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Guns, Rifles, and all the jazz

Does anyone here know anything about guns?  Especially sniper rifles and the like.  I, um, need it for a story.  Really I do.

I know a bit, but there are certainly some folks who know more. What are your questions? If I don't know, I might be able to direct the right person over here.

I came across this site the other day:

It's the Internet Movie Firearms Database (also deals with TV shows)

It really is amazing just what is on the internet!


I'm a bit of a gun geek. whadya need to know?




Links   list of all military firearms by country and type. including sniper rifles.  this is a weight omnibus of pretty much all common military arms. this is the last part because it links to the first three parts.  great videos on rare guns with intelligent commentary that pretty much anyone can understand.  future soldier programs



most of the rest is in my head, sorry. But any questions you have i'll be happy to answer.

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