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Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

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Everyone knew the story of Werewolf Guide Derek Hale, even Stiles Stilinski who had been ten at the time. So when Derek comes home, Stiles tries to stay away from him. He doesn't need any more Sentinels harassing him all day long. Then Stiles meets a random Spirit Animal in the middle of the Preserve.

Part 5


Derek grabbed the flickering fake candle and settled it onto the table. The food was in the oven, finishing resting, and Stiles would be here soon. Derek looked at the packets that would need to be filled out and turned in soon. Stiles had opted to just get a single criminal justice degree and start being a Deputy as soon as possible. Derek was okay with that. He found that his want to be a lawyer was greatly decreased as he dealt with the backstabbing even among those on the side of good.

The sound of Stiles’ Jeep coming down the driveway had Derek smiling. It was Stiles’ last day of classes, all the exams were finished, and they were just waiting on the word, but Derek felt like they needed to celebrate Stiles getting through it all.

Derek threw the tea towel over his shoulder before heading to the door. He opened it just as Stiles parked beside his Camaro.

“Why are you in fancy clothes?” Stiles as he got out of his Jeep and slammed the door shut. His eyes darkened as he took in Derek standing there.

“Because I feel like being fancy.”

“Well, I feel like being in pajamas,” Stiles said.

Derek could see the tiredness in his eyes. He knew that Stiles was worn out from the finals.

“Come eat, and then we can get into pajamas together.”

“You know that never works, right? We eat, we go up to get dressed. Naked skin is on display, and we fuck.”

Derek laughed. He held out his hand, and Stiles stepped up to him, letting Derek pull him into a hug. Stiles loved how tactile Derek was. Letting Derek do as he wanted helped to settle down Stiles when he was worked up. Stiles’ drive to protect was ramping up, and it was why he was just getting the one degree. Derek didn’t think he could make it through another semester, much less the needed two years for the other degree he wanted. He could do online for most of it and then was going to work with the college to see what he could do for the classes he needed to take. It wasn’t going to be for over a year, though. Stiles and Derek wanted to be settled down into their jobs.

The law firm was sad to see Derek go, but they understood him wanting to work with his Sentinel. He had an open offer to come back at any point. Even Sentinels and Guides could be hurt on the job to where they couldn’t work. Derek was sure that Stiles could work without him, but right now, Stiles didn’t want to.

Dinner was quiet, as Derek knew it would be. Stiles was too worn out to even think about chatting up a storm, but it didn’t feel wrong. It just felt right. That Stiles was secure enough in their love, in their bond that he didn’t need to talk to make Derek happy.

Even though it was barely six, Derek knew that Stiles was going to pass out and miss the sexy times he talked about before they ate. Derek had planned on that. They had the summer to do what they wanted. Derek had a vacation planned for them. They were gonna head in the Rockies in Canada and do some hiking and camping. Stiles was all for it.

Derek stripped Stiles and got him into a pair of pajama pants, and as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out. Derek laid down with him, and Stiles rolled onto his side, cuddling into Derek. The bed bounced a little, and Derek saw Ged jumping up on there. The fox wasn’t looking at them, though, but at Gandalf, who was settling down on the large rug at the end of the bed. As soon as he was down, Ged was on him, finding a nice spot to lay on.

“You guys going to keep watch?” Derek asked.

Gandalf nickered and shook his head a little before laying it down to where Derek couldn’t see it. Ged though, was more alert, even if he was sprawled across Gandalf. Their two spirit animals were close as hell, and when it was just them in the house, Derek knew that they were around more than most spirit animals. Derek liked to think it was the bond between Stiles and him, but he figured that it was just that they were all so settled with each other.

It wasn’t strange for Ged to spend the day with Derek sometimes in the law offices or the times he was in court. Or for Gandalf to spend the day with Stiles in classes. At first, the horse was an attraction to the other students, but after they got used to him, Gandalf didn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Though Gandalf had been the focus of a class or two in Sentinel and Guide dynamics. Stiles had been proud as a peacock when he came home to tell Derek about it. Hell, Derek had been proud as well. Horses were rare for spirit animals outside of Native Americans and Guides who worked and lived on farms.

“Der,” Stiles said as he rubbed his chin on Derek’s chest. He was deep asleep, which was the only time that he talked.

Derek enjoyed moments like this when Stiles was so unguarded that he didn’t have a single barrier. Derek could almost see his dreams if he concentrated hard enough.

“I’m here,” Derek said. He rubbed his hand up and down Stiles’ back.

Nightmares were rare for Sentinels, even the ones that had protected the tribe in ways that seemed horrible to normal humans. Stiles’ only nightmares were usually around his mother’s death and how she blamed him for the disease that had been robbing her of her mind and her health before killing her. Derek knew that Stiles regretted that his mother thought that about him at all, but he also knew what the disease had done to her.

Derek heard a car pulling up and listened closely. It was either Peter or Noah. Noah’s SUV was used by Peter when Noah was on shift sometimes. Chris’ SUV sounded a lot different. Derek was loathed to get up, but he did, grabbing his pillow and giving it to Stiles to cuddle while Derek covered him up.

By the time that Derek got downstairs, he could hear the heartbeat a little better and knew that it was Peter.

Derek opened the door and found a dour Peter on the steps. That was rare for Peter to ever be dour. He was usually pretty happy, despite everything that weighed on him.

“Laura and Mark, as well as the kids, are moving to New York, she asked to be let into your father’s former Pack, and they have agreed. Your mother is not taking it well and is taking a month-long vacation to Alaska.”

“I see, so I need to step up as heir while she is gone?”

A month put it a week into Derek’s planned vacation with Stiles.

“Yes, but for the week you are gone, it will be me. I told Talia that her wanting to run away shouldn’t impact what you need to do to help your Sentinel settle down. We fought, but I won. I usually do.”

“How long do you think before she fully drops being the Alpha?” Derek asked.

“A few years at maximum. I’ll work on getting everything ready for the power to be passed to you. However, everyone is happy with you and your mate. No one is going to have an issue. Your mother, though, will probably leave the area, going to where Laura is. While your mother has her as her favorite, she knew that the Pack would never follow her, given everything. You’ve settled well into being a Guide paired with the apparent heir to the running of Beacon County as Sentinel and Guide. You guys will hopefully have time enough to settle into life aad Deputies before that. Noah’s gonna be where he is for a while.”

“Thanks for letting me know.”

“I didn’t want someone else springing it on you. Is Stiles asleep, his heart tells me that he is. It’s early.”

“Today was his final day of finals. He didn’t sleep well last night, worrying about his tests. We both know that he did fine. I was cuddling.” Derek pouted at Peter, which made him laugh.

“Noah, Chris, and I will be around tomorrow morning for breakfast. Chris and I will cook. Noah didn’t want to invade tonight, and I’m glad that I didn’t talk him out of it. Let me know what you need for the final Alpha training.”

Derek laughed at that. Like Peter hadn’t been training him in that since the moment he had come online. Derek was ready now to take over, but Stiles wasn’t fully ready to be Alpha Mate. Derek had known his path from the moment he had come online. Laura was crazy to think that anyone in the Pack would have followed her. She had proven time and again that she would run instead of fight.

Peter cupped the side of Derek’s face before he turned to leave. He was in Noah’s SUV. It made Derek laugh. Peter had his own vehicle, but he liked Noah’s, and Derek was sure that the smell of Peter calmed Noah down after stressful days at work.

Derek locked the door after shutting it. He listened to Stiles’ breathing and smiled when he found it was still deep from his sleep. Stiles was a deep sleeper when it was just family coming to visit. Grabbing a few snacks and a large bottle of water, Derek headed back up to cuddle with Stiles some more until he was ready to sleep.

Stiles felt something down the bond that he had with Derek. He looked around the cabin they were staying in and found that Derek was just staring out the window.

“Derek?” Stiles asked as he stood up and headed toward him.

It was like Derek was in a zone. He didn’t react, even when Stiles laid his hand on his shoulder. Derek felt wrong. He felt off.

“Der,” Stiles said as he wrapped his arms around Derek tightly and held him until he was done with whatever he was doing.

“Call your father,” Derek said almost a half an hour later.

“Okay.” Stiles was loathed to let go of Derek, but he walked over to get his phone. Derek was there at his side when he turned around. Stiles pressed the speed dial for his father and waited for it to be picked up. It went to voicemail.

Stiles started to feel like Derek had felt something, but while Derek had a strong Pack bond with Stiles, he didn’t have one with Noah. Stiles was about to dial again when Derek pressed the speed dial for Peter instead.

“I wondered if Derek felt it. Stiles your father is fine, he’s just a little busy.”

“Busy with what?” Stiles asked.

Derek switched the phone to where Stiles could hear without turning his hearing up to above normal level.

“Well, I am not sure that I should say.”

“PETER!” Stiles nearly yelled. His heart was racing.

“Turn the phone to the camera,” Peter said.

Derek reached out and tapped it. Peter’s smiling face was there, but then it moved. The room was in low light, only the setting sun lighting it up. It took Stiles’ eyes a few seconds to narrow in on the back of his father’s body as he had someone pressed into a wall. Even though Stiles had never seen himself scenting Derek, he knew the motion well enough.

“It seems that your father found his Guide. Well, after his Guide came online. How do you feel about obtaining two step-father’s Stiles?”

“Two?” Stiles asked.

Then Stiles watched his father bite down on the neck of the man, and he moaned. Stiles knew exactly who that man was.

“When the hell did Chris come online? You said that the Foundation thought that he was Dormant from the way that his father raised him.”

“Well, it looks like they were wrong. A Hunter got into town that was aiming to take out Chris and Allison. Noah heard them invading our house, and Chris came online because of the threat. There are Deputies who are heading to the college to check on Allison. She’s in class, and her phone is on silent. You know the teacher for the extended Sentinel and Guide studies hates phones on at all in class. His hearing can’t stand the buzz they make.”

“Has there been anything like this before?” Derek asked.

“Yes, triad relationships are not all that uncommon. Usually, there is a female in there somewhere so that children are made, but two of the three of you already have adult children. No one is gonna be pushing you guys to make more.” Stiles tipped his head to the side. He could just barely make out Chris whispering words to Noah.

“So, you felt him come online?” Stiles asked.

“No, I felt your father starting to bond to him though Peter. I went from having a strong bond with Peter and a weak one with Chris to having Noah shoved in there as well, but the bonds were all strong.”

“Dad’s a strong Sentinel. Well, this will make things a hell of a lot easier. Dad will have a bond with a Guide, so when he steps down as Sheriff, and I take over, no one will care about him staying as the leader of the Sentinels and Guides in the area. Peter, I have books in my library at the house. Go and get them, help get Chris centered. Dad’s going to want to head to his house to get settled. Where are you?”

“Chris and I’s apartment. I figure that we can get a moving crew to get things from there to here.”

“Peter,” Noah said. His voice was hoarse.

Stiles figured that he was hanging on by a thread at the moment. Peter’s werewolf abilities would help him keep the bond between the three of them strong.

“Go nest. I’ll call Parrish and give him the heads up. Dad’s not gonna be around for at least a week, maybe two since he’s going to want you bound to him as tightly as possible before letting you run around town.”

“Hmm,” Peter hummed. He turned the phone back to where they could see just a bit of the room. “I’ll check in with you both in the morning. Two days and you are coming home, yes?”


“I’ll have Cora step up and take care of Pack things. Derek, can you call her? Allison can handle her father’s business around her schooling. She’s just taking the one summer course since it messes with her biology class next semester.”

“Yeah, I’ll call Cora. Spencer can help as well.”

“Have a good-” Stiles cut himself off and just groaned.

Peter laughed, and the call cut. Derek looked at Stiles before he broke out into a laugh.

“Shut it.”

“Oh, come on. We’ve both seen the chemistry between them. If it wasn’t for the fact that your father is a Sentinel, I think that Peter and Chris would have invited him into their bed. They’ve done it before. It’s part of what took so long for them to get married even though they don’t want anyone else in their life for the long term.”

“And now Chris is an online Guide who is way older than most when they come online and Dad’s dealing with a married couple and joining their relationship.” Stiles rubbed at his nose. He could feel Derek’s happiness at it all, and he was sure that once Stiles was home and seeing that everything was fine, he would be happy about it as well.

“Call Parrish. I’ll call Cora.”


Stiles grabbed his cell and dialed Parrish’s number. He hoped that he wasn’t waking the man up.


“Oh, good. Are you at work?”

“Yes. Just getting ready to clock off and head home. Why?”

“Well, congratulations, you get to stay longer and deal with a new schedule for the next week.”

“Why?” Parrish asked.

“Cause Dad’s nesting with his newly minted Guide and his Guide’s werewolf husband.”

“Argent’s a Guide?” Parrish asked.

“Yup. Hunters tried to attack, so you might want to send someone to check to make sure that the bodies are removed from the house. Peter’s not fully into nesting mode yet, so he’ll be good. I figure that once they are a little more settled, they will move to Dad’s, and you guys can do a better look at the house. Cora will be the contact point for all things Werewolf until Derek gets back. We head home in two days. You can handle the Station and then figure out who wants to be the point contact for Sentinel and Guide stuff.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that. I’ll just come in late tomorrow after I get this mess handled. I’ve sent Roberts and Wilcox to Argent’s apartment. Hopefully, sending them will keep the Sheriff calm. So one week?”

“Maybe two but start with one, for the time being, just to be safe. Do you want me to come home earlier?”

“No. We can handle two days of this. You and Derek just get your mind cleared, I know the training academy starts next week for you guys. I’ll call the guy who runs it and give him the heads up about this.”

“If you need anything, call me.”

“Not gonna happen,” Parrish said. He spent a few more minutes talking about the trip and what they were having fun doing before he closed out the call.

“Well, he’s at least gotten used to rolling with the flow,” Derek said.

“Yeah, well, Hellhounds are good at that.” Stiles leaned back on the couch and let his body relax all the way. Derek laid down with his head in Stiles’ lap. When Stiles thought that he could move again, he started to card his hands through Derek’s hair.

“Why? I mean, why?” Stiles asked.

“Cause it’s Beacon Hills, and everything happens in Beacon Hills.”

Stiles laughed at that. He groaned and looked down at his Guide. He smiled as Derek’s eyes rolled shut. Life was hectic, but it wasn’t going to get any better, given everything that they had going on in their lives or what they had coming up.

They were ready for the life that they had planned and ready to get the next step going. Together they could weather anything and everything that was thrown at them. They had proven repeatedly that they were meant to be together, and they were going to keep on proving it.

The End

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