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Stiles Stiliniski/Derek Hale, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Ian Edgerton/Charlie Eppes

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This chapters is directly after chapter 3...

Two separate attacks bring two men together. A Guide and a Sentinel. An Alpha and an Emissary to be. A lion’s roar and a wolf’s howl.

Chapter Four

Scott looked at Allison with wide eyes. “Did you just feel that?”

Allison shakily nodded. “I did. Do you have any clue what it was or where it came from?”

Scott frowned and shook his head. “I think that it was someone coming online, but I have no clue who came online. With as powerful as that was whoever it was that came online had to come online traumatically. I have no idea where it came from, but I am sure that we will know soon because there is no way that the S & G Center won’t respond to it and once they locate where the person is they will come into town with sirens blaring to rescue whoever it is.”

Isaac who had been silent snorted. “It is more than one person coming online and if you two can’t even tell that then you are dormant instead of latent. I am a Sensitive and I can tell that a number of people have just come online and if I had to guess the first pulse of power that we felt was a Sentinel coming online traumatically. You had better hope that it wasn’t Stiles who had just come online because if it was then you will be getting what you deserve so much earlier.”

Allison stiffened slightly. “Stiles won’t do anything to us even if it was him coming online, Lahey.”

Isaac chuckled. “Think what you will, Argent, but you don’t know Stiles as well as you think you do. Anyone who actually can and do use their senses around Stiles is able to tell that for the last several months he has been keeping things back from Scott and those that Scott talks to. Anyone with eyes can actually tell that Stiles is pissed at Scott and that just because he talks to Scott doesn’t mean that everything is alright. How is it that you are supposed to be the next Matriarch of your family when you are NOT very observant? Oh, I forgot you are just like Scott in that if it does NOT involve you directly you NEVER notice anything going on or being said around you. You two truly do belong with one another because I wouldn’t wish either of you on my worst enemy. Get the fuck over yourselves already because you are both living in a fucking fantasy world.

He sighed exasperated. “If it was Stiles coming online he WILL come after anyone who hurt him or those he considers his. Do you really think that he doesn’t consider Derek his? Do you really think that he doesn’t see me as his? Hell, I know for a FACT that he even sees Jackson as his and the fact that you are both complicit in making Jackson a killer is going to set his sight right on you. He may not kill Scott because at one-point Scott was his best friend, but Allison there will be nothing to stop Stiles from killing you for what you have done. If you helped your grandfather catch Erica and Boyd he will gun for you and I will happily stand back and watch as he makes you pay for every fucking thing you have done to us. Stiles may not go after Scott himself, but he won’t stop any other Sentinel from going after him especially if he finds out that Scott knew Gerard grabbed him up. How in the fucking hell do you think that you will actually get out of this unscathed? Do you really think that you are two are so damn important that everyone will overlook the crimes that you have committed? If Deaton knew anything about Stiles getting kidnapped and didn’t stop it then not only does Derek have the right to end his life, but so does any Sentinel. Are you two really that fucking stupid?”

Allison stepped forward and kicked Isaac in the side and hissed. “Shut up, Lahey! You have no clue what you are talking about! I haven’t done anything wrong! I’m avenging my mother who Derek killed! You are a MONSTER just like he is!”

Derek growled and flashed his eyes at Allison. “The only MONSTER here is you, Allison Argent. You are just like your aunt and it is a good thing that we have found that out now because the Supernatural Council can and WILL act on all the information they have on your actions. Do you really think that we haven’t been keeping a file on every interaction that we have ever had with you? I made sure those that are in my pack knew to always have a recording going if they came into contact with you because I didn’t doubt for one second that you would eventually show your true colors. You are NOT above the law regardless of what you think. I did NOT kill your mother and she wouldn’t be dead had she NOT killed her damn self. I KNOW for a fact that there are hunters who have gotten bit on a hunt and they did NOT kill themselves. Actually, I think there are a few in the UK and France branches of Argent’s that are werewolves or another type of creature and they did NOT take their own lives.

“Me biting your mother wouldn’t have happened had she not been trying to kill Scott. Of course, I could have just let Scott end up murdered by your mother and then she would be spending the rest of her life in jail. If anyone is to blame for you mom taking her own life, then it is her own fault and the fault of your grandfather. You need to wake the fuck up and realize that there is more than one side to any issue and until you actually realize that and factor it in to your decisions then you are always going to end up with the wrong side of the stick. You need to grow the fuck up and learn that there is more going on in this world and that not all of it is something that you will understand. Did you both forget just how close knit of a community Sentinels and Guides are? They may work with Mundane’s, but they turn to one another when it comes to correcting a grievous wrong. Noah Stilinski may be a Sherriff, but everyone knows that he is a Sentinel first and he will kill anyone who lays a hand on Stiles and he won’t give a flying fuck who it is. Are you really going to make the man who stepped in and helped raise you, Scott, kill you? Are you going to try to make him choose you over his own flesh and blood? Everyone in Beacon Hills and Beacon County knows that Stiles is Noah’s life, and more than half of our town and county will do whatever they can to help Noah make whoever harmed Stiles pay.”

Scott shook his head. “The Sherriff loves me like a son and won’t hurt me no matter what even if something happened to Stiles, not that I’m saying anything has happened to Stiles. He really did just run off because he got scared when Jackson killed himself. Stiles has problems with seeing people die and has since he was with his mom when she died. We have tried to get Stiles to talk about how he felt being with his mom when she died but he refused to talk to anyone about what he felt.

Isaac huffed. “Scott, did you forget again that we are werewolves? You really need to stop trying to lie to us. Why would Stiles tell you what he felt about being with his mom with she died? I mean even then you didn’t know how to keep a secret, Scott. You would have told everyone whatever Stiles told you so I don’t blame him for not opening up to you. I do know that he talked to Jackson, Danny, and even Boyd about losing his mother that year. I really don’t remember why he stopped talking to them and started only hanging out and talking to you when before that year he had several people that he hung out with and talked to. Why don’t you tell us why you had Jackson paralyze Derek?”

Scott scowled and glared over at Isaac. He couldn’t believe the other boy had chosen Derek over him and it pissed him off greatly. He had been the one spending time with Isaac the last several weeks because Derek had been busy doing something or other. “Gerard needs the bite and the only way to make sure it happens is to make sure that Derek can’t run away before Gerard gets here. Isaac, why would you choose Derek over me? Don’t you know that he is the reason that everything bad has happened in this town lately?”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “Derek is not to blame everything or even anything that has been happening in Beacon Hills lately, Scott! If anything, everything that has happened recently can be laid at Gerard Argent’s, Kate Argent’s, Victoria Argent’s, and Allison’s feet. You are blind, deaf, and stupid if you think anyone other than those four are to blame for the shit that has been happening to us and everyone else in town. Jackson wouldn’t be killing people if it weren’t for our principal. Jackson would have gotten help before now if he wasn’t being controlled, but luckily, he has just gotten the help he needs and can no longer be used for other people’s vendetta. Things are going to change, and they are going to change in a way that makes everything better. Derek is my Alpha and I will always choose him no matter what. I will always choose Stiles over you too before you even think about asking that too. Why would I choose you, Scott, when you have showed time and again that you are NOT someone I can trust or count on? You have proven time and time again that the only person that matters to you besides you is Allison and maybe your mother.”

Scott stepped forward only to stop when several things happened at once. His eyes widened in shock when several men he had seen with Allison’s father and several deputies entered the warehouse with guns drawn. He quickly raised his hands in the air when one of the men that came in with Allison was shot. He swallowed hard when he realized how much trouble he could possibly be in, but he figured that he could talk himself out of it. After all he was sure that Stiles’ dad wouldn’t let him be arrested. If only he realized just how wrong he was and if only he realized just how much trouble he was in with people he had never wanted to cross even before he was bitten and turned into a werewolf.


Derek looked at one of the men he recognized and asked, “Stiles?”

Jordan Parrish walked over and knelt beside Derek. “Stiles, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd have all turned up at the Sherriff’s house along with Chris Argent and a silent group of bodyguards who followed them to the Sherriff’s house from the Argent home. All of the men that were surrounding the warehouse have been taken into custody and the Prime pair of North America are here in Beacon Hills along with Sentinel Agent Ian Edgerton of the FBI and his Guide Charles Eppes. We will be heading to the hospital to meet up with the others.”

Derek sighed. “How bad is Stiles hurt? Is it him that we felt come online?”

Jordan nodded curtly. “Stiles came online traumatically, and he pulled several people online with him. Chris originally called Sentinel Agent Edgerton to have him look Stiles over because Stiles didn’t want to go to the hospital. From what Noah implied Stiles didn’t want to go to the hospital because of Mrs. Melissa McCall. We do know that Stiles is being taken to the hospital now and that the Prime pair will make sure that his privacy is protected like it should have always been regardless of the fact that Stiles was friends with Mrs. McCall’s son. I would NOT want to be on the other end of Sentinel Alpha Prime Ellison that is for damn sure. Derek, why are you not able to move?”

Derek scowled. “Scott and Allison had Jackson paralyze me so that I wouldn’t have the chance to get away before Gerard Argent showed up.”

Jordan smirked slightly. “Gerard Argent will NOT be showing up anywhere ever again. Unfortunately, he made the grievous error of threatening to kill the Sheriff, Miss Reyes, and Mr. Boyd to Stiles and it pushed Stiles over the edge to where he came online and killed old man Argent. From what I gathered from some of the men that came to help us Chris Argent has also come online as a Sentinel. The local Sentinel and Guide Center is going to be busy for the next several days if not weeks because calls are still coming in that mention newly online Sentinels and Guides. We will get you and young Isaac here to the hospital so that you can see and check on Stiles with your own eyes. Sentinel Agent Edgerton has contacted his team and they will be investigating what they can about everything that has been happening here in Beacon Hills and the Supernatural Council will also be notified of the goings on here.”

Derek nodded. “Peter and Jackson will meet us at the hospital.”

Jordan chuckled. “I should have realized that Peter was here, but I have my senses attuned to you to make sure that you are not in distress. I don’t want to have Stiles come after me because I didn’t make sure that you are alright especially since I can feel that you came online as well.”

Derek tried to stop it but couldn’t and blushed. “I felt myself come online seconds after Stiles came online. I felt Erica, Boyd, Peter, Jackson, Danny, and Lydia all come online as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if more teenagers were pulled online in response to Stiles coming online so that he can surround those he cares about with people that he knows he can trust. McCall knew that Gerard grabbed Stiles up and made sure that he didn’t tell anyone. The plan was to make me bite Gerard, but I’m sure that there was more to the plan than that because McCall worked with Deaton.”

Jordan’s eyes hardened as he shot a look at one of Chris’ men. “Have someone pick Deaton up and bring him to the station. We may as get everything out in the open because if we don’t Stiles will request a Sanctioned Hunt and it will more than likely be granted. I need two of your men to carry Derek out to my cruiser while I help Isaac out to it. It looks like he was stabbed with something that had wolfsbane on it. I can’t keep calling you Chris’ man in my head so what is your name?”

The man snorted. “I am Trent Argent and I’m a cousin of Chris’. My older brother Mick and I will get Alpha Hale out to your cruiser and then follow you to the hospital. My younger brother Devon will go and personally pick Deaton up and take him to the police station. Several of us flew in this morning from France, Italy, and England after Chris talked to the Matriarch of the whole family. While Allison would have been the Matriarch for this branch of the Argent family she still would have and will have to answer to the main Matriarch of our family. Jasmine Argent is a fair leader and goes out of her way to make sure that every branch of our family follows the rules and code of our family, but every once in a while, there is a bad seed so to speak. Little Miss Allison is going to have a very hard time of it because she will end up getting punished more than once for what she has done to a peaceful pack.”

Allison paled. “I am the Matriarch of the Argent family! Gerard told me that I’m the Matriarch since my mother is dead.”

Trent shook his head. “Your grandfather didn’t want you to know that he and you are answerable to someone else because if you knew then you probably wouldn’t have done what he wanted you to. You have brought everything that is about to befall you onto yourself. Your father tried to train you correctly, but instead you chose to listen to your mother who wasn’t an Argent by blood, your grandfather who hadn’t been in your life much up til recently, and your aunt whom you knew killed several peaceful packs. If you had actually listened to your dad then in about fifteen to twenty years you could have become the Matriarch of the whole Argent family, but you royally screwed that chance up without even knowing about it. Be quiet, Miss Allison, before you dig the hole that you are in even deeper than it already is. You have to answer to the mundane police, the Sentinel and Guide Council, the Supernatural Council, and finally the main Argent Matriarch for everything you have done. You have brought the Argent family into dispute with a peaceful and respectful pack. You have brought the Argent family into dispute with the Sentinel and Guide Council, the Supernatural Council, and possibly the Sentinel and Guide Alpha Primes of North America. Congratulations, Miss Allison, you have almost single handedly brought the Argent family into dispute with people and groups we have NEVER crossed or even thought of crossing. Are you proud of yourself?

He ran a hand through his hair. “You really should have asked your boyfriend why your mother was bit. You should have asked your mother before she killed herself why dying was better than sticking around for you. You will go with the rest of the men and women here and the deputies without putting up a fight or I WILL use the kanima venom I have on my person to paralyze you to make sure that you go with them without causing even more trouble than you already have. Am I understood?”

Allison swallowed hard and nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Scott looked at Allison with wide eyes and then glared at Trent and Jordan as he shouted. “You can’t talk to Allison like that! You can’t arrest her or me! We didn’t do anything wrong! I want to talk to the Sherriff and Stiles! They won’t like that you arrested me and Mr. Argent won’t like that you arrested Allison!”

Jordan stomped forward and poked Scott in the chest with an index finger. “The Sherriff is the one that ordered you be picked up, McCall! You won’t be talking to him because he is at the hospital with Stiles! You won’t be talking to Stiles because he is fucking unconscious due to Gerard Argent torturing him! Why in the fuck would Stiles or the Sherriff not want you arrested especially once they find out that you knew old man Argent had him? Use your fucking brain, McCall, because right now you are acting like the fucking idiot that you are. Actions have consequences and you will reap what you have sowed.

He looked at Trent with a raised eyebrow. “Can you use that venom you talked about on McCall to make sure that he doesn’t end up hurting any of the deputies we have here? I know that your people know how to handle a werewolf, but the deputies are still learning.”

Trent nodded and pulled a vial out of his pocket after he put on some gloves. He didn’t want to end up paralyzed himself after all. He quickly dabbed some on the leather glove and then swiped the back of Scott’s neck. He smirked down at the teen once he fell to the ground unable to move. “That is just a little of what you deserve you jumped up asshole.” He looked at his older brother and nodded and then bent down and gently picked Derek up off the concrete ground. It didn’t take long for him and his brother to have Derek in the back of the police cruiser and the door shut with his older brother sitting in the back helping to support Derek so that he wouldn’t flop around on the drive to the hospital. He opened the passenger side door just as Jordan walked out of the warehouse carrying Isaac who was bleeding again slightly. “I will meet you at the hospital with a few extra men. My younger brother and a cousin are on the way to pick Deaton up and will take him the station. I have other men and women going with your deputies back to the station to help make sure Allison and Scott don’t cause anyone any problems.”

Jordan sighed in relief. “Thank you. We are still trying to get our numbers back up after the station was attacked and several men and women were killed or seriously injured. I appreciate the help.”

He shut the passenger side door and walked around and climbed into the driver’s seat. He really wanted to get Isaac and Derek to the hospital to get them checked out. After making sure that Trent was in his truck he pulled out and led the way to the hospital. It wasn’t long before he pulled into the hospital parking lot and stopped in front of the Emergency Room doors. He looked back and wasn’t surprised to see that Derek was staring at the ER doors with red eyes. “We’ll get you inside, Derek, so that you can see Stiles.”

Derek sighed in relief when he was able to move his head and look at Jordan even though he had to really force it to turn. “Thank you, Parrish.”

Parrish shook his head and smiled before he climbed out of the car and opened the back door to let Mick get out. He then walked around and opened the passenger door and gently lifted Isaac out of the car. Soon he led the way into the hospital with Trent and Mick carrying Derek. He wasn’t surprised to see Chris waiting on them and then followed him back to where Stiles and everyone else was.

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