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Wei Ying/Lan Zhan

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Canon Divergence before story started. They had plans!

Wei Ying could sense the murderous intent creping up behind him. As his beloved Shijie tried to move him, he refused. Not letting her push him out of the way of the sword that was aimed for his back. But what will the fall out be for one such move as to not let his Shijie sacrifice herself for him?

Chapter Three

Lan Xichen and Nie Mingjue moved side by side as they fought the occasional corpse that would attack them. Taking it down and making sure it wouldn’t get back up again. “Do you really think that A-Yao has something to do with this?” Lan Xichen asked quietly. He didn’t want to believe that the man could do something like that.

“I know you care for him, and for what he has done for you, and for us during the war,” Nie Mingjue began, “but you’re not the one that saw the devious side of him, the side that is calculating. Do I think he could do something like this, could orchestrate so much, yes I do,” he sighed, seeing the down look upon his sworn brothers face. “I’m sorry Xichen.”

“No,” Lan Xichen said shaking his head, “No, you don’t need to say that.”

The words they had overheard being yelled from Jiang Cheng as they had headed away from the Jiang Sect. They had both looked at each other, listening, putting things together as well. Much as the Jiang Sect Leader had. They were damming against the Jin Sect. “it’s this way,” Nie Mingjue said as he could hear the music coming from the edge of the cliff. They went over and looked down. There was a ledge just below them, a man in white was playing a flute. His eyes closed in concentration.

The ducked back, moving a few steps back so they could talk without the man hearing them, “It’s Su Minshan,” Lan Xichen said, “I’ve seen him around Koi Tower sometimes. He… he’s friends with A-Yao,” his said miserably. Closing his eyes for a moment.

“What’s he doing with the flute?” Nie Mingjue asked, he wasn’t the best when it came to musical cultivation, he left that to the Lan Sect.

“It’s controlling some of the resentful energy, not like how Wei Wuxian does so, but more of causing it to stir up and make the corpses attacks more vicious. Wei Wuxian wouldn’t have full control,” Lan Xichen said, listening to the music trying to determine what it was doing.

“Right, let’s stop him,” he said, bringing out Baxia and climbing on. Lan Xichen did the same with Shuoyue. The two of them went over the cliff, landing on the edge Su Minshan was still playing, eyes closed in concentration. They approached him, ready for anything. Something crunched under Nie Mingjue’s boots and Su Minshan stopped playing and tried to defend himself as the two men attacked him. He moved quickly, but it was easy for Lan Xichen. The mans fighting stance was based on the Lan Sect’s Sword forms. Lan Xichen moved quickly, disarming him.

Su Minshan stumbled, Nie Mingjue grabbing the man as the front of his robes ripped a little. Pulling him up straight. They caught sight of something.

“The hundred hole curse,” Lan Xichen whispered as he saw the pockmarks on Su Minshan’s upper chest.

The man did his best to cover them up, glaring at him, “None of your business,” he stated.

“I believe it is,” Nie Mingjue said, “as of this moment you in our custody until you can be questioned,” he told him, looking to Lan Xichen, “Want to silence him?” he asked.

“Might be an idea for now,” Lan Xichen said, as he quickly set a stronger version of the spell on Su Minshan. “It wouldn’t do for him to alert anyone that he has been capture,”

“Exactly,” Nie Mingjue said as he bound the man and took him on Baxia back up the cliff and landed. Lan Xichen landed neatly beside him, “We should go back to the Jiang Sect.”

“Yes,” Lan Xichen said quietly, “I worry for Wei Wuxian, he… isn’t doing well.”

“You mean he’s dying,” Nie Mingjue corrected bluntly.

“Yes,” he sighed as they made their way over. They moved through the corpses, who were now standing still as the music from Su Minshan had stopped playing. They quickly made their way over. Only stopping for a moment when a few Jin Sect disciples stood in their way.

“Sect Leader Lan, May I ask why you have Sect Leader Su tied up?” Jin Guangshan asked them as he stood near his disciples.

“That is what we will be finding out, please have your men step aside,” Lan Xichen asked him politely.

“I’m afraid that I can’t do that,” he said, shaking his head, “I believe that you should let him go. He has done nothing.”

“Nothing, ha,” Nie Mingjue laughed, “We’re not letting him go. He is being brought in for questioning since he had been controlling the corpses until we stopped him.”

“That was Wei Wuxian that was controlling them, not him.”

“Wei Wuxian is injured,” Lan Xichen told them, not adding that the man was actually dying as they spoke. “he hasn’t been on control of them since he has been with his brother and sister. We caught him playing the flute and surrounded by resentful energy.”

“We’re going to be taking him to the Jiang’s, and then we will be heading to Lotus Pier, where he will be questioned by us all,” Nie Mingjue informed them as he asked, “Now, move aside.”

“If he is to be questioned, then we should be doing so, we-” Jin Guangshan began.

“You’re nothing,” Nie Mingjue sneered, “At this moment in time you’re a nuisance that has overplayed himself. Move aside, I will not ask again,” he warned as he placed a hand on the hilt of Baxia, ready to fight his way through the disciples.

Purple energy shimmered behind them as the yellow-robed cultivators flew away, “I suggest doing as he said, while he might warn and wait, I won’t,” Jiang Cheng said from behind them, looking at Jin Guangshan and Jin Guangyao, “What is happening is now out of your control. You tried to have innocent killed. I don’t tolerate it,” he said, looking at Nie Mingjue and Lan Xichen, “Inside the circle,” he ordered.

Nie Mingjue nodded and pulled Su Minshan behind him as they headed. Lan Xichen was a little slower as he looked at Jin Guangyao, feeling a slight ting of betrayal and hoping that he was wrong in what he was now thinking of the man. The three went back behind the protective circle of the Jiang Sect.

“So this is the one still playing the flute?” Jiang Cheng asked, glaring at the man robed in white.

“Yes,” Lan Xichen answered him, “he was, and that’s not all,” he added.

“He has traces of the one hundred hole curse. The one that Jin Zixun is suffering from,” Nie Mingjue added, pulling aside a little of Su Minshan’s robes so they could see. The man tried to move away but was unsuccessful as the bounds were tugged and he was brought closer to him again.

“So the reason my brother was ambushed,” Jiang Cheng stared at him, purple lightning flashing around him.

“Yes, and we’ll question him on everything,” Lan Xichen said, he could see the agitated state of Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli when looked at the man that had caused Jin Zixun to go after Wei Ying.

Jiang Cheng nodded, “Right,” he agreed. he turned and walked back over to where Lan Zhan was holding Wei Ying.

“We need a way to stop the Jin Sect from attacking us as we leave,” Jiang Yanli said quietly.

Lan Xichen nodded as he walked over and knelt next to his brother. He began to check Wei Ying over once again. Frowning as he could feel how weak Wei Ying was, “I don’t think we will get him very far,” he said quietly.

“What do you mean?” Jiang Yanli said, hovering closer.

“I’m sorry, but there isn’t anything that can be done. He’s too weak to make it very far. His breathing is rapid and shallow, blood loss is high,” he explained to them all, seeing their grief on their faces. “Without a golden core, there’s nothing I can do. If he had one we would be able to give him extra energy to keep his body going. But without it, he is normal,” he spoke softly.

“Is there anything that we can do?” she asked, her eyes filling with tears. She had hope for a moment, hope that they would be able to get out and get Wei Ying the help that he needed.

“I’ve already done what I can, all it’s doing is drawing things out. His heart is starting to speed up, and his body is starting to cool down. His blood loss is high,” he answered her, “I’m sorry,” he told her, his voice gentle.

Jiang Yanli broke down into tears once more as her brother stepped up beside her and held her. “I… I can’t lose him too,” she cried, her face pressed against her brother, muffling her words.

The group was silent as Su Minshan was mumbling through the stronger silencing spell. A look of satisfaction on his face.

Nie Mingjue pulled on his binding, sending him to the ground, “Such your mouth,” he muttered darkly.

“We… we should try at least,” Jiang Cheng finally said, looking at them, “If he’s going to die, I don’t want it here. I don’t want him to be in this place,” he added.

Lan Xichen stood up, “then we’ll get everyone away,” he agreed.

“For now we need to distract the Jin Sect enough that they will let us go without fighting. I’d rather not have to kill anyone,” Jiang Cheng said, though he wouldn’t mind killing Jin Guangshan that much. He hated the man, he knew him and Jin Guangyao were two of the main instigators when it came to Wei Ying and the loss of his reputation.

Nie Mingjue nodded, “I’m going to gather some of my men,” he said, heading to the barrier of Jiang and slipping through it.

Lan Xichen followed him, “If we can keep them occupied, we should be able to transport him out of here.”

Jiang Cheng watched them leave, hoping that they would be able to do something. It didn’t take long for the two of them to come back. “My captain is going to set up a couple of explosions nearby, around a group of corpses,” Nie Mingjue said as he arrived back inside the protective gathering.

“I’ve asked my disciples to help, and then two head straight to Lotus pier as soon as they are done,” Lan Xichen added.

Nie Mingjue frowned at that last bit, “Why?”

“Because as soon as we get out of here, they will head to Lotus Pier, I am making sure that we’re there to help in protecting the place,” he said.

“Thank you,” he nodded.

“Wei Ying!” came a shout from behind them.

They turned to see Lan Zhan crying over Wei Ying. “A-Xian?!” Jiang Yanli breathed as she rushed over, dropping down.

Lan Zichen did the same, checking Wei Ying over, before closing his eyes and shaking his head, “He’s gone,” he said quietly.

Jiang Cheng shook his head, eyes filling with tears as he went over and knelt by his sister, reaching out to Wei Ying, he took a hand, “Wuxian.”

Lan Zhan leaned down, his head on Wei Ying’s chest. Tears falling from his eyes as he body heaved as he sobbed quietly, “Wei Ying, Wei Ying,” he cried, over and over as he willed Wei Ying to be alive.

Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli huddled together, crying as Lan Xichen got up and walked over to Nie Mingjue, “We… we should…” he trailed off, composing himself.

“I know, we should get them out of here. We should linger. Don’t let those out there know he’s gone. if they did…” he trailed off.

Lan Xichen nodded, he knew what they would do. They would summon Wei Ying’s soul, to trap it and stop it from being able to move on. To never be able to enter the reincarnation cycle but be forced to wander for eternity never to know rest.

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