Tony Elliot-Part Three-TKBenjamin

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Tony Elliot/Michael Caffrey

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Final part

Jackie Elliot hands his eldest son a clue


“Noticed what?”

“Oh Tony. This morning when I got up and came into the living room, you two were curled together on the couch. You were wrapped up in each other. I watched you while I was making breakfast. Every time Michael shifted you would pull him close and kiss his hair and he’d calm and stop moving. You kept that blanket over him, even in yer sleep. You just spoon fed him half of your favourite breakfast. How many people have you ever shared nan’s special porridge with. Before you answer, don’t. I just want you to think about it. And know that I love you and always will. I noticed something else too yesterday and today, you’re very gentle with Michael, like a part of you finds him precious. Now, I’d better get ready to head off home. Maybe we can talk Michael into coming for a visit.”

“Ahh Da…” Tony was confused. He didn’t understand. “Da I don’t know what yer thinking, but Mikey, he’s Billy’s best mate. Always has been. That’s all it is. I’ve known him since he was a bairn, Da.”

“Yeah son you have. But he ain’t a bairn no more is he. And I haven’t seen you with anyone the way you are with him.”

“Da, he’s a bloke. A bloke who likes to wearing women’s clothes. I don’t- I wouldn’t know-Da I can’t-I’m not,” Tony couldn’t string a sentence together. Couldn’t explain or understand. His Da was wrong, wasn’t he…?

Jackie pulled Tony in and hugged him tightly. “I love you son. Always will. Even if you don’t give me grandbairns.” Jackie finished off with a chuckle and a ruffle of his son’s hair. He stood and took his jacket from the hook on the back of the door. “You stay here and sort yerself and things out. We’re not far from the station here, just a walk and it’s a nice day out. Cold but bright. See ye when ye come home.” Jackie opened the door and walked out into the living area. He pulled Michael in for a hug.

Tony listened as they spoke. “Don’t forget to come home for a visit every once in a while Mikey. Yer always welcome.”

“I don’t know Mr. Elliot. My Da, well you know him.” Michael hedged softly.

“You leave yer Da to me Michael Caffrey. Ye can come back anytime ye want. Ye’ll be staying with me. Come for a visit when Tony comes home if you want, or when Billy goes on that tour thing they’re going on. Anyways come home any time you want. Alright I’m off. No don’t worry about walking me to the station, I can get there by myself. Give me your phone number so I can call when I get home or Tony will fret about it until he gets an ulcer.”

Michael laughed and went to the wall. He wrote something on the notepad hanging beside it and handed it to Jackie. “Tony’s always been a mother hen. Thanks Mr. Elliot. Phone us as soon as you get home, I don’t know if I can deal with a mother hen here. The flat might be too small yeah,” Michael grinned at him and fell into the open arms he offered for another quick hug.

“Oi stop calling me a mother hen, ye pair of arseholes.” Tony walked out of the bedroom and took the jacket his father was going to wear off the back of the arm chair he had thrown it over and held it up for the older man to put on. “Now you get yerself home safe old man and I’ll come home in a few days. After I’ve figured out some things. Don’t get up to any mischief while I’m gone yeah?”

Jackie laughed and headed for the door, closing it softly behind him.

Tony sighed and looked at Michael.

“So you’re staying for a few days?” Michael asked shyly as he headed to the sink where the breakfast dishes still sat.

“Mhmm.” Tony followed him. “I gotta ask. Are you seeing anyone?”

Michael looked at him over his shoulder and shook his head.

“Okay so, Da notices things these days. Probably wish he didn’t notice so much, but he does.”

“Yeah?” Michael asked his hands already busy in the soapy water.

“Yeah,” Tony sighed, taking the warm wet plate from Michael when he offered it and grabbing a tea towel to dry it before slipping it into its place on the shelf.

“So what did he notice?” Michael asked.

Tony sucked in a deep breath and gathered his courage. He’d never been a coward, but suddenly he felt terrified. Biting his bottom lip he took one step toward Michael and slowly fit himself behind the younger man, until even their fingers were twined together in the warm soapy water. “He said I was very gentle with you. That this morning we were curled around each other on the couch. Then he said he would always love me and be my Da no matter what.”

“Yeah?” Michael sounded breathless and Tony knew he had stopped breathing as soon as Tony had stepped up to him.

“Mikey, can I kiss you?” Tony whispered.

Michael turned slowly in his arms, he took the tea towel off Tony’s shoulder and slowly dried his hands. “Are you sure you want to do that?” he asked carefully pulling at Tony’s arms then drying his wet hands for him.

Tony lifted a dry hand to Michael’s chin and tipped it up a touch. “Yeah, yeah I think I do.”

Michael gave him a shy smile than a small nod and Tony let the magnetic pull he had finally noticed pull their lips together.

As kisses went, it was fine, but not world shattering. Tony had plenty of experience. No miner with his body and looks lacked for female company, even if he usually went a couple of towns over from home to find it. So he put this kiss on par with his previous ones. Sure there was beard stubble involved on both sides, and Michael had short hair. The body he was leaning on was hard and strong instead of soft and curvy, but none of that bothered him too much. Plenty of his previous experiences had one or more of the same. So Tony wasn’t fazed. What he was however was disappointed. Kissing Michael was almost the same as kissing his last girlfriend.

He decided to break the kiss and apologize for being stupid, hoping Michael wouldn’t be insulted. Mind made up he started pulling back. Michael had other ideas though. He pulled Tony in tighter, angled his head a tiny bit, tilted his chin just so and parted his lips enough to let the tip of his tongue touch Tony’s lips. Tony felt all this happen in a second, then all he felt were fireworks.

Michael’s adjustments had turned boring into a volcano. And Tony was a man starving for the burn. He moaned and moved closer, pushing one leg through Michael’s. One hand locked their heads together while the other wandered down Michael’s back to cup an arse cheek. Tony kneaded that handfull greedily. Frustrated suddenly for more Tony released Michael’s head and clamped both hands on perfectly sized arse cheeks and lifted. Michael gasped into the kiss while Tony span them around so he could set Michael on the kitchen table.

He quickly parted Michael’s legs and stood between them, never once pulling back from the attention he was paying their kiss. He urged Michael’s legs around his waist and groaned at the strength in Michael’s thighs. Breathless he finally pulled back and stared at the man in his arms. Michael was flushed a bright pink. He was breathing hard. His lips were red and swollen. There was the beginning of beard burn on his chin and cheek. His eyes were sparkling. In short he looked gorgeous and Tony really wanted to know where the flush ended.

He hooked a finger into the neck of Michael’s top and pulled at it. “Off?”

Michael pulled it off over his head, tossing it somewhere behind him. “Seems fair. You’ve only been wearing boxer shorts since last night.”

Tony blinked at himself. “When those two, John and his brother were here, was I just wearing these things?” he asked plucking at the elastic seam.

Michael grinned. “Mhmm, poor Daniel looked like he was going to faint, but he just kept looking. You didn’t even notice did you?”

“Fuck no. you should have told me. I wasn’t thinking about it.” Tony ran his hand over his head and sighed.

Michael shifted his hips against Tony’s pulling a surprised moan from him. “I wasn’t about to complain about seeing all of this on display. And if Daniel got an eyeful too, well at least he’ll know what gorgeous looks like and not settle for anything less. Gorgeous and protective. That’s what he should aim for.”

“He should look for caring and loving. Supportive and understanding too, besides the protective. Gorgeous don’t last. Everything else will. But if he can find the whole package, good luck to him,” Tony finished with a grin.

Michael stretched up until his mouth was centimetres away from Tony’s. “Like you? You’re the whole package.” Michael wrapped his arms around Tony’s neck and pulled their lips together again.

This time Tony didn’t hesitate. He licked his way into Michael’s mouth and claimed it for his own. He gently pushed at Michael’s chest until he had Michael flat on the kitchen table and was laying over him, still kissing his mouth. Tony let his hands move around where they would. Skimming over pale ribs. Skirting over tight nipples. Dipping into a belly button. Running over protruding hip bones just peeking out of track suit pants. He got bolder when Michael pushed into his touch. Splayed his hands flat over the expanse of pale skin being offered up for him.

He noticed a hardness against him and looked down. Michael’s pants had a sizable tenting, matching Tony’s own in his boxer shorts. Tony blinked, he hadn’t noticed his own arousal, he was so focused on Michael and his body. He touched the bulge lightly and gasped when Michael pushed up into his hand moaning. Tony swallowed, suddenly worried. “Mikey? I-I?”

“W-Whatever you want. Whenever you’re ready,” Michael whispered.

But the whisper was broken and husky and the sound went right to Tony’s dick. Without thinking he pushed his hands under Michael and lifted him up and over his shoulder. A few large steps had him placing Michael down in the middle of his bed and climbing on over him, straddling his hips and pinning his hands over his head, while he literally nibbled on his neck and bit gently into the skin covering his collar bone.

Michael arched into him. Taking it all and begging for more. Tony felt Michael get hotter under him. His skin growing warmer and warmer as he tried to writhe on the bed. But Tony kept him pinned down with his own body as he lavished attention on the younger man. His lips found a small bump and he licked at, realising it was a nipple. He licked it again and again when Michael bucked up under him. He opened his lips and sucked at it, just as he would a woman and suddenly something dawned on him and he sat up, breathing hard.

Michael opened lust fogged eyes to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Umm, I ahh, I just realized I don’t really know what to do with a bloke,” Tony sighed.

“Well you’ve been doing great so far. No complaints here,” Michael said grinning.

Tony huffed. “Yeah well kissing and touching is pretty much universal yeah? But the rest of it… I’m not really sure what to do.” Tony frowned and bit his bottom lip.

Michael sighed and nodded. He took his hands from under Tony’s and placed them on Tony’s thighs, kneading them gently.

“Okay, let’s talk a bit yeah?” he asked. Then continued after Tony nodded. “You’ve wanked yourself yeah. Well doing someone else is not so different to doing yourself. Just do what you like done to you. Okay?”

Tony nodded again and got a large grin for it.

“Now for the part you’re probably really worried about,” Michael began and patted Tony’s thigh when he nodded. “You’ve obviously had sex with girls yeah? Don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m just saying it yeah. Well big question coming up smart arse. Have ye’ ever fucked a girl in the arse?”

Tony blink a couple of times before he felt a grin cross his face. He nodded. Truthfully he had taken every one of his previous girlfriends that way before if they allowed it. He loved doing it. They had enjoyed it too from all accounts. His grin grew larger and he could feel it twist into something wicked. “Slick?” he asked.

“Oh fuck. Ummmm, bottom drawer?” Michael squeaked.

Tony shifted off Michael’s legs and cocked an eyebrow. “Get it and any condoms you’ve got. Didn’t bring any with me since I was coming with my Da.”

Michael quickly rolled and stretched for the bottom drawer and its contents. Tony reached out a hand and hooked his fingers into the elastic waistband of Michael’s pants and pulled on it, carefully sliding the material down and over Michael’s arse. When he saw blue cotton briefs he pulled them off too. Exposing a pert, creamy pale arse. Michael had stopped moving, stretched half off the bed and arse in the air. Tony couldn’t resist. He leaned over and set his teeth to a perfect mound and bit it gently, enjoying the moan as Michael pushed himself into the bite.

Tony pulled off and looked at the teeth marks he’d left. He didn’t quite understand himself here. This primal need to mark, to own, to protect and care for. To build his world around Michael. This had never happened to him before. Not with any girlfriend. His possessiveness or more appropriately lack there of had led to most of his breakups. He’d just never been jealous when his girlfriends had wanted him to be. Preferring to walk away instead of staking his claim.

A here to for unknown part of him understood why. Tony wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear what this quiet instinct was telling him but he was no coward so he heard himself out and listened. His girlfriends had been transitory at best because he hadn’t wanted to build, couldn’t see, a future with them. He did however see one with Michael. His ego wouldn’t even let him notion that Michael wouldn’t want something with him. He might be a virgin with men, but he knew when someone wanted him, and Michael did want him.

He moved off to the side. “Turn over,” he said huskily.

Michael lay still for a second before scooting back on to the bed properly, but he stayed facing away from Tony. “It might be easier for you like this, so you don’t see my face,” Michael’s voice was so soft Tony almost didn’t hear it.

He ran a hand down Michael’s spine then lightly smacked the pert arse. “I said turn over. I want to see you, to look at you. I want to see it in your eyes when I do something you enjoy or something you don’t. I want to see it all. I don’t want to pretend I’m fucking someone else. You’re too special to treat that way. Now turn over.”

Michael turned slowly, tears shining in his eyes. “Stop making me cry. You’ll start thinking I’m a girl.”

“I doubt it,” Tony laughed, running a hand down Michael’s chest and settling it just under Michael’s navel, scratching absently at the happy trail there. Michael was stone still under him even his chest barely rose with his breathing.

“Mikey?” he asked.


“Yer hardly breathing. You okay?”

Michael sucked in a shuddering breath. “I’m just- I never- Jaysus Tony, you have no idea what this is like for me. For you to be here, like this. Fuck it’s almost too much. I’m scared I’m gonna wake up and it’ll all have been a dream. Or worse that you’ll wake up and be disgusted by what we could be about to do.”

Tony read the fear and need in Michael’s eyes. Saw the younger man’s resignation that Tony would break him somehow. “Yer so fuckin’ brave. Yer almost certain this is going to end badly for you but you’re still willing to try. To let me do anything to you.” Tony was breathing heavily, from emotion and need and want and a touch of fear and nerves, but mainly from the bone deep realisation that once he took this step he wouldn’t be able to step back, to step away, to stop and turn the clock back. He wouldn’t be able to walk away from Michael. And wouldn’t want to.

He bit his lip and let his hand move further down to carefully wrap around the straining dick laying on Michael’s abdomen. It was hot and hard to the touch. Velvet and iron, similar to his own in that state and yet not his own. He heard Michael’s breath stutter again, and the moan rising from his own throat. He swallowed hard, feeling his own breathing had increased to match the pumping of his heart. “How-How long have we been skirting this Mikey?”

“Wha-umm, probably since I was a kid. I’d watch ye you know when me and Billy would play. Always had a thing fer you. You were this big strong older brother. You knew more. Did more. I had the biggest crush on you. Billy knew it too. Would tease me about it. But you never paid attention. Broke my heart over you Tony Elliot, years ago.”

“Well then, thanks for giving me the chance to heal it now. Glad I didn’t pay that much attention to you back then though. You were a kid. I’d be a special type of monster if I’d noticed a kid. But you’re not a kid now. You’re all grown up now and we can do a lot of things now. I want to do a lot of things now,” Tony finished and stroked his hand up Michael’s shaft firmly, making the younger man try to arch up under him then fall back to the bed shaking. “Okay?” Tony asked. He received a shaky affirmative and so did it again and again.

While one hand was keeping Michael distracted the other one had taken the tube of slick off the bed where Michael had left it and used a thumb to flick it open. Pressing it against his leg he squirted some into his free hand, quickly rubbed both hands together for a few seconds, before one hand returned to the hard dick still waiting for him. Moving slowly he pushed one knee between Michael’s thighs. His breath hitching when Michael spread his legs wider so Tony could climb in between them. Without second guessing himself Tony reached out his free hand to find Michael’s hole, rubbing the slick around it slowly, just brushing the inner rim. He knew he was teasing but knew he had to give Michael the opportunity to change his mind before it was too late.

Michael was offering him a gift and had every right to change his mind at any time and Tony knew that he would abide by Michael’s choice. There wasn’t a part of him that would allow the younger man to be hurt intentionally. Tony closed his eyes and just felt. Felt the velvet hard dick in one hand. Felt the supple star under the finger of his other hand as it circled and circled the perimeter. Then he felt Michael shift and his finger had entered that hole and they both shivered.

The penetration wasn’t deep, just up to his first knuckle. Michael sighed a yes and Tony joined him. “So hot Mikey. Deeper?”

“Deeper.” Michael said and Tony complied, sinking his finger slowly as deep as it would go. He held both hands still when Michael started to shift under him. Slowly the younger man was angling his hips, pushing himself into Tony’s fist and onto his finger. It finally dawned on him what Michael was doing and he laughed, gently clenching his fist around the dick he still held. “In a hurry?” he asked.

“WWWhat?” Michael stammered out, his voice high and tight, eyes glazed.

Tony just chuckled again and withdrew one finger before pushing in slowly with two. “Are you in a hurry? Cause I could take all day. Take hours just fucking you slowly. Carefully. Thoroughly. Fist yer dick and fuck yer hole for as long as possible, making us come as much and as often as we can before collapsing on this bed and falling asleep. Then waking up and starting all over again.” he spoke softly, quietly. But his hands had not stopped. The fingers around Michael’s dick were working him in a sort of rhythm, massaging him like he were a piano and they were playing a tune. The fingers in Michael’s body had been joined quickly by a third and they moved in and out of him with determination never stopping or stalling.

Tony watched greedily as Michael writhed on the bed, falling apart under his hands until the younger man was gasping for breath and clawing at anything he could get his fingers on, currently the sheets. He pulled his hands away, the whine Michael made almost breaking his heart. Grabbing the condoms on the bed beside him he ripped one of and open, rolling it on in less than a second, using a still slick hand to moisten the rubber.

He groaned when he saw Michael pull one leg up to his chest and hold his knee there. The blatant invitation there to see. Tony wasn’t a fool. He accepted the invite eagerly. Carefully he lined his cock up with that slick welcoming hole and pushed in bottoming out with a feeling of perfection that left his head reeling for a few seconds. “Jaysus Christ, Mikey, just Jaysus. This is perfect. You are perfect. I can’t- I don’t-just fuck,” Tony wasn’t sure what was coming out of his mouth was making sense and he really couldn’t make himself care. He had never felt like this. Sex had never felt like this.

The heat that surrounded him. The strength that lay under him. The hard body that supported his own was like nothing he’d ever have expected but everything he knew he had always looked for. But beyond the physical, the person it was a package of, that person made his heart swell to almost beyond all boundaries. He manoeuvred himself until he was face to face with the man under him and made a desperate lunge to kiss those lips that were beckoning to him. He sighed as the mouth opened under his own and met the tongue that came into his own mouth to play and wrestle. Letting the texture and flavour ground him again before he flew away.

He lost himself in the kiss. Their tongues dancing together, his hands skimming hot skin. His ears finally picked up something. His lips noticing a pattern against them and he paid attention. Suddenly realising what was being said. “Please, move, please, move, please, move, please, move.” Tony understood the request. Michael needed more and Tony was determined to give him more. He reset himself. Settled his knees where he needed them and hooked both arms under Michael’s knees to push them up to his chest and hold them there. He heard Michael gasp as he was opened even wider.

Biting his bottom lip, Tony pulled his hips back then rocked them forward. He smiled when Michael moaned and did it again, then again, quickly starting a rhythm he knew he could hold for a long while. He marvelled as pink rose through Michael’s skin. staining his cheeks and nose. He dropped a kiss to that nose because it was so cute, then nipped at Michael’s chin. Something was niggling at him. Something he remembered. Something to do with his doctor. He bit back a sharp laugh when it flooded into his mind. A few months ago the mine had brought in a new doctor who had insisted on giving them a prostate exam because of the rise in prostate problems.

After word had got around many of the blokes had discussed the prostate in depth usual while drunk of their heads, but discuss it they had. Now Tony was thankful he had listened as he changed his angle to look for that hot button. The sharp gasp and buck under him told him he had found it. He concentrated his attention on it, gratified by Michael’s gasps and moans. He concentrated on Michael’s body, Michael’s pleasure, his own would come after. Michael surprised him when he covered his mouth with his own hand, almost stifling himself. His eyes opened and he stared at Tony, eyes pleading for something.

Not understanding but following his own instincts, Tony released one leg to fall about his waist and placed his own hand over Michael’s mouth. The young man pulled his own hand away and pressed Tony’s in further. Then Michael shivered and arched under him, throwing his head back and arching his neck as a scream was muffled under Tony’s hand and come burst between them. The sight, the smell, the pure intensity pushed Tony into his orgasm in a second and together they rode out the aftershocks, shivering and quaking in turns, curled into each other’s arms.

Tony sat bolt upright in bed. Not again he thought when he heard the knocking at the door. He blinked around and found Michael just waking. “Hey,” Tony grinned.

“Hey yerself. Why are we awake?” Michael asked stretching. More knocking answered the question. Frowning Michael looked at the bedside clock. “Shite, that’s probably Nathan. He promised to bring me some new wigs to try on today.” Michael was already struggling to get out of bed when the knocking returned, getting more insistent. “I’m coming. Keep yer bra on!” Michael yelled out, making Tony laugh and Michael grin and blush as he tied the robe he’d slipped on.

Tony slid out of bed and into his pants from the other night, he’d have to do some shopping soon if they were going to leave the flat, although staying in the flat and preferably in bed had its lure.

A small man was dropping some bags on the coffee table when Tony opened the bedroom door. “What the hell took you so long,” the man, Nathan probably, griped before Tony cleared his throat and leaned in the door frame. Nathan looked up. “Oh, never mind. Now I know. Hello handsome. I’m Nathan. Who, are, you,” the small man as practically bouncing as he walked over to Tony, one hand fanning himself and the other held out before him.

Tony saw Michael’s eyes narrow and his bottom lip get pulled in to be bitten roughly. He didn’t like that Michael felt insecure and realized he’d be spending a lot of time reassuring the younger man. He blinked his attention back to Nathan who had almost reached him. He quickly took the offered hand and in a pique of fancy touched a knuckle to his lip. “I’m Tony. I’m Mikey’s. Are you here with wigs?” Tony had released the hand quickly and made his way over to Michael. Wrapping a possessive arm around his waist and pulling him in close.

“OOOOOO. Anymore like him at home?” Nathan asked Michael, walking back to the coffee table.

Michael chuckled. “Tony is Billy’s older brother, Nathan.”

Nathan blinked a few times then smiled happily. “So he’s that Tony. Well now I really am glad to meet you, handsome. You just look after our Michael here. I think he’s been waiting for you a long time.”

Tony turned his face and kissed Michael’s temple sweetly. “I will,” he promised softly.

Nathan smiled. He opened his bag and started pulling out items. When he opened up each individual bag, they could see wigs and foam heads. Brown wigs, black wigs, red and even blonde.

Michael went forward, quickly picking up a brown wig. Short, with curls. He set down the mirror Nathan offered and pulled the wig on, tucking his hair under. He raised his eyebrows at Tony for an opinion.

Tony shook his head adamantly. “Not if you ever want me to have sex with you again.”

“Why? He looks-” Nathan began.

“Like he did when he was thirteen, only with curly hair. I’m not a peado. So no.”

Michael chuckled and pulled it off. “You choose one,” he said.

Tony looked at the offerings. “I don’t need you to look like a woman. But you do like to dress up. What do you feel like when you dress up? Explain that to me.”

“Hmm well sometimes I wanna hide from me, but mostly now I still feel like me, but a freer me. One not constrained. Does that make sense?” Michael finished. “There’s more, or there use to be, but, now I enjoy the freedom of being someone without responsibilities. I’m not sure I’m explaining it right,” Michael huffed sounding frustrated.

“She’s another side of you. You are you, Michael, then you dress up and another side of Michael can show herself, maybe Mychaela?” Tony asked, hoping he hadn’t just insulted his new lover.

Michael seemed to think it over. He grinned. “How do you spell that name and where did you hear it?”

“A mate said he met a girl in Majorca on holiday called Mychaela. I’m not sure how to spell it, if it’s like Michael but with an a’ at the end or M.Y.C.H.A.E.L.A. but I like the M.Y one better,” Tony finished shyly.

Michael nodded slowly, looking at the other wigs. “So what would Mychaela with a ‘y’ wear?”

Tony thought about it for a few seconds then pulled out one and handed it over.

Michael looked at it seriously then he shook it out and slipped it on. Some adjustment and he sighed. “Nathan, I need to shave, then can you help me with my cosmetics out here?”

Nathan grinned then shot off in a heartbeat.

“Tony, can you sit over at the kitchen table?” Michael asked.

Tony went feeling a little lost. He sat and waited. Nathan returned quickly and between them, Michael and Nathan started using the items. Tony could only see the back of Michael’s blonde bewigged head, so he didn’t know what was happening. Eventually Michael walked off into the bathroom and Nathan ran into the bedroom than to the bathroom, handing Michael something floaty and emerald green, before going back to the coffee table packing his things up and flying out the door.

Tony was confused, even more so when he heard the shower running in the bathroom. But Michael didn’t take long. Tony figured he’d just cleaned up from their fun of a few hours before, because the water soon turned off and then the bathroom door open.

“What do you think about Mychaela Caffrey?” Michael whispered as he came out wearing a soft green strappy evening dress, his blonde hair around his shoulders. Green eyes flashing and full lips pink and pouting.

Tony’s mouth went dry. He knew it was Michael, could still see Michael. But he also saw Mychaela, a strong and beautiful woman. They were together and one in the same. “I think Mychaela is beautiful and perfect. I think Michael is gorgeous and perfect. I think I’m not good enough for either of them separately but together I’m definitely not good enough. But I’m grateful for every second they’ll give me.” As he spoke he stood up, finally he opened his arms and the green clad vision flew into them. Tony held her close and breathed into her neck. “You are strong and beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Okay?” he whispered into an ear.

“I’ve been looking for Mychaela all my life. Thank you for finding her for me,” Michael whispered.

“My pleasure. Now does Myki or Mikey want to go out to dinner and celebrate?” Tony asked, knowing he wouldn’t mind showing either persona off.

The blonde head against him rocked in a no motion. “Not today. Today, tonight is just for us.”

Tony smiled and pulled Mychaela’s chin up so he could kiss her lips. “I like that plan too,” he said. Then he narrowed his eyes at himself. “But first I need a shower.” he kissed those luscious lips again and sped off for the bathroom and the shower waiting. There was no way he was going to get that pretty green dress dirty, he wanted to live. He had much to live for, now.

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As a kid as soon as I could write I wrote down the multitude of stories in my head, daily. At 15 I wrote a 5000 word story for a Shift in Persective project at school. Our teacher loved it and read it to the class. The happy kudos were soon followed by bitchy concrit then by 'what's so special about you?' and I stopped writing. Years later I found fanfic and Ladyholder, then Keira and then Xanthe and later still the courage to write down the many stories still bouncing in my head. Thank you ladies for the inspiration.


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