The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday – 7 – DarkJediQueen

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Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid

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Author's Note:
This is the last of Arc 1, the end of Joe and Spencer's journey. Arc 2 is more about Spencer as he becomes a SEAL. Joe will still be in it but he won't have POV at all.

Spencer Reid could see his life in front of him. He was going to find a cure for his mother's illness and save her. Then he meets retired Navy Captain Joseph Nutter who has moved in next door to Spencer and his mother when Spencer is eleven. That changes the course of his entire life.

Chapter 7

June 2002

Joe looked at Spencer, whose eyes were focused on the city around them. Spencer was enthralled, Joe couldn’t figure out a better word, with London. The city was dreary and wet, but still, there was a happiness to Spencer’s features. It was the last little vacation that Joe was going to be able to take with Spencer when he still had a bit of innocence around him. Joe knew what he was going to be like when he got through BUD/S. He still might have a little bit of innocence around him, but there wasn’t going to be a lot of it left. That innocence was going to go the rest of the way when Spencer killed for the first time. It was the only thing that Joe wished Spencer didn’t have to do, kill someone. It was a forgone conclusion, though, and it was something that Joe had made sure that Spencer had a well developed enough mind when it came to that to be able to do it and not freak the fuck out.

A little manipulation on when Spencer was going to the BUD/S prep course in Illinois, and Joe had enough time with Spencer for a vacation as well as his plans for late July. Spencer was to report to Illinois on August fifth. Joe found that he wasn’t ready to let go of him just yet. He had been planning this vacation since Spencer had been talking to Freddie one night after Boston did well in the finals for basketball. It had been years in the making, but Joe just hoped that it was as fun for Spencer as he thought it was going to be.

It was going to be a feast of the eyes and brain for someone like Spencer. Joe had a few things planned for just himself, something to give Spencer time to do a few things on his own. Spencer was an adult, and as much as Joe wanted this to be a fun trip, he didn’t was to put pressure on Spencer to act like Joe wanted him to.

“What are we doing first?”

“Getting checked into the hotel and then finding a good pub with greasy food and getting you a few good drinks.”

Spencer gave Joe a weird look for a few seconds before he smiled. “That’s right. The drinking age is eighteen here.”

“Yup. Fish and chips and a good lager.” Joe smiled as the cab pulled up in front of the hotel that Joe had picked. For the most part, they were going to take cabs or the bus all over London, but a few excursions that Joe had planned outside of the city involved getting a car. Joe had enough training on driving on the other side of the road that he didn’t feel like he was going to have an issue. Spencer would learn fast, and Joe would make sure to give him some time to drive that way as well. It would be another thing that Spencer wouldn’t have to focus on during training. He would be tested for it, and once he passed, it would be simple to move him onto the next bit of training when it came to driving.

Getting settled into the rooms and then making sure that things were ready for them to basically collapse into bed when they got back was the work of minutes. They were both efficient about what they did. For Joe, it was training that was never going to leave him, and for Spencer, it was training that Joe had given him to make sure that he didn’t have that lacking when he entered the prep course.

“So Ensign Reid, how do you feel about finding a good lager.”

“I want a place that serves Guinness the correct way and has all of the training.”

“I’m sure that we will find just such a place. I’ll ask at the front desk. Come down when you are ready.”

Spencer nodded his head as he stacked his books that they had stopped and bought at a lovely bookstore on the way from the airport. Joe figured that Spencer would have them read and donated to something before the first week of their trip was over. Probably earlier than that.

Joe left the room with his key and walked to the elevator. Spencer would take the stairs now that he didn’t have a lot of things to carry, and Joe would love to take the stairs, but it was going to be hell to do just the simple sightseeing here, and he didn’t need to push his leg. He had already made sure that his VA doctor gave him the pills that he needed to survive this with as little pain as possible as well as sleeping pills just in case the pain was too much. Joe wanted this to be fun for Spencer. He wasn’t so gone with his leg that he didn’t know how to manage it to get what he could out of it. He just preferred not to be drugged to hell when he was home.

Spencer came down, walking like a soldier. It was still strange to see the gangly kid that he had been working with when he first met him turned into this. He was going to only get more dangerous as he trained. Idiots were going to find that he wasn’t an easy target. Even the officers in the teams were someone to be scared of.

“Find us a place to eat?” Spencer asked.

“Yup. I have seven different pubs, and we can do fish and chips at each and see which one is the best as well as the best place for sushi in the area.”

“Great. Sushi for lunch tomorrow. I’m dying for it.”

Joe laughed and ruffled Spencer’s hair. It was short like it needed to be for BUD/S, but Joe missed the floppy hair that he used to have when he was younger.

The city was still busy as hell, but the pub that they were heading to was in walking distance, which was a good thing as traffic was a nightmare. The pub was busy, but there was an empty three-person table that Spencer claimed quickly, giving Joe time to amble through the crowd without hurting his leg more. He slipped into the seat just as the menu was being slipped onto the table by the waitress. She looked down at Joe’s leg and then at Spencer. Spencer handed over his passport that had his birthday on it. He had his driver’s license on him, but the passport was easier and less likely to be faked.

“You’ll get his drinks?” the waitress asked.

“Yes, Ma’am. I know we gotta go to the bar to get them.”

“Good. I don’t mind helping those who are alone, but you are more than fit.”

“Oh, for sure.” Spencer winked at her.

The waitress was young. Joe would put her at a few years older than Spencer, middle twenties. Her eyes raked over Spencer’s body as she took their first drink order while they looked at the menu. Joe saw a few things on there that were good options if they came back and a dessert that he knew Spencer would want to try before they left that night. Spencer ordered his Guinness, and when the waitress was back, he ordered the double fish and chips platter. Joe just got the single and would steal a few fries from Spencer. Despite his size, Spencer still packed on food. He had a high metabolism, and even when he wasn’t actively working out every single day, he was doing something. Joe fully expected to find him doing a routine of some kind in the hotel room when he woke up the next morning. They were both tired as hell, choosing to stay up despite it being night back home in California when they had arrived in London.

“Oh,” Spencer said after he took a sip of his Guinness. Spencer’s fascination with dark beers was interesting as given how he drank his coffee, Joe would have thought he would want something a little sweeter. Yet, Spencer loved beer.

“Good?” Joe asked. He sipped at his, and he found that it was good. It tasted different than the Guinness back home. Joe wondered if that was true, or it was something that was just because they were in London, and Joe thought it tasted different. He easily drank down about a quarter of his while Spencer just nodded and started to people watch.

Joe watched Spencer. He could tell by the way that Spencer’s eyes flicked back to him a few times that he was aware of Joe watching him.

“So, I’m going to go back to the hotel and rest after this. Why don’t you see if there is any nightlife that you want to see around?” Joe hoped that Spencer let go some on the trip and got a little fun in before his life became not fun through his training.

“Sure. I’m tired but not that tired. What time are we leaving in the morning for whatever you have planned?”

“Seven. Time for breakfast and to look around a little while we make it to the National Gallery. It opens at ten.”

“Sounds good.” Spencer smiled, and Joe looked to see their waitress come back with their food in hand. They both waited until both platters were dropped on the table before tucking into their food. Spencer started to make a happy, humming noise that Joe knew meant that he was more than happy with the food that was in front of him.

Talking was limited to what they were eating and how they found it. Spencer got them both a refill on the beer before they were finished. The pub was lively but nothing like the bars back home. Joe really liked it, and he would have to see about finding places like it back home to visit, even if he had to drive a while to get to it. He was going to have a lot of free time on his hands. He had even been thinking about opening up a place of his own, doing what he had no clue, but he wanted to see if Spencer ended up on the east or west coast for his team. There was the ability to open up anything that he wanted using the business. Francis had tried a few times to get him to do something like it, but once Joe had taken in Spencer, Spencer had been his focus. He nearly had him where Spencer didn’t need to be that focus anymore. Joe was feeling out of sorts. Too much out of sorts for how close Spencer was to leaving the nest.

Joe would always have a place for Spencer to lay his head. He knew how it was to know that home was safe, and there was a place you were wanted when you got back from spin-ups and tours of duty that lasted longer. There was a lot of reasons why even though marriages failed, soldiers kept on trying to make it work.

Dinner was done, and the tab was paid for. Joe had made sure to have more than enough money changed in before they even landed in London and the ability to get more in paper and coin. There were always the credit cards that he had, but Joe was more than willing to pay cash as much as possible. A few travelers’ checks were stored in his suitcase in little hidden pockets. Spencer had the card that had access to Spencer’s bank account on him and more than enough cash as well.

“I’m going to head back. Don’t make me come and bail you out your first night alone in London.”

“Yes, Sir,” Spencer said with a cheeky grin as he watched Joe turn around and leave. Spencer let his eyes wander around the room, trying to find the waitress again. He had noticed her eyes not leaving his body all that much when she walked by to drop off food to the other customers.

Spencer got up and walked to the bar, settling in there on a stool so the table could be used for those who were eating in a party of more than one. The bartender got him another beer, and Spencer sipped at it. He had more than enough food in his gut to help him not get drunk. He had already gone through a few exercises to track how tipsy he was, and it wasn’t that bad. It was interesting to watch people. They were all humans, but Spencer could tell the visitors like him and the ones that called London home.

“You like watching people?” the waitress asked as she slipped up to lean against the counter beside Spencer.

“I do. It’s fun. Especially since I’m seeing new people and new body language.”

“I’m off in an hour. After I finish up, I got to a club a block and a half away. Buy me a drink, and I might let you get your head under my skirt.”

“Really? That’s all it’s going to take?”

“You seem like you have a talented tongue, that will be more than enough to make it worth it. Besides, I do like to make sure that people enjoy coming to London, and you are not bad on the eyes at all.”

“I’ve heard that more than once. Half an hour. I’ll stick to water at the club. I’ll be around the bar there.” Spencer downed his beer, not drinking nearly as fast as he could.

“The name is Amelia.”

“Spencer,” Spencer said as he set down his Guinness. Amelia gave him a smile and then nodded before slipping away to take an order.

Slipping outside, the air was muggy, but it felt good to Spencer. Sex was something to have fun with. He never did anything more than a single encounter with a woman and never touched a man. It had been easy to find a partner in ROTC. Unless the girl was in a good relationship, they didn’t want strings attached. So that was the only time that Spencer went back to the same girl a second or third, or sometimes more than three times.

Thankfully, even academics at Caltech wanted to get off and not have strings. No one wanted to have work stolen or egos bruised when a relationship soured. It had taken a while for Spencer to find the right people that were open to that. Too many were too scared of him and his degrees and Joe. Still, sex could be fun.

Spencer would at least know that she wasn’t going to pine after him when he was gone. There was a store on the way that Spencer stopped at, grabbing a pack of condoms. That was one thing that Joe had pushed on him, to always bring his own contraceptive item to sexual encounters.

The club was loud, and even just the beat of the music made Spencer’s blood rush. Amelia was beautiful-looking, and so far, she didn’t seem to be that much of a horrible person. He understood having a persona at work. Friendly but curt, making sure that not every single Tom, Dick, or Harry hit on her for the night.

Spencer people watched as he drank on the bottle of water that he had paid for. It was a much younger crowd here. There was no food, just music, alcohol, and the press of bodies dancing. It was the place to find a hookup for the night, not the love of your life. It was perfect for Spencer.

“Fuck you look good like that, judging people for who they are dancing with,” Amelia said as she slipped up behind Spencer. That way was staff entrance, it was why Spencer had set himself where he had on the bar.

“There are so many here that are dancing with people that are out of the league. I see more than one uni kid who has no hope of keeping the girl’s attention for longer than it takes to scratch her itch and women who are so unsure of themselves that they are going to go home with a guy who hates women for not putting out.”

“Interesting from someone your age.” Amelia walked around to where she had her back to most of the club and was facing Spencer.

“I had good teaching on a few aspects of understanding people.”

“Your dad?”

“Yeah. Years with the SEALs. He’s good at reading people cold, at least well enough to understand who they are.”

“Is that what you are doing here? One last hurrah before going into the service?”

Spencer looked at Amelia’s face as he waved down the bartender. She didn’t seem like she was upset. The bartender took her order, and Spencer grinned at the simple drink. When he came back with it, Spencer handed over the money as well as a good tip. Amelia downed it in a single go, it was a scotch worthy of that, not sipping.

“My father was in the Air Force here. Retired out when he hit retirement age. I would have joined, but I have a heart issue that makes it impossible for me to serve. So I’m working on a doctorate in computer sciences and am going to join him at the company he works for. I wait tables to learn a good work ethic before entering the job field all the way.”

“That’s a good way of looking at things. I start boot camp in August, so Dad wants to have a good trip under our belt before I’m lost to training for years.”

“You aren’t some geek nerd whose a virgin are you?”

“No. Not a virgin, but the geek and nerd thing is very true. I’m sure I can still service you enough that you’ll have a good time.”

“Good. Dance with me.” Amelia held out her hand, and as soon as Spencer put his hand into her, she pulled him onto the dance floor.

The music picked up the pace, and Spencer lost himself in the grind of body on body. The scent of her arousal filled the space around them, it was tangy in a way that made Spencer’s blood pump in his veins. When the song changed, Spencer pulled her closer to him, his hand slipping under her skirt. She had changed from her work clothes into something that was sinful on her body, a tight shirt and a pleated skirt that lifted up when she spun but not so high anyone could see under it.

Amelia didn’t stop Spencer’s hand, even when he hit where her panty line should have been. Spencer kept on going until he hit the hem of the skirt. She wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

“Come on, big guy,” Amelia said as she leaned in and brushed her lips over his. Spencer trailed a hand up her side and cupped the back of her neck, pulling her in for a better kiss as he started to move them toward the edge of the dance floor.

Amelia took charge of the kiss and started to rub her body against Spencer’s. He grabbed onto her hips and lifted her up. She willingly wrapped her legs around Spencer’s waist. The height difference between them was only a few inches, she was rather tall for a woman, and Spencer really liked that.

“So how did you come in the employee entrance?”

“I didn’t say I worked one job. I work two part-time ones. I help manage this place two nights a week when the other manager is off. He’s on the dance floor, and I have the key to the office. Down the hallway and the door locks.”

“Is that why we came here?”

“Yup.” Amelia popped the P in the word before she leaned in to kiss Spencer again.

Spencer walked them down the hall, pressing her into the wall beside the door that had the word office stenciled in a violent glow in the dark green color. It was interesting to see it glowing like it was. Amelia pulled out a key from the pocket on her skirt and handed it over to Spencer. The door opened easily, and the light was on, even though no one was inside. There was a computer on the desk, but Spencer saw the couch that was at the back of the room.

The table that was close was obviously meant that work was done from there. Spencer knelt on the edge of the couch and settled Amelia down onto it. As he started to slip down her body, Amelia pulled him up and into a kiss.

“Make me wet,” Amelia said as she released Spencer’s mouth.

Spencer pulled back and watched as she got her shirt off. Her breasts were barely contained by her bra, they were both more than a handful. Big but not big enough that they got in the way. The bra opened in the front, but it wasn’t like Spencer could just ease that breast out of the cup of the bra. Spencer got a hold of Amelia’s hips and pulled her down and to the side so that she was resting her head on the arm of the couch, but she was mostly lengthy ways down it. One of her legs slipped off of the couch, and her shirt ruffled. Spencer rolled her skirt up to where it wasn’t in the way of him kissing her anywhere that he wanted.

“You are already wet, but I’ll gladly make you wetter.” Spencer kissed the top of her mound before kissing up her stomach. She inhaled when he nipped right below her rib and used a hand to ease a breast up and out of her bra, his tongue running over her nipple with a sure stroke before he dipped a finger into her folds. He rubbed over her hole but didn’t push inside at all.

Amelia grabbed the back of Spencer’s head and kept him right there at her breast, nipple in his mouth before he sucked a few times and kept up the rubbing of his finger, adding a second. She was going to have a wet spot on her skirt if he didn’t move it out of the way. He didn’t find that he cared if anyone saw the wet spot, and if she did, she could move it out of the way.

“Fuck, do that again,” Amelia said as Spencer grazed his teeth over her nipple.

Spencer let go of her breast and worked on opening her bra up. He felt the near snap of it when the last was undone.

“Fuck,” Amelia said. She spread her leg out, tucking the one on the couch against the back, giving Spencer was much room as she could where they were.

Amelia’s body tensed a little when Spencer turned his hand and swiped his thumb over her hole before starting to push in. He froze a little and waited to see what she wanted him not to do. He wasn’t anywhere near her crack with his other fingers. He swapped from one nipple to the other, using his free hand to rub over her soaked nipple to keep her aroused.

“I don’t like penetrative sex,” Amelia said.

Spencer pulled his thumb free from her hole and let go of her breast with his mouth. He looked up at her face and grinned at her before pushing up to kiss her. Spencer worked her clit with his thumb as he kissed her.

“I don’t mind fingers, but like two.”

“And tongue?”

“I love tongue on my vulva,” Amelia said.

“Good. What about going down on me? I have condoms.”

“You clean?” Amelia asked.


“Good, so am I. I don’t need a condom to go down on you unless you want me to. I do have dental dams in the drawer, as well. We keep a full range of sex supplies in the office. The other manager and I don’t engage in sex on shift, but when we aren’t working, we gladly bring back trysts to have fun with.”

“Good, and I trust you, I shouldn’t, but I’m a pretty good judge of character.” Spencer started to kiss down her chest and stomach. He pressed a single kiss to each nipple before going down lower. He used a hand to tip her hips up a little to where he had a good angle, her leg pressed to the couch, slipped back, opening her up just a little bit more.

Amelia tasted a little sweet, the tang of her arousal was in full strength at her core, and Spencer loved making her moan like she was. She came with a breathy moan and her whole body clenching. Spencer kept on with the gentle rocking of his two fingers inside of her and the working of his tongue until she was slumped down onto the couch in a limp mess.

Oral sex was great, there was little chance of accidents, and sometimes it felt better than penetration. Spencer watched Amelia as she came back to the world, her body coming under her control. He could feel his erection straining against his pants but didn’t care much about that. Even if he didn’t get head.

“Come here,” Amelia said as she pulled on Spencer’s hair as well as she could with how short it was. She held Spencer still and licked up her juices from where they were on his lips and chin.

That shouldn’t be as erotic as it was, and it made Spencer groan as his cock jerked in his pants. When she was done, Amelia grabbed Spencer’s pants and started to work them open, freeing his cock. Her hand was warm even as his closed over his flesh. It had been a little while since someone had stroked him like that. It was usually a quick and easy fuck with someone in the class with little foreplay and just a lot of rutting.

There was nothing wrong with that, but sometimes the foreplay was fun.

“How do you want me?” Amelia asked when she finally let go of his mouth.

Kissing was a hell of a lot of fun, and for a few seconds, Spencer thought about letting her just keep on kissing him and using her hand to get him off. The draw of that mouth wrapped around his cock, though, was more than he wanted to say no to. Spencer used a hand to prop himself up to where he wasn’t on top of her for a few seconds as he got his hand under her lower back, fingers brushing the hem of her skirt.

Spencer rolled them, dropping his back on the couch while she fell on top of him. She screamed but laughed as she fully landed on him.

“Fucking hell, that shouldn’t be as hot as it is,” Amelia said as she pushed up to prop her hands on his chest.

“I live to serve, Ma’am,” Spencer said.

The laugh that echoed around the room even made Spencer’s cock twitch. Yeah, he needed this more than he thought. Amelia wasted no time in slipping down Spencer’s body and sucking his cock into her mouth. Spencer enjoyed the feel of the wet warmth before she was sucking him all the way down and swallowing around the head of his cock.

Spencer would have loved to have lasted longer than he did, but he couldn’t. She was damned good at sucking cock, and he spilled down her throat sooner than he wanted. Amelia even tucked Spencer back into his underwear and zipped up his pants before moving up his body. Spencer pulled her into a kiss, not even hesitating to tangle his tongue with hers. Spencer found her thighs and trailed his hands up her legs until he could grip her hips to rock her body into his a little bit. She moaned into the kiss. She was ready to go again.

“So how long can we stay in here and have sex?” Spencer asked. He looked at the clock on the wall and saw that he had about an hour before he needed to head back to the hotel.

“However long you want.” Amelia braced herself up on Spencer’s chest again, looking down at him. She was grinning wickedly. “How long do you have before you have to go back to your hotel?”

“About an hour and a half if I want to be ready for our sightseeing tomorrow.”

“We can do a lot of things in an hour and a half.”

“Yup.” Spencer wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her down just enough to where he could suck her nipple into his mouth at the same time that his free hand found her folds. “Starting now.”

“Your fucking fingers.”

Spencer slipped the fingers back and into her, finding her spot inside. He felt her shudder and the wet spread just a little more. He wanted to get his mouth on her again, lick up the evidence of the pleasure that he gave her. Maybe soon. Right now, this was nice, seeing her giving in to the pleasure.

July 2002

“So why are we camping?” Spencer asked Joe as he dropped down to sit beside him at the roaring fire that was going strong for the night. It wasn’t cold at all. It was July in Oregon, and there was nothing around them for miles and miles. Spencer wasn’t even sure that they should be where they were, but he wasn’t going to question Joe on that. The park was well used by them for weekend camping trips over the years, so Spencer knew the feel of the place. He loved it.

“You love camping.”

“Yes, I do, but we just got back from a month in London. It’s two weeks until I ship out for prep.”

“It’s good for you to get out and into nature to relax.”

Spencer looked at Joe and frowned. Joe didn’t lie to Spencer. He never had. It was strange to see him lie a little bit. It wasn’t something that Spencer could pin down, though.

“I had enough relaxation on the trip to London.”

Joe snorted.

Spencer knew that Joe knew precisely why he had slipped out near every single night and came back smelling like sex. Amelia had been fun for the month. Even if they didn’t slip into the office of the club and have sex, dancing and just letting go had been fun. Joe hadn’t been sure what to think about Spencer’s change, but then Joe wasn’t one for sex that wasn’t within a committed relationship. Spencer had no want of one of those, and so he played around. Though Joe’s committed relationships from years before fizzled out of him, not wanting something more out of it all.

“You sowed your wild oats enough in London to make a field big enough to feed an entire country.”

“Hey, she knew what she was getting into. She’s been perfectly fine with me leaving. There was no love at all between us, just really good orgasms.”

“I’m not sure I like you now that you are having sex,” Joe said.

“You love me no matter what, and the loss of my virginity has nothing to do with that at all.” Spencer grabbed his grilled cheese and folded it in half before eating it. It was just warm enough that the cheese was still melty and started to ooze out, but not enough that he didn’t burn his mouth. He licked up the oozing cheese and wolfed down the sandwich before grabbing the bag of chips and dumping some onto the plate. The pickle spear was grabbed next and consumed. He was hungry after a day of hiking around to look at the waterfalls made by the local rivers and streams that ran through the park. It was interesting to see how different Oregon was from California.

“You never told me how the eye appointment went.”

“No changes in the range of my sight or in the area that had surgery. The scans show that the muscles and everything around it is still fine, and there is no build-up of scar tissue inside anywhere. I know that I’ll get a physical at prep course, but it’s nice to know that at least that won’t get me kicked out.”

“There is nothing that you have done that will get you kicked out.”

Spencer nodded his agreement to that. There was nothing that Joe knew about that would get him kicked out. The things that Joe didn’t know about that happened in London, those didn’t need to be mentioned again. Even Amelia didn’t bring it up in her emails to him. She knew that she couldn’t, not without ruining his chances of staying in the military. There was also the added benefit of having a long-distance friends-with-benefits relationship with a woman would make sure that no one questioned that Spencer liked men as well.

“You are sassier,”

“Eh, I’m not beat down by school and ROTC,” Spencer said.

Joe laughed, and he grabbed the chips from Spencer when he handed them over.

Spencer watched Joe as he ate his dinner. It was simple food that could be cooked quickly over the fire, and Spencer loved it. Grilled cheese was his favorite thing to eat while camping. It was enjoyable as a camp food, but then the cheese was easy, and the bread was stupid simple to cart along. There was other fare like burgers that were kept in the cooler, but the simpleness of grilled cheese was the best thing in the world to Spencer.

“We are heading out early in the morning,” Joe said.

“Sure.” Spencer nodded his head and reached for the pickle jar to snag another. He ate it and then grabbed his final grilled cheese from the pan that was close to the fire. He laughed as Joe’s last sandwich dripped on him. Joe cursed a little as hot cheese was not good in the meat between pointer finger and thumb.

Dinner was cleaned up, and the fire banked for the night before they bedded down. They each had a tent as Joe didn’t need Spencer hitting his leg. They had done that all of one time before Joe bought a second tent to have Spencer sleep in. The tent had been traded for a much bigger one when Spencer shot up to over six feet.

Spencer loved the sound of the insects and the animals that lived in the park as they went back to their lives, aware that humans were close, but the humans weren’t moving, so they were not a threat anymore.

Spencer drifted off to sleep, looking forward to grits for breakfast and then a hike through the woods.

“WAKE-UP!” Joe screamed.

Spencer shot up in bed. He was just in his boxers, but he scrambled out of the tent, and toward there, Joe was standing by the dead fire. He was dressed and ready for the day.

“Sir?” Spencer asked.

“Get dressed. We move out in ten minutes.”

Spencer looked around. The sun was still set, and there was only a little bit of light from the moon and the stars. He wasn’t sure what the hell was going on. Joe said hike in the morning. It wasn’t morning yet. Not really. Looking at his watch, Spencer pressed the button to get it to light up. It was four in the morning. So not at early as Spencer thought it was.

“Why the hell aren’t you moving, Ensign?” Joe demanded, and Spencer knew exactly what this was.


Spencer dropped down into the water of the lake, and he was pretty sure that he was dead. He felt the cold water on his skin, and after a few seconds, he swam up to the surface of the water. He looked up at the moon in the sky. His body felt like it was dying on its own without a single okay from him. His mind, though, was ready and raring to go for a few more hours. He wasn’t going to, though. He knew that as soon as his muscle stopped aching and his body felt clean, he was going to drop like a rock.

The water was cold from the night creeping up on it but not cold enough where he was worried about getting too chilly. Spencer swam to the edge of the dock and grabbed the bar of soap, and he used it to quickly clean off his body. He was just mainly worried about the worst of the worst. He could easily switch sleeping bags if he didn’t get clean enough before getting too tired to tread water. Joe was at the edge of the tree where they had set up camp in a new area after the hike from hell the day before. Spencer groaned as he found one of the cuts he had gotten from training and falling on his ass. He sighed and worked on cleaning it well. He could wrap it up after getting dry and into clothes. He had seventeen cuts, but most of them didn’t need medical treatment more than cleaning out and a little salve and maybe a band-aid thrown over them. This one tough needed a little more than that. It needed to be wrapped, probably stitches as well. Still, it wasn’t so deep that Spencer was worried about actually getting medical treatment that he couldn’t provide.

The water felt good after his long as hell hike around the area. Joe had been the worst that he had ever been, demoralizing Spencer some with the words that he said, but there was that indifference to them like there had been before they had trained. There was no malice in his words at all. It had done what it was meant to do, get Spencer moving. It was interesting to feel it. It was interesting, overall.

“Alive?” Joe called out.

“Yes!” Spencer nearly added bastard to it, and he knew that Joe wouldn’t be offended by it. However, he wasn’t going to do it.

Bathing the rest of the way was quick work, and then Spencer was walking up the side of the lake to get to the water’s edge. The soap was clutched in his hand, and he dropped it into the bucket on the dock before grabbing the towel. He washed his hand with a crouch and then wrapped the towel around his waist. He looked around to find Joe sitting by the fire that was roaring in the fire pit that was close to where they were sleeping. Spencer’s sleeping bag was already out of the ten and ready for him to lay on. There was food already ready, a quick soup that just needed a good fire to get it warm again.

Spencer dropped onto his sleeping bag, looking at the fire and how the warmth filled his body even though it was warm outside. There was something about a crackling fire to keep oneself content, even in the worst of feelings. It was a great feeling as he held his hands out to the fire. It was fucking wonderful.

“Here,” Joe said, and he pressed a bowl into Spencer’s hands and wrapped his fingers around it before he let go. Spencer slowly moved it to where one hand could grip it while the other took the spoon that was handed over next. Spencer propped the bowl onto his knee, so it didn’t have to hold it quite as tightly.

“Thanks.” Spencer spooned up the soup heavy with spice and tomato but not chili. There were noodles as well as vegetables in it. Spencer ate it down before he even realized that he was eating at all. He looked around for something to drink to wash it all down. Joe handed him a cup of something. It was warm. Spencer took a drink, finding that it was hot chocolate. It was instant but still better than nothing. He drank all of it down before the heat of it even registered on his brain. He tried to keep his head up, but now that he had warmth inside of him, food in his gut, and a soft place to sleep, Spencer was crashing fast. He settled the bowl and cup down, making sure the spoon was in the bowl before he let himself flop down. There was a blanket ready for him to cover his body, and then he was out.

The smell of steak was what woke Spencer up. His stomach was growling, and he felt like he had been hit by a truck, but he pushed himself up. Joe was there with a bottle of beer in his hand, holding it toward Spencer.

“What’s for dinner?” Spencer could see that it was night, but he felt like he could lay down and go to sleep again.

“Steak, baked potatoes, and grilled veg.” A plate was being offered with the steak already cut up into a few large chunks. Spencer looked at it to see that it had been cut up before it was cooked.

“It’s been a week. We’ve been on long store food for a while.”

“There is a couple half of a mile that way, and they let me borrow their car. They live at this edge of the park and help keep an eye on the lake. I’ve gotten friendly with them over the years when I come out here. It’s been a few since we’ve come out, but I always talk to them. I got us some good food so you wouldn’t get to bad off after the whole mock Hell Week.”

“I’m looking forward to the real thing.” Spencer felt dead but revitalized at the same time.

Hell Week was supposed to drop the weak from BUD/S before too much time was spent on them. It wasn’t supposed to be looked at as a good thing, but for Spencer, it was going to be his trial by fire. It was going to be the thing that made him know if he was going to make it. If he got through Hell Week, he could get through anything and everything. He was going to win it. He was going to win it all.

“How come you’ve never introduced me to them before?”

“They are pretty antisocial and have never asked to meet you, so I don’t. I met them while here at the lake when one of them was checking on it. I figure that they are out here and don’t need me invading with my kid. Still wanted to make sure you had protein inside of you.”

“Thanks,” Spencer said around the hunk of meat he had in his mouth and was tearing off the rest. Joe laughed and shook his head.

The last week had been hell, but it was the kind of hell that Spencer needed. That last little bit of fear that he had was gone. He was going to make it. It was going to be hard work, but he was going to make it.

The End of Arc 1

To Be Continued in Arc 2

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