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Stiles Stiliniski/Derek Hale, Jim Ellison/Blair Sandburg, Ian Edgerton/Charlie Eppes

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This chapter took me forever to get it to go the way I wanted to... I hope you all enjoy it!!!

Two separate attacks bring two men together. A Guide and a Sentinel. An Alpha and an Emissary to be. A lion’s roar and a wolf’s howl.

Chapter Six

Noah chuckled lightly as he watched Derek pace the private hospital room they had been moved to once Stiles had been taken for surgery. “Derek, you know that Stiles is alright, so why are you pacing? The CT scan didn’t show any internal bleeding and while he has a concussion he doesn’t have a skull fracture. Between my people and the Argent people we have picked up everyone involved in what has happened today and what happened to your family years ago. I promise you that nobody will get let off for their parts in today or years ago. Trent and Mick are standing guard outside the surgical room that Stiles is in and Parrish is inside it so nobody can get to him there. And the surgeon operating on him is not only a Guide, but he is one of the best in the country.”

Derek looked at Noah with narrowed eyes and smirked. “I know that he is in capable hands, Noah. However, he is my Sentinel and we aren’t bonded yet so that is making me antsy. It also doesn’t help that he is a member of my pack and he has been injured badly. I would have preferred to be able to be in the operating room with him so that I had eyes on him to make sure that nobody else tries to hurt him. Stiles may be my Sentinel, but he also happens to be my Emissary and that makes me worry about him about a hundred times more than it normally would.”

Noah snorted. “I wondered if Stiles had inherited Claudia’s Spark, but I didn’t trust Deaton and I lost the paper that Claudia had wrote names for me on that I could ask to check him out magically so to speak. When he didn’t show any signs in front of me about having a Spark I didn’t think that I should tell him because I didn’t want him to feel like something was wrong with him. Derek, you need to remember that Stiles will want to protect you as much as you want to protect him. I think that you are the first Alpha werewolf to ever be a Guide instead of a Sentinel. You and Stiles are going to have to work with one another because if you don’t then it will drive a wedge between you two and I know that you nor my son will want that.”

Derek groaned. “Stiles has been trying to protect me since shortly after I arrived back in Beacon Hills, Noah. I know just how stubborn Stiles can be and I am prepared for it. Believe it or not Stiles and I have talked about this before because we both hoped that we would end up paired together if we both came online. I think that my wolf knew that Stiles was my mate before I ever connected the dots and I really couldn’t be any happier because I fell for Stiles before we came online. I know that me choosing to be with Stiles is because I already want to and not because I have an imperative telling me that he is my perfect Sentinel. I love Stiles for himself and I know that he loves me for me and not just because I’m his perfect match. We will get through this together.

He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I am more worried about how Stiles is going to take the news that Scott knew that Gerard was planning on kidnapping him. Honestly, I do NOT think that I will be able to keep Stiles from going off on Scott once he finds out and I do NOT really want to keep him from getting the chance to confront Scott. If it was just Stiles and me that came online I’d probably think that we shouldn’t let him near Scott, but when Stiles came online traumatically it caused a cascade of others to come online and that isn’t right. Scott, Allison, Gerard, and Gerard’s men put a shit load of people in danger just because they wanted things their way and their way only. Stiles is eighteen and he came online as an Alpha Prime Sentinel and he is as strong as Jim if not even stronger in some ways. Stiles isn’t going to get the chance to do a lot of things he wanted to because the Sentinel in him will see Beacon Hills, Beacon County, and a lot of the surrounding area as his and until he is settled which will probably be at least three to five years he isn’t going to want to leave the area. How is that fair to Stiles? He HAS to put his life on hold because of what happened to him and I really do NOT like that at all.”

Erica looked up from where she was sitting with her head on Boyd’s shoulder. She knew that Derek was worried, but she also had information that would put his mind to rest. “Derek, you may not have talked to Stiles about things like this, but I have when we could talk without Scott or Allison seeing us. Stiles was already planning on staying close to home because he didn’t trust Scott not to fuck things up beyond repair. He may want to be an FBI Agent, but he wants you and his territory safe more than anything. Instead of being an FBI Agent he will link up and join the S&G task force and they can’t tell him no because of his ranking. He has helped Noah a lot in the past with cases and that will look good for him. I have learned that when Stiles loves he loves with his whole heart.”

Isaac laughed from where he was sitting in a hospital recliner chair that one of the doctors had brought in because they wanted his feet up. “Stiles will take the S&G Task Force by storm and we will all have a front row seat to it. I love watching Stiles put people in their places and I have a feeling a few of those people are going to end up wishing they never met him. I am curious about something though. How is it that Mrs. McCall hasn’t figured out yet that Stiles is here in the hospital or that the rest of us but her precious son is here too?”

Blair smirked from where he was seated on Jim’s lap. “She was called and told to report later for her shift because they didn’t want to have to switch out nurses in the middle of a shift. I am sure that she will learn about Stiles being here and when she does we will be ready for her. I have already made it clear to the head administrator that I wouldn’t put up with Melissa McCall sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. If she doesn’t know that her son has been arrested yet it is because he is eighteen even if only by a day or two. From what I have heard he wouldn’t want her to know that he has been arrested because it would make her realize that he is the one who gets into trouble and pulls Stiles along with him most of the time. I was assured that Stiles will be in this hospital room before she even starts her shift for the Emergency Room.

Speaking of the S&G Task Force I have set them onto investigating this hospital from the top to the bottom because Stiles will be the last Sentinel or Guide patient that this hospital treats until I am sure that they are following every single rules and regulation when it comes to treating any Sentinel or Guide whether that Sentinel or Guide be online, latent, or dormant. I will NOT take chances with my people!”

Jim squeezed the back of Blair’s neck. “We will make sure that everything is how it should be before we let our people come back to this hospital, Chief. For now, you need to keep calm because if you aren’t, you’re going to make our new Sentinels on edge and right now they don’t need to be any closer to the edge than they are. We have someone on the way who can look Isaac over and make sure that the Guide part of him is unlocked. Between us, Stiles and Derek, and Ian and Charlie we will make sure that things are settled the way they’re supposed to be. We are NOT just going to dump everything into Stiles’ lap because neither of us would want him to have to deal with it on his own. We have two of our own people looking into the local S&G Center and we will know everything that we need to by the end of the day tomorrow.”

Blair sighed. “I know, Jim, but man people are going to so not like the bad karma coming their way. Man, why do people have to be asshats and not use the brains they were given? Is it really that hard to stay on the straight and narrow when you’re the one in charge? The food order I called in earlier should be here soon and then we can eat and chat about anything or nothing while we wait on Stiles to get here.”

Everyone nodded and decided that it was a good time to stretch their muscles. By the time they finished eating the meal Blair had ordered for them two hours later Stiles was in his new hospital room and actually showing signs of coming around not only from the anesthetic but from losing consciousness several hours earlier in the day.

Noah rolled his eyes when Derek stayed back and then smirked as he motioned at Peter and Chris to maneuver Derek to the other side of Stiles’ hospital bed. He looked at Derek across Stiles’ hospital bed with a raised eyebrow. “Do you want to make him have to search for you, Derek?”

Derek flushed. “I just wanted you to have a minute with him, Noah.”

Noah huffed and shook his head. “I know my son, Derek, and once he sees me, he would have started looking for you. I just made things easier on him, you, and me. At least there isn’t anyone in this hospital room that he would feel uncomfortable witnessing you two bond. He may not know Trent or Mick, but if he knows that Chris trusts them then he will trust them.”

Chris smirked slightly. “Stiles actually does know Trent and Mick, Noah. He also knows my Devon who is the younger brother of Mick and Trent. I wanted to make sure if Stiles saw them tailing him that he knew they weren’t Gerard’s men.”

Noah nodded but didn’t respond to Chris because Stiles groaned and rasped, “Water?”

Noah grabbed the cup of water Peter was holding out to him and held it to Stiles’ lips. He wasn’t surprised to see Derek brace Stiles when his son tried to sit up. He waited until Stiles stopped sipping from the straw and said, “You’re at the hospital, son, but we have you protected to the best of our ability. Scott, Allison, Deaton, and Gerard’s men have all been arrested or detained and are at the police station. Derek, Isaac, Peter, Lydia, Jackson, and Danny are all here along with Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg, Agent Ian Edgerton, Professor Charlie Eppes, Mick and Trent Argent, Chris, Erica, Boyd, and me. Jackson is no longer a kanima but a werewolf.”

Stiles swallowed and blinked as he thought about what he wanted to say. He could tell that his senses had leveled out and for that he couldn’t be happier. He didn’t really want to have to deal with out of whack senses in a hospital. He turned his head and locked eyes with Derek and smiled. “I told you that we belonged to one another.”

Derek laughed and shook his head. “We do belong to one another, Stiles, and for that I couldn’t be happier. I AM sorry that you were injured because of me. You have a lot of healing to get through and I feel responsible for you being in the shape that you are.”

Stiles frowned and glared at Derek even as he cataloged his injuries. He could feel which bones were broken and which ones had been dislocated. “There are only TWO people who are responsible for my injuries and you are NOT one of them, Derek. Gerard and Scott are responsible for my injuries. I know that we have things that need to be handled, but us bonding comes first. Agreed.”

Derek softly smiled and nodded. He couldn’t help but smirk when his lion appeared and made a couple people jump in surprise. His eyes widened in surprise when Stiles spirit animal appeared and then he grinned because of course Stiles’ spirit animal would be a wolf with blood red eyes. “Sentinel.”

Stiles grinned as he brought one of Derek’s hands up to his mouth and kissed it. He had already imprinted sight, sound, smell, and touch on Derek and now he imprinted touch even if it wasn’t done in the way he would have preferred to do it. “Guide.”

Derek bent down and kissed Stiles deeply. He kept it kind of chase because he didn’t want people to be uncomfortable, but he couldn’t not kiss his Sentinel. “Mine.”

Stiles smirked and drew Derek into another kiss. He ignored the sound of the door to his hospital room being thrown open in favor of kissing his Guide. He trusted those in the room to take care of the problem if there was one. He broke the kiss when he needed to breathe. “Mine.”

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