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Wei Ying/Lan Zhan

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Canon Divergence from before Nightless City, Jiang Cheng and Wei Ying had plans!

Wei Ying could sense the murderous intent creping up behind him. As his beloved Shijie tried to move him, he refused. Not letting her push him out of the way of the sword that was aimed for his back. But what will the fall out be for one such move as to not let his Shijie sacrifice herself for him?

Chapter Four

Lan Zhan didn’t know what to do, the still chest under him broke him. It felt even worse than when he realized his mother was no longer there. That his father, whom he had only ever seen once in his life was gone. It felt worse than when he had thought his brother dead after the burning of Cloud Recesses. His heart was gone, his mind just wanted to flee. To stop all the feelings that welled up inside of him. “Wei Ying,” he cred softly. Eyes closed and a silent prayer on his lips.


Lan Zhan stumbled as he found himself in a desolate forest, the trees dying before him. He looked around, puzzled as to where he was. He walked forwards a little coming to a clearing, there were a number of logs fallen on the floor and in the middle of them was a regal looking white tiger. “Peizhi?” he questioned as he saw the spirit.

“Young one,” he greeted with a rumbling growl.

“Why am I here?” he asked, though a part of him wanted to remain here, he felt more at peace than he did in the real world.

“He lingers, his spirit, your Wei Ying,” Peizhi said as he stood and walked over, “You wish for him back?”

“Yes,” Lan Zhan answered quickly, “Of course I do. He… he is my soulmate.”

“It will not be easy to bring him back. Without his golden core he will still die,” he warned him.

“Then why did you say we could, without a core he… I do not wish for him to continue to suffer life and death over and over if there is no way to cure him!” he cried, shaking his head at the hope that had blossomed n his heart.

“Because it is possible to bring him back with a Golden Core and the bond that you had begun to form with him. he will be weak for a while, though he will gain strength, the bond and core will help him remain alive,” he began once more, ignoring the outburst. While the spirit realm would normally keep someone calm when they enter. Emotions can still run wild if they are provoked.

“How?” Lan Zhan asked.

“By giving him part of yours,” he answered, “It will not be pleasant when you wake in the real world once more you will feel empty, devoid of your core. It will be there, just at half of its current strength. You will ache for a while, but you’ll be able to build it back up once more.”

“Then do so, I am willing. If it gives Wei Ying a chance to live, to be with me as A-Yuan grows, then I will do anything,” he pleased with him as he walked towards Peizhi.

“Then follow me, we do not have much time before your Wei Ying’s spirit moves on,” he warned as he took off. Lan Zhan was running after him, moving quickly through the trees. The half-dead trees that had been around them became fully dead, the place was devoid of the usual life. In a small area of fallen trees lay a Sparrow Hawk.

“That is-”

“Wei Ying’s spirit guide, Lihua, she is dying. Following Wei Ying. Heal her, you know how,” Peizhi told him as he went over and sat down beside the Sparrow Hawk.

Lan Zhan knelt and picked up the dying bird. Hold her carefully in his arms, he brought up a hand, infusing it with spiritual energy and let it flow into her. He closed his eyes, concentrating and healing what he could for the majestic bird. The strength and life within Lihua beginning to return as he continued to pour his energy into her.

“Lan Zhan,” came a whispered of a voice.

Lan Zhan opened his eyes, tears quickly forming as he saw a translucent Wei Ying. he carried on healing Lihua, watching as Wei Ying became more solid with each passing second. Lihua began to flutter her wings as she righter herself, now standing on his arm. Lan Zhan gasped as he felt a pull on his core. As though it was being pulled out of him. He shuddered as he fell to the ground. Wei Ying gasped as something slammed into him, he cried out at the sudden pain as Spiritual energy flowed through him for the first time in around a year.

“Wei… Ying,” Lan Zhan breathed heavily, as though he had been fighting for days.

Wei Ying stood there before he dropped to the floor, “Lan Zhan,” he whispered as the two of them struggled to their feet and moved towards each other. Wei Ying fell against Lan Zhan, “love you so much,” he cried softly.

“Love Wei Ying, always,” he said. Neither of them noticed for a few moments as Peizhi and Lihua began to glow. They rose up, moving towards their charges and touching them gently. The two men jolted as their minds flooded for a moment with overwhelming emotions before something snapped into place.

The two of them fell to the floor, eyes locked on each other as they could feel the other. “A bond?” Wei Ying whispered.

“Mn,” Lan Zhan gave a pleased response, nodding happily.

“You need to return, Wei Ying, you are still weak, we managed to bring you back, but your body is on the brink of death. The Golden Core that you now have, while somewhat strong because of how strong Lan Wangji was, will only last for so long. You need to be healed and healed soon. It will keep you alive for another 12 hours at its current strength,” Lihua warned as she took flight towards one of the trees that were now overflowing with life.

“Okay,” Wei Ying nodded, confused about the Golden Core bit, looking towards Lan Zhan for an answer.

“Explain later, need to get you to Lotus Pier,” he told him.

“A-Yuan,” he murmured, thinking of the little boy that was still alone trapped in the cave.

“I will get him, do not worry,” he promised.

With a nod, the two held each other as they felt that little jolt as they left the spirit realm.


Lan Zhan shuddered as he heard the sobbing of Jiang Cheng and the cries of Jiang Yanli. Lan Zhan kept his head where it was, his body ached, but he could easily work through that. He felt cold and empty, though he could still feel his Golden Core. The chest beneath him rose slowly before falling. “Wei Ying!” he yelled out, bolting upright as he glanced around, “Brother, here quick!” he called to the man, near the edge of the circle.

Lan Xichen rushed over to them, “What Wangji?” he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Wei Ying, he’s breathing,” he said, gesturing to his partner.

Lan Xichen began to shake his head, but then he saw it, the slow rise and fall of Wei Ying’s chest. He knelt down, checking him, feeling the slight warmth to his skin. He began to examine him, eyes going wide as he felt a spark within the young man, “His core, it’s there?” he questioned, “How?”

“Later,” Lan Zhan told him, “Need to take him to Lotus Pier, now.” He looked at his brother, hoping that once again the man would be able to read him.

“Okay,” Lan Xichen said, “Sect Leader Jiang,” he called, getting the attention of the two siblings that were holding each other close as they grieved, “Wei Wuxian is alive, not sure how, but he is.”

“Then… then we need to get him home, now,” he said, wiping away his tear, giving his sister a watery smile as he stood up.

“Yes,” Jiang Yanli nodded, agreeing quickly as she stood beside her brother, and looking down at Lan Zhan and her other brother.

Their attention was drawn out of the circle to a few explosions that were going on.

“That would be my lot,” Nie Mingjue grinned proudly, “Right, are we going?” he asked them all.

They could all see the Jin disciples heading towards the explosions and starting to bring the corpse that it stirred up under control and take them out. The Nie and Lan Disciples were quickly heading away from the battles, leaving the Jin to their fighting. The Jiang disciples began to move around, as Lan Zhan was about to pick Wei Ying up.

“A-Yuan,” Jiang Yanli said, remembering the child, “You need to go and get him.”

Lan Zhan nodded, though he was looking at Wei Ying.

“I’ll watch over him, and I promise to take care of him Wangji,” Lan Xichen said, having no idea who A-Yuan was, but seeing the torn look on his brothers face, he knew that this person was important to the three.

Lan Zhan nodded, “Thank you.”

Lan Xichen knelt and took Wei Ying into his arms, looking towards Jiang Cheng, a look of protest on his face. “You’ll need to help Young Madam Jin back to Lotus Pier.”

“yeah,” Jiang Cheng nodded, glancing towards his sister, “Everyone, we need to head out now,” he called out to his disciples.

“Sect Leader,” they intoned together.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jin Guangshan began as he looked at the group.

“Leaving,” Jiang Cheng told him, noting that it was just the two of them that was still hanging around.

“Sect Leader Jiang, we should take Wei Wuxian and Su Minshan to Koi Tower for interrogation, it would be best to do so there,” Jin Guangyao stepped forwards speaking calmly. His voice trying to coax the man into letting him have his way.

“Not going to happen, we’re heading to Lotus Pier, you’re not welcome,” he told them as he helped his sister onto Sandu and moments later they took to the air. Lan Zhan following them.

Lan Zhan watched his brother holding Wei Ying, worried for him. He broke off from them and headed towards the Burial Mounds. using what he could to speed up his flight it still took a few more hours before he reached them. As soon as they came into sight, he could feel the wards that Wei Ying had raised around them to protect Wen Yuan. Landing he held out his hand, letting the wards feel him, know him. He smiled as he felt them welcome him, almost pulling him inside of them. He walked quickly up the path to the small village. Most of the things still there, waiting for their owners to come back. Reaching the cave he felt something push him back a little. This time he sheathed Bichen and slashed at the wards. They shattered and he walked in. He saw Wen Yuan sleeping on the rock bed that Wei Ying used.

“A-Yuan,” he murmured as he went over, seeing that it was a forced sleep. He found a talisman on the boy’s chest, ripping it off. He picked Wen Yuan up into his arms and walked out of the cave. Turning back for a moment as he noticed that a number of Wei Ying’s talismans and notes were around. Putting Wen Yuan down once more, he quickly gathered everything, putting it into a qiankun pouch. He had a feeling that someone would come and ransack the place for anything that Wei Ying might have left behind. He went over to Wen Yuan once more, picking the child into his arms.

“Rich-gege,” he mumbled as he began to wake from his enforced sleep, “Where’s A-Niang?” he asked, as he began to sluggishly look around.

“We’re going to see him now,” Lan Zhan told him, knowing what Wen Yuan occasionally called Wei Ying. Wei Ying had written to him about it a couple of times.

“Okay,” he yawned, resting his head against Lan Zhan’s shoulder. Lan Zhan smiled and quietly left the Burial Mounds, stepping onto Bichen and heading to Lotus Pier. He could still feel that Wei Ying was alive though badly injured. He himself was still feeling achy and empty. He just hoped he had enough energy to get to Lotus Pier.

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