I’m writing stories, since I learned how to put the words on paper, but that happened nearly exclusively in German. Finally, after years of reading books and fan fiction in English, I decided to try my hand in writing in English and it's a lot of fun. You can find my stories on ao3 under the same pen name.

Project File: Bad Wolf’s Sentinel – Bythia

In the time Jack is coming from, Sentinels and Guides are extinct. He knew there was an uprising in their population during the 21st century but never thought about it much. Coming back from the Year That Never Was, he is in no way prepared to awake as a Sentinel. Meanwhile Ianto kept another large secrete from the team and it doesn’t help to build any trust between them, when Jack and Ianto discover they are compatible as Sentinel and Guide. But with Jack’s newest experiences and knowledge, missing trust is not the biggest obstacle between them.

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Project File: The Hidden Guide – Bythia

When Neville awoke as a Guide he was just five years old. His grandmother sequestered him away and helped him hide his gift, even if it meant that everyone thought him not much more than a squib. To be a Guide or Sentinel in magical Britain is a death sentence. When Neville comes to Hogwarts, he recognizes his Sentinel in fellow Gryffindor Harry Potter, but is delegated to the sidelines while Harry’s life is in peril every year. When Harry loses control over his senses at the end of fourth year, Neville needs to act with haste to save him.

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