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Wei Ying/Lan Zhan

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Wei Ying could sense the murderous intent creping up behind him. As his beloved Shijie tried to move him, he refused. Not letting her push him out of the way of the sword that was aimed for his back. But what will the fall out be for one such move as to not let his Shijie sacrifice herself for him?

Chapter Ten

They arrived at Koi Tower and was faced with some hostility as they had heard that the Jiang Sect was detaining their Sect Leader. Jiang Cheng held out the letter that Elder Jin Guiren had given him and waited for them to let him through. They did so, but two of the senior disciples and an elder remained with them. Watching them and walking with them as they went to the Sect Leaders Rooms. They began to look around, the Elder not happy with letting them, but saying nothing.

“Letters,” Jiang Cheng said as he pulled out a wad of them from a small hidey-hole, “Doesn’t look like much,” he murmured, but he put them aside just in case. Anything could be hidden within the words in a letter.

They weren’t finding much in the room. Nie Mingjue sighed, pressing a hand against the letter that had been sent to him via a guard of the Jiang. He pulled it out and began to read it, his eyes going wide. he got up and went over to the gilded mirror that stood at one end of the room. He looked around it and pressed a few things sending his Qi into the arrays on there. The mirror shimmered as it then disappeared and they could see inside another room. A large room, that looked like there were even more attached to it. With a sigh, he led the way inside.

“How did you know?” Lan Xichen asked him, curiously.

“Jin Guangyao, he sent a letter to me,” was the blunt answer, his eyes distant as he thought of the other man.

“Hmm,” Lan Xichen nodded, he closed his eyes for a moment and followed his sworn brother.

They looked around the room they were in, it looked like he was displaying things. Almost trophies, they walked over and started to look at them. Trinkets belonging to women, some just a piece of cloth, but there was always a date and place with each item. Never a name.

“He… he’s evil,” Jiang Cheng said, noticing that one of the dates and places lined up with an attack on a woman in Yummeng that had been reported. He told them what he knew and they began to do the same, each of them noting that some of the attacks happened in their area, when they knew that Jin Guangshan was there. Some of them corresponded with the reports made to them.

“he truly is, we’ll keep these as evidence as well,” Lan Xichen whispered.

“Let’s carry on looking,” Jiang Cheng said as he noticed a door, opening it. There was a spiral staircase leading down. Enhancing his hearing, he could hear a voice. “Someone’s down there,” he murmured, sword out, they descended hearing sharp as they didn’t want to be surprised by anything.

Jiang Cheng barely had time to parry as a sword came out of nowhere. he moved quickly and swung around, as Lan Xichen did the same. Nie Mingjue was still on the stairs, but it didn’t take long for Jiang Cheng to use Zidian wrapped around the laughing man.

“Xue Yang,” Nie Mingjue sneered.

“Sect Leader Nie,” Xue Yang laughed, “going to try and lock me away again?” he mocked.

“Shut up,” Jiang Cheng growled, pulling Zidian tighter.

“How’s that sister of yours still grieving?” he smirked at Jiang Cheng, “Stuck up prick tried to fuck with things, so did the little fucker,” he sneered.

“And what would you know about that?” Nie Mingjue growled out.

Xue Yang just smirked and kept quiet as they began to look around the room. Two of the Nie’s disciples came in to take Xue Yang away. He would be questioned more later, back at Lotus Pier. They carried on looking seeing notes on demonic cultivation and the Stygian Tiger Amulet. Jiang Cheng pressed a hand where it lay within his robes. He hadn’t handed it back to his brother yet, and part of him didn’t want to put that pressure on him. He had taken it out of it protective wrapping once too look at it and read through the notes. The resentful energy within it and screamed in his mind. Thousands upon thousands of voices all wailed withing him, crying out for revenge or help. he had wrapped it up tightly after that, never wanting to hold it again.

“Another door,” Nie Mingjue said as he carefully opened it and walked inside. The two others walked in behind him, in the middle of the room was a table. On it was a decomposing body. Dressed in rotting clothes belonging to a female. Nie Mingjue moved closer, seeing what he was looking for and nodded.

“Who… Who is this?” Lan Xichen wondered horrified.

“The body of Meng Shi,” Nie Mingjue answered, “He sent me a letter, asking me to find her, to make sure she is put to rest properly,” he explained, voice shaking. he hadn’t wanted to believe what was int he letter, but he couldn’t deny it now.

“Why?” Jiang Cheng asked, shaking his head a she looked to the body fo the poor woman, “Who would do such a thing and why?”

“Jin Guangshan wanted to make sure that Jin Guangyao would do what he wanted him to, this was his threat. He promised if he didn’t then he would make sure she would become a fierce corpse and lock him in a room with her.

“Sick bastard,” Jiang Cheng sneered, “Get someone in here to take care of her,” he said, calling out for one of the Jiang’s disciples.

“Have her taken to Qinghe,” Nie Mingjue said, Jin Guangyao had asked him to do so and this time he would honour the request.

Jiang Cheng took care of things as the others carried on looking, finding another door and walking through it they came to a young man chained down. eyes open and it was easy to see that it was a fierce corpse.

“Wen Qionglin?” Lan Xichen asked as he walked over.

“Sect Leader Lan,” he looked slightly puzzled at them, wondering why they were in the room.

“We’ve come to find you,” Nie Mingjue said as he began to undo the restraints, taking them all.

“Wen Ning,” Jiang Cheng said as he walked into the room and saw him, “What happened?”

“The others were all transported as the plan went, but instead of being taken to the stake like A-Jie, I was brought here after they were all killed,” he said calmly, as he now sat up on the table, “they were trying to figure out how I was… made,” he shrugged as he hopping off the table and went over to him, “Are they… are they all okay?” he asked, worried for his sister and family.

“They are, it worked just like planed, everyone is at Lotus Pier, all safe and sound. Wuxian and A-Yuan are there as well,” Jiang Cheng told him, “I need you to go over what you heard while here?” he asked of him, “And anything they did.”

Wen Ning nodded as he began to tell them what he had witnessed. “I could hear screams sometimes,” he said after telling them what had been done to him over the last couple of days of being there. “he begged his father to stop, he was refusing to kill someone that Sect Leader Jin wanted dead, I know it was a Sect Leader and he mentioned sworn Brother, so it would be one of you two that he was told to kill. He didn’t wish to, so… he tortured his own son. I heard him threaten to use Meng Shi’s body and turn it into a fierce corpse. Xue Yang had been able to make a few but none of them was as strong as me,” he explained, carrying on telling them all of what Jin Guangshan had done during the two days he had been held before he had left for Nightless City.

Jiang Cheng nodded, “Thank you,” he told him, “Let’s get you out of here,” he added leading him out as evidence was collected by the disciples.

“I’ll oversee the collection Sect Leader,” a Jiang Disciples said as he walked over.

“I would be grateful, we need to speak with the elders that are here,” he nodded to him, taking the lead as they walked out of the secret area and into Jin Guangshan’s rooms once more. There were three Jin Sect Elders waiting for them.

“Elder Guiren may have given you permission,” one of them started, “But that does not give you the right to take ev-” he cut himself off as Wen Ning emerged from the hidden area.

“The Ghost General?” one of them said, “how, he is supposed to be dead?”

“Do you really think someone as power-hungry as Jin Guangshan would let the opportunity pass him by to have someone like Wen Ning around. To learn how to make someone like him?” Jiang Cheng snorted, rolling his eyes. Did no one have a brain in this sect?

“Jin Guanghsan is an upstanding cultivator-”

“Ha!” Jiang Cheng burst out, “no he isn’t he’s a fucking rapist, a murderer, and all kinds of fucking disgusting shit. Down there is the body of Jin Guangyao’s mother, using her remains to hold over his own son to make him try and murder his sworn brothers,” he told them. Remembering what Wen Ning had said.

“He wouldn’t!” someone yelled out, a disciple.

“he would,” Lan Xichen sighed, “We have found evidence that coincides with a number of things within our own sects,” he added.

“For now, the evidence will be taken to Lotus Pier to hold there, a trial will be made,” Jiang Cheng told them all, a sneer on his face, “You are welcome to see the evidence at a later time. And don’t even think about trying to ask for their release, they will remain imprisoned and in Qi suppressant cuffs until they are sentenced. I will not let them get away with anything they have done.”

The three men talked with Wen Ning a little longer, as they waited for the disciples to finished gathering and cataloguing things. They wanted nothing left behind after all. Nie Mingjue broke away from the group and walked over to where the letters that Jiang Cheng had found were and pulled one out, reading through it. he frowns, pulling out the letter that Jin Guangyao had sent him and turned it over. Reading through the instructions he looked to the letter and nodded to himself.

“What have you found?” Lan Xichen asked, leaving Wen Ning and Jiang Cheng for a moment.

“I think these are the missives between Wen Rouhan and Jin Guangshan. He showed me how to read them, it’s a code. This one is about one of the attacks that failed, telling Jin Guangshan that they were able to defeat us,” he muttered.

“What do you mean?” one of the elders walked over to them.

“These are letters from Wen Rouhan, in response to the plans we made during the Sunshot Campaign. These are the ones we lost because he was there listening to us, or someone told him the plans,” Nie Mingjue told them, “Because of him we could have lost the war.” he waved them in the man’s face.

“He was a traitor,” Jiang Cheng told them, “he didn’t care about the sect or anything but making sure he was on the winning side and he thought it was going to be the Wens. it would have been if not for my brother,” he sneered as the disciples began to move out o the hidden area. “Are you done?” he asked them.

“Yes Sect Leader Jiang,” they intoned.

“Good, we’re leaving back to lotus pier, I don’t want to be here longer than necessary,” he added striding past the Elders as they called him all kinds of rude. He was done playing around, he wanted this sorted and over with, he wanted his family safe, whole and as happy as he could make them.

Chapter Eleven

It had been just over a day after they left when Jiang Cheng and everyone arrived back at Lotus Pier. His sister was waiting for him. Wen Ning had been holding onto Nie Mingjue for the flight, he no longer was able to wield spiritual energy as they could. So he was grounded now, no longer able to fly in the skies above on a sword. They landed and he walked over to her frowning when he saw the pale face and worried look.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her, “Is Wuxian okay? A-Ling?” he worried.

“They are fine, Young Master Jin, Jin Guangyao became ill not long after you left,” she told him, seeing Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue pause at her words.

“What do you mean?” Nie Mingjue demanded to know.

“Lady Wen is with him, they brought him out of the cells, I know you wanted him kept there. But she needed to treat him,” she said, as she began to lead the way.

“How is he?” Lan Xichen questioned, hurrying behind. Wen Ning following them as the others headed to put everything in the sect leaders office. And Xue Yang to be taken to the cells.

“Not doing well,” she answered him, her voice gentle and full of sorrow.

They headed to the healing halls and Jiang Yanli walked into the one the rooms. Jin Guangyao was lying on the bed, pale, his breathing slow and laboured. Nie Mingjue looked at Wen Qing who walked over to them.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Xichen was the one that asked.

“His body is shutting down, there’s nothing I can do to stop it. he has a curse on him, and I don’t know how to get rid of it. Wei Wuxian is working on it, but he’s not seen one like this before,” she answered, shaking her head, “He doesn’t have long.”

“Thank you,” Nie Mingjue nodded, heading towards the bed and kneeling by it, “Meng Yao,” he said, refusing to call him Jin Guangyao any more.

“Da-ge,” eyes fluttered open, “Did… did you find her?” he asked, hope in his eyes and voice.

“I did, she’s being taken to Qinghe, she’ll be put to rest there,” he answered him.

The man smile, “Thank you.”

“What happened A-Yao?” Lan Xichen approached the bed.

“Curse,” was the simple answer he got, “Because I wrote the letter, will kill me soon,” he added, “But… I don’t mind now, so tired,” he breathed, eyes opening and closing slowly.

“You shouldn’t have done it then,” Nie Mingjue told him.

“had to, I just want… want to be Meng Yao again,” he said quietly, his voice getting weaker, “Can… can I be with mother?” he asked, his head falling to the side as he looked at Nie Mingjue.

“Of course, but you can’t die, not now. Not now that you’re finally a good one,” Nie Mingjue shook his head.

“Maybe in my next life,” he said eyes closing as Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue held his hands, pushing their energy into him. But it was as though it was just evaporating into nothing.

Meng Yao’s eyes closed and didn’t open again. His breathing slowly and then stilled, his body going limp as he passed away, his sworn brothers beside him.


Jiang Cheng, Jiang Yanli and Wen Qing walked out of the room, closing the door behind them, leaving them to their grief. “We found evidence of a lot of crimes Jin Guangshan was responsible for,” he said as Wen Ning and Wen Qing shared a quiet reunion behind him.

“Good, we can take him down with that,” Jiang Yanli nodded, “what are you going to do now?” she asked.

“I wanted to interrogate Xue Yang,” he answered “Wen Qing, would you like to help?” he asked, knowing how intimidating the woman could be.

“I would love to,” she smirked, she had just been hearing some of the things that her baby brother had gone through.

Jiang Yanli shook her head as she watched them leave, “A-Ning,” she said as she turned to the fierce corpse, “Come, lets take you to where A-Xian, A-Yuan and A-Ji are,” she added, taking him by the arm and walking him towards one of the pavilions.

“Thank you, and I’m sorry for what happened,” he said, feeling awkward being in the presence of someone who he had harmed.

“I know it wasn’t your fault. We found the person who was controlling you,” she told him, here yes sad, “come on,” she pulled him a little, to get him to walking again.

Wen Ning gave a bewildered nod and followed her. Almost smiling as he saw Wei Ying sitting and resting as A-Yuan danced around him.


Jiang Cheng sat in his office the next day. He had interrogated Xue Yang for hours with Wen Qing’s help and had been able to get a lot of information on what Jin Guangshan was after. he looked up as there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” he called out.

“Sorry to interrupt,” came the voice of Lan Xichen.

Jiang Cheng looked at him and Nie Mingjue who followed him into the office, “how are you both?” he asked, putting aside the notes he had been going over as Lan Xichen placed down a tray of tea.

“We are, well,” Lan Xichen hesitated for a moment, “it was nice to know that he was… wasn’t really evil,” he murmured.

Nie Mingjue grunted “Yeah,” he said, sitting down, “Were you able to interrogate Xue Yang?” wanting to talk about something else. He and Lan Xichen had prepared Meng Yao’s body for transport to Qinghe so he could be laid to rest with his mother.

“I was, and able to find out a lot. Jin Guangshan was going to be building a corpse army. Having them attack us to weaken us even more. Xue Yang was the one that was to be in control of them and to call them off when we agree to his help,” Jiang Cheng laid out the plans that Jin Guangshan had made to subjugate the Cultivation World to his whim. Being Chief Cultivator was only the beginning of it all.

“Right,” Nie Mingjue said, “We should get a trial set for Jin Guangshan as soon as possible. I don’t want a chance that he gets free, same with Xue Yang,” he growled.

“Yeah,” Jiang Cheng agreed, “Though we learned that Xue Yang was the one to appear as Jin Guangya-”

“Meng Yao,” Lan Xichen interrupted looking apologetically at the man, “Sorry, but he wished to me Meng Yao again,” he told him, voice shaking a little.

“I’m sorry for your loss. I know that you cared about him,” Jiang Cheng said quietly, “Impersonated Meng Yao and was the one to send Jin Zixuan to the pass. Meng Yao was innocent of causing his death. And Wen Ning, he was right. Jin Guangshan had told him to kill you, Sect Leader Nie, but he refused. He was beaten and cursed, which made it impossible for him to leave Jin Guangshan’s vicinity. he had to be nearby unless given permission. The curse that killed him was one that Xue Yang came up with.”

“What… what did it do?” Lan Xichen asked though he wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

“it would shut down the organs of the body,” Jiang Cheng answered him, “he wouldn’t feel any pain. Xue Yang was very disappointed in that aspect of the curse he had made. It triggered as soon as he started writing that letter for you,” he said, turning to Nie Mingjue. “Meng Yao knew of the curse and what it would do to him.”

“Thank you,” Lan Xichen nodded, “I think that everything has been solved for the most part,” he queried.

“It has, Wei Wuxian’s name is being cleared, a trail if going to be set. Madam Jin is going to be taking over the Jin Sect until A-Ling turns twenty,” he sighed, rubbing his face, “it’s over, it is really over,” he snorted, still not believing it.

“Maybe our world can finally have true peace for once,” Lan Xichen hoped, picking up the tea he had poured for them.

“Yes,” Nie Mingjue nodded, picking up his own as Jiang Cheng did the same.

“To peace,” Jiang Cheng gave a small smile as he drank his tea. The other two do the same, a toast with tea instead of wine, but it seemed just right for the three sect leaders as they began to put plans down on making sure that something like this wouldn’t happen again. His brother as safe and whole, and soon to be married. His sister, while grieving the loss of her husband would recover in time. But she was home for now with her son.

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