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Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, other pairings

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A/N: I have read all of your comments - thank you so much! I don't have time to read all of them, but thank you so much for reading this story!!!! <3

During the time that Ron left Harry and Hermione in the tent, things changed. Harry and Hermione grew closer together, and that would change the outcome of the war.

Chapter Three: Horcruxes


Hermione apparated herself and Harry to a new clearing and started setting up the protective spells. Harry got out the tent and started setting it up too. Once everything was covered, they went inside. Hermione went straight for the kitchen and started to boil some water for tea.


“Hermione?” Harry wondered.


“It’s bad Harry, worse than I feared. Let’s wait until the tea is ready,” Hermione replied.


The two were silent until the water was ready, and the tea was steeping. Once enough time had passed, Hermione took a sip. She then started to talk.


“Harry we don’t know all of the Horcruxes, but we know two more than we did yesterday. Nagini is one, which will probably be a hard one to get to, as Riddle is keeping the snake close.”


“Quit stalling, I was there when he told us that one. And why are you calling him Riddle?” Harry asked.


“Professor Snape says there’s a taboo on his name if we say it Snatchers can track it through whatever enchantments are around even the fidelius,” Hermione replied.


“Got it, Riddle it is then, as I refuse to call him He Who Must Not Be Named. Quit stalling, what’s the other Horcrux?” Harry said.


“Your scar,” Hermione said.


“My scar? What the hell does that mean?” Harry angrily responded.


“Your scar is holding a Horcrux, it means we have to get rid of your scar,” Hermione quietly said.


“Ok so let’s do that,” Harry commented.


“We can’t, there’s no way,” Hermione replied.


“What does that mean, we’re stuck? ‘Neither can live while the other survives’, bloody hell, we both just have to keep our existence, I can’t truly live while he’s around, and neither can he,” Harry said.


“I’m so sorry Harry,” Hermione said.


“Forget it,” Harry said.


“Harry, we should talk,” Hermione said.


“Not now Hermione. Please,” Harry said.


Harry downed his tea and rushed out of the tent. Hermione followed, only to find Harry sitting down by a tall tree just a few feet away. Harry was silently crying. Hermione decided to let him be and went back into the tent. She didn’t really know what to do so she just picked up a book and read. After about an hour, she looked in the kitchen and tried to figure out what they might be able to have lunch. As she was thinking this, there was a certain popping noise and food materialized on the table.


“Hello?” Hermione quietly called out.


“Dobby is here Ms.Grangey. Snapey sent me,” the house-elf, Dobby said and then materialized.


“Dobby! Oh Dobby! Professor Snape sent you?” Hermione asked.


“Yes Snapey sent me with food for Harry Potter and Ms.Grangey. You weren’t supposed to catch me. Dobby must punish himself,” Dobby said and was about to hit himself on the table but Hermione intervened.


“Dobby, don’t punish yourself. Harry is right outside the tent, I’m sure he’d love to have you say hello to him. Why don’t you tell him that you brought food?” Hermione suggested.


“Dobby will go get Harry Potter!” Dobby exclaimed.


Dobby went outside while Hermione brought some silverware over to the table. Hermione heard Harry exclaim and heard Dobby herd Harry back into the tent. Harry exuberantly came into the kitchen and sat down with Hermione.


“Dobby, come eat with us,” Harry said.

Dobby tried to run to hit his head on the table, but Harry knew what he was about to do and held him back.


“Dobby, no punishing yourself. Now come on and sit with us. You don’t have to eat, but stay for a bit. Unless you must get back to Hogwarts soon?” Harry said.


“Dobby can stay Great Harry Potter. Dobby does not need food, but Dobby will stay,” Dobby said.


“Dobby, you said Headmaster Snape sent you here?” Hermione asked in-between bites of food.


“Yes Ms.Grangey. He said that Dobby had permission to find Harry Potter and give him food from Hogwarts kitchen,” Dobby replied enthusiastically.


“Well thank you for lunch Dobby, this is much better than the food we would have prepared,” Harry said.


“Dobby thanks Harry Potter. Dobby can bring you more food too. Snapey said I could find you whenever now and give Harry Potter and his Grangey food as long as the other house-elves at Hogwarts does not notice Dobby coming and going,” Dobby said.


“Well that’s terrific Dobby, thank you. You don’t need to come three times a day, maybe come once every few days with enough food to last us until the next time. We can keep the food in stasis and then re-heat it,” Hermione suggested.


“Dobby will do that at dinner time then. Dobby thinks that’s a good idea Ms.Grangey!” Dobby exclaimed.


“Dobby you said that Headmaster Snape told you could come, but not before then – but did you know where we were before Headmaster Snape said you could come? We have charms and wards up that should prevent anyone from finding us, how did you find us?” Harry asked.


“Dobby always knows where the Great Harry Potter is. Dobby can always be finding him, even with wards. Dobby is employed by Hogwarts so needs Headmaster approval to leave,” Dobby replied.


“Dobby, how do you always know where Harry is?” Hermione asked.


“Harry Potter freed Dobby, Dobby will always know and feel Harry Potter’s magic,” Dobby said simply.


“Dobby, how are you still a free house-elf if you can feel my magic?” Harry asked curiously.


Dobby squirmed a little before trying to bang his head on the table. Harry stopped this by making Dobby look at him, and repeated the question.


“Dobby is employed by Hogwarts,” Dobby replied.


“Dobby, please answer the question, how can you feel my magic? I thought only bonded house-elves could do that,” Harry questioned. “And do not punish yourself I honestly want to know.”


Dobby looked at Hermione and then down at the ground. “Dobby is not free, Dobby bounded himself to the Great Harry Potter. Please do not be angry with Dobby,” Dobby said.


“Bonded with me? How could you do that without me knowing? Hermione, I swear I had no idea. Dobby how can you work at Hogwarts but be bonded to me?” Harry asked.


“Dobby bonded with Harry Potter the night Harry Potter freed Dobby. Dobby knew Harry Potter couldn’t use a house elf while at school. That’s why Dobby got a job at Hogwarts. But Headmaster Dumbleydore knew Dobby was bonded to Harry Potter and so did Snapey. Dobby just couldn’t leave Hogwarts as Dobby was getting paid by Hogwarts,” Dobby replied.


“Wait, you bonded with me when I helped free you from Lucius Malfoy? How come you never told me?” Harry asked.


“Dobby knew that Harry Potter was not ready to be bonded. Dobby also knew Ms.Grangey views on house-elves. Dobby kept it a secret. Dobby is sorry Harry Potter,” Dobby replied.


“It’s ok Dobby. I am glad you told me now though. Because you are bonded to me, I get to set some rules and you must obey me, right?” Harry said.


“Harry!” Hermione exclaimed.


“Do you trust me Hermione?” Harry asked.


“Yes, but,” Hermione started but Harry interrupted her.


“Trust me then,” Harry started. “Ok Dobby, since you are bonded with me, I have a few rules. Number one, you must never punish yourself ever, no matter what. If you think you did something bad, you can come talk to me, ok?”


Dobby nodded, and Harry looked at Hermione who smiled.


“Number two, I will pay you one gallon a week, not negotiable,” Harry said.


“Harry Potter that is too much!” Dobby exclaimed.


“Dobby, it is not too much. You may be bonded to me, but I am going to be treating you like a hired person not a slave. Ok and last one, number three Dobby when you come give us food from Hogwarts you must spend some time with us and tell us news, so plan your absences accordingly,” Harry stated.


“Dobby can do that Harry Potter sir. Thank you Harry Potter. Dobby needs to go back to Hogwarts now. I will come back tonight with supper and some extra meals and news,” Dobby said before he popped back to Hogwarts.


“Well, we can eat better now,” Harry smiled.


“Yes we can, let’s eat and then talk. I want to know how you’re feeling,” Hermione said.


“Hermione…” Harry started and with a look from Hermione he continued to eat his lunch.


The two ate silently for a good twenty more minutes. Harry was eating as slowly as possible to prolong this talk that he knew Hermione wanted to have. Harry did not want to talk about the Horcrux that is his scar. Harry had a plan up his sleeve and would turn the tables on her. He didn’t want to be the only one who was upset.


“All right Hermione, ask your question,” Harry said when he was done eating.


“How do you feel?” Hermione asked.


“I feel full of food,” Harry asked and looked down.


“Harry, you know what I mean!” Hermione shouted.


“What do you want me to say Hermione? I have to die to defeat Riddle. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to die,” Harry said.


“But Harry, maybe we can find some other way other than you dying?” Hermione asked.


“Hermione, I do not want to talk about it. Do whatever you wish. Research, that will keep your mind off of Ron,” Harry stated.


“Harry, how dare you!” Hermione shouted.


“How dare I? How dare you, you’re talking about me dying so flippantly so I will talk to you in the same way,” Harry stated.


Hermione ran off to the bedroom crying. Harry got out of his seat and was about to go to her when he decided it wasn’t worth it. He said what he wanted to say. Hermione just didn’t know when to quit. Didn’t she realize that Harry didn’t want to talk about him dying so Riddle could die as well? Why would anyone want to talk about their upcoming death? Should Harry have brought up Ron? Harry didn’t know but he felt so frustrated.


Hermione slammed the door shut and went to her bed and curled up and cried. Harry shouldn’t have said that about Ron. Ron was…What was Ron? Hermione didn’t know what to feel about Ron anymore. Did she like Ron? Yes. Did Hermione think Ron shouldn’t have left them? Yes. Was it already easier without Ron around? Yes. Hermione did not know what do with all of these conflicting emotions. Hermione knew that Harry wouldn’t want to talk about his scar, but how could they move forward with a plan for the other Horcruxes without talking about it? Hermione was always taught to talk about her feelings.


The two spent the next hour and a half in the separate spaces, Harry in the kitchen and Hermione in the bedroom. Hermione quietly opened the door and sat down next to Harry.


“Had a good cry?” Harry asked.


“Harry, stop this right now. This isn’t you,” Hermione shouted.


“It is me Hermione. I don’t want to talk about anything with you right now, leave me alone,” Harry said.


“Harry, are you wearing the locket?” Hermione sniffingly asked.


“The locket! It’s a Horcrux, we have the means to destroy it now. Hermione wow,” Harry stated as he realized he still had the locket around his neck. Harry took off the locket. He put it on the table. “Should we destroy it or should we wait until we found more of them?”


“I don’t know Harry. What does your gut say?” Hermione replied.


“My gut wants to kill Riddle, but obviously that can’t happen. Yes, I think we should destroy it. Where did you put the sword?” Harry said.


“I put it in my bag, I’ll get it,” Hermione said. Hermione easily found the sword as it was the last thing she had put in her expandable bag. She gave it to Harry. “Professor Snape said the locket would need Parseltongue to unlock it. Do you feel up to it?”


“Honestly no. But that locket is making all of us crazy. I am sorry Hermione I shouldn’t have said those things. I made you upset,” Harry said.


“Apology accepted. How about this, when Dobby comes back with supper – maybe we can ask him if there’s any house-elf magic that can contain the bad aura until you are ready to destroy it?” Hermione commented.


“Hermione, you are brilliant, you know,” Harry said with a smile. “For now, maybe let’s put it on the table, in plain sight and one of should just be able to view it at all times.”


“Sounds like a plan Harry,” Hermione blushed.


“Hermione…” Harry started.


“Forget it, you were wearing the locket,” Hermione said with a smile.


“I don’t want to talk about my scar. But at least we know some things. Two Horcruxes are destroyed, the diary and the ring. One is about to be destroyed, the locket. A fourth is Nagini, which will be hard to kill, a fifth is my scar. We still need two more Horcruxes. All of these Horcruxes were personal to Riddle. The diary he kept at school, his ancestry ring and locket, Nagini – arguably the only thing that Riddle is close to. Ancestry for two of the Horcruxes, I wonder if the other two could be something similar, but I don’t know what,” Harry said.


“Harry, without that locket to disturb you, you’re very smart, you know that?” Hermione said.


“Not as smart as you Hermione,” Harry said.


“Me, books and cleverness?” Hermione smiled.


“And friends,” Harry smiled back.


“Thanks Harry,” Hermione said.




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