A Lion’s Roar – Part Three By Ladyholder

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Tony DiNozzo/Ian Edgerton, Jack O’Neill/Daniel Jackson, Cougar/Jensen

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Author's Note:
I hated whole chunks of Seasons 4 & 5 of SG1, so don’t expect them to have happened. Also, I’m not all that fond of NCIS. So. Yeah. Deal. I’m fucking the timeline six ways to Sunday & messing with ages too.

Tony had been shanghaied (did people get shanghaied now?) into becoming a Fed. It wasn’t bad, but he honestly felt like there should be something else he should be doing. But he soldiered on through FLETC, making sure that he left his mark on the place. New place, new job, new expectations and he had a broken give a fuck. Then everything went to shit when the prettiest man he’d ever seen was brought in to teach them sniping.

A Lion’s Roar

Art by Jilly James

Chapter Three


“Do you have a ready bag?” Tony asked as they were coming up on the housing that was used for temporary residents of FLETC.

“I…” Ian paused and then nodded decisively. “Yeah, I need to get my bag from my room,” he said before directing Tony to the building he was staying in. When Tony parked the car, Ian turned in his seat. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but please lock the door after me.”

“I’ll do it,” Tony said. He eyed his sentinel and smiled with intent. “But we’re going to talk about what each of us is capable of because I won’t be told to stay in the truck.”

“I’m not sure I understand that reference, but I get the meaning,” Ian confirmed. “Yeah, we’ll need to talk about things over.”

“Better get your bags,” Tony urged.

“Right,” Ian sighed as he pushed the car door open. “Good thing I haven’t unpacked.”

Tony laughed softly as he leaned over to lock the door behind his sentinel. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he checked his messages. Hitchens had called ahead and informed whoever was in charge of FLETC’s bonding suites that one would be needed. He had their suite number and the keys would be waiting at the front desk in a basket. The attendant would stay away as a courtesy in case either of them was unable to tolerate anyone.

Blair was sending him occasional text messages detailing his irritation with Aspen and the admin of FLETC. The Alpha Guide Prime of the US was having a great deal of fun laying the law down for everyone. Tony fully expected that he’d be getting a snarky email or text message from Jim about Blair’s exploits.

Glancing up at the brush of intensity against his shields, he watched his sentinel walk out of his lodging. Ian walked like a predator, all prowl and glide. Whatever his spirit animal was, Tony was certain that the animal was just as much of a predator as their sentinel was. Leaning over, Tony unlocked the passenger side door and then popped the trunk. His ready bag was already in place, so he wouldn’t need to stop by his barracks room.

“Okay, I’ve got my gear,” Ian announced as he slid into the car. “I’ve got a call from Cougar that the class will be handled and Aspen is getting reamed out by Sandburg.”

“That last bit, I knew. Blair’s letting me know with text messages as he roasts Aspen for his attitude,” Tony shared as he headed out. “Hitchens has arranged our bonding suite. Apparently, it’s been fully stocked with the basics. She did confirm that includes lube.”

“Holy shit,” Ian muttered as he sat and blinked for several seconds. “Do you ever wonder what’s in our files at the S&C Centers?”

“Not really,” Tony admitted. “I’ve seen mine and you can certainly see your own if you request it. I’m sure they both contain our preferences for how we want to bond. And yeah, bonding suites have everything, from platonic to sexual bonds.”

“They still know too much,” Ian grumbled.

Tony laughed softly as he remembered the deeply intrusive questionnaire he’d filled out when he’d registered with the S&G Center. For the most part, the questionnaires were used when couples bonded at one of their mixers. Given that roughly 40% of sentinel and guide couples found their matches outside of the Centers, not everyone had reason to have their files used.

“Would you rather be going at this cold? Trying to figure out a safe place to bond and potentially no supplies?” Tony pressed. “Because I’d rather be able to walk into a bonding suite with everything we need and not have to worry about making it safe.”

“Oh, I’m still going to have to make sure that it’s safe,” Ian grumbled. “But yeah, I know in my head that the bonding suites that the Center is in charge of are safe, even if my instincts are telling me that I need to check things out for myself.”

“Okay,” Tony conceded. He had his own instinctual drives, so he couldn’t suppress, so he wasn’t going to twit Ian for his. The car fell silent as Tony pulled into the parking lot of the building housing the bonding suites. “Nervous?” he asked as he turned the car off.

“Weirdly, no,” Ian said. “I know that we’re going to have time to get to know each other and the bonding will assist with that. I don’t actually have an issue with that. I’m just more concerned because I’m a grumpy solitary bastard most days, and sharing my life with anyone is going to be an experience.”

Tony laughed softly as he thought that over. He had to agree. The amount of sharing that was going to come from their bond was going to be incredible. “We’ll get through and figure out how to live with each other. That’s all we can do.”

“Well, sitting in the car isn’t going to get this process started. And I’m starting to feel the urge to throw you over my shoulder and find a room, so we need to get moving,” Ian waved a hand at the building before them.

“Then let’s get moving,” Tony agreed. He popped the trunk and got out of the car. Ian swiftly followed. Tony grabbed his go bag and hesitated over his shooting bag. He didn’t have a gun on him, but he did routinely carry a knife. He was armed enough for his instincts.

“I’m armed as well,” Ian murmured as he picked up his own bags. “Cougar has my guns, so I’m not worried about that.”

Tony nodded before he made sure to close and lock his car up. “Let’s get moving then.”

The walk up to the lobby was smooth. Tony kept an eye on the area around them and he couldn’t see or feel anyone in their area. He also noticed that his sentinel was…shorter than him. Interesting.

“What’s got you distracted?” Ian asked.

“I…I’ll tell you when we get into our room,” Tony hedged.

“Okay,” Ian agreed. He looked at the front desk and nodded at the basket sitting in the middle of the bare expanse. “Looks like they did exactly what they told you they would do.”

“Good,” Tony said as he started walking down the hallway towards the bonding suites. “Which one is ours?”

“Number three, it says,” Ian reported.

Tony hummed softly to himself as he entered their suite. They had a front sitting room arrangement with a table and chairs for two, a small fridge, glass dishes, and an electronic kettle. “I take it we both like tea?” Tony asked as he started opening all the cabinets to see what they had. The tea brands he liked were there along with sugar, what had to be Ian’s favorite was also stored and there was a pot of honey as well. The fridge even had cream. “Well, Hitchens is winning the award for getting shit done quickly.”

“Really? It’s the tea that got you?” Ian called from the bedroom area. “She’s winning my version of the award for what she did in here.”

“Oh?” Tony asked as he walked in. Ian was going through a basket that held toiletries and sundries. The bed looked like it was a cal-king, the sheets seemed to be high-count linen and had several pillows.

“Yeah. This is great, but check out the bathroom,” Ian suggested. He left the basket and was unpacking one of his bags.

“Holy, shit,” Tony breathed as he took in the ensuite bathroom. There was a huge, walk-in shower with multiple heads and what looked like a waterfall arrangement. Next to that was a sunken bath that wouldn’t be out of place in a Turkish bath. There were the standard toilets and sinks, but even they were high end with a vanity table resting between the two sinks.

Ian stepped up to him and nudged his shoulder. “I don’t think I’ve seen the like outside of a movie or a high-end hotel.”

“Same,” Tony agreed. “We need to get clean. To get the outside world off of us.”

“There’s a hamper for our clothes,” Ian nodded at the basket sitting at the end of a sink.

“And we can set the basket outside the door so they can be washed as needed,” Tony mused. “Okay. Let’s get clean.”

Ian hummed softly as he started to strip out of his clothes. He chucked them all into the basket and set his shoes beside it before heading into the shower. “How hot do you like it?”

“Hot,” Tony admitted. “But if it spikes your sense of touch, set it to your preferred temp.”

“I’ve dealt with too many crappy water heaters not to relish an excellent one when I have access,” Ian confessed. He started turning on all the showerheads and stood in the middle of the spray. “God, this is great,” he sighed before turning to look at Tony. “Get in here. You’re going to love this.”

Tony quickly stripped his clothes off and stepped into the steamy little room. Maneuvering his way into the spray he moaned as he was pummeled by the spray from the showerheads. Tony let his head fall back and he could feel his muscles relax. “You were right. This is great.”

“Yeah,” Ian muttered before he went to the soap dispenser in the wall. Tony watched as he soaped himself up and found himself distracted from his own cleaning process as he kept an eye on Ian’s hands. His dick was starting to get interested in what was happening.

From the sharp glance Ian gave him, he could smell Tony’s interest. “I’m not going to lie; I like how you look.”

“Should we discuss how we want to bond?” Ian asked as he lathered up his hair.

Tony leaned over and pulled a measure of soap out. Silky smooth and completely unscented, the soap glided through his fingers as he started lathering up. From his feet up to his face, he hit every part in between and used the time to do a small inspection of his skin. Smooth and silky, Tony was pleased that he’d taken the time in college to get all of his body hair removed.


“Sorry,” Tony said as he stepped back into the spray of the showerheads. “We should. I’m…Ian, I’m a lion guide. There’s no way I can handle a platonic bond long term.”

“Oh, thank god,” Ian breathed before he walked into the spray and pressed a kiss to Tony’s lips. “My spirit animal is a grizzly. A platonic bond wouldn’t work for me either.”

“So, we’re going to go forward with a sexual bond?” Tony asked when Ian lifted his head.

Ian nodded. “Yes. But I think we can wait for a day? Use today to get to know each other? Talk?”

“I can do that,” Tony agreed with a mod. “Normally I’m the one who wants to talk.”

The shrug Ian gave matched the slightly sheepish feeling he was giving off. “I get that, but we’re… We’re going to be together for life and I think we’d be wise to get to know each other before we tie our souls together.”



Tony walked out of the ensuite and smiled as he watched Ian pouring water into the kettle. “I take it we’re having tea?”

“I wanted something to hold while we talked,” Ian admitted. He unwrapped a teabag and dropped it in a glass mug. “And they didn’t include beer.”

Laughing slightly, Tony shook his head. “I like beer as much as the next former frat brother, but I think it would be better if we were fully sober when we talk.”

“Being a grown-up sucks, sometimes,” Ian grumbled. He pulled his teabag out and poured some sugar in his cup. “How do you like yours?”

“Depending on the tea, I like mine plain, with sugar, or with cream and sugar. Rarely with lemon,” Tony explained as he put together his own cup of tea. “When I’m sick, I want it with whiskey.”

“So basically, you just like tea and will drink it every way you can get it?” Ian asked before he took a sip from his as he walked towards the couch.

“Except cold,” Tony said with a shudder. “I never learned how to appreciate that.”

“I grew up with it, but my parents used Lipton and we brewed sun tea,” Ian explained. “Sugar was the standard addition with lemon added when we felt fancy.”

“Please tell me there was ice in there too?” Tony asked as he pulled his own teabag out. He added his desired amount of sugar and took a sip. Humming softly, he added some cream before he went to sit in the chair across from Ian.

“Yeah,” Ian agreed. “So, how do you want to start this?”

“Basic backgrounds? Ages? That kind of thing? What we’re doing professionally?” Tony offered. At Ian’s nod, he shrugged. “So. Anthony Dominic DiNozzo Jr. Do not call me Junior. I’m 29, I went to Ohio State where I played varsity football and basketball. While there I got my BA in Phys Ed, Criminal Justice, and Sentinel Studies. Since then I’ve earned a BA in Psych and I’m earning my Masters in Criminal Justice. I’ve been in three police departments and made Detective in two.”

“Impressive,” Ian said as Tony wound down. “I went into the Army right out of high school and made it to E7 before I decided to get out and shifted to the Reserves. I’ve been working for the FBI for three years. While active duty, I managed to earn my degree in military history and I also got my BA in Criminal Justice. I’m still working on that, plus I went out and took the classes for EMT.”

“You were a sniper while active duty, weren’t you?” Tony asked before blowing on his tea to cool it slightly. “Is that where you met Cougar?”

Ian smiled as he tilted his head in agreement. “Caught that, huh? Yeah. We’ve been trading places in the ranks for the last five years. Neither of us really cares about our spot, but the competition is fun.”

“How did the both of you get sucked into teaching my class?”

“I’m actually with the FBI, so I can get assigned. Cougar’s last mission went sideways and they needed the downtime. He can teach while his guide does a job at an alternate location, so long as they stay in contact. They wear earbuds,” Ian explained. “He’s going to be unhappy about having to actually talk all day, but he can do it. And your classmates will get a quality education in sniping under his eye.”

“I’m sorry I’m missing it,” Tony said, regret moving through him before he let it go. “I’d love to learn from him in the future.”

“We’ll work it out,” Ian promised. He sipped at his tea for several seconds before he let it rest on his knee. “If you were in three different departments, was there an issue with any of them?”

“Eh,” Tony sighed. “The first one had an issue with people being honest. I know that there are people who join the police to get a license to bully, but the academy does try to train it out of you, all the while teaching you how to become a cop. Peoria was pretty decent at that, but one of the departments I was in, seemed to have lost sight of that. I wasn’t online at that point, but the levels of dishonesty were too much. I turned them in and left before I was…retaliated against.”

From the growl Tony could hear, Ian wasn’t happy at the thought of what that might have meant. Tony couldn’t blame him. He hadn’t been happy when he’d figured out that his coworkers were working out how to have him dealt with before the investigation had concluded. If he hated Peoria, he was going to hate Philadelphia.

“I left there for Philly. Since I was the newest cop there and unknown to the city, I got tapped for an undercover op. I went undercover with the Mob,” Tony said, voice quiet and even. “It took a year, but the Mob boss is in jail, I came online, and I can’t go back to Philly.”

“Why aren’t you in Witness Protection?” Ian asked. Tony could feel the concern and confusion moving through the sentinel like a rushing river.

“The Don likes me. He thinks of me like a son and for the most part, leaves me alone. Some of his rivals though… They figure if they can take me out, the old man will be upset and lose control,” Tony explained. “I’m not going to go into hiding.”

Ian took a deep breath. “Do they know you’re a Guide?”

“Yup,” Tony said with a smile. “One reason the Don lets me be, but that was a reason for me to become a Fed. I worked well in Baltimore, but leaving might have been for the best. Given that I’m online, I notice when people around me start acting squirrely, so I investigated and turned it in. There will be some very unhappy former police officers soon. I don’t honestly care about them because being an honest cop is the baseline required to be a cop. If they can’t do that, they don’t deserve to be cops.”

“Well okay then,” Ian nodded once at that. “I can get behind that.”

Tony nodded once. He could not abide a corrupt cop. The feel of them grated against his empathy like fingernails down a chalkboard and the only way to deal with them was to get rid of them.

“So how did you decide to become a Fed?” Ian asked.

“Oh, Jesus,” Tony groaned as he thought of the clusterfuck that had been his last case in Baltimore. Taking a sip of his tea, he organized his thoughts before he explained the whole mess to Ian. As he wound down, he could feel his sentinel getting upset. “Don’t. It worked out. I highly doubt I would have met you anytime soon if I hadn’t gotten shanghaied.”

“Well, Gibbs and NCIS are going to have to do some fancy talking if they want me to transfer,” Ian growled. He set his empty cup on the coffee table and flexed his hands like he was stretching his fingers in preparation for something. “You do know that we’ll be headhunted, right?”

“Uhm? No? What do you mean?” Tony asked as he put his own cup down.

Ian leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. “As an S&G pair, we’re in deep demand. Once we register our partnership, there will all sorts of groups trying to get us to sign onto them.”

“So what? NCIS will no longer have any claim on me?” Tony questioned. He needed to know if he was going to be stuck working with Gibbs or not. Competent though the man might be, he was an ass and Tony had no urge to work with him.

“Not really,” Ian rocked a hand back and forth showing the situation was iffy. “While you were under contract with them as a prospective agent who happened to be a guide. Now? You’re one half of an S&G pair. That’s going to hit the government boards like a bomb. Given your skill sets and mine… I have no idea who’s going to reach out to us.”

“I’m a cop. There have to be dozens like me,” Tony protested.

“Trained investigators, who’ve taken down the Mob? Who has been proven to be incorruptible? Who’s a Lion Guide? Tony, there’s hiding your light under a bushel and then there’s burying it in a pit,” Ian shook his head at him. “I’m in demand because I’m a sniper, I can track a person all over the country if needs be, and I can investigate. I’m not all that great at the investigation part because I don’t do it much, but I’m in demand as myself.”

“Add me in and we could be a force of nature,” Tony sighed. He leaned back into his chair and stared into the dregs of his tea. “I hate politics.”

“No one sane likes politics,” Ian said with sympathy. “But we can use it to our advantage.”

“So, more talking about ourselves, bonding, registering our bond, and then seeing who comes out of the woodwork to offer us a job?” Tony asked.

“Yeah,” Ian agreed before he grabbed his cup and got up. “But first, I want more tea.”



Chapter Four


They talked for hours. Sometimes in spurts that went fast and smooth, words and ideas being exchanged without a hiccup until the subject they were talking about was exhausted. Movies, politics, social views, educations, sports and more were gone over and Tony was happy to say that they met on a lot of levels. The differences were enough to add spice to their discussions and their sniping back and forth was good-natured.

The morning and afternoon passed without issue. Tony could feel the start of their bond, reaching out from them both. The edges of them felt like they were flirting with each other. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to last the night, sleeping beside Ian and not going any further. Neither of them was short enough to be able to sleep on the couch and the bed they had on offer was decadent in the extreme and he wasn’t going to give that up for the floor.

Lunch and dinner had been placed outside their room. He had to hand it to Hitchens, she was doing right by them. The drinks were impressive to have gotten together in the time they had given her. The bathing supplies were all fairly standard so those had been a gimme. But their meals had been something else. Tony was definitely going to write a note of appreciation for Hitchens and her Center.

Their conversation had tapered off only a few minutes before and Tony found himself staring at Ian. Giving himself permission, he took in the features of his soon to be sentinel. While not as tall as himself, Ian was broad-shouldered, with muscles that moved smoothly under his skin. And he was able to see a lot of skin.

Neither of them had bothered to get dressed beyond past a set of gym shorts, so there was little left to the imagination. Ian had a few scars that he attributed to his tours in various war zones. Tony had his own scars, but thankfully he’d never been shot while on duty. A few slices from a gang member, but they had healed cleanly.

Like Tony, Ian had no body hair. He wasn’t sure if that was natural to him or if he’d had it removed. Either way, there were acres of tanned skin that Tony wanted to explore. No tattoos, but he hadn’t expected Ian to have any. It was a rare sentinel who got inked before they were bonded.

Unlike Tony, Ian’s hair was cut short and tight to his head. Tony’s was long enough to flop a bit and running his fingers through it was making it move all over the place. Ian kept following them and from the way, his fingers were twitching, he wanted to bury his fingers in Tony’s hair.

Thinning his shields, Tony tried to get a read on the room. Unlike Ian, he couldn’t smell emotions. His sentinel was oozing contentment, happiness, and want. There was hunger, but they had eaten less than an hour before, so Tony was sure the hunger wasn’t physical. Lust was also wrapped around the hunger and it ebbed and flowed with every movement Tony made.

“Do you want to wait?” Tony broke the silence.

“You know I don’t.” Ian stared at him, eyes level. “I wanted you the instant I sensed you. Seeing you was like getting kicked in the chest by a mule. I can almost feel you on the edges of my mind and I’m starting to burn with hunger for more.”

Tony stood up and held out a hand to Ian. “Bond with me, Sentinel.”

Ian’s eyes darkened and he rose to take Tony’s hand. It was the first time they had touched and it was electric. “I would bond with thee, Guide.”

Smiling, Tony drew his sentinel to him and bent his head slightly to kiss him. Ian lifted his face to meet him and they gently brushed their lips together. He didn’t press to move the kiss any deeper since they were leaning over the coffee table. Pulling back slightly, he smiled. “This would be better in the bedroom.”

“Okay,” Ian breathed before letting go of his hand reluctantly.

Walking side by side, they headed for the bedroom. Tony started to pull the pillows off the bed and piled them off to the side as Ian turned the bed down. Shucking his shorts off, he took a deep breath as he took in the rest of his sentinel’s form. His mouth watered as he took him in.

“Could you lay down?” Ian asked.

Tony nodded and climbed on the bed. “On my back? Or front?”

“Lie on your front, please,” Ian asked, voice raspy.

Humming softly, Tony laid down, carefully adjusting his cock so it wasn’t pinned uncomfortably. He let his arms fall to his sides and his face tilted to the right. He relaxed, turning over all control to Ian.

Ian’s hands cupped his feet and he twitched, giggling slightly as his sentinel’s fingers touched the skin of the arch of his feet. “You’re ticklish?”

“Yeah,” Tony sighed.

“I’ll respect that,” Ian promised before moving up to his ankles.

Tony relaxed into Ian’s hold and carefully relaxed his shields as his sentinel immersed himself in his body. The physical aspects of their bond started to build from Ian’s side while he built his own on the psychic plane. As Ian mapped and memorized each part of him, Tony could feel the bond between them spinning stronger and stronger.

There was a snap inside of his head as Ian’s fingers moved through his hair. Tony could feel a purr rising from deep within him. He loved having his hair played with. “I’ll have to remember that you like this,” Ian whispered in his ear. “Could you turn over?”

Flipping on his back, Tony let his arms rest at his side and spread his legs to give Ian room. Ian’s fingers started with the top of his head and moved over his face to his neck. Staying relaxed and accepting of what Ian was doing was both the easiest thing he’d ever done and the hardest.

From the way their bond hummed back and forth between them, he was going exactly right. With every bit of skin Ian impressed, the bond on his side wrapped tighter around the tether that Tony had sent out. Ian didn’t stop until he pressed a kiss onto the tip of the smallest toe of his left foot.

Tony could feel Ian’s breath moving over his feet and he giggled softly. He tried to suppress his amusement, but with every brush of air over his skin, it built again. Laughter, sex, acceptance, and joy. Tony shared all of that and more with his sentinel through the bond being built between them.

“Do you want to go further?” Ian asked, voice soft.

“You avoided my dick like you didn’t want to impose,” Tony observed as he stared down his body and Ian. “Is your impression complete? Or do you need more?”

“I’ll always want more from you,” Ian promised as he moved between Tony’s legs. Ian leaned over and brushed his lips over the length of Tony’s cock. “But I’ll take nothing from you without your express permission.”

“Oh, god,” Tony prayed as he watched Ian slowly move around his cock and balls. “Yes, please.”

“Thank you, Tony,” Ian said before he ran the flat of his tongue up the length of Tony’s cock. When Ian pulled Tony’s cock into his mouth he hummed.

The gasp and moan that action pulled from Tony met in the middle and he curled up. When Ian’s hands clamped on his hips, he relaxed again on the bed. The orgasm he’d been ignoring burned at the base of his spine. He knew, deep in his soul that he couldn’t cum until Ian was deep within him.

“Ian,” Tony curled his hands in an effort to attract Ian’s attention. Drawing in a deep breath, he tried again. “Ian.”

Ian let Tony’s cock slide out of his mouth and leaned down to nuzzle at his balls. Tony thumped the back of his head against the bed as Ian’s breath raised goosebumps over his skin. “What do you want Tony?”

“I,” Tony’s breath hitched as he felt the tip of Ian’s tongue touch his inner thigh before Ian’s hands slid under his legs to push them out further. He felt deliciously exposed.

“Tony, tell me what you want,” Ian breathed as he turned his head to lick the other thigh.

“I want you to fuck me,” Tony panted out. He moaned as Ian’s fingers moved up to tickle the furled bud of his asshole. The nerves lit up and he could feel how empty he was. He wanted to feel Ian’s cock in him as much as he wanted his mind within him.

He opened his eyes when he felt the wet, slick glide of fingers moving over his asshole. Slowly, carefully, Ian pressed forward, spreading the lube over every inch. Tony concentrated on relaxing his muscles and moaned as Ian’s finger caught the rim of his hole. “Please now.”

“I’ve barely spread any lube on you,” Ian protested.

“So, put some more on and slick yourself up,” Tony directed. He lifted his legs to wrap them around Ian’s chest and pull him closer. When Ian leaned back, he paused and let his sentinel slick himself up with more lube and then use his went fingers to spread some more over Tony’s asshole. “I’ll be fine. I promise.”

When Ian leaned forward, he set his hands on either side of Tony’s chest and Tony wrapped his arms around Ian’s neck. Reaching down, he guided his cock to nestle the head against the furl of Tony’s ass. Pressing forward, Ian slowly pushed his cock into Tony’s body. Tony breathed through the press and burn, skin flushing with pleasure. Hissing out a breath, he pulled Ian in tighter. “Yes. This. More.”

“You are going to be a pushy bastard, aren’t you?” Ian laughed as he rolled his hips. Leaning further forward, he brushed a kiss over Tony’s lips. Running his tongue over the seam of his lips, he moaned when Tony parted his.

The moan Tony let loose was muffled by the kiss, and he didn’t care. He was surrounded by his sentinel and he was loving it. The taste of Ian exploded on his tongue and Tony let his duel with Ian’s, trading tastes back and forth.

When Ian lifted his head, he shifted again and rolled his hips as he thrust in. “You’ve let me into your body,” Ian panted as he slid out before he pushed back in and found Tony’s prostate. When Tony gasped, he grinned. “Now let me into your mind.”

Tony relaxed his shields as Ian slid into him again, and as his body drew his sentinel in, he allowed his mind to do the same. The bond that had been twining around their minds, bloomed with the pleasure they were feeling. Between one moment and the next, the edges that separated them disappeared. Tony was no longer alone in his mind. He could feel how Ian was nestled into him, filling all the empty places in his soul.

The pleasure in his mind was echoed in the pleasure of his body and Tony shuddered as his orgasm thundered through him. His pleasure was echoed in Ian and they traded it back and forth, drawing it out further and further. It felt like it went on forever until the echo’s slowly but surely wound down.

Opening his eyes, he took in the sight of his sentinel staring down at him. He could feel the love Ian had for him warming him deep within his mind. Tony smiled and sent a pulse of his own love down the bond they shared. “Sentinel.”

The smile Ian graced him with was breathtaking. “Guide.”


Lion's Roar

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