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Spencer Reid/Ian Edgerton

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I really shouldn't write after a day of work and a night out at pub quiz but the words were flowing. I'll certainly pay for it tomorrow!

A little angst, a little fluff, and a little smut.

Spencer waited impatiently for all the paperwork to be completed so he could get checked out. Ian was like a caged tiger or maybe a stallion scenting a mare in heat. The need to bond ate at both of them with Ian sending increasingly heated looks and Spencer’s control over his own empathy starting to fray. He began getting glimpses of practically pornographic fantasies from Ian a couple of hours ago and no amount of meditation seemed to keep them from intruding. Blair and Jim had come back to escort them to the Atlanta Sentinel and Guide Center and to make arrangements for Spencer and Ian to fly to DC in two days time as well as their own flight back to Seattle. Spencer was glad of their support over the last couple of days and Blair had made him promise to arrange a visit in a few months.

Ian wouldn’t abide by seperate cars so they’d stuffed him in the back of the SUV and Spencer rode up front with Ellison guarding the middle. The drive seemed too short and too long for Spencer. He wanted to bond, needed this bond in a way that both thrilled and scared him down to his toes. The long hours of talking with Ian eased a lot of his misgivings but the nagging worry he wouldn’t be enough lingered. His sentinel had been just fine without him for fifteen years, better than fine with his unique control over his senses. What did Spencer have to offer Ian that he couldn’t already do on his own? What if they tried to bond Ian didn’t need him – he’d had to be rescued like in one of those terrible romances where the big, strapping sentinel saves the day when his cute, but completely incompetent, guide gets in trouble. Oh. My. God. He was a cliche! His worst nightmare after all the years of dreaming.

He felt the poking finger and heard the “Cut that shit out!” from Jim before registering the low growl coming from the back of the car. He gave a start and Blair gave him a quick glare, “You’re emoting all over the place Spencer. I can’t protect everyone empathically and drive at the same time. Jim’s on edge from the uneasiness you’re projecting and Ian’s about to crawl over Jim in order to protect you. We’re almost there, you’ve got to lock it down.”

Spencer felt his cheeks burning, “Sorry, I’m so sorry.” He closed his eyes and began running through P v NP proofs in his head. Charlie had taught him that trick at CalTech for sinking in to meditation and reinforcing his internal shields. He didn’t experience the desperate need to solve the problem like Charlie so he wouldn’t get too lost in his own head. His shields as firmly in place as possible when they arrived at the center he maintained his distance from Ian as they were led in to an isolation suite.

“What was that back in the car. Why’d you smell like sadness and distaste?” Ian asked bluntly.

Spencer looked nervously around the room, he really didn’t want to start their bond with a sour note. “You’re so in control Ian, and I know that’s what you want. It’s what you’ve needed to survive and become a great sniper and tracker. I’ve tried to become a man that fits in your world but having to be saved from Hankel, I’m not sure I do.” He met Ian’s eyes, “You don’t really need me, but I need you like my next breath and it’s frankly a little disheartening.”

Ian snorted, “That’s it? That’s what was going through your crazy, genius brain?” He stalked closer and Spencer backed away knowing if they touched the bonding drive would overwhelm everything else. He could feel the heat pouring off Ian as his back hit the wall and Ian stopped inches away. He found himself caged by two strong arms on either side of his head and right then decided he was definitely an arm guy. They looked so strong and gorgeous. He even had the vein going down his bicep. So hot.

Ian’s deep inhalation and Spencer snapping his focus back, “Mmmmm, we’ll get to that in just a minute. First, let’s get rid of this notion you were rescued. What were you doing right before I shot that miserable bastard?”

“I had tricked Hankel and grabbed the gun. I was going to shoot him.”

“That’s right,” Ian confirmed. “You effectively saved yourself, I was just a little faster on the draw, so to speak. Plus I’d just been waiting for a clear target so I didn’t hit you. Once you had him moving, I could see your position and I had my shot. If I hadn’t been there he’d still be just as fucking dead. Only your hand would’ve been the one to pull the trigger. You also managed to work with what you had even under the influence to get clues out to your team and you never gave up. Spencer, you are not a guide in distress, you’re a goddamned hero and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Not even you. Are we clear?”

Spencer felt all the doubts and fears leave him in the face of Ian’s determination. “Very clear, my sentinel.” Ian’s eyes widened and without warning Spencer found his mouth taken in a wild kiss. He heard moaning and realized the sound was coming from him. Ian broke off the kiss and Spencer gasped for air. “Bed. Now.”

He rushed to comply, overeager as he worked to get his shirt over his head, his glasses tangled in the material. He stumbled towards the bed, trying to walk and remove his pants at the same time he was slipping his shoes and socks off. Finally naked, and a little embarrassed in front of a still fully clothed Ian, he finished undressing and sat on the bed, the uncertainty creeping back in.

“Gorgeous,” he heard from Ian and his desire overwhelmed the last of his qualms. “Pull back the covers and get in.” As Spencer did so, he watched Ian remove his own shirt, all that lean, hard muscle a feast for the eyes. With his next breath, Ian was naked and sitting on the bed with him. He trembled as Ian’s hand cupped the side of his face. That first touch caused both of them to shiver. “I want you to know how this is going to go so you don’t stress trying to anticipate. That fantasy from last night, that’s how sentinels bond. I’m going to run my hands over every inch of you until I know you’re body better than my own. And then I’m going to taste you…everywhere.”

Spencer could only nod, it was everything he wanted. “I’m going to put your hands here on the headboard. I want you to keep them there. If you get scared by anything i’m doing or just need a break tell me to stop and I will.” Ian’s voice was full of reassurance, “I could never knowingly hurt you and I’ll be very upset if you let me do something you’re uncomfortable with. Do you understand?” Again Spencer nodded but, “I need the words my guide.”

“Yes,” He gasped, “Dear god please get on with it.”

Chuckling, Ian gave him a swift, hard kiss and wrapped his hands around the rung of the headboard. “Fiesty little guide.”

And then Spencer lost the ability to speak. Better than fantasy, those rough, calloused hands touched every part of him. There were long, smoldering kisses that left him panting, tenderness as his head would was examined, a little giggling as Ian skimmed over his armpits and inhaled his scent. His cock wasn’t ignored but fondled and stroked much too briefly as Ian moved down. When he turned over Ian spread his legs and settled between them. He shuddered as he felt the silky glide of Ian’s tongue run from his neck down to the crease of his butt.

He was lifted and pillows placed under his body, the position opening him more for Ian. A thumb rubbed across his lips and he parted them on a moan, knowing what was coming. He sucked and swirled his tongue around learning the taste of his sentinel. That same thumb pressed against him, entered, and then left. He gave a groan of protest and heard murmured reassurances as big hands parted his cheeks and Ian tasted him in the most intimate way possible. He jerked and those strong arms he so admired gripped him tighter and pinned his legs so he couldn’t move. His shields gone, he pushed out mentally and felt Ian’s mind accept the bond, all his senses now bound tightly to Spencer.

Feelings not his own rushed over Spencer as he was seared by the fierce desire and satisfaction emanating from Ian. He teetered on the edge of bliss for a long moment before Ian flipped him back over and gripped the base of his cock preventing him from coming.

“Nooooo, Ian please,” he begged. He wasn’t even aware of moving his hands and gripping Ian’s wrist. “Oh no my gorgeous guide,” Ian smiled at him, slow and wicked. “I’ve barely begun. Hands back up, Spencer.” When he whimpered but didn’t move two sharp smacks landed on his backside. The thudding impact inflamed his senses and he moaned. He could feel Ian’s delight and arousal at his reaction and twice more the hand landed. He put his hands on the headboard and received his reward as Ian took him in his mouth and sucked hard. Spencer’s toes curled and his legs came up but his hands stayed put.

“Good boy,” Ian said as he reduced Spencer into a writhing, pleading mass of need. Ian moved back up his body, playing with his nipples, sucking and lightly biting, then taking his mouth in a brutal, wonderful kiss as he kept a light, almost maddening, touch on Spencer’s leaking erection. He whined when that hand left him, and then groaned as slick fingers prepared him. The other hand wrapped around him again and he sobbed as a calloused pad rubbed against his prostate. The pleasure overwhelmed his mind as Ian slowly began to enter him, arms braced beside Spencer’s head, hands gripping his hair holding him still, ravishing his mouth. Lust and desire from them both entwined until he could no longer tell his mind from Ian’s. He felt the moment when Ian lost control and gave in to the wash of sensation, thrusting deeper, harder. He broke off the kiss, palmed Spencer’s cock, and whispered in his ear, “Come.”

With a shout Spencer obeyed, his whole body flooding with pleasure. Ian rode out the orgasm continuing to drive into him. Spencer felt the hand on his erection still stroking him gently and he began to shiver through the aftershocks. Intense satisfaction thrummed through the bond as Ian catalogued every clench around him, every slight twitch from Spencer’s sensitized cock, every hitch in his breath and every glorious scent. He glutted his senses and came deep inside his guide, and Spencer felt it all.

“Holy fuck,” Ian said as he tenderly pulled out of Spencer. The bond thrummed with contentment and Spencer grinned at his sentinel. “This is going to be a fun two days.”


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