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Inserting Images from a Hosting Site: Flickr

What to do if you want to host your project images through a 3rd party. I previously used Photobucket for this purpose on other projects, that I had posted on other websites. However, as of June of 2017, 3rd party hosting is now a paid feature only. So I went and looked at the other big name photo hoster, Flickr. Flickr still allows 3rd party hosting for free. However, the way Flickr creates the links for inserting in Word Press posts does not work entirely by cut and paste. But there is a quick two step process to fix that and use the pictures from Flickr on RoughTrade.

Step 1: If you don't already have a Flickr account create one. If you have a tumblr, a yahoo email address, or are a member of a yahoo group, Flickr will want you to use that login information when creating the account.

Step 2: Upload your photos. Look for the icon of a cloud with an arrow pointing up in it. It will be the first icon to the right of the search bar.

Step 3: Click on the photo you want to add to your post. It will open into its own page and there will be 5 icons on the lower right. The Share Icon is the third one, of a curving arrow. Click on that.

Step 4: This is where things get a little weird. This will gray out the background and open a white box with four options listed across the top. "Share," "Embed," "Email," and "BBCode." You want "Embed" click on that and then copy the link offered.

Step 5: You will get a piece of code like this:
<a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="laufey by richard armitage"><img src="" width="333" height="500" alt="laufey by richard armitage"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>  

However, this will not work as is. Most of that code is for platforms that are less point and click than Word Press. What you need is in the very middle of all that code. Specifically, the URL part of the code above that I put in Bold. Word Press, is indeed recognizing that part as an actual link. So you can click on it and go directly to the photo stored in my Flickr account. Also all the code is doing some weird stretching thing. IDEK why.

So to get the picture in your work, Click the insert image button in the editor and then paste the whole code into the box labeled "Source." Your cursor should automatically be at the end of the mess of code.

So simply backspace until you reach the file type end of the URL. It could be .jpg, .png, .img, etc. Make sure to erase the quotation mark. Then using your arrow keys, skip over the rest of URL until your cursor rests between the quotation mark and the H of https://. Then using backspace, delete the quotation mark and all of the remaining code.

The text left in the Source box should look like this: 

After that, go ahead and add the description if you want and then click okay. Your picture should then post like below. The whole dealing with code thing seems a bit intimidating at first, but after doing it the first time or two, it becomes quite quick and painless.







Thanks for putting this together. I know a lot of people were using Photobucket as their hosting for images, and the change probably threw a lot of people for a loop.

It was mostly just good timing. I'd been working on a project in Wildhare with a Cast Tab and had to figure out the issue. I knew that fellow minions would be hit because Photobucket had been around forever. So I sent you that message and started writing one up in Google Docs. The very next day you gave me the go ahead and Minions on Facebook started noticing it as well. So I was prepped and ready to put this out. 

To be fair, I suspect that the full code would work properly if one was using the plain text editor instead of the rich text editor.

Just want to alert everyone watching this topic that  Photobucket(AKA PB) have now REMOVED third-party linkage from their free package; so, as I see it, we can either pay them, or simply post a link to the image itself, probably like this

That's an album, rather than an image, but I THINK we might be forced to work around the removal of access by third-party sites this way. It's annoying, but I only use PB as a backup for certain valued personal memory images, so I don't really want to share them that much that it matters. I'm only considering those members who might actually want to share stuff, whether for their stories, or otherwise....

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