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Facial bruising

I need a bit of help for a story, but my Google Fu isn't helping at all.

Character A is throwing a temper tantrum and slaps Character B across the face hard enough to rock his head with the force. How long would such a bruise last on the face without treatment? (Other things are going on in the story to prevent treatment at the moment)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

The slap probably won't bruise. Get red, yes. But not bruise. It might even swell a bit. There are variables of course, including if the person being slapped is prone to easy bruising. The most likely reason it would bruise would be if the cheekbone gets clipped hard with the edge of the hand. That might leave a narrow bruise along the cheekbone.

That said, facial bruises do tend to heal faster than say bruises on the legs or torso. Arms and faces heal better. Depending on the severity of the bruise it could be fading to green/yellow anywhere from 3-6 days and take as little as a week-plus to be nearly gone or up to 3 weeks. Possibly 4 weeks for a more serious impact injury.

Cool.  Thanks Jilly. Just needed to make sure there was a bruise there about 16 hours after the slap happened for plot purposes  :lol: 

Found an article with pictures:

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