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Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

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Everyone knew the story of Werewolf Guide Derek Hale, even Stiles Stilinski who had been ten at the time. So when Derek comes home, Stiles tries to stay away from him. He doesn't need any more Sentinels harassing him all day long. Then Stiles meets a random Spirit Animal in the middle of the Preserve.

Part 4

Derek wasn’t sure what was wrong. He looked around the courtroom that he was in and tried to figure out what was buzzing in his mind. They were waiting for the Judge to get back in a case that had taken a hell of a lot longer than it should have to the prosecution parading a bunch of people through the courtroom that was character witnesses about how horrible their client had been, fifteen years ago. None of them had interacted with him after he had gone to therapy and after he had sought treatment for his personality disorder. Having a Werewolf as the first seat meant that things proceeded a little differently. Of course, the only one to lie had been one of their client’s co-workers who was up for the same promotion. Their statement had been thrown out, but it had done enough damage to the prosecution’s case. It wasn’t going to take long for the jury to at least come back hung if not letting him off all the way.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked as he leaned over.

“There is something…weird in my head. I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe something in one of the other courtrooms.”

The doors at the back opened up, and before anyone could do a single thing, the guard at the door was shot. Derek spun to rush but stopped when he saw the crossbow leveled at him. It was a group of seven Hunters who entered the room. The doors were shut, and the cameras were shot with a sniper rifle. The Hunters were wearing masks, which meant they thought they were going to get out of this.

“Everyone against this wall. Judge, I’d stay where you are until someone escorts you. I don’t want you slipping away into your office.” The leader was a female, it seemed. “Go.”

One of the other Hunters rushed up to the front of the courtroom and slipped into the Judge’s office. He came back with a nod a few minutes later after clearing the room and probably locking the door from the inside. The whole of them all was moved away from the windows, and the jury was escorted over as well.

“You are crazy if you think that you are going to be able to hold us here for long before the whole of the Sheriff’s Department and the Beacon Hills Police Department invade,” the Judge said.

“Oh, we are counting on the Sheriff’s Department. This area needs a Sheriff in charge that it’s a beast lover.”

Derek slipped his phone out of his pocket but found that there was no signal. That meant that they were using a cell jammer.

“Calm down,” Peter hissed.

Derek nodded his head, and he swallowed around the lump in his throat. Stiles was in class an hour away. He was too far away to do anything if this turned ugly in the next few minutes. Derek hadn’t thought that Stiles being so far away would be a bad thing. Derek was the only Guide in the courtroom today, and his Sentinel was too far away.

“Get the Hales trapped,” the leader said.

Derek didn’t fight when he was pulled to the side, and then he and Peter were trapped in a circle of Mountain Ash. It seemed they were the only wolves in there as well.

“We should knock the younger one out,” one of the men said.

“Why?” the leader asked. She turned to look at the man who spoke.

“Because he’s a Guide, bonded to a Sentinel from what I know.”

“Yeah, a human. I bet that human’s just itching to get rid of the beast he has for a Guide. Now he can go and find a real Guide for himself after his father made him bond with the beast.”

Derek kept his laugh to himself. Whoever this was, she was letting her hatred of werewolves cloud her judgment. Everyone in town knew that Stiles hung out with the Hales more than anyone else other than his father.

“Did you know that I am married,” Peter said as he looked at the leader.

“Peter,” Derek hissed.

“I’ve heard rumors that you are spreading. A husband and you’ve helped raise that husband’s daughter. Never who, though. I bet they’ll be happy at being able to step out into the light.”

Peter laughed at that.

Derek could understand where that was coming from. The phone up on the Judge’s stand rang.

“Ah, there would be the good Sheriff.”

“I doubt it, Victoria,” Peter said.

The leader looked at him, and her eyes narrowed behind the mask. She then smirked. “You’ve done your homework then. Good. You are still not living.”

“Your ex-husband says hello,” Peter said.

Derek knew exactly who that was. Victoria Argent, who refused to give up her husband’s last name when he divorced her. There had not been enough to throw her in jail with the rest of the Argents, so Chris had just divorced her, and he got custody of their single child, Allison. Chris and Allison had come to Beacon Hills just before the school year had started. She had finished out a few high school classes at her school in New York before coming here so that she could start her Freshman year in college at the same time as those in her age range. Stiles had taken to her easily and folded her into the family. Derek liked Allison and had since Peter had first started to date Chris. They had gotten married just a few weeks before.

Argent Arms was still being moved to Beacon Hills as the main base, so Chris spent a lot of time moving between East and West Coast.

This was not going to go well.

“Sheriff,” Victoria said.

“Actually, no,” Chris said, his voice a growl.

Of course, the humans couldn’t hear, but Derek had made sure that he could. He wanted to be ready if Chris said something that was meant for him and Peter.

“Christopher, I didn’t know that you have moved to Beacon Hills? Making up for what you think your family did?”

“Oh, I know what they did and no. I followed my fiance here a few months ago.”

Derek smirked and kept his laugh to himself. Peter had said husband, Chris fiance. That meant that Victoria wasn’t going to be put two and two together.

“You have a Sentinel out here pacing to get into his Guide. Think about that, Victoria.”

“Why wouldn’t he be happy that we kill the beast?” Victoria asked as she looked at Derek.

“Well, you never did understand the bond between Sentinel and Guide. You don’t understand love either.”

“So, he’s a race traitor then.”

Derek heard a door open somewhere. He turned his head, and then he heard Stiles’ heartbeat along with his father’s in the Judge’s chambers. Derek looked at Peter and saw that he was looking at the six people at the back of the room. None of the Hunters were around the hostages.

Movement caught Derek’s eye, and he looked to see a red dot aimed at the floor. He followed it back and saw red dots on the corner of every single window in the room.

“Block your hearing,” Derek said.

Peter turned to look at him and then at where Derek was looking. Derek knew that the county had a SWAT team that was fully trained. Every single one of them Sentinels. He figured the red dots were the people who were breaking the windows, and then the shots would go through on taking out the six in the back. Victoria was on the phone with Chris, and her back was to the Judge’s chambers. Derek and Peter were trapped, and they couldn’t help. Derek wasn’t sure what the hell the plan was as Chris was just keeping Victoria’s attention on him.

Hell broke loose in the form of the windows shattering, and then the six men dropping. Victoria dropped the phone and turned to the windows just as the Judge’s Chambers door opened, and Noah was the first through the door. Stiles was behind him and raced over to where Derek and Peter were, breaking the barrier. Derek and Peter rushed to help get the people out of the room as the main doors opened and more Sheriff’s Deputies waved for them to leave.

“Victoria Argent, you are under arrest.” Noah’s voice was hard as a fucking rock, and even Derek felt like he was in trouble.

“Ah, the beast lover Sheriff.” Victoria sounded smug.

Derek didn’t look at her but just kept on keeping himself between the hostages and Victoria.

“What?” Victoria exclaimed.

Derek turned to see her eyes on the circle of Mountain Ash powder that was no broken and didn’t hold Derek or Peter in it.

“You had my son’s Guide. Also, your men who were antsy here made Derek very upset, and Stiles could feel it. He was headed here to the courtroom when the first shot was fired when you took over the room. He’s not trained in anything other than guns, but he could break that circle while I had you here.”

“We good to take her out?” another Deputy called out.

Noah nodded his head as he stepped up and disarmed her while she was gaping like a fish at the broken barrier.

“We Stilinski men are pretty badass.”

“You’ll never be able to hold me.”

“You took people hostage, we can hold you on a lot of charges. Case tampering even if that wasn’t your aim. This will now have to be restarted from the beginning with a different jury. I’m sure there are a few who will want to step back, given the trauma.”

Victoria protested all the way out of the courtroom.

Stiles grabbed Derek and pulled him close, his nose going right to Derek’s neck and inhaling.

“How in the hell did you get things set up so quickly?” Peter asked.

“We’ve had more people stationed here because there were rumblings from a few other Hunters that Chris has kept in contact with that something was going to happen here. We figured out that one of the new guards has ties to Hunters who don’t stay inside of the law. Then found out he was working here today as the guard in this hall. We were already on the move when Stiles called that he heard shots fired here. It is not quite standard to have him, but Hunters means Mountain Ash powder usually, which means that we had to have someone who can break it with intent.”

Derek tuned out the Sheriff and Peter and ran his hands up from Stiles’ hips. He found that he had a vest on under his shirt. He had thought he looked a little bulky compared to normal. He wrapped them around Stiles tight and held on. He focused everything on him, keeping Stiles calm. Though that really wasn’t needed. Stiles was calmer than Derek thought he would be.

“You were calm, worried, but calm. I knew that you were as safe as you could be.”

“It was a little harrowing, but they were not being too horrible. Probably trying to keep the other hostages calm. It’s the only thing in their favor. Even though I don’t think a single person in here would ever say anything good about them. The emotions were disgust all around. It was bleeding out like crazy.”

“Peter,” the Judge said as he came into the room again. “We are going to start Monday again on jury selection. Unless you have some kind of objection.”

“No, I don’t. I’m sure my client won’t as well. Emotions will not be good for any one of them if they start to have issues.”

“Prosecution wants to meet this Friday afternoon to talk to you and I. We shall see what they want.”

The Judge turned and left the room.

“Wanna bet the Prosecution just wants to let this go?” Derek said.

“I’m putting pretty good odds on that myself.”

“Derek, find a Deputy and give your statement and then go home where Stiles can settle down. I can feel him vibrating from here,” Noah said.

“Yes, Sir.” Derek tugged on Stiles, who moved with him with ease.

Getting out of there was easy. Derek wasn’t even sure that anyone even wanted to keep him longer. It had felt so quick from the time that the Hunters slipped into the room until the glass had shattered. It had been quick and easy, but it was more just something that had felt like that because of adrenaline. The Deputy drove them home as neither of them needed to drive. Their cars would be dropped off when someone could spare the time, or someone got off of shift.

“What about classes?” Derek asked.

“I’ll email my professors. The one I was in the middle of class with excused me after I finished the pop quiz that we did. He already emailed me the lecture notes, and he didn’t even mark me down as leaving or anything. His mother and father are a pair, and he understood that something was wrong with you without it being dire. Right up until I heard that gunshot go off. It won’t be like the news won’t spread your name over it all.”

Derek pulled Stiles over to the couch, and he pushed him down onto it. Stiles had instincts to want to make sure that Derek was okay, but Derek had them as well, the wolf side of him was going crazy. Months of being together had made sure that they were comfortable in their own skin around each other, but they hadn’t taken that last full step. Their bond wasn’t suffering for it. Derek knew that Stiles was happy and content. Stiles lacked for nothing in their relationship, even if they hadn’t even done handjobs on each other.

That was going to change today.

Stiles knew that something had changed in Derek the moment that he had gotten him down onto the couch. Stiles looked up at his glowing eyes and frowned at him. Derek’s blue eyes had been explained, and even though he wasn’t to blame for her death, he held that guilt inside of him. Stiles wanted him to let it go, but Stiles didn’t think that he ever would.

“Der?” Stiles asked.

Derek’s eyes narrowed, and his full focus was on Stiles’ face. Derek sat up, straddling Stiles’ legs, and he stripped off his shirt. The button was ripped as he jerked it off. His suit coat had been discarded as soon as they had walked in the door. Under the dress shirt was a muscle shirt, something that Stiles loved Derek to be in, but he wanted it gone. He could feel the need, the urgency coming off of Derek as the man stripped off that shirt by ripping it off. It was like every single fantasy in the world coming true as Derek leaned down again.

The smell of arousal was hard to miss. Stiles had gotten used to that smell. While they still took care of erections separately, Derek had been waking up smelling like that and some times rutting into Stiles’ body. This scent Stiles loved. The smell of spice that made his mouth water. Stiles pushed up and kissed Derek, pulling his head down again as he sunk into the cushions. One of Derek’s hands gripped Stiles’ T-shirt, but before he could rip it off as he had his, Stiles grabbed that hand.

“No way. You are not ripping this shirt. My jeans you totally can. This shirt is one a kind, and I’m not letting you destroy it.”

Derek chuckled, and he leaned up so that Stiles could get the shirt off. He tossed it over the back of the couch and reached out to work on getting Derek’s suit pants undone. Stiles deftly unbuckled the belt and left it hanging. He didn’t need to get it off of Derek, just open. Derek growled low in his throat and slipped down to where Stiles’ jeans could be gotten off with little issue. Once Stiles was down to his underwear, Derek shoved his pants down to his knees and then braced himself on his hands. Stiles used his hands and then his legs to get the pants off of him. They were both in their boxers, breathing like they had run a mile.

“Hey,” Stiles said as he rubbed his nose on Derek’s. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

They had said the words several times each. It was still new, but Stiles knew that Derek loved him. He could tell by the way that Derek stayed in bed and cuddled Stiles when Stiles didn’t want to get out of bed yet. The way that Derek knew how to make the perfect breakfast for each day. Stiles showed it in the way that he let Derek scent him every single morning before he went to class and called him at lunch. There were no secrets between them, just things that hadn’t come up yet. They hadn’t known each other for long, and things were bound to come up.

It wasn’t strange to feel this much though for Derek because Stiles had been inside of his mind. He had felt the way that Derek loved him when Derek brushed his abilities over his mind to check on him throughout the day. Love was being slowly built o a very stable foundation, and it felt like it was the right time.

“Let’s go up to the bed,” Stiles whispered when he pulled back.

Derek nodded and sat back again. He tugged Stiles up to him and held on tight before standing. Stiles was forced to hold on tight and wrap his legs around Derek’s waist. Stiles had muscle, but Derek was built like a brick house. As soon as they were moving, Stiles kissed Derek. He knew that Derek wouldn’t drop him or run him into something unless he meant to run him into the wall to press their bodies together. Stiles trusted Derek with everything that he was, and while Derek was slow to trust, he had trusted Stiles from the first meeting.

If asked, Stiles would never be able to tell anyone how long it took before Derek was pressing him into their bed, not even pausing before ripping off their boxers so that they were both naked.

Every single one of Stiles’ senses was primed on Derek, just like they always were. He felt it when Derek’s mind opened to his, and Derek was there, inside of him in ways that they had done a few times but never for this reason. Never for this.

Stiles heard the rasp of the drawer as it was opened up and then the feel of Derek’s fingers between his cheeks. Stiles arched at the first press of fingers inside of him, and he was pretty sure he was begging as well. Stiles couldn’t hear himself as he was so focused on Derek’s everything that a bomb could drop outside of their house, and he would never know. Derek could feel everything that Stiles was feeling. He knew everything that Stiles wanted. The pleasure inside of him echoed in Derek.

The feel of Derek’s cock brushing against his has Stiles trying to rock up into that feeling more and then down onto the fingers inside of him.

“More,” Stiles asked when Derek pulled his fingers free.

Derek smeared his fingers over Stiles hole, getting the last of the lube on him before he wiped it on the bed. Derek sat up more, grabbing Stiles’ legs and putting them on either side of his hips.

The first press of Derek’s cock into him had Stiles trying to hold still. Stiles knew exactly how thick he was, and he had been looking forward to this. Stiles grabbed the bed because he didn’t want to grab Derek and hurt him. Werewolves could heal up quick as hell, but that was no reason to hurt him.

Derek slowly pressed in until his body was flush with Stiles’ body. He wrapped Stiles’ legs around him and leaned down, pressing their foreheads together. They stayed like that, just breathing together as Stiles’ body adjusted.

“How do I feel?” Stiles asked.

Derek snorted and turned his head to press a kiss to Stiles’ lips, he pulled out just a little and pushed back in. Stiles could feel Derek’s pleasure at the feel of it through their bond. It was an echo, but it was there, echoing off of what Stiles was feeling for himself.

“Take what you want,” Stiles said. He turned his head to kiss Derek as the wolf began to roll his hips, and the feel of that cock dragging inside of him was fucking wonderful.

Stiles wanted this for like hours, but he knew that neither of them could do that. While neither of them was virgins, they really hadn’t had a lot of sex. This was good, though.

Derek nosed into Stiles’ neck when he broke the kiss as his thrusts started to build up. Derek’s mind pressing onto Stiles’ more had him stuttering in the thrusts that he had going on. Fuck. Stiles tried to hold onto a slip of sanity, but it wasn’t there. He was too keyed up with pleasure as it created a feedback loop between them. It wasn’t long before Stiles had to let go of the bed. He grabbed onto Derek, one hand on his arm and the other trying to find purchase on his back. Stiles could barely keep his hands from digging in and drawing blood. He shuddered as he came, crying out loud enough that he heard the echo of it.

A few thrusts later, Derek was following him, his mind whited out on pleasure. Stiles felt it, Derek’s pleasure pushing back into him. He came again, his hands gripping tight. He had never come twice like that in so close of time, and he had tried.

Stiles wasn’t sure how long he drifted there, but the sun was starting its downward trek when Stiles focused on the world again.

Derek was asleep beside him, his nose tucked into Stiles’ armpit. It was something that Stiles had learned to live with. The only other weirder place was when they were cuddling, and Derek liked to have his head in Stiles’ lap, the scent of him there was pure. Derek’s words had made Stiles hard but not enough that he felt he needed to take care of it when Stiles had asked about it.

Stiles reached over with his other hand and rubbed at Derek’s head. He was content with their life. He knew that things were going to chance when Stiles was out of college, but he had no clue how long that was going to be. He had a few things he wanted to study, to learn. Anything he took would help him be a better Sentinel, a better person to protect the area. Stiles would take over the area one day unless another bonded pair moved into the area between now and then. Stiles knew that he was strong, he had learned that when he had come online. The tests that he had been put through were enough for him to know that he could do anything with Derek with him. Derek was stronger because of the bond as well.

Derek moved, his body undulating a little as he stretched. Stiles kept on playing with his hair. It turned Derek into a giant cat, which given that he was a werewolf and his spirit animal was a horse, was funny as hell. Stiles admitted he was a cat. He loved laying in the sun while in bed. It was hella nice, and he would love to be able to do it for as long as he could. He would be joining the police force at some point, and that meant few mornings of lazing in bed.

“Hey,” Derek said after he rubbed his nose in Stiles’ armpit.

“Hey,” Stiles said. He looked down at Derek and smiled at him.

“Hmm,” Derek said as his happiness pushed into Stiles’ mind.

Stiles was glad that Derek was regretting what they had done. They were both so keyed up that Stiles didn’t know what he would do if this had hurt him. Derek was happy, though. He was so very fucking happy that Stiles was sure that anyone who got close to the house would feel it. Even Stiles knew that he was projecting at the moment, but he didn’t want it to stop.


“Yes, I want pizza.”

“Okay, I’ll call in a few larges from the place you like. It sounds good to me as well. Meat lovers?”

“With pineapple,” Derek said.

“Yeah, yeah.” Stiles grabbed his cell phone. He wasn’t even sure how it had got where it was. Had Derek gone to get it when he had cleaned them up? He didn’t have semen dried on him anywhere, so he assumed. It wasn’t like Stiles hadn’t fallen asleep with fluids on his body before, but since coming online, even his own release on his skin would give him a little irritation.

The call took little time, and Stiles made sure to tell them to send someone who didn’t mind delivering to a pair. Most people didn’t mind, but there were a few who were sensitive that would feel more than they probably wanted.

“What do you want to do?” Derek asked.

“Not get out of bed? Run around shirtless all day?” Stiles asked.

Derek laughed, his head turning to where he hid it in the bed, still pressed to Stiles, though. Stiles rolled to where he was on his side with a smile on his lips. He pressed a kiss to the top of Derek’s head. Derek chuckled, the sound of it hidden in the bedding. It was something that Stiles had heard a lot over the last few months.

The sound of it was something that Stiles would cherish forever. Peter had told him that Derek hadn’t laughed a lot before Stiles. Oh, he was mostly happy but the weight of what had happened to him, what had been Kate Argent’s plans for the werewolf and the rest of the Hales.

Stiles hated Hunters, who turned against the whole reason they existed. There were those who felt that anyone who was different needed to die. Usually, Hunters who were like that were also against Sentinels and Guides. Both sets had come out of the dark centuries ago. The Sentinels knowing that if the Supernatural were revealed, they would be as well and then the Supernatural knowing the same about Sentinels and Guides. Before that, none had outed each other, but they had known about each other. Two sides of the same coin both hiding from those that were normal. Meetings were had, talks between the set, and then they had come out.

The study of it was one of the classes that Stiles was going to be taking at college. It was something that was required for all Sentinels and Guides who were in college. If they were not in college, they had to take it the summer after graduating from high school. There were a lot of normal kids who took it as well. History classes kind of glossed over it, but then there was a lot of history to cover even for college. There was an in-depth study of it if Stiles wanted to take the next level classes as well, but Stiles wasn’t decided on it yet. He wanted to see how he liked the professor who taught it.

“Hey, quit that,” Derek said as he lifted his head to rest it on the pillow, he pulled down to where it was under his head. He smiled at Stiles.

“Sorry, you know how my brain gets. One thought moves into the next, and then I’m a million miles from where I started.”

“We should have enough time for a quick shower if we can keep our hands to ourselves before pizza gets here. Then we can set up in the living room with the pizza and the Marvel movies. You can finally get me to watch them.”

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. He ran his hands through Derek’s hair.


“Sounds good. Let’s go.”

The shower took longer than Stiles thought that it would because they couldn’t keep their hands or their lips to themselves. It was something that Stiles wasn’t sure he would ever want them to do. They were still out of the shower long before the pizza got there. Stiles answered the door, and the delivery guy was someone that he knew.

“Hey, Isaac,” Stiles said with a grin on his face.

“Hey, Stiles. Hungry?” Isaac laughed after he said it.

“Yeah, really am. Derek’s hungry as well.”

“Ah, well. It’s nice and hot. I made sure of that.” Isaac handed it over.

Stiles gave over a few bills, leaving Isaac a nice tip. Isaac wasn’t in college yet but had only got a few partial scholarships so far. Money was gonna be tight for him.

Isaac smiled as he took in the tip, slipping it into his pocket before he put the rest in the cash bag that he carried to make change. Stiles stepped back and shut the door. He listened as Isaac left.

“You know him?”

“Yeah, he’s a year under me. He’s smart when he applies himself, but he spent too long scared. His father was abusive towards him. Hearing it one night sent his across the street neighbor online. Jackson nearly killed himself getting into the house and getting Isaac out of the freezer that he was trapped in for a bad grade. Dad was called in on it. Jackson’s parents took him away. He said he was coming back. He hasn’t yet, but he was down a grade. He’s closer to my age, but he had a lot of issues in school after he found out he was adopted.”

Derek nodded.

Stiles walked over with the pizza, where Derek had iced tea laid out and plates for their pizza. There was a pile of napkins, and it made Stiles laugh. He knew those were mostly for him. He was messy, and he knew it. He snagged his plate and dropped three slices on it before he tucked himself into Derek’s side. This was pretty great.

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