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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Thank you all for reading!

Spencer Reid was a mutant, everyone knew that. His IQ, his reading speed, and his eidetic memory are all facets of his mutation. This is what everyone always told him. Spencer though didn't believe it. Until in the aftermath of being exposed to Anthrax actually activated his gene, no one else believed Spencer. Now Spencer's trying to cope with new powers and the potential loss of his best friend. All while the whole team is on edge with George Foyet targeting their boss.

Chapter 15

Early October 2009

Spencer didn’t mind talking about the past anymore, with Aaron by his side it never hurt as much as it used to. He wasn’t sure if Aaron felt the same but Aaron was more cagey, and the abuse of his childhood was vastly different. They had touched on it that day they talked about Aaron’s mutant abilities, but that was it. Spencer didn’t know if Aaron would ever tell Spencer everything, but he didn’t care if Aaron did. Spencer was paying attention to the outside, and he frowned when the limo driver took them down a street that would have them coming up on the wrong side of the building to be dropped off at the valet parking for H&D. Spencer looked at Aaron who noticed it as well, his eyes going outside the window.

Then a woman stepped up to the limo as they pulled up to a set of doors that Spencer hadn’t been through before. Given the layout of H&D, Spencer knew that it had to be the door for the banquet hall. Spencer really hoped that they were not eating along in that big place. It was a beautiful banquet hall, but it was made for parties, not an intimate meal. The woman was holding a set of masks, and while Spencer did like the look of them, they were just confusing him more.

Aaron was out of the limo first, and he drained his glass, so Spencer did the same. Then Aaron was holding his hand out to help Spencer out of the limo. Spencer felt that he should know the woman but the mask that she was wearing was blocking that. He figured that once she talked to them, he would know.

“Aaron?” Spencer asked but Aaron didn’t reply, he just settled the mask over Spencer’s face and wrapped the strap around the back of his head. It felt perfect and wasn’t too heavy. Aaron put his on next and then held out his hand. Spencer linked his with Aaron’s and let Aaron pull him forward. Spencer felt himself start to get worked up because he was confused. He felt his arm start to not feel Aaron’s in the usual way anymore and he forced his mind to concentrate on staying whole. He needed to because he was not going to Spencer the night phased out and not touching anyone. There was a second set of doors inside of the banquet hall, and those were pulled shut. The doors behind were shut and then the woman walked up with them. The sounds of music, haunting, creepy, yet lively music on the other side of the door.

When she passed by Spencer recognized that it was Lisette, the party planner, and hostess that Jake had on staff for H&D. She was lovely and very good at what she did. Spencer swallowed because he was pretty sure that there was some kind of party on the other side of the doors.

“Breathe,” Aaron said. “Just breathe.”

“Who is in there?” Spencer asked.

“Only the people you like I promise. I was very careful with who I invited.” Aaron laid his free hand over Spencer’s arm that was linked with his, and he gave a squeeze. Aaron nodded his head, and Lisette opened the door.

Spencer’s eyes took in everything and then started to process everything except for the people. The inside of the banquet hall looked smaller than it usually did. There were black curtains that were linked to the ceiling and created fake walls. The music was coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. Spencer wondered if the speakers were laid just behind the walls made by the curtains. There was a small pathway that Spencer remembered went to the bathrooms at the one back end of the hall.

The entire hall looked like a Halloween shop blew up in it, and it was wonderful looking. Spencer saw decorations from the shop that he had gone to the weekend before and he now understood why Aaron had wanted the address of the place. Aaron had to have done a lot of shopping the weekend before because Spencer knew that he nor Jake had time to do it before that. The only day was last Saturday when Spencer had been first shopping to get the house Halloweenified as Jake had called it and then actually setting everything up. Spencer turned and buried his face in Aaron’s neck, feeling the tears start to fall down his face. Aaron wrapped his arms around him and made nonsense noises that should not have made Spencer feel better, but they did. The mask was pressing into Spencer’s face and ha to be doing the same to Aaron, but Aaron didn’t stop him, didn’t say anything.

“Is it okay?” Aaron asked when Spencer’s tears started to subside.

Spencer nodded his head in the curve made by Aaron’s neck, he wasn’t ready to talk yet, the mask rubbed on Spencer’s face, but he didn’t care. The team had done a small cake thing early in the afternoon and given Spencer a few presents, but Spencer’s eyes recalled the pile of them on a table in the corner of the hall. It was way too much. Too many gifts, too many emotions. Spencer felt a hand on his back and then JJ’s arms were wrapping around him. She laid her head between his shoulder blades. She had to be slightly overwhelmed with Spencer’s emotions just bleeding all over the place as well as the emotions of the rest of the people in the room. Next was a strong hand on his back, tugging him out of Aaron’s hold. It was Morgan.

“Come on, Pretty Boy, we haven’t even got to the worst party yet.” Morgan was grinning, and his words made Spencer laugh. JJ tucked herself into his side as Aaron wrapped his arms around Spencer’s shoulders.

“The worst part?” Spencer asked.

“Oh, yes. See as soon as we got the invitation JJ called your Mom, and she gave over pictures of you as a kid to one of the nurses.” Morgan waved his hand, and the pictures appeared on the black curtain walls. There was a picture from every single birthday that Spencer had. Including the ones from the BAU and the damned hat that JJ took and Spencer mailed to his mother. Spencer looked at every single one until he got to the one that Aaron had to have taken that morning of Spencer in bed eating. Each image was projected onto a hanging paper tombstone to give them the creepy feel even though every single one had a smile on Spencer’s face.

“You guys did too much.”

“No,” JJ said with a grin, and she squeezed Spencer’s body tighter. “We need to celebrate the fact that you are still with us and happy and healthy after everything that’s happened this past year. So buck up and enjoy all of us celebrating you and the day you came to us.”

A waiter with a tray of drinks stepped up to them. Whatever the drink was, it was purple. Spencer took one and took a sip. It was a Mimosa. The rest of the team lined up for hugs and in the case of Rossi, kisses on Spencer’s cheeks. Jake was next, and he one-upped them all by kissing Spencer soundly on the mouth while Aaron muttered, good-naturedly.

“No tongue,” Aaron said as he pulled Spencer out of Jake’s arms. The rest of the guests laughed, but as Spencer looked at them, a few were a little shocked.

Word had spread through the FBI about Aaron and Spencer, and no one had batted an eye. Like Rogers said they had always just got each other. Every single BAU team was a little closer than they should be but that didn’t mean anything. When the enemy was the worst of the worse, one had to trust the person who had their back, and that meant tighter bonds than normal. Aaron and Spencer were just a progression of that as Rogers had said.

The other BAU teams were there including Rogers and Melendez, who Aaron still had not quite forgiven for nearly getting Spencer killed. There were a few other people that Spencer considered friends who were not BAU members.

“Alex!” Spencer said as Alex and James Blake stepped up. Alex hugged Spencer tightly, and James shook Aaron’s hand. Spencer listened as James just talked and didn’t introduce himself.

“Alex, James, this is-” Spencer stopped when Alex leaned in, and Aaron kissed her cheek, they were both smiling.

“I was very shocked to get anything from you, Hotch,” Alex said with a smile.

“You two know each other?” Spencer asked.

“We worked together some before Strauss blackballed her. I fought it every single step of the way but I was not high enough at the time for my words to make an impact and no one else stepped up,” Aaron said as he wrapped his arm around Spencer’s shoulder to tuck them in close again. “I have had their address and send them Christmas cards. You’ve talked about friends at GWU, and I didn’t put two and two together. Jake had their names and well it wasn’t hard from there.”

“I was just happy to be actually in America at the time of the party. I would have hated to have missed this,” James said with a grin on his face.

Spencer downed his Mimosa to set it down on the tray of a waiter who was collecting empties. Spencer spotted a waiter who had food on his tray. There was also a table set up near the hole in the curtains for the restrooms that had more robust finger foods on them as well as more drinks. Spencer was not going to ask about the cost. Spencer had stopped asking questions like that very early on. Aaron had money, and he didn’t put a significant value on it other than using it to make people he loved happy. Spencer figured that it would be a matter of time before the Amazon was loving stored where Spencer could still work on it but have a better car to drive, though really Spencer didn’t drive too many places. Jake had a sports car that he used to go to and from work and a Jeep for when he needed to haul things.

Aaron didn’t buy affections, he showed his affections with money, and Spencer sometimes wanted to ask where that had come from. The little that Aaron talked about his parents, it could very much have come from watching his father buy gifts for his mother after fights or abuse. Though it also could have been the woman that had dumped Aaron after finding out that he was a Mutant. Aaron only talked about her in general terms. Jake had used her name once, Haley but that was the only thing that Spencer knew about her. She was taboo, but then what Spencer knew, Aaron had loved her.

Spencer knew a lot about Aaron, but one of the big things was that he didn’t love except for one way, all the way. It wasn’t any wonder with the type of man that he was. While Aaron saw the world in many shades of gray, in his personal life, it was very much an all or nothing. He liked you, or he didn’t.

There was no dancing, which Spencer was glad about but there were games and prizes for those games. None of the games were ones that would harm the very formal clothes that everyone was wearing. Spencer liked Aaron’s choices with the masks and the fancy dress. If this was planned in a week, it was a good way of making sure that people came vs. didn’t come because they did not have a Halloween costume yet. It was very early in the season.

“I didn’t see cars in the banquet hall lot,” Spencer said after they had made their round of looking at everything.

“No, everyone was picked up in either the limo or one of the two town cars that are being rented for tonight. The only people who are not drinking is the two BAU teams that are on rotation for tonight if a case should arise. Still, I felt that they should not be treated as different. I even hired babysitters for the families that needed them. JJ and Will especially like that.”

“So what are the plans for the evening or are those still a secret?” Spencer asked.

“Oh, they are very much a secret. We still have many games to play, stories to tell, a lot of food to eat, presents to open, and then it’s time for the cake. After that, will be kept a secret until such a time as I decide to tell you.”

“You are mean,” Spencer said, and he poked Aaron in the chest. Aaron caught his hand as it was retreating and used it to tug Spencer close. Spencer expected to be kissed, but instead, he was tugged in between curtains into a very dark area. Spencer swallowed sharply because his old fear of the dark, his fear of blindfolds started to press into him. Before Spencer could freak out enough to teleport to freedom or phase so he could run, Aaron was kissing him. Spencer gave himself over to that kiss to help settle his nerves. Aaron’s hands were sure on his body, touching him in all the places that only aroused Spencer a little, enough to make him want but not enough to ache.

The party passed in a blur of having too much fun and drinking too much alcohol. Aaron did not leave Spencer’s side except when one of them excused themselves to go to the bathroom. Spencer knew that he wasn’t sloshed, but he was drunk enough to where he didn’t want to let go of Aaron’s arm even before the cupcakes that made up his cake were brought out. The harder drinks also made their rounds at that time along with water. After the cupcakes had been consumed, the guests started to leave in small groups. BAU teams left in whole groups while the others did it based on where they were living.

“Ready to go?” Aaron asked when it was just the waitstaff and Jake left other than them. Jake still had the restaurant to close down and oversee the cleaning of the food up in the banquet hall.

“I am very ready to go home and have you thoroughly debauch me,” Spencer said as he slung his arms around Aaron’s neck to stop himself from falling over. Aaron laughed and wrapped his arms around Spencer’s waist.

“I asked if you were ready to go, I never said anything about home. We are going just a short distance away. Don’t worry the limo will take us.”

Spencer felt something on his back and let go of Aaron to turn, but he realized that it was someone putting his jacket on him. Spencer moved his arms to get them in the sleeves. Spencer turned when he was fully dressed and found that it was Jake.

“I think next time that Aaron wants to get you drunk, we should be at home where I can talk you into a song where you strip naked while dancing.” Jake was looking Spencer up and down as he said it but there was nothing but humor in his eyes.

“Bring that up the next time you want sex, and we shall see what happens.”

“Okay, I think it’s time to get Spencer to bed.” Aaron gently pulled Spencer with him to the door. Spencer though just looked Jake’s face as the man tried to figure out if Spencer was joking or not. Spencer wasn’t sure himself if he was joking or not.

The limo was waiting outside, and the lady from before was standing with the door open. Instead of going around and getting in like she ha a the house when she had picked them up. She stayed and shut the door after Spencer and then Aaron got in. There was no champagne this time, but there was water. Spencer drank two bottles in the very short drive to one of the nicer hotels in the area. He could feel himself start to sober up some and was glad that Aaron had not had them walk even though it would have been easy to do. The walk might have been nice, but Spencer didn’t want to do that.

Spencer held onto Aaron’s arm for dear life as they walked through the hotel and right to the elevators. Spencer was confused until he saw the keycard for the room in Aaron’s hand.

“Jake check us in?” Spencer asked when the elevator doors opened to allow them inside.

“Yes. My job was to get you to H&D, and that was it. Jake and Lisette had the rest under control.”

The elevator doors opened, and Aaron walked and tugged Spencer with him. Spencer had no clue which room they were in so he gladly followed along beside him. It was late enough that there was no one in the hall, which Aaron took advantage of as he pressed Spencer into the door to kiss him.

This wasn’t like the kiss from earlier. Aaron devoured Spencer’s mouth, leaving no area not touched by his tone and no place on Spencer’s body that he could reach untouched. Spencer wasn’t sure what Aaron was going to do until he did it. Until Spencer felt fingers on his pants zipper and that zipper being tugged down.

“Aaron!” Spencer hissed as he tried to grab at the top of Aaron’s head as he went down. Spencer missed though and shuddered as Aaron took his cock into his mouth before taking him all the way down to the root. Spencer couldn’t help the thrust that he made into the heat of Aaron’s mouth, and Aaron just moved with it before he grabbed Spencer’s hips and pressed them to the door. Spencer bit his lip to stop himself from screaming out as Aaron started to bob and suck and just go all out on Spencer’s cock. It felt like Aaron’s goal was to suck him off as quick as possible. Spencer felt himself get to that ledge quicker than he wanted but also not nearly fast enough given that they were in public.

Spencer’s hips came off the door, even with Aaron holding him there as he came down Aaron’s throat. Aaron kept up the pressure and the sucking until Spencer grabbed his hair to pull him off. Aaron stood up, rubbing his body along Spencer’s cock making him hiss in too much pleasure before he claimed Spencer’s mouth again. Spencer could taste himself on Aaron’s tongue as theirs tangled in Spencer’s mouth. Aaron’s cock was hard and pressing into Spencer’s hip, reminding him that Aaron had said that morning that he wanted to fuck Spencer into the mattress that night.

Wrenching his mouth away from Aaron’s, Spencer nipped at his bottom lip before forcing Aaron to look at him. “Come on and fuck me.”

“It would be my absolute pleasure,” Aaron said. He wrapped his arm around Spencer’s waist and hefted him up to where Spencer could wrap his legs around Aaron’s waist. Spencer caught Aaron’s mouth after he heard the beep that signaled that Aaron had got the door open. The slam that happened next made Spencer jump a little, but he didn’t care. Aaron didn’t even pause at all in stride to get them the bed. They didn’t stop until Spencer was being dropped down.

Spencer got settled and pushed to where he could get his pants off. The time for finesse could come later, he might have just orgasmed, but he was far from sated. Spencer watched Aaron’s face as he stripped. Aaron was watching him very closely. It had Spencer feeling like he was on fire, his blood was rushing through his veins as he worked his shoes off first. Nothing was going to happen until those were off. As he worked his belt off, he toed off his socks. Spencer was a little shocked that he had as much dexterity as he did. Spencer got his pants down to his knees before he curled his legs up to push them down the other side. As soon as they were bunched at his feet, Aaron pulled them off of him. Spencer was still wearing his jacket, his suit jacket, shirt, and undershirt so he sat up on the bed to get off the two outer layer pieces and tossed to them to the side before laying back to work his shirt open. Aaron spurred himself into action as Spencer got about halfway through the buttons on his shirt before he started to strip naked.

Aaron did not take off his shoes first, so he danced a little to try and get them off with his pants around his knees. Spencer took his time with the rest of his clothes and was leaning up to get his undershirt off when Aaron was kneeing up onto the bed and grabbing the back of his head. Spencer gladly went into that kiss. Spencer might have been feeling a little drunk from the alcohol but that was quickly leaving him, and all he was feeling was arousal.

Spencer could feel that Aaron’s control was slipping and everywhere that his hands touched, Spencer felt the spark from lightning there. Even where Aaron’s lips kissed as he kissed down Spencer’s body there was more than just heat there. Spencer felt Aaron’s hands hook under his knees and then they were being lifted. Spencer grabbed the headboard to stop himself from sliding up, and Aaron kissed down from knees to the groin before going back up the other side. Spencer wasn’t even aware of Aaron getting lube before slick fingers were pressing inside of him just enough to lube him up and then pulling out. Spencer tipped his head down to watch as Aaron scooted just that much closer before taking his cock in hand and slipping inside of Spencer. Aaron grabbed Spencer’s legs again when the head of his cock popped inside of Spencer and he could push in without guidance anymore.

Aaron leaned all the way over, pressing Spencer things into his chest and spreading them as far as possible so that he could lean up and kiss him. Spencer grabbed the back of Aaron’s head and kept him right there as he took all of Aaron’s cock inside of him. Aaron finally let go of Spencer’s legs and braced his arms on the bed, never trying to separate their mouths as they fucked and kissed. Aaron thrust inside of him as hard and as fast as he could while Spencer held onto the back of his head and held onto him with his other hand trying to find purchase on Aaron’s back.

It could have been hours or minutes, Spencer wasn’t sure. He couldn’t keep track of breaths that he took or thrusts of Aaron’s cock inside of him. All he could keep track of was the feel of Aaron’s hands on his skin when Aaron finally started to touch him again. The spark and slight pain when something felt really good, and Aaron’s abilities reacted to it. Aaron broke the kiss to get his knees under him all the way, and he thrust inside of Spencer hard, coming. Aaron’s hands were like brands on spencer’s hips, and the feel of them tipped Spencer over before Aaron was even finished.

Spencer held onto himself so that he did not fall down through the bed, he had good control of that now, but sometimes it felt a little shakey. When he was sure that he wasn’t going to go anywhere, Spencer tugged on Aaron to drop him down on top of him. Spencer could breathe under his weight, and it was nice. Aaron had not liked it at first, afraid he was going to hurt Spencer but Spencer had endured.

“Good birthday?” Aaron asked as he turned his head to where he could at least look at Spencer, resting his cheek on Spencer’s shoulder. Soon they would have to get up and shower but not yet. For now, they could just cuddle in bed.

“A very good birthday.”

“Jake has a picture of you eating one of those sandwiches with the sauce to mail to your mother. So she can add it to the album of you on your birthday. There was also footage taken, and Garcia is going to edit and send that along as well so that she more than just an image. It’s of you playing all of your games and a lot of touching by me. Garcia won’t send it along until you tell her to.”

“Why?” Spencer asked as he bounced his shoulder a little. Aaron got his arm underneath himself to where he could look down at Spencer. Spencer frowned at the frown that was creasing Aaron’s forehead. He did not understand why Aaron was frowning. He also really did not understand why Garcia would not send the video to his mother. Spencer reached up and brushed at the hair that had escaped the hold that Aarons gel had on it from Spencer tangling his fingers in it. He tried to get it to stay away from Aaron’s forehead because with ii messy he didn’t look like Aaron at all. He pushed it a little harder and finally, it stayed up in the rest of Aaron’s hair.

“What have you told your mother about us?” Aaron asked.

“Oh, I’ve told her all about you and about Jake. Well, not everything as she does not need to know about my sex life. She knows how much both of you have helped me get control of my abilities. SHe knows that I’m living with my partner and his best friend. SHe knows everything. I would never keep anything like that from her. Ever. She doesn’t deserve that. Even though she’s not all there all the time, she deserves to know everything that happens in my life. That’s why I write to her every single day. I didn’t realize that you thought I was keeping it from her.”

“You’ve not talked to me about her. You’ve not said much other than when you are telling me you are going to write the letter to her when we get home while Jake or I cook dinner. I just assumed that you had not told her.”

“No, I wrote her a letter the day you asked me out. I told her about the entire date. I keep nothing from her. Well I have said one thing about my sex life to her and that was when I went through the floor but that was mainly because I hurt myself a little and was bruised up and I didn’t want her to think that something else was going on if I talked about being sore in the next few letters, which I was if you remember.”

“Yes, I do remember. You were very sore for days. I kept you in bed so that you didn’t hurt yourself more. Though we had a lot of fun in the bed over those days.” Aaron leaned down to brush his lips over Spencer’s before he nipped at Spencer’s ear. He laid down again but settled down a little with his head over sPencer’s heart. Spencer carded his fingers through Aaron’s hair until he felt like he was going to go to sleep and stopped that movement. He didn’t need to fall asleep covered in his own release with Aaron’s dripping out of him. He reached down and pinched his leg to wake himself up a little, and Aaron laughed as he always did when Spencer did it.

Aaron laughed a little harder when Spencer pinched his ass in retaliation. “Why don’t we go and shower?” Aaron asked.

“Sure. I think the hot water will do good on my body.”

Aaron slid off of Spencer but did not get off of the bed, not until Spencer had got off and started to the bathroom. Aaron started to strip the bed, Spencer, that there was a new set of covers stacked in the corner. Spencer wondered how often they would change them out throughout the night. Aaron might be older than Spencer, but he kept up with Spencer pretty good, and if he wasn’t hard, he still played with Spencer until he was and then they kept on going. The sex was satisfying, but it was more than just that. Yes, they had a lot of it, but it wasn’t the basis of the relationship. It was just part of what made them, them.

Spencer was just getting under the water that was so hot that the room was full of steam when he heard Aaron shutting the bathroom door and then the door to the shower was opening. Aaron wrapped himself around Spencer and pressed a kiss to his shoulder. Spencer stayed right there and let Aaron’s hands touch him all over. Aaron liked to see where he left marks just as much as Spencer like to see them. Aaron’s hands found a bruise from the training that he had done the day before with Morgan, it was a deep and dark already. Spencer hissed as Aaron’s fingers pressed into it.

“Okay?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, it doesn’t hurt more than any other bruise I’ve gotten before. I missed my teleportation landing by two inches and fell. I’m better though. I can do it with only a few inches being off. Which is a great deal better than before where I got not close at all. Walmond’s friend was good even if he had never worked with teaching a teleporter.”

“That is a lot better. I’m very happy, but I didn’t notice the bruise earlier.”

“The room was a little dark, and you were above me. I mean you only turned on the overhead light when you stripped. Also, please tell me that you brought clothes for me with you?”

“Yes, I did. They were packed up, and Jake took them into work. They are in the front room I assume. Though…” Aaron’s hands trailed down Spencer’s body before crowding him under the water just a little more. “You being naked all day tomorrow would be kind of nice. I have this place booked through Sunday. We don’t have to stay tomorrow night, I just didn’t want to have to check out at a certain time.”

“We can play it by ear, but unless you want me doing the walk of shame in the suit, you had better make sure that we have clothes.”

“We would both be doing the walk of shame, Spencer.”

Aaron handed over a rag and allowed Spencer to start to clean himself up. They shared the water, pushing each other out of the way when the other needed it. It was fun in a way that Spencer never thought showering together could be. Living with Aaron and Jake was different than Spencer ever thought that it could be. There was no jealousy at all for the closeness between the two of them, and they both let him be with them when he wanted but allowed him time to himself when he needed it. There were moments of silence and moments of laughter to fill those silences. There was a body to get into bed with even if Aaron wasn’t home and that was kind of one of the best feelings in the world.

There was always going to be people who did not understand how Spencer could live with a past lover of Aaron’s but Spencer could see in the way that Jake was with Aaron that neither of them pined after each other. If Jake needed sex, he would ask Aaron and Spencer before going out and finding someone else. Emotional monogamy was more important than sexual to Spencer, and if Jake really needed, he was pretty sure that he would be okay with Aaron helping him. It had been their standard for years, and Spencer didn’t really care.

Morgan had been the one that Spencer worried about the most but he had accepted Aaron’s change in status with ease, just like he had Spencer’s and the whole living Jake thing had barely been a blip on his radar. Spencer had feared that he was going to lose Morgan even though Spencer had said for years that he was confident that he was not online. Spencer felt Aaron’s hands on his shoulders, turning him around in the shower. He grinned as Aaron started to kiss him. They were both too tired for it to become more but it was like Aaron knew that Spencer’s thoughts were turning to things that were not entirely happy and was wanting to cheer him up.

“Where did you go?” Aaron asked when he pulled out of the kiss.

“Not too far, just a little into the past,” Spencer said with a very sappy smile on his lips. “Just thinking about how this was not where I thought I would be, ever. Despite the hell of what the past year was, I’m happy with where I am because I have you.”

“Same here, Spencer Reid. Same here.”

The End

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