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Powers That Be – part 0 – by Sorka42

My sincerest apologies to everyone that was looking forward to reading this story. Most especially I apologize to Keira for making more work for her. Due to unforeseen events, I wasn’t able to work on this story at all. I think I managed about a page and a half before the crap hit the fan. I’ll keep this as a possible story to write later if that is alright. Sincerely Sorka42   Dr. Rodney McKay…

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Project file: Cold Fusion by Sorka42

The New York invasion ended in a victory for the good guys but there was an unforeseen side effect. Dozens of latent Sentinels and Guides started coming on line as a reaction to the threat.
Tony thought he had dodged a bullet, until the day Thor took Loki back to Asgard. Plagued with nightmares and visions of not only the invasion but a looming threat. Now he has to find a way to contact the God of Mischief before he goes completely mad.

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Project File: Powers That Be by Sorka42

When they met, it wasn’t quite love at first sight, but for a trained guide like Rodney McKay PhD PhD, it might as well be. It was just too bad that John Sheppard was a latent Sentinel. The expedition is less than two weeks from departure when an incident at the SGC triggers John’s abilities leading to a feral response so bloody, even hardened veterans are shaken. Stargate Command and the Sentinel Guide Council fight over John’s future Rodney is determined that the newly awakened sentinel is allowed to make his own choices.

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