The Daring Ones – Chapter 1 – rivermoon1970

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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

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The FBI's elite team of Were Fugitive Trackers have found themselves in Virginia. The one place Aaron had never wanted to step foot in again. But, when they find out that his father is at the center of the underground Pet trade he knows it's his one chance to confront his father, the man who made his childhood a living hell.




Aaron watched what was going on in the conference room for all of five minutes before he turned to Derek, who was also looking in on what was going on. For one thing, there was lots of flailing of arms, mostly stiles, waving of hands, mostly Spencer, and excited talking, mostly Charlie.

Then, Stiles started jumping up and down and flailing his arms while talking animatedly. Aaron and Derek tilted their heads a bit wondering just what the hell was going on. When Amita breezed through the office with a cardboard drink holder with coffee, and a paper bag that Aaron assumed was sugary pastries, he sighed long and hard. And, in fact, so did Derek.

Amita then came out of the conference room and walked over, set the cardboard holder down and handed Aaron a cup, then Derek.

“I was told if I forgot you two, Spencer and Stiles would never hear the end of it. Especially from you, Derek.” Amita tried her hardest not to laugh at the look on Derek’s face, Aaron, though, chuckled under his breath.

“What are they doing in there?”

“You have three genuis’ in there. Do you really want to know?”

Derek went to say something but snapped him mouth shut when Aaron just shook his head.

“I think we’ll find out when one of them decides to come up for air. In the meantime…”

“You’re going to sit there and watch your boyfriends wondering what it is they are working on ignoring those stacks of files.”

Aaron looked around his desk and found Don, Charlie’s brother, coming towards them.

“Yup. Pretty much.” Derek finally spoke. Aaron knew he hated paperwork. If he had his choice when a case ended, he would foist all his files on Stiles to do. But, their boss Ian had quickly put a stop to that. Especially after the last hunt they had been on and the trail of bodies left behind.

“What are they even doing?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Don turned to look at Amita, then back to the conference room where Spencer was leaning forward a little, hands moving even more excitedly and all three were talking at once. Aaron looked up at Don, raised brows and waited in anticipation for his answer.

“You know, I think this one time I can live without knowing what the terrible trio has gotten up to. When they are done can you tell Charlie that we have a case we need his help on?”

“Sure. I’ll let him know. Is it that series of kidnappings?” Aaron kept up on what was going on in the LA office of the FBI. His team was part of the fugitive retrieval offices. They were specialists in tracking Were’s and crimes against Were’s. He was the senior officer for the team. Stiles was their computer expert and information specialist. Derek and Spencer were the other agents. They had worked as a well oiled machine for the last three years. Aaron liked his team, they were better than the revolving door of agents that came in and out of the unit. He had been glad when Derek and Stiles wanted to stay.

“Yeah. We think we have them, but I need to get in touch with Quantico. Looks like an old case of the BSU’s. I want to get boots on the ground and follow up the leads we have and try to lock this up. Also, I don’t want the BSU comin’ in yet.”

“How many Were children so far?”

“Twelve. And at least five human children.”

“Damn. Okay, we’ll be on standby if you need us.”

“I’m going to brave it.” Don squared his shoulders and soldiered on into the conference room. The group stopped and a moment later Don came out pulling Charlie along by the sleeve of his jacket.



“Yeah, but…” Charlie looked rather dejected which just made Amita laugh at him.

“That can wait. Case can’t.”


“Sorry, babe. You are all on your own. Besides, I need to get back to Cal Sci. I have classes in an hour.” Amita said her goodbye’s, Don and Charlie left and Aaron and Derek looked at each other doing a staring contest to see who would actually go get their partners so they could get back to work.

Derek rolled his eyes after a moment and stood up. He didn’t see the small smile gracing Aaron’s lips as he turned back to his own neglected paperwork. Life with his team was never boring. He took a sip of his coffee and smiled even wider. Spencer had to have been the one to place the order because it was perfect.

Spencer plopped down at his desk, which was across from Aaron’s and also got back to work. Aaron would ask what all the commotion was about later. At that moment he had his head buried in cases they had recently closed, wanting to clear his desk just in case they were needed for Don’s case at some point.

“Fine, but you have no idea what you’ve done.” Stiles sat cross legged on top of his desk, not an unusual position for him, and started to tap away at his keyboard.

“Work. Remember what that is?”

“I do, in fact. If I remember correctly, it’s you who have a deathly allergic reaction to anything resembling paperwork.”

“I do my files.” Derek pouted and Aaron really did laugh this time.

“You do them by passing them to me to do them for you. I don’t think I’m going to help you today. In fact, I think I am not going to help you all week. You, Derek Hale, are in the doghouse.”

Derek glared at Stiles and Aaron knew if they were back home, Derek would be westling Stiles to the ground and paying him back for that remark.

“I think we all need to get back to work.”

“Yes, Boss.” Stiles at least looked mildly chagrined, but Aaron knew it wouldn’t last long. Stiles actually, for once, sat in his chair and started to do some of the information gathering Aaron had assigned him. His team was quirky there was no doubt about that, and Aaron once more thought, as he looked at them, that he wouldn’t want them any other way.


The house that Aaron and Spencer had bought shortly after coming to work for the FBI in Los Angeles was a bit of a drive, but ultimately worth it. Bradbury was a good hour drive at the best of times, but when Aaron found what it was he was looking for he bought house and land without reservation.

His father may have cut him off when he left with Spencer and Spencer’s Alpha ten years prior, but Aaron had money from his mother’s side and his Grandparents from his father’s side. It also didn’t hurt that he had a trust from his Godfather’s Jason Gideon and David Rossi. Money wasn’t an issue. He invested well, neither he nor Spencer had to spend much on school when they went to college, they both had a number of scholarships.

Their current positions at the FBI, while they made decent money, it wasn’t a huge salary, but they did well enough. Spencer had patents from when he was at Caltech. What all this meant was they were able to get a place that let them have enough land they could run whenever they wanted to.

The area had other Were families and they had made a sort of loose pack. Technically, Aaron was the main Alpha in the small, but highly prized community. The one drawback of living in Bradbury was that it reminded him a lot of the community he had grown up in. The big difference was, here in California they didn’t care what kind of Were you were. The pack was a mixture and they often ran together when the full moon came upon them.

Aaron reluctantly acted as the pack Alpha, it was the one thing he had not wanted. Ever. But it seemed that life was giving him no choice. He stood on the back porch and looked out at the scrub and short trees, well short to him, anyway, and sipped at the coffee in his hand. His mind was on things he would rather not think about, but Don’s case brought up memories that he battles with more than once.

The arms that encircled him weren’t Spencer’s, but Derek’s. When they had met Stiles and Derek when they stumbled on the Vegas Pack’s territory, beaten and bloody, they had become part of the pack. The four of them had formed a tight knit unit and over time their bonds just strengthened. Derek was an Alpha as well, but he wasn’t ready to accept it yet. Aaron knew they both had issues and time would only tell if one or both of them embraced what they really were.

Derek and Stiles even moved with Aaron and Spencer when they decided to come to LA and pursue a career in the FBI. Stiles was snatched up quickly after he had taken the entrance exams and Derek, reluctantly at first, followed the others. The four of them all made excellent trackers, and Aaron’s proficiency with firearms as well as his natural ability to lead made him the best choice for team leader. They flourished under Ian Edgerton’s leadership.

“I could feel your distress.” The bond between Derek and Aaron was different than the bond with his mate, but no less intimate or important.

Derek was tactile with all of them. Aaron knew most wolves were and it took some time for him to accept someone’s touch that wasn’t Spencer’s. He still had issues and it took a long time for someone to push past his shields, but Derek and Stiles had, and days like today he was grateful.

“I have a terrible feeling in my gut that I know what is happening with the kidnapped kids. I don’t want it to be true.”

Derek hooked his chin over Aaron’s shoulder and nuzzled his neck for a moment before pulling back. The gesture was of comfort for the both of them.

“You think the Pet’s have started up again, don’t you?”

Aaron pressed his lips together and nodded.

“I’m sure we’ll get a break soon. Don thinks they have a solid lead, but they are coordinating with Quantico.”

“Yeah. I know I’ll be getting a call from Dave or Jason soon. Especially if it was one of their cases. I don’t know if I’m going to like where this may take us.”

Aaron heard the soft sigh from Derek, but didn’t really register it. He was thinking too hard about things he had tried to leave behind him.

“Spencer sent me out here to tell you dinner was ready. Come on, Aaron. Put it away for now.”

Aaron’s laugh was unamused because he know how Derek held onto things from his past. They were all a little damaged. They all had nightmares and yet they had formed this family since the day they met.

“What did Stiles make tonight?” Aaron turned in Derek’s arms and took his hand before walking back in the house.

“Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.”

“Sounds good.” Aaron knew his mind was elsewhere as he walked in and sat down at the table that had already been set. He let the conversation flow around him, Stiles never failed to make him smile. They had finally broken him of the habit of writing random research papers and made a deal with the FBI. For every paper that Stiles wrote on whatever topic was relevant to their division, he would get a bonus. If the paper was good enough to get published, he would get an additional bonus. This channeled his energy and he was making quite a name for himself in information gathering, fugitive retrieval, and Were tracking.

The FBI had also found him a trainer that continued his education on being a Spark. His innate ability to use magic had helped on more than one case. Aaron watched him as he regaled the table with stories of some of the weird websites he often found when he couldn’t sleep at night.

Aaron knew the feeling. There were nights he couldn’t sleep, the nightmares pulling him from sleep and not letting up. Those nights he would shift and curl up at Stiles feet. That was when Stiles would talk about the things he had a hard time saying in the daytime. His own nightmares keeping him from proper sleep as well.  Aaron wished there was more he could do to help him, but sometimes nightmares lingered, no matter how hard you tried to get rid of them.

“Hey, you okay?”

Spencer laid a hand on Aaron’s and the comfort of him mate helped to settle him more than anything else.

“Yeah. Just, too many memories.”

“What do you need?”

“I don’t even really know. I don’t know what it is that’s nagging at me. I’ll be all right, Spence.”

Dinner was finished up soon after and it was Aaron’s turn for dishes. He got the kitchen cleaned quickly, made some coffee, even though they all had way too much already, and settled in the den with Spencer curled up against him, the two lost in their own books.

Derek was in one of the large comfortable reading chairs with his drawing pad and pencils. Stiles was playing an online video game in another room, but every so often they could hear some rather creative cursing. There was nothing really special about the night, it was a scene like every other night at the small pack’s house.

Sometimes Lydia would drive down from Berkeley where she was an Associate Professor of Linguistics. She was almost finished with her masters degree, and had already applied to the Doctorate program. Stiles and her had stayed in touch over the years and like the rest of them, it was a quirky friendship that just seemed to work. Aaron found her fascinating, and Lydia and Spencer could often be found holding whole conversations in Russian, French, or European Spanish. Stiles could follow along sometimes, but Derek and Aaron would be lost. They would just go off and do their own things and leave them to it.

Lydia and Amita had taken well to each other and Aaron knew they kept in touch as well. It was a strange family they made, but it was family. One that had been born of similar trauma’s and experiences that had shaped their lives.

“I think I’m going to drag Stiles to bed. I might even get him to take his sleeping pill. I know the next few days we need to be on alert.”

“Goodnight Derek.”

Derek left the den and a moment later there was a yelp that sounded form the other room. Some mild snark from both men, then the voices faded as they went to their room.

“Should we go to bed too?”

“I’m not tired, but…”

Spencer turned and half leaned up so he could look at Aaron. The soft look on his face had Aaron cupping his cheek.

“What do you need?”

Aaron let out the breath he felt like he had been holding onto since that afternoon.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on.” Spencer stood and held out his hand, which Aaron took as they made their way up to their floor. They both stripped out of their clothes and laid down together. Aaron wrapped around Spencer, not wanting to let go. That weird feeling in his gut was back, but he didn’t know what it meant.

Kissing the soft skin on Spencer’s neck earned Aaron a low rumble from Spencer. Aaron loved to touch his mate, it had taken him time, and a lot of therapy, to let himself enjoy Spencer’s body.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

“Aaron…” The hitch in Spencer’s throat told him what an effect he was having on Spencer.

“You are my everything, Spencer. I would have been a different person if you’re Aunt and Uncle had not taken me in, if you had not been there for me, even when I tried to push you away.”

Spencer turned in Aaron’s arms and lifted his hands to pull him down to kiss him.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling anxious. Why I feel like something is going to turn our world inside out. The last time I felt this was, Wilson gave me these.” Aaron touched the scars on his stomach from the near gutting that one of his schoolboy rivals had given him.

“Nothing is going to happen, Aaron. I promise.”

Aaron let himself look down on Spencer for a moment, then he was leaning down and kissing him. Their bond hummed just under his skin and it felt like the first time he had ever kissed Spencer. Taking his time, he touched and tasted everywhere on Spencer’s body. He loved to worship him with mouth, tongue, teeth, and hands. He knew which places made Spencer make those rumbling sounds Aaron loved.

Sometimes, when Aaron was able to get lost worshipping Spencer’s body, he used his hands, and on rare occasions, his mouth to bring Spencer that ultimate pleasure. He rarely got hard himself. The times he did, he would take care of it in the shower, because being touched on his genitals, no matter how loving or gentle Spencer was, Aaron would still flinch away.

Aaron’s father left scars that ran deep, not just physical scars that were visible on his body. Ones that didn’t go away no matter how many times he shifted. There were parts of Aaron’s mind that he thought would never completely heal. Sex was something his father had taken from him and Aaron was sure that he may never forgive the man for that.

Spencer gently climaxed and Aaron sealed his mouth over Spencer’s, kissing him with every emotion he had for his mate. Spencer kissed back just a fervent letting Aaron know with his kiss what he sometimes couldn’t say with his words.

Spencer extricated himself from Aaron’s arms and went to clean up, then he came back into the bedroom and had Aaron turn over onto his stomach. Being touched on his back had taken time, but when he was able to come to terms with the abuse and the scars, Spencer’s touch was the most amazing thing in the world to him.

The massage Spencer proceeded to give him had Aaron practically purring into his pillow and after about a half an hour, he was starting to fall asleep. He barely registered Spencer leaving the bed and coming back, then arms pulled him close and held him.

“I love you, Aaron.” Spencer whispered against Aaron’s skin as he kissed the back of Aaron’s neck.

“I love you too, Spencer.”

Sleep came mere moments later, but it wasn’t to last. The nightmares were almost nightly as of late and Aaron got out bed without disturbing Spencer. He shifted and padded downstairs to see if anyone was there. Aaron found Stiles in the den practicing some his magic. His trainer had been giving him more ‘homework’ so to speak and Stiles was taking it seriously.

“Can’t sleep either?”

Aaron shook his head and walked over to lay at Stiles feet.

“You’re coat needs a good brushing. Want me to do that for you?”

Being a Lynx, Aaron had a thick overcoat, and a dense undercoat and both Stiles and Spencer often liked to groom him. Aaron loved it as well. Aaron had come to trust Stiles as much as he trusted Spencer, just in different ways. He rubbed his head against Stiles leg to indicate his permission.

Stiles was gone but a moment then Aaron got lost in the attention. After about a half an hour of grooming, he was able to begin to fall into a light asleep. Stiles chuckled and went back to practicing. The familiar sounds helped settle Aaron more and before long he was in a deep sleep.

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I am a 46 year old married woman who discovered fan fiction about three years ago and have not looked back. I love writing I especially love writing smut, but with plot. So there you go. This has been an amazing outlet for myself and coping with getting older and depression. I have no kids other than 2 fur babies and of course they do all they can to impede my writing progress. Here is a link to my A03 account:


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