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Alec Lightwood / Magnus Bane

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First meetings.

During a patrol, Alec Lightwood, interim Head of New York Institute, came upon a summoning gone wrong – with everyone dead and only one warlock holding back a horde of demons. As warlock’s barrier shattered, Alec awakened as Raziel’s chosen, something he never expected to do. And now he has a reluctant guide in the warlock he saved to convince they are destined to be together.

Part 1

In the Nephilim’s darkest hour a hope shall be born. From the tainted line shall arise a Raziel’s Chosen. He shall found his other half in one of Fallen’s children. They shall bond and together they shall usher a new era.

The Prophecy of Renewal


Alec was patrolling. It was nothing out of ordinary. Except… he was missing his sister and parabatai at his back. With all of his family on the extended trip to Idris, it fell to him to stand up as interim Head of the New York Institute. He found out he loved the responsibility, endless amounts of paperwork notwithstanding. For the first time he was standing alone, no Hodge looking over his shoulder. His parents deemed his 18-years-old self mature enough not to need constant supervision. He flourished in the position. Finally, he had the power to change something. And what changes they were…

In a matter of days, he reworked the patrolling schedule, redistributed the ordinary tasks in the Institute to get everyone roughly the same amount of work. The new recruits were put through their paces. He set up classes for furthering everyone’s education and made all of them to attend it. And he demanded strict adherence to the Accords and the Law. There were some grumblings at the beginning of the changes he implemented but as days passed they stopped. All of his hard work finally had results. Fewer injuries, less deaths on patrols, better relationship with Downworlders.

Alec felt he did a good job so far and decided to reward himself with coming on tonight’s patrol. Working with a group of his Nephilims was a very interesting experience. His sister and parabatai often disregarded his orders, which more-or-less caused them to fell into problems quickly and after he got them out of it, he had to justify their actions before their parents, often taking the blame for it. But not now. His subordinates listened to his orders, no back-talking, no clandestine missions on the sly… Everything was running smoothly.

With a sigh, he glanced up at the shining full-moon and basked in the soothing rays. It was something he secretly loved. Gently silvery-gold light was something he fell in love when he was just a child. It always gave him a sense of peace. Shooking out of his reverie he motioned his Shadowhunters to get back. The night was silent and peaceful, so he decided to give them a break for tonight. „Attention, guys.” It was satisfying to see how they straightened their backs and looked at him for direction. „I’m giving you rest of might free. It’s something you are welcome to take advantage of. Go to the pub, relax, I don’t particularly care what you are going to do, but no provoking fights with Downworlders, no injuries and no bailing you out of jail, guys. I want everyone back in Institute by two latest. The reports I need to have on my desk by 10. And don’t forget. We have weekly sparring session planned for tomorrow afternoon. Dismissed.”

The Shadowhunters looked at each other in a bit of disbelief for their fortune and in little groups they left into the night, leaving their leader alone. Alec turned around and walked out of the alley. He wasn’t in a hurry to return back. It was time to take a break a little, as he said to his subordinates. For once, the work can wait. He decided. 

Walking aimlessly through the deserted streets, he had his eyes open to anticipate an ambush, if needed. Alec smirked. A pair of his Shadowhunters were trailing him. They were quite a distance away, but he noticed them almost immediately. It heartened him they were worried about his safety, but it seemed they needed a refresher on stealth tracking. 

He didn’t try to shake them off, knowing it wasn’t wise to walk alone. Lone Nephilim was a tempting target for demons or various disgruntled Downworlders factions. The Uprising was a black blemish on the relations between Shadowhunters and Downworlders. It was one of the things he resented in recent years. 

Alec frowned suddenly and cocked his head, as he heard a faint scream. Something wasn’t right. Maybe he was a bit hasty in giving his patrol free night. No matter, he would take care of it. Glancing back at the pair that was tracking him, he realized they were too far away to be of any use to him. A louder scream made a decision for him. He wasn’t going to wait for them. It seemed that his parabatai’s and sister’s disregard of rules was rubbing of him. With a seraph blade in his hand, he charged forward, faintly noticing his shadowhunters calling for backup.


Magnus poured more power in the barrier, cursing loudly. When a map in his office pinged with alarm, Magnus didn’t know what he was walking in. He was enjoying a rare quiet night in his loft when the alarm was sounded. The sweat broke out on his forehead as he strained his magic to contain a horde of demons pouring out of the rift caused by a botched summoning ritual. When he portaled in, it was too late for the unfortunate warlocks. They were ripped apart by the demons who broke the summoning circle easily. Pouring more magic into the barrier, he winced. The rift was spreading. When he got out of this alive, he was going to Spirit Labyrinth to make the Council instate the mandatory education of warlocks, so he wasn’t’ stuck in cleaning their mess all over again. He might be one of the most powerful warlocks alive, currently, but even his power wasn’t infinite.

Not good, he thought, as he saw the barrier weakening, as more and more demons were trying their best to broke it. Where are Shadowhunters when you need them? He asked silently. Not that he was a fan of them, after the Uprising twenty-something years ago. But they were at least useful for something – killing demons came to his mind.

“Ah, hell.” Magnus cursed as one of the demons managed to open a little hole in his barrier and few of them escaped before he managed to seal it again. The demons, recognizing him as a threat, began advancing on him immediately. Magnus closed his eyes, preparing himself for the worst. At least with his death rest of demons, he was holding captured would be banished back to Edom and rit closed permanently.

A feral snarl resonated from behind him. Magnus said good-bye silently to his friends and started to gather his magic for one last assault. A splatter of blood landed on his cheek and he opened his eyes in surprise. He wasn’t dead. There was a Nephilim cutting through the demons with his seraph blade. Poetry in violence in motion. He made a quick work of the escaped demons.

Magnus’s breath hitched when he saw the Nephilim flicking demon blood of his blade and grinning ferally at him. A Raziel’s chosen. He didn’t think there were any more of them born amongst the Shadowhunters. There was no news of them for at least a century. He feared the Clave and careful breeding caused the traits to die out.

He never saw something as beautiful as the Nephilim in front of him lost in his feral state. Tousled black hair and fiery golden eyes. Delectable rune running up his throat. Magnus was stabbed with a want to mark it. He was startled by near-instant attraction the Shadowhunter. For almost a century he closed himself against everyone, so it took him by surprise. And the man was slowly stalking to him. Magnus shuddered under his penetrating gaze.

The Nephilim walked to him and sniffed his neck, licking it curiously. Magnus closed his eyes, as a desire to take this man flared inside him. A spark of something jumped between them, momentarily strengthening him. Magnus’s concentration wavered a bit before he tightened his hold on the barrier again.

„I really hope, your friends are nearby. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to hold the demons back.”

„Hopefully not long.” The Shadowhunter replied, the feral mindset receding. Cocking his head, he said carefully. „Couple of them are almost here. Rest of them should arrive in a few more minutes.” Frowning suddenly, he asked. „Can you hold them back for that long?”

Magnus stared at the barrier, considering. The Nephilims would be a great help to get rid of the demons. Gauging his power levels carefully, he nodded. „I think so.”

„Very well.” The Raziel’s Chosen acknowledged and stood in front of him protectively, while not hindering him in directing his magic.

First reinforcements arrived almost as soon as they finished with their conversation. His Nephilim just gestured a bit and they fanned around him in a protective circle. It seemed his Nephilim was their leader. What strange luck. Focusing his strength back to the barrier he let them protect him, strangely believing his Nephilim would not allow them to attack him while his attention was not directed at them.

Before long the street was full of the Shadowhunters, all of them looking at his Nephilim, as he started giving orders. He found it very compelling and it sent a spark of heat through him, even as he wasn’t in the state to do anything about it. His Nephilim’s lovely voice was simply sinful.

The Shadowhunters spread around in the tight formation all of them prepared to take on the demons when his lovely Nephilim leaned to him and said. „I’m counting down. On one drop the barrier. My men and I will take care of the demons. You will concentrate on the rift and close it.”

Magnus nodded, not even a fleeting thought in his mind to refuse him.

His Nephilim drew his bow and aimed at the horde of demons, counting down. „Three. Two. One.”

Magnus dropped the barrier. The demons poured out immediately, directly on the prepared seraph blades of the Shadowhunters. His Nephilim taking care of any stragglers with his exceptional aim. Clicking his fingers, he called up his magic back to surface. Breathing deeply, in and out, and again, in and out, he spread his arms forming a blue orb of magic, pouring magic in until he was satisfied it would be enough to seal the rift. „Everyone out of way,” Magnus shouted as he let loose his power. The Shadowhunters deftly ducked out of the sphere’s path. The gathered magic vaporized the demons in its way to the rift.

It collided with the rift. With a loud bang, the rift was sucked into the ball of Magnus’s magic, as it dissipated in the air. The Shadowhunters killed off the rest of stranded demons, rather quickly.

„Well done.” His Nephilim complimented him as he joined him and smiled crookedly.

„More like medium-rare.” Magnus quipped back, not able to resist a bit of teasing, now that the danger passed. Straightening his back, the warlock smirked invitingly and shook his hand. „I don’t think we were formally introduced. I am Magnus Bane.”

His Nephilim blushed attractively and stuttered out. “Alexander… Alec Lightwood.”

Well, well, well. What a surprise. An heir to the regional Institute? Magnus trailed his gaze up and down, noticing as his Nephilim’s blush deepened. He is adorable. Magnus was suddenly overcome with the desire to take the Nephilim home and take care of him. There was something about him…

Suddenly, Magnus swayed, feeling completely drained. His Nephilim… Alexander caught him before he did something undignified and fell on the ground. A spark of Alexander’s power leapt eagerly between them to jump-started the replenishing of his magic. It was very strange.

Blushing Nephilim steadied him and turned attention for a bit on his Shadowhunters and sighed. „I’m sorry you lost your free night. Sweep up the surrounding streets and if you won’t find anything it’s back to the Institute.” Glancing at the tired warlock who saved them with their magic. „I’m going to escort warlock Bane back to his home.” Seeing the disquiet amongst his people he sharply ordered. „Warlock Bane saved the city from the invasion at the expense of his health. I don’t want to hear anymore back-talking. Patrol and back to Institute. No exceptions. Darkwing, Branwell. That goes for you too. Don’t think I didn’t notice you trailed me. Chop. Chop. The sooner you finish the patrol, the sooner you will get you rest.”

The Shadowhunters vanished in a few moments, leaving them alone. „You have a good team, pretty boy,” Magnus observed tiredly.

„Thanks,” Alec replied bashfully. „Do you need anything?”

„Just my loft.” Magnus gestured, opening a portal with his sparkling blue magic. Cocking an eyebrow in challenge, the warlock asked. „Coming?”

„Yes.” The Nephilim said breathlessly, putting his hand on Magnus’s small back and leading them through.

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