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Wei Ying/Lan Zhan

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Wei Ying could sense the murderous intent creping up behind him. As his beloved Shijie tried to move him, he refused. Not letting her push him out of the way of the sword that was aimed for his back. But what will the fall out be for one such move as to not let his Shijie sacrifice herself for him?

Chapter One

Wei Ying played Chenqing, the resentful energy swirling around him visibly, as he moved around Nightless City. The Cultivators of different Sects tried to attack him but were pushed away by the resentful energy. He made sure that the Jiang Sect wouldn’t be attacked, didn’t want them hurt at all. He played, sick of the hypocrisy of the Cultivation World. They had taken his family away from him once more. His parents, The Jiang’s, and now the Wen’s. None of them deserved death. He loved them all and he had lost them. His brother and sister may still be alive, but he couldn’t be with them. Wen Yuan, still alive, but he knew if he stayed at the burial mounds they would storm the place and the bright three-year-old would be killed as Wei Ying would be. He had sent a message towards Cloud Recesses, to Lan Zhan, hoping he would go to the Burial Mounds to find Wen Yuan, hidden and protected in the Cave had called home for the last two years.

Closing his eyes for a moment he moved around, keeping people away from him, he knew his death was going to happen that day. He knew he wouldn’t live past sunrise. How could when the entire world was after his head. He just hoped that they wouldn’t suspect anything when it came to the appearance of Wen Yuan. He steeled himself once more and played, he needed to reach Jiang Cheng, to hand over the amulet and the notes he had made on how to destroy it. The only way he could do it would leave him dead. But Jiang Cheng would be able to gather the right people to destroy it completely. Using the resentful energy around the battlefield he turned it around onto the Cultivators gathered against him. Making sure that none of them could get near him. He knew what the Jin Sect was really here for.

He could hear Jin Guangshan and Jin Guangyao all ordering their forces to attack him. While the Lan Sect and even the Nie sect kept to the edges. For that, they weren’t attacked by him. He had tight control of the energy swirling in him. The energy that wanted vengeance against the Jin’s for the death of all the Wen’s. Only one left, only Wen Yuan, his son. Part of him wanted to destroy the Jin’s, to make sure that there was no more of them left. His heart ached when he thought of Jin Zixuan, he was one of the few in that Sect that was good, even if he was an idiot when it came to his sister.

“A-Xian!” a voice cried out loudly, forcing its way through the din of yells and shouts for Wei Ying’s death.

Wei Ying heard the voice, heard the call and didn’t know if he should try answering it. The guilt he felt at Jin Zixuan’s death weighed heavily on his heart. He knew his sister loved him, had done since they were children. He had treated her right loved her back. And he hated that he was the cause of her pain. That Jin Ling would grow up without a father to help guide him.

Looking around as he played, he saw her, rushing through the fighting. Her mourning white robes contrasting with the dark battlefield making her stand out. His arm’s dropped to his side as a cultivator went behind her, slicing along her back. The scream she let out pierced through the night as he yelled out “Shijie!” Needing to get to her, needing to stop anyone else from hurting his beloved Shijie.

“A-Jie!” was echoed nearby as Jiang Cheng saw his sister being injured. There was shock in his eyes at seeing his sister there. The two brothers rushed towards her, fighting their way through cultivators that bared their path. Wei Ying had no time for them, and flung them out of his path, much the same as his brother. Neither of them cared about anything but reaching Jiang Yanli as she lay on the ground. Jiang Cheng was the first to arrived at his sister’s side, cradling her in his arms.

Wei Ying fell to his knees beside them, reaching out, “Shijie,” he said, tears in his eyes, handshaking as grabbed her hand for a moment. Guilt ate at him, letting her go and closing his eyes for a moment as he leaned closer to her, wanting to comfort she always gave him as he grew up.

“A-Xian,” she smiled, reaching out to him and placing her hand against his face, making him look up at her.

Raising his hand he held it, tears flowing from his eyes, “I’m sorry,” he cried “My fault, should have…” he trailed off, there was nothing he could say that would get her to forgive him. He didn’t deserve it, he had killed her husband, the love of her life and father of her only child.

“Oh A-Xian,” she shook her head, “I forgive you,” she told him.

Wei Ying looked at her, crying even more at the words. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“I-” her eyes going wide as she noticed something behind Wei Ying.

Wei Ying froze where he was, he could feel the killer intent behind him. It was coming closer and he knew that this person, this cultivators was going to try and kill him. He felt Jiang Yanli try and push him out of the way. But he pushed back, not moving. He knew if he did then what was aimed at him would hit his sister and maybe even his brother. He couldn’t let that happen.

Wei Ying’s body jolted as the sword pierced through his chest, from back to front. He moved away from his sister as he was able to see it getting too close to her. He felt the sword being pulled from his body. Coughing he felt the blood bubble up in his throat and splatted to the floor. A shaking hand raised to his chest, to clutch at the place where the sword ran through him.

“A-Xian!” Jiang Yanli cried, reaching out for her brother.

“Wei Wuxian!” Jiang Cheng yelled, eyes wide in helplessness as he held his sister.

“Wei Ying!” Lan Zhan called out, body frozen for a moment as he saw the sword run through his love before the Cultivator pulled it out, a triumphant look on his face.

Three loud calls went out through the battlefield calling to We Ying. Wei Ying was deaf to it all, the pain from the wound started to make itself know, throbbing in time with his heartbeat. He couldn’t pull the resentful energy towards him, to try and stop the bleeding as he had done earlier. He began to crumble, no strength to keep himself upright as Jiang Cheng unleashed Zidian on the cultivator that had attacked Wei Ying. Flinging the man away and any other that was trying to get closer to them. Jiang Cheng gave a look to one of his.

Lan Zhan ran towards the family, catching Wei Ying before he could reach the floor, “Wei Ying?” his voice shook as he looked at the man in his arms.

“A-Xian,” Jiang Yanli called out as she and Jiang Cheng moved closer.

Jiang Cheng gave a sharp order, “Protect us,” and with that the Jiang Sect Disciples surrounded them, protecting them from the cultivators that occasionally attempted to attack them. Jiang Cheng didn’t trust anyone with his brother. Knowing that they wanted him dead.

“Sh… Shijie,” Wei Ying trembled in Lan Zhan’s arms, “Yo.. You okay?” he gasped out, as his body jolted in pain.

“I’m fine,” she cried, tears spilling down her face, “You silly boy,” she said, hands shaking as they went to his wound.

“Lan Zhan,” he said, looking at the man that was holding him.

“Wei Ying, I’m here,” his voice quiet.

“A-Yuan,” he breathed harshly, he knew he was dying. He knew that he wouldn’t make it through the night and he needed to set things in motion.

“What about him, where is he?” Lan Zhan asked, glancing around as though he would see the child hidden nearby.

“Mounds, cave, used a talisman to keep him inside for a few days,” his voice was getting weaker, he worried for his son, for the child he had taken into his heart and called his own. He looked at Lan Zhan, eyes pleading, “Go, get him, keep him safe, please,” he begged him, “Raise him right for me,” he asked of him.

“I will, I promise,” he nodded. He would do all he could to raise Wen Yuan just the way that Wei Ying would want.

“Jiang Cheng,” he called to his brother, he reached his hand into his robes. Pulling out a cloth object and handing it over to his brother, “Its the amulet, there are notes in there, to help you destroy it. Don’t let the Jin Sect get it. They… they…” he shuddered slumping in Lan Zhan’s arms even more.

“I know, I know Wuxian, they want power, especially Jin Guangshan,” Jiang Cheng nodded and took hold of it quickly tucking it away before anyone could see it.

“I will help,” Lan Zhan said to the young Sect Leader.

“Thank you,” Jiang Cheng nodded, before looking at his brother, “We’re going to get you out of here,” he told him, reaching out and taking his hand.

Wei Ying looked at them, shaking his head, “I… I’m not goi-” he started to cough, blood spewing from his mouth and onto his robes, “Too late,” he gasped out.

The siblings share a look with Lan Zhan and as one the two men moved, each of them reaching out a hand and them beginning to glow as they tried to transfer spiritual energy to Wei Ying. Hoping that it would help to heal him, stabilize him enough that they would be able to leave and get proper help.

Wei Ying reached out taking hold of their hands, trying to stop them, “It…”

“Let us do this Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said, a desperation in his voice as they pored energy into him.


“Wuxian,” Jiang Cheng said slowly as he looked aghast at his brother, “Where… where is your core?” his voice was shaking as he asked.

“I…” Wei Ying shook his head, “It doesn’t matter,” he told him, “You know what happened,” he said softly. There were only two more that knew what had happened to his Golden Core, and two of them were now gone.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked him, eyes beginning to water as he thought of his brother going through the same things as he had. “You could have gone to the-”

“Couldn’t, one time only,” he smiled weakly, he was starting to feel cold. “Do… doesn’t matter now,” he told his brother, “Just… watch the Jin Clan, they are going like the Wen, be wary,” his breathing began to slow even more.

“Don’t leave me, Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan said, no longer giving him energy, but pulling him closer

“I’m… I’m sorry Lan Zhan,” he looked at the man, reaching up and wiping away a tear.

“Wei Ying, Please, please don’t leave me,” he begged him, leaning closer, “Love Wei Ying, no one else, always Wei Ying. Always will be Wei Ying, so please, please hold on, keep strong, please,” he continued to beg, his words nothing but a whispered that only Wei Ying could hear.

Wei Ying was silent as he took those words in. His heart twinging, and not because it was fighting to keep going but because he was hurting in another way. A way that he thought it never would hurt. “Lan Zhan,” he said softly, taking hold of Lan Zhan’s hand, holding it as tightly as his weakening body could, “I love you, have done for a long time. I’m sorry I won’t be there to be with you, to watch A-Yuan grow.”

Lan Zhan held him tighter as the words swirling in his minds. Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli crying as their brothers breathing continued to slow and his eyes began to close.

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  1. Oh damn. I’m going to cry. I mean, this means he specifically tells Lan Zhan to raise A-Yuan, and both his siblings know about A-Yuan but. Damn it.

  2. I’ll be curled up quietly in a corner for the next few hours. Awesome start to the story.

  3. Lol. i had to log in just to comment. great start. Poor Wei Ying. Poor everyone.

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