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Help please with US terms and a little education info

I'm a third of the way through my first Ep for the BotFF. Fucking thing is fighting me even thought I PLOTTED THE ASS OFF IT. I should have stuck to pantsing.Tony is talking about his

Any how, Tony is talking about his mom dying in a car crash. In the UK our police would use RTA  - Road Traffic Accident. What would be the equivalent in the US.

Also what age would kids start school. Is that First Grade? We don't use that terminology. How about a 3 year old, would they attend kindergarten - we'd call it nursery.

Thanks - I'll wait in hope

It depends on the family on when a child starts, whether that is pre-school or kindergarten. Kindergarten usually starts around 5/6 and they have to go through a "kindergarten readiness assessment" before they start at least in ohio. There are public "free" pre-schools but some you have to pay for and a lot have waiting lists. Those usually start around 2/3 sometimes earlier if it is also run as a daycare. They are usually to help parents get their kids ready for kindergarten. I hope this helps!

Kindergarten start age by state

Hi Binding,

I am not sure what you are asking for in the first part of your request.

As to the second, most kids can or will start kindergarten at the 5 to 6 year old range, depending on where their birthday is and what the school district has as a cutoff date.  There some areas that have either a program called Head Start (, that starts as early as 3 years of age.  Before that would be dependent on the parents.  Probably some kind of childcare center like KinderCare (, which goes from infancy on up to after school programs for up to age 12 if I recall correctly.

I hope this helps!

Re: The car accident

It greatly depends on WHERE the accident took place. If she were on an interstate or state highway then a State Trooper (this is State Police) would likely handle the accident.

If it happened in a city -- then city police would handle it.

If it happened in a rural area then it would be a matter for the county police.

Give us a location and circumstances and we'll work out the particulars. 

The most common terminology for a motor vehicle accident is "car accident". If someone were relaying it narratively and not in a report, they'd probably call it a car accident, even it were a semi, truck or some other sort of vehicle. The exception would be a motorcycle accident.

In terms of official terms for it, it can vary from state to state. Traffic collision, motor vehicle accident, road collision, etc. Motor Vehicle Accident would be the safest more technical term while "car accident" would be the common phrase.

Kindergarten vs first grade can vary from state to state. For instance, in California, you must be in school starting at age six but you must be six as of 9/1 to be in first grade. So if your birthday is in October, you're going to HAVE to attend kindergarten. But if it's in June, you don't. Kindergarten is typical but not every kid goes.

Pre-school/nursery school are not mandatory and are any age before 5'ish

Thanks everyone. The first part of my request got mangled by the internets. But psychic Jilly and Keira have managed to answer it which really helps. The education part is really different here so it's a real eye-opener for me.  The info from everyone is really helpful tho. Hopefully, I'll work it through. The kids don't appear till ep 2 so I have a little more time. Otherwise, I'll be back :D

A note about Head Start previously mentioned.  This is for poor families only.  There is an income level test to join the program, and spaces are extremely limited.  There are often lotteries involved to get your kids into the program.  Head Start is also limited to 4 year olds.  A related program for younger children is Early Head Start.  It has the same issues.    Day care would be care during the full work day of the parents.  It may or may not include educational opportunities.  Nursery school tends to be for a shorter time (usually 2-4 hours) and focused on educating the child not just a place to park the kid while parents are at work. Nursery schools also tend to largely be based in religious institutions (churches, mosques, synagogues) or charitable organizations.

I don't know what time period you're working with, but if this is in the past (Tony or Gibbs), they would both be too old for Head Start.  Well Tony might be just on the edge of eligibility as the program was started in the 70s but his background would disqualify hi. 

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