form the season.

It has been five and a half years since Peter Hale woke up as an Alpha with a pack of pre-teen, newly bitten wolves, a spark, and a banshee. Derek Hale hears rumors of a Hale Alpha in Beacon Hills. Stiles struggles with his powers and their origin. Scott is falling for the daughter of an infamous hunter family.

Section Two: Plans Meet the Enemy

Scott smiled at Allison around a bite of his sandwich. Lydia had convinced her to sit with them on the outdoor terrace for lunch, enjoy the nice weather before fall really sets in. Everyone was in their places for the “operation” and Scott was impatiently waiting on Lydia to change the subject to the supernatural somehow. It had better be soon, they were all nearly done with their food and the lunch period was half over.

Scott took a sip of his water bottle before he opened his mouth and was stupid. He wanted to start the questioning, he needed to know how Allison felt about werewolves. If she even knew about them. He really wanted to ask her out. She was so beautiful and she smelled so good and he was convinced they were meant to be. He really wished that soulmate marks were an actual thing, outside of fanfiction, anyway. Then he could show everyone and Peter would have to let them be together. And their lives would be perfect and they’d go to the same college and get an apartment together and not live in dorms and as soon as they graduated, Peter would give Allison the Bite and they’d get married and Allison would have their first cub within a year or so.

Scott blinked himself out of his fantasy as Lydia sighed and slid her phone back into her pocket. He hadn’t even noticed her take it out.

Allison looked concerned, her brow furrowed cutely. “Is something the matter, Lydia.”

Lydia rolled her eyes. “It was a text from Stiles. Stiles Stilinski. Have you met Stiles, yet? I know he’s in some classes with you. We’re sort of friends, I guess. I mean, we are, but he can be really annoying sometimes.”

Scott feels a pressure on his foot and jerks, eyes widening. “Stiles is great!” He smiled at Allison. “He’s my best friend. We’ve been tight since like primary school. And yeah, he can be annoying, he talks a lot. He has ADHD but he’s great.”

Lydia’s shoulder relaxed a small bit. “Yeah, fine, whatever. But he’s a total nerd. Or geek. Or both. I can never really keep those straight. Anyway, he just preordered the last Harry Potter movie and wants to have a pa-“ Lydia coughed and took a sip of her water bottle. “Party and have a movie marathon of all eight movies.”

Allison tilted her head. “You don’t like Harry Potter?”

Scott laughs. “Lydia loves Harry Potter. She’s seen all of the movies and read all the books and has all kinds of fandom stuff in her room.”

Allison’s mouth turns down and her tongue licks her bottom lip. “Then what’s the problem.”

Lydia blew out a breath. “Stiles is a geek or nerd or whatever and is incapable of keeping his mouth shut. The ‘viewing party’ will turn into plot hole picking and discussions of events and characters and ideas for fanfictions. And, well, I’m not the only one who loves Harry Potter in our group of friends. And Stiles knows better than to really talk over the movies and so they will be paused while debates rage over Dark magic versus Light magic. And an in-depth discussion about Dumbledore and his real intentions.”

Scott grinned. “And of course, at least an hour about the books versus the movies and which is better in different parts and being upset that certain characters and storylines were cut from the movies.”

Allison smiled, her lips shining and plump and kissable. “Frankly, it sounds fun. I’ve never really had any friends who were in to that. Not in real life rather than online, anyway. We moved around too much to find a group like that.”

Scott leaned forward. “I’m sure Stiles would welcome you. It could be fun.”

Allison lowered her eyes and her cheeks bloomed with a light blush. “If you think he wouldn’t mind.”

Scott felt a harder pressure on his foot but just pulled his leg back. “Nah, he won’t mind.”

Lydia smiled tightly. “The more the merrier, I suppose. Though it won’t be for a few weeks. He’s just preparing in advance since he pre-ordered. What’s your favorite character, Allison?”

“Oh, um, well, I like Harry, of course, though he is really the least curious kid. But my favorite is Dobby. He’s so loyal and loving.”

Scott sighed. “That’s so sweet.”

Lydia narrowed her eyes at him. “Scott really likes Remus Lupin. He and Jackson get into fights about Remus and Sirius versus Remus and Tonks.”

“Which one is you, Scott? Tonks or Sirius?”

“Oh. Tonks. She just pushed him out of his self-hatred spiral, and she sided with him. He hated himself because he was a werewolf and didn’t deserve her or good things. But she wouldn’t stand for it, and got him to give her a chance and even had a son with him, before the end. She couldn’t live without him. And her patronus changed with how much she loved him.”

“Hmm. I look forward to a debate on movie binge night, then. Between you and Jackson.”

Lydia took a sip of her drink. “As long as you’re prepared for the possibility of role playing, Allison. If people are in the mood, we take on personas as if we got our Hogwarts letters years ago and try to stay in character. Six months ago, we even had a party where we chose Houses out of a hat and characteristics from another, like muggleborn, pureblood, werewolf, animagus, half-goblin, half-giant, Veela. Well, you get the idea.”

Scott laughed, “Yeah, that was your party. And you call Stiles a geek.”

Lydia shrugged. “It was fun. I ended up being a werewolf in Hufflepuff with a penchant for charms and divination. I think Scott was in Slytherin and a half-blood and I don’t remember what else.”

“Clumsy in Potions and a prodigy in runes.”

Allison grinned, her mouth just begging to be kissed. “Sounds interesting.”

Lydia smiled. “It was. Haven’t you ever wished your Hogwarts letter would come? That all of the magic and wonder was real. Spells and potions and giants and unicorns and werewolves and mermaids and Quidditch and goblins and wands and moving staircases and portraits and vampires and fairies?”

Allison nodded, her hair gleaming as it caught the afternoon sun. “I guess. But that would mean Voldemort and Death Eaters and killing curses and Cruciatus would be real, too. And that’s – scary.”

Lydia put her finger on her mouth and tapped it. “But in all life the good comes with the bad. Werewolves are cursed but perfectly safe if they take their potion. And, yes, there are bad werewolves, like Greyback. But there are those who fight for good, like Lupin. And I’m sure there were hundreds that just tried to live their lives as much as the Ministry would let them.”

Allison nodded and stared off into the distance, her beautiful eyes glistening with moisture. “Yeah. Voldemort doesn’t need to be real for there to be evil in the world.”

As Scott opened his mouth to reply, the bell for period change rang and Allison shook her head and stood up. “I’ve got to hurry. My next class is on the other side of the building.”

Scott watched her hurry off as he stood and grabbed his trash and his backpack. His head tilted as he enjoyed the view. Until Lydia smacked him over the head with a book.

“What the fuck, Scott?!? I told Stiles that you shouldn’t be involved in this discussion. Peter specifically told you not to ask her out!”

Scott paled. “I didn’t. You brought up Stiles’ party! It would have been rude not to invite her.”

“I spoke of a hypothetical party weeks out hosted by someone she hasn’t even met, really. Something that could have fallen through in the intervening weeks. You made it a solid thing, a definite. And the idea was a casual, not suspicious way to ease into talk about Harry Potter and thus the supernatural. You better not have screwed this totally up, McCall! Hopefully, we got enough to go forward with.”

Lydia stalked off towards her next class, as Scott frowned in upset and confusion.

Peter Hale
Alpha Werewolf

Stiles Stilinski

Derek Hale
Beta Werewolf

Scott McCall
Beta Werewolf

Allison Argent

Noah Stilinski
Sheriff/Beta Werewolf

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  1. Scott needs a keeper – that is *not* Stiles (he has better things to do). He also needs a muzzle. I’m with Lydia – having Scott there was a *bad* idea. Hopefully, not too bad…

    Lovin’ the fic, every word of it. :D

  2. Scott needs a keeper with a roll up newspaper.

  3. Love Lydia dealing with Scott. Wonderful chapter.
    Thank you.

  4. Great chapter

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