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Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, other pairings

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A/N: This story is obviously unfinished. I do plan on finishing it eventually, I will start posting what I have on archiveofourown under the same pen name, aemilyl24 – it may take me a while to actually finish though, because of real life. I think ultimately when I am done it will actually be longer than 25k though!

During the time that Ron left Harry and Hermione in the tent, things changed. Harry and Hermione grew closer together, and that would change the outcome of the war.

Chapter Nine: Gringotts


After dinner that night, Harry and Hermione talked for hours about what to do and how to approach Gringotts bank. They decided to go right away, right after breakfast the next day; as they both knew how quickly things could change in war. By silent agreement, Hermione joined Harry in bed, where they cuddled together as they slept. There was some kissing before falling asleep, but nothing further.


The next morning, Hermione woke up first, and smiled to herself as she half lied on Harry’s chest and half on the bed. I could get used to this feeling, she thought to herself. I hope we can figure out the Horcrux in his head. I think I’m falling in love with him, but he’s too noble to do something if he thinks he’s going to die. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s willing to take our relationship further than just as friends. I hope Gringotts can help. Hermione kissed Harry’s cheek and then left the room to go back to hers to get ready for the day.


Harry woke up with a smile, spreading his arms wide – he noticed that Hermione had gotten up earlier and most likely was getting ready for the day or was making breakfast already. He slept so well, no visions, no nightmares. He hoped that Hermione would be willing to do this every night, she was like a charm. A very good looking charm, he thought to himself as he took a quick shower and put some clothes on.


The two met in the kitchen, smiling at each other. Hermione served the tea that she had made; and Harry got out some eggs and bacon and made breakfast, while Hermione than also made the toast warm. As they sat down, Harry scooted his chair closer to Hermione and slipped his hand into hers. When they were done with breakfast, Hermione used spells to clean the plates, pan, and mugs, and set them away.


“I guess we can leave the tent here for once,” Hermione said.


“Let’s take it with us, just in case, I mean with your bag – we have the room for it,” Harry suggested.


“Let’s head out then,” Hermione said.


Once they went into Harry’s living room, Hermione made quick work of dismantling the tent. Harry disguised both of them, and put on a knit cap which he pulled over his forehead. Once they felt they were ready, Harry and Hermione got under the invisibility cloak and Hermione apparated to Diagon Alley. Once there, they swiftly walked to the bank, making sure to walk so they wouldn’t run into anyone. Once up the bank steps, they opened the door, and removed the cloak. Harry walked up to the teller nearest to the entrance of the bank and asked to see the Potter account manager.


“And why would you need to see him?” the teller, Lagluk sneered.


“I need to see him immediately, I can’t say out loud here why I need him, but I do. Please sir,” Harry said quietly.


“Do you have identification?” Lagluk sneered.


“I have my key, but please don’t say my name out loud,” Harry said and slid his key over the counter.


Lagluk took the key, and did the briefest of looks at Harry’s forehead. Harry pushed his hat up a bit to show the scar, and pulled it back down. “Right away, come this way,” Lagluk said and motioned Harry and Hermione through the hallway in back of him.


Harry took hold of Hermione’s hand and followed Lagluk. Lagluk took them down a series of corridors with twists and turns they Harry and Hermione couldn’t possibly remember. Five minutes later they were in front of a door with Bugrak in silver on the door. Lagluk knocked and then swung the door open. The goblin inside, Bugrak looked up.


“Lagluk, who are these?” Bugrak asked.


“Mr.Harry Potter and his guest. He requested to see you,” Lagluk said and then left the hallway.


“You are Mr.Harry Potter?” Bugrak sneered.


“Yes sir,” Harry said and took off his hat. “Here’s my key, sir.”


Bugrak sneered and grabbed the key. After placing it in a box that had an inlay for keys, and the key sat there for a minute. Bugrak grinned at Harry. “I just needed to make sure. Welcome Mr.Potter, please sit. Are you sure you want to have this conversation in front of your friend?” Bugrak said.


“Yes, she much smarter than I am and has always had my back,” Harry said, as the two sat down in chairs that Bugrak indicated.


“All right. First things first, how come you have never asked to see me before now?” Bugrak asked.


“I didn’t know that I had an account manager. A, a friend told me to say that to a teller at Gringotts. Was this friend mistaken? I’m sorry,” Harry said.


“They were not mistaken, the only thing that is curious on why it’s taken you until you reached the age of 17 to ask for me. You should have been brought to me when you entered Hogwarts,” Bugrak said.


“Hagrid, from Hogwarts took me here my first time, he even had my key,” Harry answered.


“Interesting. Well we have a lot to go over, but first let’s hear why you came into the bank today, since I’m assuming it’s not for an accounting of your vaults?” Bugrak said.


Harry gasped a bit, “Vaults, as in more than one?” Harry said.


“Yes, many more than one, but we’d have to do a blood check to be sure,” Bugrak said.


“Ok, I guess we’ll come back to that one. Sir, have you heard of Horcruxes?” Harry asked.


Bugrak looked astonished for about two seconds before his façade came back into place. He shouted something in Gobbledegook into his fire. “Excuse me, I am getting our premiere human curse breaker in here, as I think we will need his expertise,” Bugrak said. “Where have you heard of that demonic thing?”


“Headmaster Dumbledore,” Harry stated.


“Did he create one?” leered Bugrak.


“Is this place secure? If you’re the Potter account manager is what I tell you confidential?” Harry asked.


“No one can ever put listening charms or anything like that in here; and yes, you are my client. Confidentiality works differently in the wizarding world. I can not break confidentiality even if you release me from my appointment; I’d drop dead. Mr.Potter, I will not break confidentiality – you are a client of great value,” Bugrak said.


“Ok then,” Harry started. Seeing Hermione nod, he continued. “Tom Riddle aka – ”


“Don’t say it! I know who Tom Riddle is and what moniker he uses now. It’s not safe to say his stylized name right now,” Bugrak interrupted.


“Sorry. Anyway, Riddle was the one to make them. We’ve found most of them, there’s one unknown one that we think is in Hogwarts, we have a trusted friend finding that for us. There’s his snake, that we have to figure out to destroy, there’s a Cup that we have now, and there’s one more,” Harry said. He looked at Hermione for help.


“Bugrak, sir, the last one that’s not destroyed is in someone, in Harry, as a matter of fact,” Hermione said.


“The scar?” Bugrak asked.


Harry nodded. “We think Dumbledore knew, but he never told us. He had someone else tell us just a little while ago. We’ve been researching. Hermione is the best researcher I’ve known; but we can’t find anything except to destroy a horcux one has to destroy the vessel. I’m the vessel though, Bugrak, I do not want to die,” Harry stated.


“No, I wouldn’t think so. Mr.Potter, may I test something?” Bugrak asked.


At Harry’s nod; Bugrak pulled out something that looked like a stone tablet. He got up, and went towards Harry, and put the tablet as close to Harry’s forehead without touching the scar. Bugrak moved the tablet all the way around Harry’s head as well. He was silent as he was doing this, and neither Harry nor Hermione could tell by his face what he was thinking. He had just returned to his chair when there was a knock at the door.


“Come in,” Bugrak said.


To Harry and Hermione’s surprise, Bill Weasley walked in.  “Hello Harry, Hermione, Bugrak,” Bill said.


“Mr.Weasley, please come in and shut the door,” Bugrak said. When Bill had done that and taken a seat, Bugrak waved his arm and a shimmering around the room happened.


“It’s that serious sir?” Bill asked.


“Yes. Mr.Potter, Bill is someone you know yes? He is completely trustworthy, he has signed a contract with the bank that he is not allowed to disclose anything he hears in it’s walls. Can you and Ms.Granger please tell him what you told me,” Bugrak said.


Harry and Hermione looked at each other first. “Bill, it’s not that we don’t trust you, nor you Bugrak; but would you be willing to say an oath that directly relates to this conversation?” Harry asked.


After looking at Bugrak, Bill responded, “I can’t until you tell me what it is, depending on the issue – I may have to ask contacts for information and wouldn’t be able to if I was under another oath to a person. I swear that I won’t use names, however. This is how Gringotts operates. From the wards Bugrak put up, I know this is serious. Is this tied into your mission for Professor Dumbledore and the war?”


“Yes it is. Ok, I’ll trust you. Riddle made Horcruxes,” Harry started and had to stop at Bill’s gasp and glance to Bugrak. “We’ve destroyed a few; one is in our possession, one is Nagini, one is unknown but we have a friend searching for it, and one is in our possession but in a living vessel.”


“A different living vessel other than Nagini?” Bill asked.


“Mr.Weasley, Harry received his scar the night of his parents’ murder. He believes, Professor Dumbledore believed, and I just tested him. His scar is from a Horcrux,” Bugrak finished for Harry.


Bill sat stunned for several minutes. “Harry, may I do a few tests on you?” Bill asked.


“Yes,” Harry said simply.


The next several minutes, Bill waved his wand around Harry’s head and in particular his scar. No one but Bill could see the readings that he was looking at, and Bill kept a straight face through it all. After several minutes, Bill lowered his wand, and slumped into his chair.


“Bill, is there some way to get this out of me without me having to die?” Harry asked. Hermione held his hand tightly in support.


“Short answer is yes, but it’s a very risky procedure, and it well it still does need sacrifice,” Bill said.


“Sacrifice? What type of sacrifice?” Hermione asked.

“Well in most Horcrux cases, it just takes a sacrifice of something in similar value to the item needing to be destroyed. For someone who has been a vessel of a Horcrux, it needs to be another human,” Bill responded.


“I can’t let anyone else die for this Bill,” Harry said determinately.


“Bugrak, do you have any other ideas other than the Transfer Vessel ritual I’m thinking of?” Bill said.


“That ritual was my initial thought, but I wanted to bring you in to make sure I wasn’t missing anything,” Bugrak said.


“So either I die or someone else dies in order to destroy Riddle. It has to be me,” Harry said.


“No Harry, it doesn’t. I won’t let you die. Besides we have Nagini, the Cup we have, and the unknown one at Hogwarts. Whatever we do, can wait until we get the unknown one, right Bill?” Hermione said.


“It can wait, but truthfully, the sooner we get it out of a living host, the better. I can’t believe that you’ve lived with that in you for as long as you have,” Bill said. Bugrak nodded in confirmation.


“Bill, I can’t ask for someone to die for me,” Harry whispered.


“You won’t have to do the asking, I will,” Bill said.


“Will they know what it’s for?” Harry asked.


“I will tell them that this is the only way to kill Riddle for good, and that is the truth,” Bill said.


“Mr.Potter, this is the only way. Riddle must be stopped, surely you know this,” Bugrak said.


“Of course I do! I just don’t want any more to die for me,” Harry said.


“They won’t be dying for you, but for Riddle being stopped. People are dying everyday currently,” Bill said.


“This is different, they would literally be dying to save my life,” Harry said.


“Harry, I’ve known you since you were eleven. Ron never could stop talking about you in his letters to me. Can you trust me on this?” Bill asked. At Harry’s nod, Bill said that he had work to do and left the office.


“Mr.Potter, I know that this has been tough for you. Would you be ok to talk about your accounts now, or would you like to wait?” Bugrak asked.


“Bugrak – before we do that, can you help me set up a will?” Harry asked.


“Mr.Potter, I can do that, yes. It would definitely help if you knew what you actually had, however,” Bugrak replied.


“Give three-fourths of everything to Hermione, and the other fourth to Remus Lupin,” Harry responded.


“Harry, are you sure?” Hermione asked.


“Hermione, I want you to follow your dreams, yes I’m sure. Bugrak, if either of those two die, give the rest to the other,” Harry said.


“And if they both die? I’m sorry but I have to ask,” Bugrak said.


“Is there a charity to help orphans in the wizarding world?” Harry asked.


“No, but it can be set up if you’d wish,” Bugrak said.


“Is there enough there, if I do half to Hermione, one fourth to Remus and one fourth to this new charity?” Harry asked.


Bugrak wrote down something on a piece of paper, and slid it over to Harry. On it, said 500 million gallons. “In short, Mr.Potter this is what you have. Some of the things in your vaults are items from past generations, so this number is simply how much gold you have,” Bugrak mentioned.


Harry looked at it and gasped, “May I have a quill Bugrak?” Harry asked. When Bugrak gave him one, Harry wrote down on the same piece of paper. 300 million gallons to Hermione Granger, 100 million gallons to Remus Lupin, and 100 million gallons to Hero Orphan. Same deal as before. Harry than slid the paper back to Bugrak.


“I will set this up, and you will sign it. What should I do with the non monetary assets?” Bugrak said.


“Give it all to Hermione and then down the list. Also, Bugrak – Ron Weasley gets nothing,” Harry said.


“Yes, stay here, I will draft this right now and you can sign,” Bugrak said.


“Bugrak, this ritual, how much does it cost?” Harry asked.


“Oh for this, nothing – it is the wizarding world, nay Dumbledore that should have done something about this years ago. I will take care of the costs personally,” Bugrak answered.


Harry knew enough about goblins not to argue. He merely mentioned, “can you make sure Bill Weasley gets compensated appropriately?”.


Bugrak grinned and went back to work. Fifteen minutes later the will was drawn, signed by Harry with witnesses from Hermione and Bugrak. Bugrak gave Harry one copy – which he gave to Hermione who put it in her bag; Bugrak kept the other copy. When this was done, he also slid a pouch over to Harry.


“What’s this pouch?” Harry asked.


“Put your hand in it and whisper any amount of gold, and it will be in your pouch. It’s tied to your account and your magical signature – only you can get gold from the pouch. You’re of age now, Mr.Potter, you have access to all that I wrote down for you,” Bugrak said.


“Thank you sir,” Harry said as he slipped the pouch into his moleskin necklace. “Sir, do you know of any way I can purchase items while I am technically hiding and on the run?”


“Why yes, you can have items sent me in Gringotts. Ask to put a note on it, and sign it HH, and I’ll know it’s for one of the two of you. They will come here. Let me get you a ring,” Bugrak said and then searched his drawers. “Ah, here you go Mr.Potter. Put this on any finger – and if you ever need to come to the bank for safety, tap your wand to it and say Gringotts.”


“Wow, thank you sir!” Harry and Hermione said.


“Anything that is touching you will come along as well, so make sure you are touching Ms.Granger as well. It will take you to a secure room here, and I will be personally notified. I would plan one big shopping trip in the next few days. Come collect the items, when you think they’ve been delivered, and then not use the ring again in case of an emergency,” Bugrak said.


“Yes sir, thank you,” Harry said.


A/N: This story is obviously unfinished. I do plan on finishing it eventually, I will start posting what I have on archiveofourown under the same pen name, aemilyl24 – it may take me a while to actually finish though, because of real life.


  1. And real life is what happens. Good luck in eventually finishing — it’s a lovely story!

  2. Good update. Thanks for sharing what you’ve written with us

  3. Thanks for sharing the story. I will certainly follow it to its new home.

  4. Great story, nice to know you write more on AO3, thank you

  5. Bill always seems a calm person, I don’t know whether that is partly from being the eldest of a large brood, but dealing with the twins alone would help make him pretty unflappable!
    You write what you can, when you can and life has a habit of laughing at any plans we make.

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