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SGA: Jeannie Miller

My Googlefu is broken. Was it ever mentioned in which city the Miller’s lived? Or, at which university “the English professor” taught? Working on disease spread for Nov and realized other than Canada and suburban home, I don’t think it was mentioned.

I just watched the first 12 minutes of McKay and Mrs. Miller and they don't say. where Jeanie lives. They never even specify that she's living in Canada, except Jeanie refers to the American Government. I think they confirm she's in Canada at some point in the series.


Thanks. I sometimes get lost in the canon vs fanon vortex and lose what’s “real.” That means I can just decide which University he should teach at and let that pick the city. So I’m off to figure out who has the best English program.

Hey Not sure if this helps but I got sucked into a rewatch and in Miller's Crossing they establish she lives in Vancouver. You can just ignore it though.

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