The Coyote and the Philosopher’s Stone – penumbria – Part Five B.1

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Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

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Author's Note:
This is a sequel to my story on AO3 "Coyote in the Cupboard" but I believe it can be read as a complete story of its own. The racism tag is for canon pureblood dogma and for some prejudices against Sentinels/Guides. This is slash because it is Harry and Draco as a pair and romantic but they are 11! No sex or even close to it!

Harry spent much of his young childhood isolated and awakened as a Sentinel at four years old. Draco Malfoy met Harry in Diagon Alley and awakened as his Guide. In their first year as a bonded pair, they must deal with manipulative headmasters, possessed teachers, and annoying classmates. Hogwarts wasn't prepared for this Harry.


Harry sat in the witness chair in the large wizarding courtroom and glanced around. The room was filled to the rafters, literally, with witches and wizards, some in the plum colored robes of the Wizengamot, others in varying colors in the visitors gallery. The room had an overall gloomy feel, as if the many atrocities it had heard over the centuries had seeped into the very stones and air within the room. In the center of the room was a chair, covered in chains. Seated within it, entire body bound tight, was Albus Dumbledore.

Already Harry had read the Daily Prophet coverage of the first two days of the trial and listened every night in the common room to the recaps on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Several of his peers had asked him why he and Draco weren’t at the trial everyday, and he still felt incredulous that they thought the adults would allow two 11 year olds to sit through the trial of such a dark wizard. Reading and hearing about the atrocities the old man had committed was bad enough. To have to listen to the actual testimony, see evidence, possibly see memories of events, no, Jarry was very glad that the adults were sensible. He had no desire to attend the trial himself and he certainly had no wish for his Guide to be exposed to such things, such emotions. The courtroom was bristling with wards but he knew Draco was still picking up things, from the audience in the gallery if not from the floor.

Today was the only day they would be here, assuming their testimonies finished today, even though the trial was predicted to last well into December due to all of the evil Dumbledore was responsible for.

The court clerk approached Harry and cleared his throat, and the murmurs in the room settled down. “Please state your full name and occupation for the record.”

Harry took a deep breath. He had know this was coming and had practiced with Draco. Pupple, invisible to all but Harry and Draco currently, laid his head on Harry’s lap. “Lordling Harry James Potter, Scion Black, Dukeling Peverell, Prince Gryffindor. First year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Shocked exclamations echoed around the chamber. The clerk blinked at him and stuttered, “P-P-Pardon me?”

The presiding judge of the panel, Armitage Gaberden, turned to the clerk with the recording quill. “Yes, please repeat back the introduction, Scribe Lansing.”

The scribe looked at the parchment and swirled his wand, touching the sentence in question. Harry’s voice filled the room from the parchment, “Lordling Harry James Potter, Scion Black, Dukeling Peverell, Prince Gryffindor. First year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

The judge nodded. “That’s what I thought he said.” He turned to Harry. “That was quite the mouthful, young Lordling. And you’re sitting on a powerful honesty hex so I know it is the truth. There’s several surprises in there we will have to address further in other sessions but I do believe one that will need to address here and now. You have said that you are Scion Black. Do you know how this is so?”

Harry nodded. “Yes, Your Honor. During the train ride to Hogwarts, Scion Draco Malfoy informed me of my full titles. He knew because his mother is a daughter of the House of Black and was told by the late patriarch, Lord Arcturus Black who passed away last spring. He asked her to keep an eye out for me as I should be starting school with her son. I have since been in contact with the goblins’ inheritance department and received independent confirmation.

“The day after I was born my parents performed the godparent ritual of Blood and Family. My godparents took magical oaths to see to my health and well being. When I was a month old, my godfather, my father’s best friend and fostered brother, Sirius Black-“

The gallery burst into exclamations. Even through the wards Harry could hear many of them, “Black wasn’t Potter’s brother! Black was a Death Eater! Black betrayed them!”

“Order! I will clear the gallery. I did it two days ago when you acted up. This is the only warning. Keep it down.”

The shouts died down and Judge Gaberden asked Harry to continue. Harry buried his hand in Pupple’s fur.

Harry nodded. “I know the things that are said about Sirius Black but well, they can’t be true. As I said, I have independent confirmation of this. Sirius Black left his parents home when he was 15, for cause. His mother was insane and had tortured him in an attempt to get him to join Voldemort. He ran to my father, James Potter and my grandparents, Charlus Fleamont Potter and Dorea Euphemia Potter, met with Lord Arcturus Black, Sirius’ patriarch. He agreed to them fostering his grandson until he graduated Hogwarts. Sirius Orion Black took the oath as a blood brother to James Anteres Potter when he was taken in. And took the godparent oath the day after I was born.

“When I was a month old, Sirius Black took a curse during his time as an auror that damaged him severely and the cure rendered him infertile. His magic killed any sperm before it left his body. So, he wasn’t an eunuch but he couldn’t father children, even in ritual. My parents agreed to allow him to blood adopt me and with Lord Black’s blessing, he did so on October 4, 1980. Lord Black then proceeded to name me his secondary heir, after Sirius.

“As Sirius was arrested for casting magic after my parents were dead, he was obviously not responsible for what happened to my parents and I. Betraying my father would have broken his blood brother oaths, betraying me would have broken his godparent oaths, being responsible for my parents’ deaths and my near death would have destroyed his magic entirely for several different reasons. He still had his magic when he was arrested. Therefore, he could not have been guilty. When I realized this, I asked Gringott’s to get me his trial transcripts. They were unsuccessful. All things considered, and with Albus Dumbledore being Chief Warlock at the time, I do not believe he had a trial. If he did, he would have been found innocent and taken custody of me as my third parent.”

Judge Gaberden blew out a breath. “That is a logical deduction, all things considered. We will have it investigated and get to the bottom of that.”

Harry smiled. “Thank you, Your Honor.”

“Now, let’s move along as that explains Scion Black. Interrogator Fitzgerald, you have the floor.”

A middle aged man rose from the bench, his long brown hair pulled back in a clip at the nape of neck. He faced Harry and smiled. “Mister Potter, excuse me, Lordling Potter, it has been reported that you are an Awakened Sentinel. Will you tell us when and how you Awakened?”

Harry bit his lip and looked around at the members. “I can’t. I don’t actually really remember not being Awakened. I have vague wispy thoughts of it I think but by the time I was 4 if not 3, I was Awakened. I can speculate about how and why based on my life experiences then and after but I can’t tell for sure how or when I Awakened.”

Harry Potter – Sentinel

Draco Malfoy – Guide

Pupple – Harry’s Spirit Guide

Astrum – Draco’s Spirit Guide

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