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Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones

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Author's Note:
Jack dies in this chapter, but it's Jack. That's the reason for the warning. And Beth dies, as she does in Canon, but not quite like in Canon. -- This story starts at the end of the episode "Sleeper". It does diverge from Canon as Gwen, Jack and Beth come back ot the Hub.

They saved the world with Beth's help. On the way back to the Hub Jack dies from the stabwound he received and when he comes back to life this time around, he is a little bit more than he was before.

There was nothing Ianto hated more than to wait for Jack to come back to life. To feel him die was hart, but to feel him come back to life was in most cases pure anguish, because Jack would go through all the hurt of the healing of his wounds in mere seconds. To have to feel the void Jack’s death left in the emotional landscape around him, and at the same time to have to wait for the torturous moment of his awakening was the most terrible thing Ianto had ever experienced.

The whole team was subdued while they busied themselves with the preparations to freeze Beth again. For a while they had all been relieved and joyful, but that had faded away fast. They had been lucky this time around, because Beth’ self-preservation had given them a miniscule forewarning and it had all happened in Cardiff. But these invaders had nothing to do with the Rift and there could easily be another cell somewhere else on Earth even now.

Jack had bled out on the way back to the Hub. Gwen had reported that Jack had died not to long before they had reached the Hub and with the extensive blood loss it would probably be a while until Jack came back. They had brought him to the sofa in his office and Ianto had freed him of his bloody clothes and cleaned him of most of the rest of the blood.

Ianto kept close to the office in the hope he could be there for Jack, when he woke up again. He would feel Jack coming back a few seconds before he actually regained consciousness and in the weeks since Jack’s return it had become something of a habit for Ianto to stay with Jack until he came back to life.

It took a lot longer for Jack to come back alive than Ianto had expected, and when it happened, it came with the shocked realization that Jack had changed. Ianto staggered, as he felt the first sign of Jack in the emotional landscape of the Hub and recognized a new Sentinel at the same time.

It took a mere second for Ianto to regain his bearing and rush into the office. He reached Jack just a moment after he drove up, snapping for air. His arms were flailing and it was clear, that he was disorientated and probably did not know even where he was.


Ianto grabbed his shoulders, the first time in a very long time unsure of his own abilities, as he tried to wrap Jack in a soothing Guide-aura. He had not been around a lot of Sentinels since he had come back to Cardiff, much less distressed Sentinels. He had no idea what was even wrong with Jack and so could not even begin to guess how to help him.

Jack recoiled from his hands and when Ianto followed him, he lashed out violently, knocking the younger man on his ass. It was not the first time, Jack reacted in such a way since he had come back, but hitherto such a reaction had thrown him out of whichever state he had been in. Not this time, though.

Jack, can you hear me?”

In Ianto grew the suspicion that Jack had probably no control over most of his senses. His eyes were darting from one point to another, but he evidently could not make out anything of his surroundings. And he did show no reaction at all to Ianto’s words, there was not even any sign of reaction to the noise.

Ianto scrambled to his feet and backed away to the door without taking his eyes from Jack. “Owen! We need something to help Jack calm down! Something Sentinel-friendly!”

Jack had dropped down from the sofa and was still flailing aimlessly. His whole body was convulsing and Ianto was not sure, if Jack was aware of anything happening around him.


Jack’s come online and is completely out of it. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know where he is!”

He did not wait for another reply from the doctor, before he stepped back into the office, desperately searching for something to help Jack. It had been years since he had had any training in his own abilities and he had completely shut them down and ignored them for most of the last one and a half years.

Before Ianto could make any kind of decision, Owen rushed into the office, closely followed by Gwen. Ianto furrowed his brows, but he saw Tosh stand at er workstation, meeting his gaze with worry, but keeping near Beth. They really did not need their guest unsupervised in the Hub, even with her real personality subdued.

I need help to keep him down!” Owen’s shout drew his attention back to the rest of his team. “What the hell happened?”

I’m not sure.” Ianto grabbed Jack’s legs, as Gwen was already half leaning on his chest. “He woke up and was online. I fear he has no control over his senses at all and probably no idea what’s happening.”

Owen shook his head frowning. “Jack’s not a Sentinel.”

He wasn’t, but now he is!”

How would you know this?”, Owen asked, at the same time as Gwen said: “That’s impossible!”

I felt him come online!”, Ianto said through gritted teeth.

Right.” Owen snorted. “We don’t have time for your delusions, Jones. Keep him in place. I’ll sedate him, then we’ll have time to figure out what happened with him.”

The doctor opened the case he had brought with him and started to prepare an injection. Ianto watched him sceptical. “Is that Sentinel-friendly?”

Owen rolled his eyes. “No need for that!”

Jack’s not the first Sentinel I’ve felt come online! In the state he is in, regular drugs could kill him!”, Ianto insisted.

There is no chance Jack has come online! Just shut up and let me do my job, okay?”

Owen!” Ianto had thought, they had overcome this whole mess, where Owen, and Gwen, too, for the most part, dismissed his contributions for one reason or another. As hard as the month without Jack had been, Ianto had thought the team had grown to something more of a unit.

When Owen just continued with his preparation, Ianto stood up and took several steps back.

Ianto!” Gwen send him a dark look.

I’m not helping you kill Jack!”

Gwen scoffed. “It won’t kill him. There is no way that Jack is a Sentinel. They are extinct in the time he is coming from!”

And yet he is”, Ianto muttered.

He swallowed hard, as Owen injected something into Jacks neck and was anything but surprised, when the seizures started only moments later. When they stopped and Ianto felt Jack slip away again it felt like all the air was sucked right out of his lungs. To feel Jack die had never before been so intense or painful. His knees buckled under him, but he did not feel them impact with the floor, fighting too desperately against his inability to breath.

What the fuck?”

Ianto backed away as Owen hurried to him. “Don’t!” He took a deep breath as his lungs started to work again. “I’m okay. Just … a little overwhelmed. – I told you it would kill him!”

You are a Guide!” Owen sounded flabbergasted.

Ianto could feel shock from both of them and something other from Gwen, something very ugly he could not quite place at the moment. “I’m a Guide, how surprising.”

You never told us!”, Owen accused. “And it’s not in your file.”

Of course it is not in my medical file you scavenged out of the remains of Torchwood One.” Ianto scoffed. “There was a good reason why Yvonne Hartmann didn’t want Sentinels or Guides working for her. – But you should have known it never the less after one look at the list of all the medicine I’m intolerant to!”

You should have told us!”, Gwen said outraged.

Owen sneered. “Not the first time Tea Boy is keeping secrets.”

I’m not obliged to reveal my status to anyone. There are a lot of laws governing my right to keep quite about it”, Ianto replied. “Not my fault you aren’t able to read a medical file, Owen. – But me being a Guide is not the problem at the moment. Do you have anything Sentinel-friendly to help Jack if he wakes up in the same state as just now?”

I don’t know how Jack could be a Sentinel”, Gwen protested. “He told me there were neither Sentinels nor Guides still alive in his time!”

Owen frowned. “That’s what he told me, too. – And yes, I have something I can give him.”

One hundred years ago Sentinels and Guides were thought to be nearly extinct. Then the great wars happened and since then our numbers are slowly but steadily growing.” Ianto shrugged. “Just because Jack was taught they were extinct, doesn’t mean it has to be true. There could be so few left that they are basically just not known any more.”

Owen looked back to Jack with a frown. “He is probably right, because this injection shouldn’t have killed Jack. – We need to prepare Beth for the cryochamber.” He stood up and send Ianto a dark look. “You’ll call me as soon as he wakes up.”

Ianto shrugged and stayed where he was. He was grateful that Owen took Gwen with him, instructing her to talk with Beth even though Gwen was quietly protesting the fact that they were leaving Jack alone with Ianto. He had seen glimpses of a lot of her bigotries and he did not look forward to being confronted with them personally once more.

As soon as he was alone with Jack, Ianto went down into the bunker under the office, that Jack called his home. For some reason that Jack had never wanted to discuss he kept all of his things Sentinel-friendly and now Ianto was eternaly relieved about it. He took two of the fresh sheets with him, one to put it on the sofa and the other as a blanket for Jack.

There had been a rash on Jack’s back and shoulders and Ianto hoped that it would help him to wake up with his surroundings a little more accommodating to his new circumstances. After he had put Jack back on the sofa and tucked him in, he dimmed the lights in the office. He had to hope it was enough, because there was nothing he could do about the noises of the Hub or the quality of the air.

Just a moment after Ianto had stepped out of the office, the mood in the Hub shifted drastically. As his thoughts were still occupied with Jack’s new situation, Ianto needed a second to spot Beth, who held her to a blade transfigured arm against Gwen’s throat. Owen and Tosh were already pointing their guns at Beth and Ianto followed them suit even though he stood at a very bad angle, with Gwen nearly between him and Beth.

Don’t shoot!”, Gwen shouted. “She won’t hurt me!”

Beth cocked her head. “I’ll kill you.”

Ianto frowned and tried to get an impression of her emotions. He was pretty sure that Beth was faking it, that she wanted them to shoot her so the threat she possed would be eliminated. But there were no emotions coming from her at all.

First I’ll kill you, then your team and then every pathetic being on this planet.”

Before Ianto could catalogue the emotional void from Beth, he felt Jack come back to life. And this time he was alert, maybe a little bit disoriented, but he honed in on the danger in less than a second. Ianto took a step aside, knowing better than to stand in the way of a Sentinel in a protective drive.

Don’t do this, Beth!”, Gwen pleaded. “We’ll find a way to help you! Please give us a chance! You don’t need to sacrifice yourself!”

Ianto felt Jack pass him by and saw him in the corner of his eyes climb up the stairs. In the very moment Beth raised her blade, he reached the last step and jumped at her, shoving Gwen out of the way. Both women cried out in shock, but Beth’ voice died abruptly as Jack grabbed her head with both hands and twisted it in a swift move, breaking her neck.

Ianto shuddered, but put his gun down and rushed up the stairs.

You didn’t need to kill her!”, Gwen shouted. She sat where she had fallen, staring pale and wide eyed at the body between her and Jack.

She tried to kill you”, Ianto said quietly, as Jack did not react to Gwen. He was silently scanning the rest of the Hub, probably making sure that Beth had been the only danger.

She was bluffing!”, Gwen protested. “She wouldn’t have hurt me.”

We can’t know that.” Jack looked down at her with a stony expression. “And even if it is the case, I gave her the death she wanted. She knew, that we couldn’t safely detain her. She choose death over the danger of becoming something that would kill as many people as possible.”

Ianto took a deep breath. “How are you feeling, Jack?”

I’m…” Jack frowned. “What happened?”

Gwen scoffed. “Ianto spouted some nonsense about you coming online as a Sentinel.”

That’s not…” Jack blinked. “You felt me come online?”

Ianto nodded. “The very moment you came back to life.” He pause. “The first time around.”

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