Fuck You Very Much – Part Three By Ladyholder

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Tony Stark/Dominic (Tony) DiNozzo

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I am borrowing the concept of Dominic DiNozzo from Jilly James for this Tony. Because two Tony’s is one to many and I don’t have that much patience. Also, everyone is going to be a bit younger than they would be if I used the canon ages. I also can’t stand them most of the MCU, so deal.

When Tony came home from Afghanistan, he didn’t go to Malibu like he originally wanted to, he went to New York. He had to get the stopgap crap out of his arc reactor and the best place to do that was in the lab he had made out of the remnants of Howard’s lab. And he needed to be on hand for the NCIS agent who wanted to talk to him about the men who had died for him in the convoy. Tony couldn’t let them die in vain, so he stayed close. Good thing.

Fuck You Very Much

Art by Jilly James


Chapter Three


“Aren’t you beautiful,” Tony breathed. Whatever Dum-E had found, it was very interesting. And possibly deadly. “Jarvis, are you reading any new radiation sources?”

“No, Sir,” Jarvis replied promptly. A holo screens lit up to his right with the environmental stats for the lab. The only radiation source in the lab was him.

“Have my numbers gone up?” Tony asked as he peered at the readout.

“By 0.003%, Sir,” Jarvis confirmed. “There is also a second energy source in the lab.”

Tony reached out and picked both up from where he’d put them. Pasted down the side were aging yellow labels. The handwriting on them was Howard’s. “Okay, Howard. What did you leave me?”

The first had a string of numbers and letters on it only. Inside the vial was a silverfish metal. Every time he moved the vial and the something inside it shifted, and it bounced back against his hand. There was only one possible metal that did that. Howard had apparently gotten his hands on more vibranium after he’d made the shield for Captain America. Interesting.

Placing the vial aside, he picked up the second vial. This was the one that had a faint blue glow. Stepping back from the table he glanced at the screen Jarvis still had up. “Jarvis?”

“There are now three power sources in the lab,” Jarvis reported. “The one you have in your hand, a very faint one on the table and the arc reactor in your chest, Sir.”

“Interesting,” Tony said. He had some testing equipment in the lab that he could use. Placing the vial in it, he leaned back and watched as Jarvis started poking at the new element he had. “Is the vibranium still releasing energy?”

“Yes, Sir. It’s decreasing with every second, but there is still an active power source on the table,” Jarvis confirmed.

“Huh,” Tony grunted softly before he decided to test a hypothesis. Walking back to the table, he nudged the vial of exotic metal. He could feel it vibrating against his fingers. “Jarvis?”

“There was a spike in energy production, Sir.”

“Fascinating,” Tony breathed before he crossed his arms over his chest. He didn’t want to keep poking the vial because he didn’t need to break the glass due to overloading the strength of the bottle. “Let me know when you complete your analysis. What’s my schedule like?”

Tony listened with half his attention as he picked up the tools he needed for the next step on his arc reactor and started putting them away. “In an hour, you have a meeting with Ms. Potts to discuss upcoming government contracts, and after that, there is a meeting that the Board is having that you wanted to watch.”

“Right,” Tony said with a sigh. “Do we have the list of what they want to cover at this meeting?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jarvis confirmed. The list went up on a new holo screens and Tony read it over quickly. “Well, it seems the Board isn’t thrilled I’ve stopped making weapons. Do we have a spreadsheet on how much SI was earning from the weapons versus everything else?”

The spreadsheet popped up on another screen and Tony quickly paged through it. As he had thought, the bread and butter of Stark Industries were in things that had nothing to do with weapons. Oh, they brought in a good 30% or so of the company’s income, but the rest could be traced back to a host of other products. Good to know.

“Do you have a list of the contracts that Pepper will be talking to me about?” Tony asked as he eyed the screen showing the status of the testing.

“Yes, Sir,” Jarvis popped the contracts up.

Tony lost himself in the review of what the government was going to try to con him and his company into. Jarvis took notes and filed away proposed changes to the contracts. “Remind me to get new contract lawyers because this is absurd.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jarvis agreed. “Ms. Potts has arrived. Mr. Hogan is putting her in Conference Room 2. I’ve taken the liberty of sending Butterfingers up with a tea tray.”

“Is this your subtle way of making sure I eat?” Tony asked as he switched out earbuds and then grabbed a tablet. “Load the contacts and changes on this.”

“Alpha Hirst wanted you eating, Sir. I can only surmise it is because as a Guide your caloric requirements are greater than the average humans.” Jarvis reminded him as he walked out the door of his lab.

“Uh-huh. Do you at least get something interesting?” Tony asked as he reviewed the preliminary findings on the mystery element that Dum-E had found. Unlike the vibranium, he didn’t need to shake this one to have it produce energy. “Do we have any idea what Wakanda is doing with their vibranium reserves?”

“No, Sir. But I did find the receipt of sale for the vibranium. It’s dated 1942,” Jarvis reported.

“I am not going to check to see if the old man bought that amount legally.” Tony winced as he thought of how Howard had likely gotten hold of the rare metal. Wakanda didn’t let much if any vibranium leave their hands now, and they had been less outgoing in the 1940s than they were now. He was going to keep that small bit locked up tightly.

“Very good, Sir,” Jarvis agreed. “I have inserted a probe into the vial of the unknown mineral and currently, it is putting out 3.2 gigajoules of power. The mineral is unrefined and projections show that after processing, it can reach an output of almost 8 gigajoules of power.”

“Isn’t that interesting?” Tony mused as he walked into the conference room Jarvis had parked Pepper in.

“Pepper,” Tony greeted his PA.

Pepper looked up and smiled. “Tony.”

“So, what do you have for me? Anything new?” Tony asked as he placed his tablet on the table.

“Just the contracts,” Pepper said and waved a hand at the pile of folders on her side of the table.

Tony nudged his tablet. “I’ve got my copies. Let’s go over everything.”

It took them over an hour to go through all the contracts, and they quickly managed to decimate the snack tray Jarvis had ordered. In between bites, they went over each of the clauses he had an issue with were highlighted for Legal to review. Tony kept a light awareness of Pepper’s emotional state and wasn’t surprised when she pulled out the last folder with a feeling of dread.

“I was told that you were to receive this after we reviewed all the contracts,” Pepper announced.

“And who told you to do this?” Tony asked. He didn’t open the folder when she pushed it over towards him.

“Mr. Stane,” Pepper said. She felt…cornered. Not good.

Tony raised an eyebrow at that. “And why is Obie sending out paperwork that has you concerned.”

“The Board has appointed him CEO,” Pepper informed him.

“And when did this happen?” Tony probed. His tablet started cycling as Jarvis started mining for information concerning Obie’s actions.

“A month after you were kidnapped,” Pepper said, voice hushed.

“Isn’t that interesting?” Tony hummed. Jarvis flashed a notice that his personal attorney and his corporate were waiting on a call from him. “What is this thing?”

Pepper looked at the conference table. “It’s an injunction.”

“Well.” Tony eyed the tablet. “Isn’t that interesting.”



Tony kicked back with a beer and watched the Board have their meeting. Obie was holding court as he discussed how he was going to get Tony back on track producing weapons. Sitting beside him were his attorneys.

“Did he have the right to take back the CEO’s post?” Phyllis Geake asked as she took notes. She was Tony’s personal attorney and had cussed a blue streak when Tony had passed her the injunction.

“No, he really didn’t,” Michael Welch responded absently. He was the attorney that Tony used when he had anything corporate to deal with. “You put together Mr. Stark’s directives in case he was out of contact or unavailable. He left Colonel Rhodes and Ms. Potts as caretakers for the company and the Board was aware of that.”

“Yeah, this is fishy as fuck. And I can’t see how in the hell they think they’ll get Mr. Stark to build anything that he doesn’t want to,” Geake muttered.

“They really can’t,” Tony cut in. “There’s a few contracts I left in place, but we were going to go over the new crop of defense contracts when I came back. I’ve got nothing in the pipeline at this time that’s related to weapons.”

“Good to know,” Welch cut in. “I know that you’ve got most of the patents for the last fifteen years’ worth of weapons production, but very little is still under contract. That was also on the table.”

“Yeah,” Tony confirmed. He was watching Obie and trying to figure out what in the hell the older man was up to. “As big as a hiccup as it will be to move Stark Industries away from weapons, most of our money came from other sources. It would be a short-term pinch, but by getting out of that part of the military complex, we wouldn’t be chasing wars.”

Geake looked at him and raised an eyebrow at his words. “And it looks good on the corporate reputation since most people don’t really want to support any possible warmonger. Especially when you start aiming your products at the younger generations.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed. He was well aware that favorable press led to better sales. And there had been a spike in sales of all their commercial electronics when he’d announced they were withdrawing from weapons manufacturing. “I pulled SI out of weapons manufacturing two weeks ago. I know that there was a surge in buying, I’ve been monitoring. There hasn’t been enough time for the bottom line to be hit, so I want to know what’s behind the injunction. How fast can you get one?”

“Not that fast,” Welch admitted. He flipped through the injunction that Pepper had delivered. “This is very involved and there’s no way that it could have been put together in three weeks.”

“Could it have been put together before I went to Afghanistan?” Tony asked. He took a small sip of his beer and set it aside. He found that the taste of the drink wasn’t fitting his mood.

Geake turned her head slightly while she kept her eyes on the Board. “Were you contemplating changing things around before you left?”

“Yeah. Everything I’d turned over to R&D was for armor, bomb detection arrays, and S&R gear,” Tony explained. He’d lacked the interest to work on new weapons and had gone to do the Jericho demonstration bitching the whole way.

“Fucking wonderful,” Geake bitched. She turned to Welch and started discussing the injunction.

Tony could follow some of their conversation, but when they got deep into legal jargon, he conceded he was lost. He turned his attention back to the Board and their meeting and growled slightly as Obie declared his intentions. He also declared that Tony was mentally unfit to lead. “Geake, Welch.”

His attorneys turned back to the projection of the Board meeting. “Did he just call you unfit?” Welch asked.

“Yeah, he seems to have done that,” Tony growled.

“Uhm,” Welch hesitated. “Why would he say that?”

“Well, I got cleared by the Army and the Marine Corps when I was in Landstuhl,” Tony admitted. “I’m also working with the Alpha Prime Guide of the East Coast to make sure my mental feet are steady.”

Welch and Geake turned to look at each other and then back to him. “You’re working with a Guide?” Welch asked.

“Yup,” Tony smiled grimly. If Obie wanted to try to say he was crazy, he was going to use everything he had in his arsenal to deal with him.

“Good to know,” Geake said.



Tony made his way back to the lab after Happy had escorted Geake and Welch out. Both would be heading back to their respective offices and would be starting the process of fucking over the Board. He had authorized both of them to let loose on Obie and crew. Whatever happened next, Obie was going to reap what he had sowed.

“Jarvis, what’s Dom’s status?”

“Agent DiNozzo made his flight to Washington DC successfully. He is currently in transit back to the Navy Yard and is on the phone with an Agent Gibbs giving a verbal report,” Jarvis reported.

“Okay. Hook a texting program in for my tablet?” Tony requested. When the program popped up, he quickly tapped out a message to his Sentinel. Drive carefully. It would be suck if I had to rearrange DC if you got hurt.

Tony quickly labeled the phone number Jarvis had gotten him. He was tempted to give it a cute nickname, but he refrained.

Dom: Not everyone can drive a Formula One racer. I’m at a stoplight, so I’ll talk to you when I get somewhere safe to text.

I’ll be good.

Dom: Ha. I’ve known you for three hours and I can’t see that.

Tony sent back a series of amused emoji and left his sentinel to his drive.



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