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Looking for a specific term or word

I'm looking for a specific word or term which is used by the military forces, more specifically the Navy, on a person who would jump the line of command to go and report a problem, which could've been sorted out in his own unit, or even by his direct commanding officer. It will be a derogatory term.

Now in this scenario, a member of a Navy unit is being bullied. Not wanting to go and declare this, as he will be seen as ???, he remains silent, even if it is to his own detriment.

It's not a snitch or a whistle-blower.

I truly hope this make sense, as I don't really know how to explain it differently.

Thanking everyone in advance for any help coming my way. :-)

I asked Hubby because I didn't know the answer. He just called out from the office 'A chain yanker!'.

Use the term with all goodwill.

Thank you,




Thank you so much, Ladyholder. The information is much appreciated and the link to the Navy Slang even more!

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