The Dream Team – Chapter 8 (FINAL) – Bindingdiva

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Draco Malfoy/Anthony Paddington/Harry Potter, OMC/OFC

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Author's Note:
I did it!!! This is the first challenge story I've finished for about 4 years I think, and it feels like a real achievement. I didn't manage it by the end of the month and you'll have to wait for the second draft for Ron's trial, but I was close, and let me just say, next year I am banning ANYONE coming to see me after about the 15th of November. Some people just don't know when it's time to leave... and we don't even have Thanksgiving in the UK so there was no excuse for the visit in the first place. Seriously though, thank you for reading and commenting, the feedback really helped to keep me going.

Only months after the battle of Hogwarts, revelations, shocks, grief and betrayal force Harry to leave Wizarding Britain, taking his godson with him. A year later he returns, hoping to give Teddy a chance, no matter how hopeless it seems, completely unaware of who awaits him in the lace he once called home, and of the peace and acceptance he will find there.

Harry Potter-Black – Played by DAniel Radcliffe

Chapter 8

There was a palpable air of anticipation permeating the Muse in the hours before midnight and the time for the ritual approached. Euphemia and Launcelot had divined that when the moon was turning from Waning Crescent to New it would be the optimum time for the Rite; a rebirth for Teddy as the new Moon was born anew.

Harry had spent days worrying about where they would hold the ritual, as he had not found a ritual room at the Muse during their short residence. Kreature’s knowledge of the Black Residences had come to the rescue when he’d remarked that there used to be a Rune Circle on the floor of the coal cellar. When Launcelot had checked it out he became as excited as Tony had ever seen him, getting right down on the floor with his nose almost touching the dirt-engrained carvings in the stone.

“It’s at least 1000 years old,” he breathed in awe. “This must be why the Black’s rebuilt here after the Great Fire of London even though it was right in the middle of a Muggle area.” He Cast a Wandless Tergeo on the heavy granite, and Tony watched as the grime of centuries was siphoned away to reveal exquisitely carved Runes inlaid with Mithril. “It was probably forgotten after being buried under tons of coal. Centuries past Wixen often utilised the fuel in fires used to heat the public rooms where Muggles might be entertained.”

Now there were charmed logs which would burn for years, throwing off much more heat and with a lot less soot thank goodness.

Once the area was thoroughly cleaned, Harry had been called down to take ownership of the Circle. Tony had seen he was nervous about it and wondered why.

“Have you ever been involved in any Ritual Magic,” Harry asked him, his tone a little frustrated.

“Of course. As you know it’s impossible to study Magical Theory without actually seeing Rituals in progress. And of course, every Wixen has their Magical Maturation within a Ritual Circle to protect their surroundings from the surge of Magic.”

“Of course that’s what should have happened,” Harry muttered crossly. “But did it…nooo of course not.”

Tony sat back in his chair when Harry slapped a heavy hand on the table and shook his head, puzzled at the negative response. “I’m sorry, Fenice, I don’t understand.”

“Well firstly, there was no Magical Theory class at Hogwarts. All the Magical Theory I now know I have taught myself, and all of that has been through reading, so I’ve never had the opportunity to study a Ritual in an educational capacity.”

“I’d never thought about it, but actually that’s true. I suppose all the Muggleborn and Muggle-Raised would have been in the same boat. Purebloods are involved in Ritual Magic almost as soon as they can stand, even if it’s only the family Rituals during the calendar festivals like, say, Mabon or Yule. But, Harry, you must have at least been in a circle for your Maturation? Surely then…” Draco questioned their lover, his brow furrowed deep in concern.

But Harry couldn’t reply in the affirmative it seemed. “I went through my Maturation in a tent, on my own, in the Forest of Dean. It was during the hunt for Voldemort’s artefacts that I turned 17. Strangely enough, at the time it seemed perfectly natural for Ron to decide that he and Hermione should go for a walk in the middle of the night while I was left alone, again, to cope with something dangerous and totally outside my scope of experience. Maybe I was Potioned or Spelled to be unconcerned, but I didn’t even think about how dangerous it was for them to be outside the tent at midnight when we’d been dodging fucking Snatchers for days. I just lay back on that tiny cot and dealt with the pain as best I could; how I always had, in fact. By myself.”

“Pain… but Harry, there shouldn’t have been any pain,” When Euphemia had heard the turn of the conversation, she had joined them at the kitchen table and was just as concerned as they were about Harry’s experiences.

“I felt like my bones were on fire,” Harry recalled, his eyes dark with remembered pain. “I called out for them to come back, to help me, but no one came. I have no idea how long it lasted but the next thing I knew I was waking and it was morning. Ron and Hermione were asleep in Ron’s cot, and I was wet through and freezing. I’d sweated through my clothes, vomited down my front, and pissed myself. I just got up and washed myself off in the bathroom, not even questioning why they had left me in my own mess and gone to sleep.”

“Every time I hear something more about those people I believe it can’t get any worse, but then it does,” Euphemia had huffed angrily.

“But they are the ones that have lost the most in the end. Not only their freedom but the friendship of a very special man like Harry. There is no prize greater than that, and they have learned that to their cost; especially Hermione.”

Luna had arrived silently, as usual, and was in the kitchen doorway. Pulling her cloak from her shoulders she handed it to Toffee with a sweet smile. The tiny Elf was so excited to be given a task to do that he danced on the spot before he popped out with a creditable snap of his fingers. It was becoming clear that the Elfling’s  Magic was very strong for one so young, and in private, Launcelot had mooted a theory to Tony that it was all to do with Harry’s donation of Magic at Toffee’s conception.

The HP Effect strikes again, Tony mused.

Luna had slid into the chair next to his Aunt and helped herself to a slice of chocolate cake from the tea tray on the table. She’d looked so beautiful and ethereal, but Tony found her very disconcerting; so much so that he was still having a problem completely trusting her.

And that was a serious issue, because if anyone had doubts then the Ritual might not work. Tony was determined his stupid hang-ups were not going to jeopardise Teddy’s health. He resolved to meditate for an hour before the Rite to make sure he’d got his head on straight. He trusted Harry, and Harry definitely trusted Luna, so there was absolutely nothing for him to worry about. It was only her air of mystery that had him uncertain about her, and she couldn’t really help that. He was just being ridiculous.

Draco had given him a gentle nudge with his shoulder. His lover knew how he felt, and had reassured him that she was completely trustworthy, and Tony knew Draco was an amazing judge of character. Also, not only did he have first-hand experience of Luna’s faith in Harry from the war, but he’d had to learn quickly in the Malfoy household how to determine someone’s motivations, as many who visited were not to be trusted at all – his father in particular.

“Once again I have to wonder if these unusual occurrences are what has made your Magic so amenable to the influence of the Hallows,” Launcelot mused. “Any other Wixen would have died that night, or been so damaged by the experience that they would have been traumatised by both their own Magic and that of others.”

“But my Magic was the only weapon I had left at my disposal,” Harry mused. “I have to admit, once I’d got up and stumbled to the stream we used for water, I was afraid to use my Wand to Cast a Cleaning Charm. I stripped off and rinsed down in that freezing cold water instead. That fear lasted a few hours and it was only later that I gave myself a good talking to about the threat we faced and how refusing to use Magic would put Ron and Mione in danger.” He huffed out a humourless laugh. “I was such a gullible bastard. Maybe I deserved everything I got.”

Mio caro ragazzo, fermare… stop that,” Nonna snapped in heavily accented English from her seat further back in the kitchen.

Kreature had found her a beautiful old bentwood rocker in one of the attics and had polished the beautiful rich dark wood until glowed in the lamplight. Nonna had then directed Tony to place it right next to the Aga, where it was always warm, and she had claimed the whole area, sitting like a queen in regal splendour surveying her lands.

“You are one of our Lady’s chosen. Quei traditori… those traitors… they will not find a place in her garden. Their afterlife will be painful and their tormenti will be much deserved.”

No one could wish pain on someone like Nonna could. Tony hid a smile as he remembered her long rambling diatribes about his father and what awaited him in the afterlife. Tony could only hope she was right about all of them.

So he, Draco, Oliver, and Launcelot had talked Harry through the simple Rite needed to claim the circle. Of course, Harry had taken to it like a natural, allowing his Magic to flow unimpeded around the carvings, lighting up the Runes with a white/gold light that shimmered with an inner fire that three days later had still not dimmed at all. The circle was his and everyone knew their role.


Tony began to drift up from his meditation, drawn out of his mind by the buzz of Magic he had set as an alarm. They were less than an hour away from the Ritual, and there was just time for him to have a shower and prepare his robes before they all congregated in the cellar room to cleanse.

He opened his eyes slowly, allowing himself to acclimatise to the soft light in the room. His mediation had been successful; he felt settled and secure in the choices that had been made for the Ritual, and the mix of people who were involved. Luna had been around a lot over the last few days and he had found himself liking her more and more, if only for the way she could make Harry laugh with some strange story about a, probably, fictitious creature. All his concerns had been alleviated and he felt sure he would be able to take part in the Ritual without any lingering doubts.

He rolled his neck to one side and noticed that Draco was fast asleep on the bed. He’d been a little concerned that morning, as his blonde love had seemed tired, with dark rings showing under his eyes. That had usually been a sign that his dreams had been of the ‘forseeing’ variety. Since they had finally made their initial bond with Harry, Draco’s dreaming seemed to have receded. If that had changed then Draco wasn’t talking about it, which made Tony a little worried. He decided he’d make sure to gently encourage his lover to let him and Harry in on what was going on.

There was a rustle of clothing across the room and Tony turned to see Harry kneeling just over an arm’s length from him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you,” Harry murmured. He looked down at his lap where his fingers were tightly intertwined. “I just wanted to be with you both.”

“You don’t have to apologise for that, Harry. We’ll always want to be with you too. You can come to us if you need us. Is everything OK?”

Harry bit down on his bottom lip and then blew out a long slow breath. “I…” He looked up at Tony, obvious worry and confusion right there in those beautiful green eyes. “Am I doing the right thing, Paddy? I mean… Every Full Moon since Teddy began to have problems, I have wondered if it was the last one, you know… if I was going to try to wake him in the morning only to find it had all been too much and he was gone. Oh, Merlin, there were times, when the pain was so bad that he was screaming and holding out his arms to be held, that I wondered if it wouldn’t be better for him to just slip away so that he wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. I know that makes me a horrible person but…”

Tony leaned forward and using the extra-long reach of his arms snagged hold of Harry’s hands and pulled him into his lap. It should have felt ridiculous having a grown man cuddled into his chest, but Harry simply melted into him, obviously needing comfort and Tony couldn’t help but use any advantage to support his lover at this difficult time.

“Any parent seeing their child suffering so much and being unable to do anything about it would feel the same way, Harry. We all just want the best for Teddy. This Ritual… he might not be the same little boy after it’s over that he is right now, but he’s young. He’ll adapt so quickly, and he’ll have all of us to encourage and teach him. He’s not going to leave you, Harry. He’ll be different, yes, but… he’s such an amazing child despite all the pain he’s been through. Just imagine what he’ll be capable of achieving without the physical and emotional pressures you’ve both been under.”

“I just keep thinking that… I’m subjecting him to a Rite that will rob him of major parts of the two people who made him. When he’s older and I have to explain it to him… Tony, how will he ever forgive me for stealing Tonks and Remus from him.”

A snort came from the bed, and Draco slid across the mattress to rest his chin on Tony’s shoulder. “They’re still there – come on, Harry, I’m sure you know all about the Snidgets and the Billywigs. Even with your limited Muggle upbringing, you must have some idea where babies come from.”

A faint blush rose on Harry’s cheeks as he smiled sheepishly and nodded his head. “I know I’m being stupid. I’m just nervous.”

Draco reached over and ran a finger down Harry’s cheek. “I know you are, sweetheart. Fuck, we all are. We just want to make it right for the little guy. I mean, I’m his Uncle ‘Co, the vocabulary enhancer. I’m going to make it my vocation to teach him a new word every day. He’ll be chattering away in full sentences before you know it.”

“Yeah,” Tony chuckled, “And then we’ll all be wishing he wasn’t.”

There was a pop and Winky appeared at Tony’s side.

“Peoples is arriving, you slowpokey boys,” she chided. “Yous need to be getting ready… and no playing fun games in the showers eithers. No time, no time!” She waved a long spindly finger at them all, her little mouth set in a thin line.

“Thanks, Winky. I promise we’ll be as quick as possible,” Harry reassured her, giving her a tender smile.

The she-Elf smiled back, the affection they felt for each other palpable in their gaze. “You not to be worrying, My Harry. Your Teddy always be loving you, whatever happens. The Wolfie and the Shifter mights have made him, but you is being his Daddy, and babes and Elflings be never blaming their Papa’s for keeping them safes.” Her big eyes moved to capture each of them in turn. “You be keeping him safes tonight, right?”

“Yes, Winky, of course,” Tony agreed, holding out his finger for her to grasp. Draco placed a hand on her head and for a moment they were all joined. The thrumming of her amazing Magic was mingling with theirs, and underlying it Tony could feel the trust she had in them all. It was humbling to be given such a gift.

Then the moment passed, and Winky popped out leaving them a little breathless at the connection they had shared.

“Come on. We’d better get ready. I’ll use the shower down the hall. Draco can get our robes ready while Harry you use the en suite, and then you two can swop.” Tony pressed a kiss to Harry’s lips as he climbed out of his lap, and then used the bed to lever himself up.

“Oh, by the way,” he said when he reached the door. “You’re going to have to remove all your glamours as the Rite will see that kind of illusory Magic as deceptive.”

Harry blushed a deep pink. “Are you going to be able to cope with that?” he asked, his eyes a little wide.

Tony chuckled. “Oh, no not at all. I’m going to get Aunt Phee to Cast an Impotence Charm on me –  in fact, it might not be a bad idea for all of us. Our relationship is entirely too new for us to be able to restrain our reactions to seeing each other naked.”

Harry’s expression grew mortified, and Draco’s wasn’t much different. Tony quickly realised what that meant.

“Alright, I’ll ask her for you.”

He shook his head at the sighs of deep relief that followed him as he left the room. Looked like he had a mildly embarrassing conversation to have with the Mother figure in his life.

Ah well, it wouldn’t be the first time.


The room was lit with thousands of candles each no more than three inches long and half an inch around. They floated in the air in an arched pattern over the Ritual Circle, demarcating the cardinal points of the compass. A false, Charmed window was set into the wall, spelled to channel the real light of the Moon into the cellar space.

Teddy, whose tiny body was sparkling with pale pink light, was unnaturally still under the effects of the Healer’s Stasis. He had been fed several Potions, tailor-made by Draco to taste ‘nummy’, that would mitigate any pain or muscle spasm he might suffer after everything was done.

Harry looked over at his lovers and felt a calm settle over him. He didn’t know where it was coming from, but there was a warmth in the very core of him, reassuring and sure. Nothing would go wrong. These wonderful people had come together to offer their Magic in order to give Teddy a chance at a better life.

While they still had a way to go to be complete as a Triad, Harry knew that his lovers would be beside him all the days of his life. And right alongside them, his son. Teddy was going to survive this… no, more than that, he was going to thrive and be a strong, Magical being imbued with Draco’s compassion, Tony’s strength, and Harry’s deep and abiding love for them all.

Harry stepped into the circle and the Runes lit up one by one, their white/gold light spilling over the floor until it seemed gilded. He outstretched his hands to his sides and walked a slow circuit around the low altar stone where Teddy lay.

Duce nos domine Magia. Ostende nobis iter. Aperi nobis et nostris cordibus nostris ad Magia tua erat gubernata.”

There was a thrum – a sub-aural drone that made Harry’s chest vibrate. He looked around the circle at his… his family, for that is exactly what they were, and the realisation made his heart sing with joy and acceptance. The six adult Wixen were holding hands around the rim of the Runic circle, their faces lit by the light of the candles and by the powerful glow of his Magic as it powered the Runes beneath their feet.

Tony and Launcelot had been placed directly opposite one another; tall, strong, Magically powerful men, with thick hair, dancing eyes and frightening intellect – so completely alike that they were obviously related. Draco and Luna facing each other, their pale hair and complexions making them look ethereal; otherworldly. They bought not only the power to ‘see’ into the future, but also offered Harry the kind of understanding only possible from someone who had suffered and fought through the war with Harry. Euphemia, with her flawless dark skin, and fathomless eyes; her dedication to her craft obvious by the fierce unwavering focus with which she was observing Teddy and her strong Healing Gift that held his son safe while they worked to save him. And finally, Oliver; an astute, Gifted, and kind man who had trusted Harry when no other Wixen would; who had been willing to risk his reputation and previously hidden Gift to support Harry, and see Teddy for who he really could be.

He couldn’t fail them – he wouldn’t fail them. Harry would prove worthy of their faith in him; faith that was well-founded as he gave all that he was to repay that conviction with every iota of his being.

He spread his arms wider and allowed his Magic to flow unimpeded into the room. The power manifested as a rushing wind that lifted his long hair and gently tossed it around him.

Ad puerum suum dimittere ab vincula. Et esto sana magiae saturabunt eum. Da huic puero meo ut faciam mihi legatum. Accipe quid Domina, quoniam detrimenti priuationem partem accipiam si damnum patitur pacatum illo liberari execrata civitas.”

For a moment the Universe seemed to stop breathing. The unnatural silence was uncanny and unsettling. Then moment by moment Harry began to feel a pull on his core, from a gentle nudge it grew and grew into an insistent tug that was so intense it was almost painful. A question floated into Harry’s mind – unvoiced but there nevertheless.

Will you give all your power to me if I accede to your request?

Harry sucked in a shuddery breath, but there was no question what his answer would be.

Gladly, My Lady

The tug got deeper and more painful, making his legs feel weak as he felt his Magic moving out of his core.

Would you die for him?

Harry felt sad that he wasn’t going to be allowed to see Teddy grow up, but he knew Draco and Tony would be amazing parents, and that they would take on that responsibility without question. He hoped they knew how sorry he was for this outcome, and how much he loved them.


And if I decide it should be one of them?

Harry had no doubt the voice meant his lovers rather than one of the other Wixen around the circle, and his soul screamed at the thought of losing one of them. His heart sank as he realised that by being so selfish he was going to fail; fail Teddy, and fail his friends. But he was paralyzed by the idea of having to let Tony or Draco go.

I would give my life willingly for my mate and my son

Once again there was no audible sound, but somehow in his shocked mind, Harry knew who the thought came from. There was a cadence in the words that made him certain it was Draco, and he both loved and hated him for making such an offer; for opening the way for his loss.

As would I, My Lady. For we are bonded by your grace and by that of Fate and would give all that we are for each other

Tony… fuck, Harry had never felt so cherished and honoured as he did right then. That his mates would lay down their lives for him and for Teddy without any demur was a priceless gift, but he also knew the loss of any one of them would be a wound from which he would never recover.

The wrenching at his core became almost unbearable, and Harry’s mind flooded with relief, sure that Lady Magic had made her choice and had chosen him.  He was ready to give the final price; after all, it wasn’t the first time such a duty had fallen to him. He sent out a pulse of love and regretful farewell to his lovers hoping for forgiveness for the burden he was handing over to them and then surrendered himself to the Lady’s will.

Not today my Champion

There was a peal of bells, melodic and sweet, and then his Magic began to swirl around the circle, streaming around and through Teddy, making the stasis field arc and fizz as it absorbed the power and fed it to the comatose child, casting strange shadows across him that looked like the hands of a dancer moving through the air, plucking at shards of yellow and green light that fluttered and flickered just above his prone body.

The atmospheric pressure in the room increased exponentially until Harry was having difficulty drawing breath into his heaving lungs. With a final visible flare of his Magic, there was rushing of wind, deafening in its intensity, before every candle guttered and was extinguished, plunging the room into total darkness.

Harry fell to his knees, panting hard, his body aching from the explosion of Magic. Even his Maturation hadn’t hurt as much as that. His mind was racing and he was desperate to know if Magic had refused to grant their request, or if not then exactly what payment She had exacted.

“Tony…Draco?” he cried out, his voice weak with fatigue and fear.

A movement to his right had him turning that way, reaching out until his questing hands met a strong chest.


“We’re here, Harry. Oh, Merlin, we’re both here. Are you in any pain?” Harry couldn’t see his lover, but he could feel the damp cling of his sweat-soaked robe.


“I’m fine. I’m here, Harry.”

Harry was so relieved to hear their voices that a sob burst from him, dragging his breaths ragged and painful from his lungs as his whole body shook with reaction.

“Harry, can you try to light the candles again. It seems the ritual has affected the space giving you complete Mastery of the Circle. No one will be able to Cast from here on in, except you.” Launcelot’s steady, cultured voice was a balm to Harry’s jangled nerves.

His arms were trembling with fatigue and tension, but he drew on resources he’d honed through years of trials at the hands of Dumbledore and Voldemort. Harry tiredly gathered his Magic and threw it up into the room, shakily instructing it to light some of the candles.

But it seemed his Magic had other ideas.

The room lit up like the sun and everyone was completely astonished as the walls and ceiling were revealed out of the gloom. Where there had been simple hewn stone walls were now covered in Runes and Sigils, all of them picked out in precious stones and metals. The whole place sparkled like a treasure trove. A quick glance at Launcelot’s overawed expression told Harry that the Unspeakable would be spending a lot of time in this room over the next few weeks.

There was a small cough and then a quiet cry from the small flat stone in the centre of the circle. Harry cried out, “Teddy!” and too tired and weak to stand, simply crawled the few feet to where the little boy lay.

Harry gathered him into his arms, realising immediately that his son was actually physically smaller. He fitted into Harry’s arms in the way he had when he was newborn. Harry searched out Euphemia, desperate for her to ascertain if Teddy had been harmed by the Ritual, and more importantly to find out if they had succeeded in their task. The Healer was already Casting Diagnostic Charms, and Launcelot was as interested as she was in the numbers and Runes that formed in the air around them.

Euphemia hummed to herself as she studied the results. “He’s regressed physically to around three weeks old, but the change doesn’t seem to have harmed him in any way. His diagnostics show him to be a very healthy newborn.” Her dark eyes sparkled with relief.

“And the legacy of his parents?”

Euphemia laid a gentle hand on Harry’s arm and initially the touch made his heart sink, but then he noticed she was still smiling, and he allowed hope to make a reappearance.

“He still carries the Metamorph Gift as an active trait, but there is no sign of the Lycanthropy, not even Latently.”

Harry pulled Teddy onto his chest and began to cry, rocking gently as profound relief flowed through him. Warm strong arms settled around them both, as his lovers joined him, sharing in his thankful tears.

They’d actually done it; Lady Magic had granted them an overwhelming boon. Teddy was finally free. And although he mourned the loss of the sweet little boy he had loved, Harry knew he would see him again. He just had to wait a little while longer.



Five months later

There was great rejoicing across all the realms as Bowman-Wright was paraded through the city, his Golden Snitch held aloft for all to see. While deep in the forest, the Golden Snidget settled on his nest, tucked his head under his wing and safe in the knowledge that he would never be used for sport again he fell fast asleep. The End.”

“You do realise he’s been asleep for almost half of that story, don’t you?” Harry whispered with a smirk.

Draco shrugged. “Well, I had to know how it ended.”

There was a snort of laughter from the doorway which Tony quickly smothered at the twin glares from his partners. Teddy was only just sleeping for longer than an hour at a time, either during the day or night, proving that the deleterious effects of the Ritual on his tiny body were finally coming to an end.

“Come on you two, you’re wasting time. We’ll have three hours if we’re lucky and I for one am not planning on wasting any of it.” Tony murmured as he turned and left the doorway, heading towards their bedroom, quickly followed by Draco.

Harry spent a few seconds looking down at his son, his lips quirking in the smile of love and relief he hadn’t been able to stifle for weeks.

He allowed himself just a quick adjustment to Teddy’s bedclothes, knowing any more than that and he risked waking the little boy again. The Metamorph’s hair was pale blonde, a reflection that Draco had been the one to bathe him and read him his bedtime story that night. The manifestation of his mother’s gift was strong in him, as also was Teddy’s own Magic. Of Remus’ Curse, there was no sign at all – much to everyone’s relief.

Oliver had taken one look at Teddy immediately after the Rite and had grinned. “Oh boys, you are going to have a real firecracker on your hands there,” but refused to divulge anything more.

It’d taken a few days to wear Ollie down, but eventually he had revealed that Teddy seemed to have a little of each of their Magic – Harry’s sheer Magical power, Tony’s facility for Wandless Magic, and a touch of Draco’s prescience; only time would tell how that would manifest itself, but behind closed doors, the Triad had agreed that if the Harry Potter Effect ran true, then Teddy would probably be the most powerful seer Wixenkind had ever seen. But they had decided to keep that to themselves until it actually became an issue.

Teddy’s vocabulary was already up to his pre-Ritual standard, and growing every day. Strangely for a child of his age, it included some Latin, Italian, and a language only Teddy and Toffee seemed to understand, although the adult Elves all seemed to have a good idea what they were babbling about. Harry had decided not to ask. The Elves had readily joined forces to care for them all, and once the decision had been made to move to the Muse, they had taken up their self-appointed roles without any fuss.

Launcelot and Euphemia had returned to their own home, but it was difficult to tell that was the case, as they were at the Muse more than they were away. Nonna had decided that she would spend at least six months in residence, just to make sure they were looking after her Great-Grandson properly. Teddy was just overjoyed that he was constantly surrounded by his favourite adults.

With one last check of the child in the bed, Harry then left the room and wandered down to his office to lock down the Wards. He could have easily achieved that from the bedroom, but he needed a few moments to gather himself. He’d made a decision that he was going to share with his partners that night, but he was a little nervous about it. He stepped around his desk and pressed his hand to the Potter-Black seal hanging on the wall and channelled all the authority he had as head of the household with the order to secure the house. The Muse hummed under his questioning fingers, sending a warm pulse of safe/impregnable/locked-down back at him, and he answered with thanks.

As he turned to leave, he caught sight of the scroll that had arrived from the DIA that morning, officially notifying him of Ron’s trial. It had taken months to draw together all the evidence, and as Cryde’s next of kin had decided to petition for Euthanasia for Ophichius, Weasley was being charged with several counts of Attempted Murder and Manslaughter, alongside the more minor counts of illegal importation of poisons and use of the Chameleon Charm.

Molly had been sent straight back to New Bastion for the remainder of her five-year term, as committing a crime whilst under house arrest was against the terms of her probation, while Ophelia Cryde had been privately punished by her Family Magic, as was the family’s right under the circumstances. The response from The Lady had been the draining of her core, which had led to her inevitable death.

Harry found it hard to be anything but sad about the whole thing. He was still grieving all these years later for his loss of the love of family for the second time. There wasn’t any part of him that felt the need for revenge, although his lovers couldn’t say the same. But he knew it was important to show due process, and he had agreed to take part in the trial as necessary. The papers had been full of nothing else but the case for months – strangely, Wixen were apparently all up in arms that their ‘Saviour’ had been treated so terribly by his friend and were baying for Ron’s blood, some going so far as to wish for the return of Dementors. It would have been nice if they’d cared that much two years earlier.

Ironically, the date for proceedings had been specifically set so it wouldn’t clash with the final of the International Quidditch League: National Nundu’s v. Hellenic Hippocampi. Oliver’s Dream Team had done their job, catapulting the team through their heats with one resounding win after another. They’d all set new records; Draco scoring more goals than any Chaser that century, Tony heading the Keeper’s leaderboard with his almost faultless goal saves, and Harry had caught the Snitch in every game. The resultant 150 points hadn’t always been necessary for a triumph, but Harry couldn’t help himself – he only had to catch a glimpse of that flash of gold and he got tunnel vision.

He sighed and thought off at the Mage globes, plunging the room into darkness. He knew he was prevaricating. He was nervous about the decision he had made, even though he was sure that it was definitely the right time.

Straightening his shoulders he left the Office and padded down the corridor toward the bedroom they now shared. He banished his clothes before he reached the door, sending them directly to the laundry, and walked into the room completely naked, although his long hair was still in its heavy messy bun on top of his head. They’d found the best way to mitigate Tony’s visceral reaction to his hair was to allow him to be the one to let it down. That little bit of control checked his propensity to go off with a premature bang. While it could be hot to watch, it could also be disappointing if long slow lovemaking was what they all craved.

He entered the room to see his lovers already on the bed. Tony had Draco stretched out underneath him, sitting astride his thighs, Tony’s long arms holding the blonde’s hands above his head. Draco was moaning lowly, his head moving from side to side as he enjoyed the undivided attention he was getting from Tony’s lips.

Paddy looked up at him and smiled the tender slow smile that Harry loved so much. There was a symphony of love and affection in that one action that made his heart sing with joy.

“Hey,” Draco called out, his voice already thick with arousal and lust. “Come to bed, baby. We missed you.”

“Yeah, come on, mia bella fenice. Come and play. You can have anything you want tonight.”

Harry smiled, all his nerves leaving him. How could he possibly be afraid when the men on the bed loved him so much; gave him so much. They would never knowingly harm him. The sex between them had been both heady and sweet, full of lust and heat, but never lacking in love. They had done nearly everything together except one act; while Harry had penetrated them both, he had never been fucked by either of them. What they didn’t know was that Harry had never done that with anyone before – but tonight…

“Fuck me?” he asked boldly, feeling the hot surge of their surprise and lust through their shared Magic.

There was a deep moan from the bed, as Draco shook through his first orgasm of the night. His libido had been the most affected by their Magical joining during the Ritual, and his propensity to dry orgasms had increased as well. Harry had found he could keep Draco right on the edge of finally spilling for hours, by simply allowing his Magic to play across Draco’s skin. Draco had been beautifully exhausted the following day. Harry looked forward to doing it again soon.

Tony slid off the bed and padded over to him, sleek and deadly like a big jungle cat. Those big, safe hands framed Harry’s face as Tony looked deeply into his eyes. It was obvious from his concerned gaze that Harry hadn’t fooled either of them. They’d known why he’d avoided this act, and had simply allowed him to reach a decision in his own time. They loved him so much, and Harry could hardly contain the joy that knowledge gave him.

“Are you sure, baby?”

Harry nodded, leaning up to press his lips to Tony’s. Kisses from the big man were always gentle, even in the height of passion. Draco was more likely to get a little rough, biting at Harry’s bottom lip, nipping at his jaw. He found both sensations arousing in their own way, and loved the dichotomy of their passion for him. He really did have the best of both worlds.

“Alright,” Tony agreed. “We’ll take care of you, sweetheart. This is going to rock your world.”

He led Harry over to the bed, and gently pushed him to lie next to Draco. The blonde ran greedy hands all over Harry’s body, lighting up the nerves under his skin with sparks of Magic that ran through his fingertips. Harry shuddered at the sensation of pleasure/pain that had taken him by surprise the first time Draco had done this. He hadn’t known just how delicious that little stinging zap could be when it was combined with the curl of arousal in his belly, but he had to admit he adored it now.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous, lying there like a beautiful golden gift. Your skin is so soft,” Draco breathed as he moved his fingers over Harry’s abs and down his treasure trail. Harry sucked in a shaky breath, as the teasing digits skirted the base of his cock and sent tiny little pinpricks of feeling zinging along his perineum, reaching his hole and setting it alight with heat.

“Fuuuuck…” he moaned, shaking with tension and excitement. Draco hadn’t even touched him physically and he was already hard and leaking freely, the clear pre-come rolling down his cock and onto his belly.

Fenice, we need to make a decision before we go too far and you’re not able, OK?” Tony whispered in his ear.

Harry thought that point had already been reached, but he could see this was important to Tony so he nodded and tried to focus. Thankfully, Draco withdrew his Magic, but not his fingers, allowing the feelings of arousal to retreat a little while still maintaining their connection.

“I think it should be Draco who has you first. He’s not as big as me, and for your first time it would be easier.” Tony looked over at their lover, and Harry followed his gaze. Draco looked… disappointed, and Harry tried to gather his scrambled brain cells to work out why.

Amante… I… you know I don’t…” Draco was obviously trying to explain without saying something that might upset Harry. It didn’t take him more than a moment to understand why. In all their lovemaking, Draco had never topped. He adored to be fucked – positively wallowed in being filled. Harry thought it was because he enjoyed being the centre of their attention, and maybe partly it was, but it seemed Draco actually didn’t like being on top.

Tony looked conflicted, and Harry didn’t want that. The wonderful slow burn of arousal that Draco had begun was starting to recede and that was not how Harry wanted tonight to go. He realised he was going to have to explicitly tell Tony what he wanted, otherwise his lover would just think it to death and the moment would be lost. With a flash of lust, he recalled how he fantasised how this first time with them would be. It was the mirror of something they’d done together before, although this time Harry would be the focus.

“I want it to be you,” he told Tony, holding his gaze so that his lover could see Harry’s sincerity. “Draco on  his back, stuffed with the dildo that’s a copy of you; me lying on his chest, his legs either side of mine so his cock is against my lower back…”

Draco’s eyes lit with excitement and his pupils dilated obviously turned on by Harry’s words. He would be totally involved, but also held down, which Harry knew was his favourite position.

“I know you’ll go slow, Tony. Use that amazing Charm to relax and lubricate me, then fuck me open with your fingers. I’ve never had anything in there, Paddy, not even myself. I want to feel you deep inside me, claiming me, loving me.” He reached up a hand and clasped it around the back of Tony’s neck, pulling him down into a deep kiss. It was obvious the words had sparked Tony’s own arousal as he licked into Harry’s mouth with his tongue, pressing him down against Draco. The kiss was as passionate as it was gentle, until Draco joined them, his tongue licking at their lips as his teeth scraped across their jaw, each sensation hot in equal measure. By the time they came up for air, Tony’s concerned expression was almost gone.

“If you’re sure,”

“Please, baby. Please… I want to feel you inside me…” Harry breathed against his lips.

A few minutes later, Draco was on his back, his hole relaxed and oiled, and the flesh coloured dildo pressed home. Harry loved to watch Draco take his pleasure. He was completely abandoned and without shame as he allowed Tony to do with him as he wished. Tony took a moment to push a little Magic into the faux-cock, activating a Mirroring Charm that would mimic Tony’s movements thrust for thrust.

Once Draco was situated to Tony’s requirements, Harry was lifted into place. As he was placed down he could feel Draco’s cock dragging long and hard against his spine, with his balls deliciously cool against the heated skin at the small of Harry’s back. He heard Draco moan and craned his neck back only to see that Tony had tied Draco’s hands to the brass bars of the headboard, holding them there with conjured lengths of dark blue silk rope. The sight was arousing in ways Harry didn’t expect, and he stored the reaction for later inspection.

“Gonna make you feel so good, Fenice. I’ll make you come so hard, just on my cock; no hands, no mouth, just me inside you.”

Harry cried out as the words made him unspeakably aroused. Tony knelt between his legs, taking his ankles in his hands and spreading them wide, opening Harry’s most intimate place to his view. It was overwhelming how much Harry wanted this. His soul was crying out for Tony to fill him, mark him while he lay impossibly close to Draco, the position allowing Tony to make love to them both as almost one being, joining them to finally and completely achieve their Triad status.

Quasdam oleoque.”

The strange feeling of the Charm opening and oiling him made Harry shiver with sensation. Draco shuddered beneath him, obviously already feeling the lengthening and hardening of Tony’s cock mirrored by the dildo as his excitement increased.

“Ahh, Amante…” Draco cried out, and Harry felt his lover’s hips buck, once…twice… three times… before he relaxed bonelessly with a low moan.

Harry wondered how he was going to survive this. Tony hadn’t even put a finger in him and he was already on the edge, so excited he felt like he was going to pass out. The feeling of pressure against his entrance made him tense for a moment. Tony didn’t withdraw – he kept up the same tension but didn’t breach him – waiting for Harry to be ready.

And he was ready… so very ready…

He made himself let go of the tension in his muscles – allowing the real trust he felt in his lovers to give them permission to do anything to him. He knew they would treat him well and there was nothing to fear.

Harry’s relaxation was followed by the first press of Tony inside him. Slowly but inexorably, his slick finger pressed inside him. Harry was amazed by the overwhelming sensations – his whole body seemed to be responding to that small area; he was opening his body, his Magic, his very soul to his lovers and he wanted more.

“Please, Tony… more… ung… please…” he begged. And Tony gave him more. One finger became two, and then three. Harry was fucking down on Tony’s hand, but it wasn’t enough. He needed thicker, longer, harder…

Tony seemed to hear his mental demands. The withdrawal of his fingers had Harry crying out at the lack of sensation. Beneath him, Draco was writhing continuously, his voice cracking as he begged to be fucked.

Harry knew how he felt. He didn’t know why he’d waited so long. This was everything he never knew he needed.

A firm pressure at his loosened hole had him moaning loudly. Then Tony began to push inside, his thrust slow but constant. “Breathe, Fenice,” he coached, his own voice thick with arousal. “Bear down, it will make me easier to take.”

Doing as he was told, Harry looked up as his lover stretched up and leaned over Harry’s shoulder. The sound of Draco’s moans being muffled told Tony had taken Draco’s lips. Draco was shaking through another orgasm – his third, and it was so intense that the bed was shaking with him.

“Yeah, Mio Drago, that’s it. Let it all go for me, baby…” Tony crooned. “But you’re going to wait for Harry to spill, OK?”

Draco whined, his breathing coming in short pants as Harry felt him nod.

Meanwhile, Harry had begun to adjust to the thick hardness that filled him so completely. The initial burn had been more discomfort than pain, but that had settled to a pleasant stretch that promised more. Tony pushed a little deeper as he relaxed back from kissing Draco, and Harry saw fireworks behind his eyelids.

“Ahhh. Fuck… Tony… fuckfuckfuuuu…”

Tony’s eyes lit up with a fire Harry had never seen before, and then he was stroking into Harry, powerful and deep, hitting his prostate with every thrust. Harry’s vision was crowded with sparkling motes of power as their Magic began to react to the deep intimacy of the act. Harry’s pleasure was increased by the sure knowledge that everything he felt, Draco was feeling too; he could detect it in their Magic, surging and intertwining. Tony’s approaching orgasm was there too, amping-up their arousal to headier heights until it was impossible to maintain it any longer.

With a rush of ecstatic pleasure, Harry’s orgasm rushed through him, painting his chest with long stripes of come as his body clamped down on Tony’s cock. Underneath him, Draco stiffened, his back arching as much as he was able, every muscle in his body tense before a flash of warmth up his back told Harry that Draco had come too.

Tony continued to thrust into him, chasing his own pleasure, and Harry had enough presence of mind left to purposefully tighten his internal muscles. Giving a loud groan Tony’s hips jerked one last time, and as he emptied himself, the experience was like nothing Harry’d ever had before. He could feel their Magic beginning to rise, but this time it was different. There was a purposefulness to it that hadn’t been there before.

He forced his eyes open and watched as the individual manifestation of their cores began to twist around each other – Tony’s sapphire blue/gold, Draco’s silver/pink, and his own red/black/gold combining to make a thick scintillating rope of Magic. The individual colours were still there, no one strand subsumed by the others, yet they formed a cohesive whole – powerful, strong and resilient.

He dragged his gaze away to look at his lovers – his partners in love and magic. Tony had released Draco’s hands and they both gathered Harry into the circle of their arms. All of them were shaking, not just from the physical pleasure but from the emotional realisation that something had changed.

With a burst of insight, or perhaps a mental suggestion from Lady Magic herself, Harry knew the effect of the Hallows was no longer only on his Magic. Just as Teddy had received a little of all of them during the Ritual, this act of utmost intimacy had bound them completely… eternally.

A Fated Soul-Bound Triad.

“I love you,” he told them. Just three simple words, but it felt like the most profound thing he’d ever uttered.

Draco’s face was wet with tears as he clung to them both. “I… Oh, Merlin, Amante, and Harry, my darling Harry. I love you both too.”

Mio Drago, Fenice… ti amo più della vita… I love you…” Tony murmured, his voice cracked and shaking with emotion. “More than life.”

Harry felt cherished, loved, and powerful. His life had been fraught with pain deprivation and pitfalls, marred by enemies and dangers, marked by acts of betrayal, but in return, he had been given Teddy, his son, and the love of two beautiful men whose hearts were honourable and true. A real family that would never hurt or betray him, who were enduringly joined to him by their Magic to live and love for all the many years of their lives…

A Dream Team.

The End


Duce nos domine Magia. Ostende nobis iter. Aperi nobis et nostris cordibus nostris ad Magia tua erat gubernata  – Guide us Lady Magic. Show us the path. We open our hearts and our Magic to your guidance

Ad puerum suum dimittere ab vincula. Et esto sana magiae saturabunt eum. Da huic puero meo ut faciam mihi legatum. Accipe quid Domina, quoniam detrimenti priuationem partem accipiam si damnum patitur pacatum illo liberari execrata civitas – Release the child from his bonds. Let my Magic heal him and fill him. Give this child to me to fulfil my legacy. Take from me what you will, My Lady, for I will suffer any privation, accept any loss as your rightful tribute if you will allow this child to be released from his cursed state.



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