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Stiles Stiliniski/Derek Hale, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Ian Edgerton/Charlie Eppes

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Everything is finally in sync...

Two separate attacks bring two men together. A Guide and a Sentinel. An Alpha and an Emissary to be. A lion’s roar and a wolf’s howl.

Chapter Five

Parrish frowned when he saw Stiles laid out on a gurney and unconscious. “What in the hell happened to Stiles?”

Noah rubbed a hand down his face as he turned to look at Parrish and the group that joined them back in the three connected rooms they had taken over. His eyes hardened when he saw how stiffly Derek was sitting in the chair two men he didn’t know had just put him. His eyes flashed in anger when he saw the stab wounds on Isaac as the younger boy was laid into the hospital bed right next to Stiles’ hospital bed. He knew that Stiles would be on the warpath as soon as he saw them or heard about them once he was conscious. “Gerard Argent happened to Stiles before Stiles ended up killing him. He has been unconscious since shortly before Chris arrived at mine and Stiles’ house with Boyd and Erica. He refused to come to the hospital because he didn’t want Melissa alerting Scott to him being here or for her to tell Scott any information about his injuries. Unfortunately, Stiles has a lot of injuries and Ian here did NOT feel comfortable treating him at the house or at all because of the kinds of injuries he has. There is also the possibility of internal bleeding because of any of the injuries hitting organs or anything else that they shouldn’t have. What in the hell is wrong with Derek? Who in the fuck stabbed Isaac and why are they NOT healing like they should be?”

Derek scowled. “Scott and Allison had kanima Jackson strike me before I could leave because Gerard needed the bite and I’m the only Alpha werewolf in town. Jackson then kind of escaped and Peter killed him and brought him back to life so now he is a werewolf like he should have been to begin with. I am NOT sure if he turned into a kanima because of what he was feeling himself or if he turned into one because of outside help in the form of Deaton interfering. I would NOT put it past Deaton to do something like that especially if it furthered whatever goal he was working towards concerning McCall. Allison stabbed Isaac to make sure that he couldn’t try to help me. At least that is why I assume she stabbed Isaac before if it isn’t, I will take great pleasure in stabbing her just like she did him. His wounds aren’t healing because there must have been wolfsbane on the dagger she used so we will need some wolfsbane to burn out what is in the wounds so that they can heal properly.”

Chris swore and looked at Mick. “Do you have some wolfsbane on you? I don’t have any on me because I didn’t think that I would need it since neither Boyd nor Erica were harmed by wolfsbane. From what I saw after Gerard cuffed them to the chain link fence he left them alone other making sure a car battery was hooked up to the fence that was running a low level current through it to make sure that Erica nor Boyd could shift and break loose. Before I forget everyone meet Mick and Trent Argent. Mick and Trent meet everyone. Mick and Trent are cousins of mine from overseas.”

Mick nodded and drawled. “Trent, fix Beta Lahey up and make sure that no wolfsbane is let in any of the wounds, but first make sure to take pictures of the wounds. I’m sure that they can and will be used as evidence for what Allison did to Beta Lahey. Whatever you do just try to get it done quickly because I really do NOT want to have deal with a feral Alpha Prime Sentinel if I don’t have to. May I ask just what injuries the young Alpha Prime Sentinel has? Is there anything me or mine can do to help make things easier for you, Sherriff Stiliniski?”

Noah sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He watched closely as Trent took pictures and then used a lighter to burn wolfsbane on Isaac’s wounds and winced each time. He didn’t like seeing Isaac flinch because he just knew that the teen was remembering all the times his father hurt him. He really wanted to throw the book at Allison and he just might do it. He was happy that Mick had thought to say something about pictures of Isaac’s wounds because it had slipped his mind and he knew without asking that Parrish hadn’t thought of it either. “If you could have a few of your men stay at the station until Parrish and I can get there to deal with those that have been arrested and detained I’d appreciate it. I know that Ian has his team looking into some things here in town to see what charges if any need to be pressed and who they need to be pressed against. Two of Ian’s team are also inbound to help with anything that is needed, but until they get here I don’t have enough men or women that know how to deal with something like this and I’d prefer to make sure that Scott, Allison, or anyone else that was arrested or detained escape custody. Stiles has several injuries which are being dealt with, but they have to do a CT scan of his head and his abdomen to check for internal bleeding. The most notable of his injuries are his dislocated left knee, dislocated left shoulder, and his broken left leg. He also had several broken ribs, a few cracked ribs, his right collarbone is broken, and several fingers on both hands are broken. The broken fingers have already been set by one of the doctors overseeing Stiles case. There are three doctors and five nurses that are working on Stiles case and a surgeon has been called in from Los Angeles that Jim and Blair are taking care of flying here from there.”

Jim scowled. “There was no way I was letting the surgeon they have on call here work on Stiles. Hell, I’m not emphatic, but even I could feel the emotions he was putting out about the possibility of operating on Stiles with one of the three doctors that are allowed to treat Sentinels and Guides overseeing him as he operated. As soon as Blair felt what emotions the man was putting out he demanded that the man get away from Stiles and told the head Administrator that if the man ever operated on any Sentinel or Guide that he would make sure this hospital was closed down. Some of the looks that hospital staff and patients alike have been giving our group is setting me on edge and I am NOT sure that I won’t end up kicking someone’s ass before this day is over. Chris, I think we are going to need more of your men stationed around the hospital and if possible I’d like them to be Sentinels and Guides.”

Chris nodded sharply. “I already thought about that and have some coming here to help make sure that all of us are protected. I wasn’t sure if you wanted the local S&G Center involved so I didn’t go through them to get some of our own people sent here. Honestly, I think that they should have sent out a response team by now and since they aren’t here I’m thinking that they didn’t send one.”

Blair nodded. “It looks like the local S&G Center will need to be investigated. I had already questioned those that work there once before, but it looks like they didn’t tell us everything that they should. I hate went Centers don’t do what they are supposed to. It is about time for the Center to have new Directors anyways. I wish that I knew just why the local Center here seems to need a change of Directors every four years at the most.”

Peter cleared his throat. “Alpha Prime Guide Sandburg, I think that the reason for the change of Directors every two to four years is because of the Supernatural. As I am sure you know this area is a hot bed of Supernatural activity and when you have to deal with it day in and day out it can get to be a little too much even for a Sentinel and Guide. When I was still in the hospital’s long-term ward and in a coma like state, I heard a lot about the local S&G Center. People tend to talk when they think that nobody can hear or that people can’t tell anyone what they say. I heard a lot of things I shouldn’t have including information about other patients. I wanted to many times to tell the Nurses to stop talking like they were because not only were they violating HIPPA, but they were being rude.

He took in a deep breath and let it out as he shook his head. “It is like the nurses don’t care that they could possibly be giving information out that they shouldn’t have been. Then again, the nurses on the long-term ward seem to think that since the patients are there for days, weeks, months, or even years that they don’t really have any rights. I know that I will be filing a complaint against certain nurses from my time here. Some Doctors and Nurses just forget that the patients that they are treating are people too and that we deserve to have our privacy even when it comes to them talking to other healthcare professionals that don’t work on our case. When I was brought in a little over six years ago I should have been placed in the care of doctors and nurses that are trained to work with Sentinels and Guides whether those Sentinels or Guides are online, latent, or dormant, but I wasn’t and if I had been then they would have caught on to what was going on with me and when I finally came out of my coma like state I wouldn’t have come out feral.”

Blair stiffened and frowned. “It looks like the hospital will be getting audited one way or another. We can’t have Sentinels and Guides going to a hospital that doesn’t follow the rules and regulations. I am going to step out and get the ball rolling and get our people in here to check things out from top to bottom. Jim, I want you to make sure that nobody but those we have authorized come into this area. I will NOT put up with any of our newly online Sentinels and Guides getting harassed or upset because of people who don’t understand how to treat Sentinels or Guides.”

Jim nodded and waited until Blair exited the area before he looked at the semi-large group. “Mick and Trent if you could stand guard at the entrance to this area I would appreciate it. I would have one of us do it, but we have some things that we need to talk about.”

Trent nodded. “It is no trouble for us to stand guard, Alpha Prime Sentinel Ellison. Just to let you know we will be able to hear what you talk about because both of us are Sentinels even though we don’t advertise it. We like to keep people guessing because it makes them make mistakes a lot of times.”

Jim smirked. “I could tell that you are both Sentinels but thank you for telling everyone else. I have no problem with you overhearing what we are saying. That is actually why I asked you two to stand guard. I knew that you would be able to hear what we were saying while making sure that nobody walked in that shouldn’t. And please call me Jim because we are shooting to keep everything informal. The doctors and nurses that are cleared to come into this area all have the S&G pin on their scrubs or lab coats like they should. We have had a few people try to come in that aren’t allowed so keep your eyes and ears open.

He waited for them to walk over to both entrances to the area they were in before he looked at everyone else. “Things are about to be more complicated than they should be, and I can only say I’m sorry for that. I know that most of you just came online today due to Stiles’ traumatic onlining and I wish I could say that things were going to get easier now, but I don’t think that I can. We haven’t had this many people come online at once due to a Sentinel coming online in years. The last known traumatic Sentinel onlining was when I came online in Peru and it brought about hundreds of Sentinels and Guides coming online in a four-hundred-mile radius. It took months to get everyone settled enough to where they didn’t need frequent check-ins. Derek, how are you feeling?”

Derek sighed in relief when he was able to sit up fully. He smiled slightly at Jackson who was looking at him worriedly before he looked at Jim. “I feel fine now that the venom has worn off. I am pretty sure that Jackson made sure that I wouldn’t stay paralyzed as long as I did the first time he paralyzed me. I can tell you that Stiles is my Sentinel and that he is in a lot of pain which is why he is unconscious. I get that the doctors want to run a bunch of tests and things, but couldn’t they have given him something for the pain even though he is unconscious? I know for a fact that they have gave medicine in the past to unconscious people without that person saying that they wanted anything for the pain. Besides Noah is here so he should be able to sign off on anything related to Stiles even though Stiles is of age. I know that Isaac is now healing, but I would still like a doctor to check him over to make sure that the wolfsbane didn’t do any damage to any of his organs while it was in his system.”

Noah smiled at Derek and squeezed his shoulder. “A doctor should be coming in soon because Blair more than likely alerted them to Isaac’s injuries. I have told the doctors that they can give Stiles some pain medicine, but the medicines that they can safely give Sentinels and Guides are locked up and only the head doctor of the Emergency Room has the key for some reason so one of the doctors was going to track him down. Things seem to be moving slow, but they aren’t. I know, but they really aren’t. I know from experience it seems like everything takes longer when you have just come online.

He walked back over to Stiles hospital bed and brushed the hair off his forehead before he looked at Derek again. “Did Scott have anything to say about why he was pulling the shit he was pulling? I will be questioning him myself with Agent Alpha Sentinel Ian Edgerton’s help, but I would like to know what kind of questions that I should be asking.”

Derek’s eyes narrowed as he thought about everything that was said while they were in the warehouse. He hated thinking about it but he understood why Noah asked him. As he thought back over everything he looked at Stiles and frowned because he hated how still the other boy was. He was so damn used to seeing Stiles moving in some way, shape, or form, that seeing him so still honestly freaked him the hell out. “Scott felt Stiles come online and mentioned something about whoever it was that they came on traumatically and that the person was powerful. He also refuses to believe that he is dormant when I can feel it and I could tell even before I came online. He would have been a Sentinel had he not done as much harm to the tribe as he had in the last several months. He didn’t agree to it, but when I said that him and Deaton had come up with some kind of plan he told me that he didn’t and I could tell that he was lying.

He looked down to get his thoughts in order before he looked back up at Noah and then to where Stiles was once more. “He kept insisting that Stiles ran away scared even though I flat out told him none of us believed him. He kept blaming Stiles for him eve being a werewolf. Scott says that he doesn’t like being a werewolf, but he revels in no longer having asthma and also being co-captain of the Lacrosse team. While he may not like being a werewolf, he sure loves the things that being one has brought him. He is an omega werewolf and that is NOT good for him, us, or anyone else, Noah. If Stiles was actually part of his pack then I think he would be alright because of the fact that Stiles is a Spark, but since Stiles isn’t part of his pack he doesn’t really have anyone to help ground him even if he considers his mother, Allison, and Deaton pack. Deaton I am pretty sure has turned away from what it means to be a Druid so while he could be part of Scott’s pack it also means that he could twist up Scott’s wolf and if that happens then he will need to be killed. As much as Scott aggravates and pisses me off, I would rather not kill him, and I know that Stiles wouldn’t want him to be killed.”

Jackson stepped forward and looked everywhere but at someone. He didn’t want to see the look of disgust in people’s eyes when they look at him. “I started remembering things that Gerard and Scott probably wish that I would never remember. They had several conversations on how to deal with Derek and his pack. I wanted to be able to tell Derek or someone, but Gerard ordered me not to and while he was my master I had to do what he said. I started to feel the leash so to speak slip off of me the more killings that Gerard ordered because they have to be justified and they weren’t. I bet if you were to take a look at Gerard’s stomach and back that he will have scales growing on them because he was using kanima me in a way that kanima me wasn’t supposed to be used. If Peter hadn’t killed me and then brought me back to life like he had earlier then I would have had no master and anyone could have claimed me as theirs as long as they knew what I was.

He sucked in a breath and finally raised his head and looked Noah in the eyes. “McCall knew that Gerard was planning on kidnapping Stiles and he agreed with it. He knew that if Stiles wasn’t taken care of that he would have put a stop to whatever he had planned. I think that McCall’s mother also knew what was going on and didn’t bother trying to stop McCall from doing any of the shit that he was doing. I overheard her tell him to do whatever he had to do to get Gerard to stop threatening to kill her. She knew that McCall would have to work with Gerard, and she knew that Derek and the others were all innocent and she didn’t care as long as she and her son were safe.”

Noah swore and looked at Parrish. “When you leave here in a little bit you need to pick up Melissa McCall and take her in for questioning. I want to know just how much she knew about what Scott was doing. I want to know if she knew that Gerard was going to be kidnapping MY SON! If she knew anything about what Scott was doing or that Gerard was going to kidnap Stiles than I want her charged as an accessory. She is not to be alone with Scott without their conversation being recorded because this isn’t only a police matter it is also a Sentinel and Guide matter and they don’t get privacy for that reason alone. I really am tired of Scott blaming Stiles for everything that he gets into trouble for on. Melissa doesn’t think that Scott causes any trouble so has no problem blaming everything on Stiles just so that he doesn’t get into trouble. I know that Rafe is about fed up with her not putting her foot down when it comes to Scott.”

Isaac rolled his eyes and huffed. “No offense, Sherriff, but I don’t see Mrs. McCall putting her foot down when it comes to Scott. She is hardly ever home and when she is home she is sleeping and not keeping an eye on him. I lost count how many times he snuck out of his house to go and meet Allison somewhere when he was supposed to be at home doing his schoolwork. He is close to failing and when he does fail, he is going to try to blame that on Stiles and when that happens none of us are going to go easy on him. Erica, Boyd, and I have kept our distance from Stiles because of how Scott reacts when Stiles hangs out with other people, but we are tired of Stiles thinking that he doesn’t have anyone besides Scott to rely on. Stiles tried his best to make sure I was alright before everything went down with my dad, but anytime he tried to act on his suspicions Scott would step in and sidetrack Stiles on what he wanted to do. I have no clue why Scott had a problem with Stiles stepping in when it became obvious that I was being abused, but he did and I can tell you that it didn’t earn Scott any points with anyone because everyone saw what he was doing.”

Noah pursed his lips. “I wish that I had known about what your dad was doing, Isaac, because I would have taken you in myself and that isn’t to mention that Stiles would have prodded me until I gave in on taking you in. I think that I want to hold off on knowing just everything Scott has done until after Stiles wakes up and him and Derek bond so that they can also have some say in what happens to Scott from the S&G perspective. Jim, I know that you and Blair will also have a say, but since it is Stiles and Derek that Scott has seemed to have targeted the most I want them to be able to help decide on his punishment.”

Jim nodded and looked at Derek with a raised eyebrow. “Will that be alright with you, Alpha Guide Hale? I think that you and Stiles deserve to have a say in just the Sentinel and Guide Council do to him because while he may be dormant he still does fall under our jurisdiction especially when he has harmed members of our Tribe.”

Derek flashed his eyes without really meaning to. Before he could respond though three doctors and two nurses walked into their area and he focused on the doctor he thought to be in charge of the group. He waited until Isaac was checked over and until all three doctors were done checking Stiles over again. “Is Isaac alright? Does he need anything to help him heal up correctly or completely? When will Stiles be going for his CT scan? When will the surgeon be here to operate on him?”

Noah chuckled and shook his head. “Derek, you need to give them time to respond. I’m sure that they will answer ALL the questions you have, but they can’t do that if you keep shooting question after question at them, son.”

Derek blushed and mumbled “Sorry.”

The doctor whose name tag read Dr. Rollins laughed lightly before he said, “It is alright, Alpha Hale. Believe it or not I do understand how Alpha shifters are when it comes to people who are in their pack. As you can read my name is Dr. Samuel Rollins and my associates are Dr. Amanda Reeves, Dr. James Adamson, Nurse Pamela Jacobs, and Nurse Samantha Reeves. Now, Beta Lahey will is healing up just fine and there is no hint of wolfsbane in the wounds. They are taking a little extra time to heal because of how deep they were. I can tell you that the stab wounds did NOT hit any of his organs. I do think that he needs to take it easy the next couple of days. Also, I have read his medical records and he isn’t listed as a Guide latent or otherwise, but I could feel the Guide in him when I put my hands on him to check his healing wounds. It feels like someone has somehow locked it away in him and if I’m right that it has been then that needs to be fixed and fixed sooner rather than later.

His eyes hardened. “Whoever locked Beta Lahey’s Guide part of himself away needs to be hurt in a way they won’t recover from. If the Guide part of him wasn’t locked, he would have come online like everyone else that is in this room that is a Sentinel or Guide. Now, there has been no change really when it comes to Stiles. The surgeon that is being flown in will be here within the next two hours and he will be operating on Stiles’ left leg because of the way that the break is placed. If it isn’t set correctly it could break again and this time the bone could pierce his skin. Nurses Jacobs and Reeves will be taking Stiles to CT now. If anyone is going to follow along that is fine, but they will have to stay outside of the room because of the radiation. The scan will take about thirty to forty-five minutes and then he will be brought back to here. I am hoping that by the time he is brought back here that he will have come back around or at least showing signs of coming online. I have just given him a shot of pain meds and that should lessen his pain some and when he is back in this room after his scan one of the wolves can drain his pain even further. Do you have any other questions, Alpha Hale?”

Derek shook his head. “I’m not sure who Noah wants going with Stiles, but I would like Peter to go along with whoever it is as added protection.”

Noah nodded. “Parrish if you and one of the Argent cousins can go with Stiles and wait outside the room he’ll be in I’d appreciate it. I want to stay here with Erica and Boyd just in case something changes with them. Dr. Adamson, are you sure that no damage has been caused to Erica’s or Boyd’s organs due to the electrical current that ran through them?”

Dr. Adamson shook his head. “Both Miss Reyes and Mr. Boyd are perfectly fine, Sherriff. I know and understand why you’re worried about them, but I promise you that they haven’t suffered any lasting effects from the current running through them. I just want them taking it easy for the next couple of days because while there is no lasting effects they still went through something traumatic and that was before they came online and then successfully bonded with one another a little bit ago.”

Noah nodded and sighed in relief. “I will make sure that they take it easy. We will wait here for Stiles although a few of us may go after something to drink.”

Dr. Rollins chuckled. “I already have one of the nurses getting drinks and something to eat for you all, Sherriff. She should be here soon. Nurse Reeves and Nurse Jacobs, you may take Stiles to get his CT scan now. Make sure that nobody gets near him that isn’t supposed to be near him. Am I understood?”

Nurse Jacobs nodded and smiled. “Yes, Dr. Rollins, we understand. We WILL make sure that nobody that isn’t cleared to work with Sentinels or Guides get near him. We will have him back in a jiffy.”

Noah chuckled and watched as the two nurses wheeled his son out of the room he was in and walked away. He snorted when Peter, Jackson, Parrish, and Mick all fell in behind the hospital bed and nurses. He just wanted to know that his son wasn’t dying slowly due to a slow bleeding leak somewhere in his body. He looked around and sighed at the look on everyone’s faces. He knew that they were all worried just like he was.

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